Now the colder and darker months are upon us, I’ve been spending a lot of time on travel Pinterest boards to brighten the dullness of the darker mornings and nights. Finding remote and beautiful places is usually my main priority, and something I find quite inspirational. I adore most places I stumble upon, from stunning white beaches to tiny villages full of flowers and boutiques. Travel is something that I love, and wish I could find more time and money to do more.

I don’t know about you, but the past few weeks of cold weather have really started to make me miss summer holidays and all the beautiful sunny places. So I’ve put together 7 places that are some of my main buy generic priligy dapoxetine dream bucket list priorities. 

After visiting and falling in love with Rome, I’ve found such a passion to go back and visit more of Italy, which is why a few places I’ve chosen are Italian. It’s such a beautiful country for it’s weather, good food, culture and atmosphere, which I believe anybody would easily for head over heels for. Who could say no to beautiful sunny Italy? 
Keep reading to see which 7 places I’ve chose for bucket list travel.

Tuscany, Italy
Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Negril, Jamaica

Nevsehir, Turkey

Sugar Beach, St Lucia

Santorini, Greece

Musha Cay, Bahamas

Please choose one option from the poll below for your top bucket list travel location. 

Comment and let me know which locations and travel spots inspire you!

Hope you enjoyed, 

Megan ?

  • Hi Megan, St Lucia or the Bahamas would be my top choices from your list, as I haven't been to either of them.

  • so many beautiful places there, i would love to go to cancun!

  • St Lucia would be a dream come true! There and California

    Lauren x | http://www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

  • It would be! Definitely top of my list for saving X

  • Cancun does look pretty incredible to!

  • That's great! I think they're definitely a must do for the future 🙂

  • Kay

    Bahamas is deffo on my list, too! That beach looks sooo fab <3


  • I have always wanted to go to Italy! Rome would be amazing! St. Lucia looks absolutely stunning too xx


  • Although I am v careful about where I travel now (ie, I try to avoid flying by only flying every 10 years) I have been to cancun and to positano. Italy wins hands down. It was gorgeous with wonderful food. Cancun in Mexico lacked authenticity and felt like a tourist resort which is my idea of a bad holiday (but oaxaca that's a different story). Beautiful pix though. Nicola http://aroundbritainnoplane.blogspot.com

  • I would love to visit Bahamas or Jamaica, and I would add China to the list!
    Have an amazing day, lovely xx


  • Looks incredible doesn't it! The sand stretches for miles like that!

  • I 100% recommend Rome to you, Jamie. It was amazing and I want to go back already! X

  • I agree with you Nicola, Italy is just fab!

  • Totally agree with you! China is a place id love to visit in the future. Thank you, and you! X

  • Oh my goodness, so I have 4 new places on my travel spots now (Greece, Tuscany and Turkey were already there :P) – how amazing does St Lucia and The Bahamas look!


  • What a great idea for a post. All the places look AMAZING.

    xo Tiffany | tiffanymay.org

  • So glad you liked them Raashi! Yes they look so incredible don't they, I so hope I can visit them and tick them off of my bucket list 🙂 x

  • Thank you Tiffany! They do 🙂 x

  • Negril in Jamaica looks wonderful, definitely to visit that place one day!


  • What a nice post! I live like an hour away from Northern Tuscany and I can confirm it's amazingly beautiful 🙂
    From your list I'd probably choose one of the places in the Caribbean, as white, sandy beaches are my favorites! We do have those in Italy too, though, check out Sardinia 😉

  • Looks like the best place to have time out, can't wait to go!

  • Oh wow, that's incredible you live that close. I will be sure to check it out, Italy is simply beautiful 🙂

  • Raj

    Stunning inspirational locations, I would love to be in any one of those over a dreary grey London morning!
    Thanks for sharing

    What Raj Wants

  • Yes me to, completely agree!