If you are a person who loves Christmas and the festive months then Munich is somewhere I highly recommend as a place for your list. At Christmas time German cities are very dedicated when it comes to décor and celebration, and I believe Munich is best of them all. There’s something warming yet historic about this city, which makes you want to delve it and celebrate along with them (more than in the UK). The markets, atmosphere, endless activities, food and drink sure will not disappoint. So, keep on reading for the 6 reasons to visit Munich at Christmas.

1. The Markets

The main reason for visiting Munich at Christmas time is of course, the endless markets squares filled with amazing atmosphere, gifts and fun treats. Marienplatz is one of the main markets in Munich, which holds hundreds of stalls so you’ll always find something to fall in love with. Around the corner on side streets are yet more markets that fulfil the Christmas spirit. Stalls and sellers display the most incredible décor, food and entertainment you could possibly imagine. The markets are the place to dedicate your time, as there’s always something new to see and its something you cannot miss!
2. Food
All around Munich you can find any cuisine you fancy, but most importantly, there are German stalls everywhere filled with sweet treats, pretzels, crepes and sausages – all of which are incredible. I learnt within the first 5 minutes that you will never get hungry!
3. Gluhwein
Gluhwein is German for mulled wine, in case you were wondering. You’ll never find better mulled wine than in Munich I can assure you. Imagine, being wrapped up warm with a mug of hot Gluhwein in hand; it doesn’t get any more warming than that. Like all other stalls, you find multiple in each market you go to. After paying a few euros for a mug full, you can pay a few extra to keep the super buy ventolin no prescription adorable mugs, which are great souvenirs.
4. Shopping

Along with the endless markets, there are shops located all around the City that are great for Christmas gifts. For us beauty lovers they have a few stores dedicated, as well as Sephora, where you can find anything you’re looking for. Also, for those not looking for beauty products they have incredible department stores and boutiques where you can find almost anything. All great for gifting and personal shopping needs!
5. Decoration
Well, the decoration throughout Munich at Christmas time is outstanding. As you step out from the Metro at Marienplatz you are surrounded with lights, tree, baubles, tinsel and anything you can imagine. The whole of Marienplatz is dedicated to Christmas during the festive months, and you won’t be disappointed. Walking along side streets you’ll find more décor and random markets on the corners.
6. Random Discoveries
Overlooking Marienplatz from Cafe Glockenspiel

Walking around is the best transport here, by this I mean never get the bus or taxi if you don’t need to. You get to see so much more by walking and exploring for yourself.  One minute your drinking mulled wine in the markets, next your sitting in a cabin bar watching over the ice rinks. This place is full of surprises at every corner at Christmas, there’s something here for everyone.

Do you have any favourite places to visit at Christmas time?
Let me know in the comments.
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(C) All photos my own.

  • Great post! Haven't ever been to Munich (only a connecting flight at the airport but that doesn't count)
    Munich is high on oor to do list though. Random discoveries are always the best!
    Current favourite place for Christmas time would have to be Drakensberg, South Africa.

  • It's a must at Christmas time! And yes they are. Ooh I must check that out 🙂

  • The markets look so cute. I am boring and just love the Birmingham Christmas Markets which are only 15 minutes from me. It isn't christmas until I have been 🙂

    Lauren x | http://www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

  • They are incredibly cute! I bet they are fun though, it's not far from me so I might go one year 🙂

  • Oh my gosh, so now I want to go to Munich at christmas time SO. BAD. Haha, I lived in Holland for three years so I definitely know (And miss!) the feel of european christmases. In Australia it is all beaches and summer heat 😛


  • I am boring and just love the Birmingham Christmas Markets.


  • Oh my. Thank you sooo much for this post! I have very many fond memories of the Munich night market, and this post highlighted so many of the things I fell in love with. Such an amazing market, and one of my favorite parts of visiting Germany for sure! Thanks!

  • The markets are insane, you'd love them! I'd also love to try Australia at Christmas time to see how it feels 🙂 X

  • I must try them, I've heard great things!

  • No problem, I am so fond on Munich – its definetely a place I will visit as much as I can!

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    Luxury boutiques on my last post HERE!

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  • Seems like I need to visit this place then 😀 love your blog!

  • Such a beautiful place at Christmas!! Thank you Ellen:)

  • I've only been to Munich in the summer time. I've always heard it's beautiful at Christmas time. I really liked this post and it makes me want to go back!

    – Courtney

  • Ahh how beautiful!! I’d love to go to Munich around the festive times but I don’t think I’d cope well with it being sooo cold!! Fab post 🙂

    Neelam | http://www.neelamjayna.blogspot.co.uk xx