Since purchasing my very first Beauty Blender well over a year ago, it’s been my holy grail  for foundation and concealer application. The Original Beauty Blenders come in an array of colours, and also now sizes, with the release of the Beauty Blender minis in 2015. My favourite of them all is the Beauty Blender Pro, which I use as much as I can as I find it quicker to blend my foundation for a flawlessfinish. Now with a small collection of them, I find it so important to keep them clean as I want them to last, and I don’t want to use a sponge on my face that could cause breakouts. This tutorial today will be showing you the before and after cleansing of the Pink Beauty Blender, which is one many purchase first – as I did. My favourite cleaning solution for the blenders is, by far, the Beauty Blender Blendercleanser Solid, which you can purchase from Beauty Bay for £14, linked here.

Blendercleanser Solid is a travel friendly cleansing solution for your sponges, which is free of dyes and irritants making it quick and fun to use. The cleanser leaves your blender hygienic, fresh and cleansed for long-wearing, continuous usage.

Simply wet your sponge under running water until wet all the way through.
Work your sponge into the Blendercleanser Solid creating a foamy lather.
Be slow and gentle with this step, as you don’t want to break your sponge. Massage the cleanser into the sponge and you’ll see residue starting to form and come out of the sponge.
After massaging and the foam runs clear, run your sponge under running water until clean. If your blender is super clogged up then just repeat the steps until your sponge is clean of any dirt. Also rinse the Blendercleanser Solid to remove any dirt, and put it back into the pot.
I leave my sponges to dry off on top of the case it comes in, alternatively lay on a flat dry surface.
It’s honestly so simpleand quick, and without this product I’d be lost! I usually clean my sponges after every 2-3 times of use, but you can clean as often as you wish.

Want to see how I clean my makeup brushes? Click here.
What method do you use for cleaning your make up applicators?
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  • I have the RT sponge and I find it soo hard to clean – might have to add this to my list of things to buy 😉
    Jess |

  • It's really worth it! Works incredibly well and my sponges would be awful without it! Xx

  • Yours came up so clean! I just use Dove soap and clean and rinse a few times but it's still a bit stained looking! Would be so interested to see if this works better for me but £14 is so much for soap when I could be buying lipstick!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  • Thanks for the tips!! I recently got a beauty blender dupe kind of sponge and I love using it, but man does it get filthy :/ . I usually use baby shampoo to watch makeup brushes and such since it's gentle and effective.

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

  • I used to think that until I bought it and I realised how much more use you'd get out of it!!

  • No problem Jasmine! 🙂 I also use Baby Shampoo on my brushes, it does wonders!! X

  • I haven't washed mine yet and was stressing as how to wash it, so thanks for the advice 🙂

    Lauren x |

  • I had tried both the solid and liquid beauty blender cleansers before, until a few of the Sephora employees told me to just buy a box of $3 Ivory soap, because it does the exact same thing, because it has the same ingredients. The solid cleanser has the same exact ingredients as basic soaps such as ivory and dove, the only different ingredient is probably the Aloe Leaf Juice Powder. Reasons #549543 why I love Sephora and their employees, they keep it real lol.

  • Oh that's a good tip! Unfortunately there is no Sephora in the UK so we never get advice like that 🙁 something I might try out though! Thanks 🙂

  • No problem! 🙂 x

  • ROFLMAO!! Apparently I don't wear that much make up because I had no idea what that even was! I have beauty brushes that are in desperate need of getting cleaned. Adding that to my chore list 🙂

  • Oh my gosh the difference is crazy! I didn't even know what that was hahah! I have a feeling my few makeup brushes desperately need to be washed…

  • Haha it's a great product cleanser if you ever use sponges in the future!

  • I know it's so good! 🙂

  • I have yet to try a blender. It is so important to keep your beauty tools clean!

  • I tried the Beauty Blender this past fall and just couldn't get the hang of it. Instead, I went back to brushes (though they are due for a cleaning, themselves).

  • Going to share this with my teen. She was just asking

  • Going to share this with my teen. She was just asking

  • I love this! I'm the worst about remembering to clean my makeup applicators! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  • It really is so important to clean makeup applicators out and we are all guilty of not doing it! Such a great post as a reminder!

  • They're amazing! And yes it is, I love to clean all of my brushes and sponges

  • It's always good to make sure you wet it for the best application! 🙂

  • Oh good 🙂 glad I could help!

  • No problem lovely! 🙂

  • Yes I've been guilty so many times haha – thanks!

  • I don't have a beauty blender. But now I WANT ONE!!Thanks for shating!

  • I just cleaned my BB tonight and spot cleaned my brushes, since I will be using them this weekend. Sometimes I use the BB cleanser or my Dr Bronner's Castile Soap Bar.

  • I have never even heard of this thing but how much fun is that to use? looks like it would be great to use

  • My daughter uses the beauty blender. I will be letting her in on your post as it is quite helpful.

  • I don't even own a beauty blender. Great tip for anyone that does!

  • Beauty blender? Definitely a new one for me! I need to clean my makeup brushes and also on a side note wish that Pipdig did Wix templates!

  • You've sold me. I need this in my life. I always use a beauty blender and it's a chore to clean. I clean my makeup brushes and beauty blender regularly so I think this is worth the money <3
    Ramsha | Rose

  • Thank you for the recommendations – I love to try what other people love to!

  • It does make cleaning my beauty blender fun, which is so good! Helps me todo it more often 🙂

  • Glad I could help!!

  • It's an amazing product and so worth it! 🙂 xx

  • I really want to get one of these! I have seen it so many places.

  • Oh my word. I have never seen this before. I think I need one now. It looks amazing!

  • I was wondering about the beauty blender. I am giving a try and this cleaning tutorial is so easy

  • I swear, I woke up one morning and everyone was talking about a beauty blender. That's how far behind I am in the makeup department. I had no idea that you can use one for concealer.

  • You just reminded me that it has been way too long since I have cleaned my makeup brushes. I always throw my sponges away but now I know I can clean those as well!!

  • Yes! I just ordered a beauty blender and now I know how to keep it clean! Thanks for sharing!

  • It's incredible!! Defo worth it 🙂

  • Do it, you won't regret 🙂

  • Glad I could help!

  • If you're into makeup then I highly recommend one, they're really great at giving you a flawless base

  • Yeah this product does an incredible job at cleaning sponges. Some people even use it for their brushes!

  • No problem – glad I helped! X

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