I’m pretty sure most of us have had writers or ‘bloggers’ block, where you just simply cannot think forward and be creative with what to write about. We spend a lot of time creating content – taking pictures, thinking of titles and writing posts – so we want it to stand out and get as many eyes as possible. Here for you I have a few of my top tips to make your post stand out!

A title says a lot about your post, the tone, the topic, the audience and so much more. I find numbered posts such as ‘4 Best Drugstore Products’ ‘7 Bucket List Ideas’ are most catching to the eye, lists and also a play on words. Titles are what make a reader want to click your post, right?
It can be difficult to think of something unique and ‘out there’ every time you post, but even tweaking a standard post to make it a bit different to what everyone else has can make such a difference. Try making posts a little more personal by telling an honest opinion, story or anything that makes YOU stand out.
It’s good for your readers to be engaged, but being engaged for yourself is really important. If you’re bored writing a post and aren’t interested at all then it could buy amoxil in usa become not your best quality work. If you have writers block then give yourself time to think until you feel ready to write a piece that you fall in love with.
When writing a post, and also when taking photos, create content how you want to create it. That way your true personality shines through and your readers will see you for who you really are. It helps you gain a lot more trust. Never be afraid to experimenteither!
An image can say a thousand words. If an image is visually appealing then it’s a lot more likely than readers will engage with and read your post. Photography blog props are really simple, cheap and easy to find. Make them original to, and that will really stand out.
If it’s ‘post day’ (i.e. a day you typically expect to post on) but are having a down day and have had no time to write up a post or even take photos, then don’t quickly create something just to post. Readers are much more focused on good quality content over the quantity that you post. Wait to post something you love and are passionate about, and better things will come of it.
What tips would you give to make a blog post stand out?

Megan ?
  • Lovely tips, I agree with them all! I love big pretty pictures and a different writing style- that's what makes me come back x


  • Terrific tips…I tend to post too often I think but I am often so excited about a post that I can't wait to post it..so I tend to post more than one per day sometimes even 3 times. Love your blog! Cheers, Michele

  • Great post! I totally believe not posting to just post, I used to do that a lot but now I don't (thankfully).

  • I only post/write a post when i feel i really want to, if i am not in the mood it will show in the post. I am a sucker for pretty pictures!
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

  • Glad you agree! Me to, pretty pictures are what I notice first! X

  • Thank you Michele – I've posted twice in a day once when the content had been ready. As long as you're happy with the content that's what matters!

  • I feel like I did to! Only once or twice but notice such a difference when I post something I love! X

  • It's nice to hear that. Many people feel they post to make readers happy, but if it's not their best then that could have consequences! X

  • Lovely advice 🙂 I'm brand new to this blogging malarkey, and it's heaps more work that I thought it would be! It's difficult to stay motivated and keep coming up with good content!

    Clare xx


  • Great post! Totally agree with not posting just to post, something I was guilty of but I've come to realise if I'm not feeling the post neither will my readers, I love an eye catching picture it's one of the main things that draws me into a post especially on bloglovin/twitter x

  • Glad I can help you Clare! It can be hard to stay motivated, as long as you stick at it with posting content that you love! 🙂 xx

  • Its true but remember that you need to have good content too as pretty pictures is great but to keep their interest good content is a must. I love your blog x

  • Thank you! 🙂 a photo is the first thing I notice to – pretty pictures make such a difference! X

  • Yes definetely. Quality content over quantity! Thank you Hun 🙂 x

  • Titles are what lure me in as a reader! Pretty pictures too. Amber N

  • Totally agree! Being a blogger means being passionate about blogging! No one is interested in reading a post that is not unique, has no values and it is only written because something has to be written!


  • I love this post, every tip is so, so true. I love the finding your uniqueness one, it is truly so important!


  • "Never post to just post" yes – this is one that I have had trouble with over the years. Sometimes I feel like I just need to put something up, but that always backfires and it isn't really worthy of being on my blog.

  • Good content and pretty pictures that represent our own personaltity are two things that help readers to recognise us as a blogger. Love all the tips on this post.

  • Great tips! I'm convinced being yourself and pictures really are key! People can see right threw the fakeness

  • Yeah, it's not easy to provide readers with memorable experience. I agree with your tips. I also think that taking advantage of your unique experiences or knowledge is a great way to create posts that stand out.

  • Great tips – especially about "don't post just to post." I used to be very tied to my editorial calendar. I think it's better to get into the habit of writing daily, and then using the better parts of that writing as posts. 🙂

  • Me to – good titles are a winner!

  • Having love and passion for something really comes through in the way you write it – best thing to keep readers interested!!

  • Thank you Raashi!! 🙂 it is so important. Best to write unique and unfound content for readers to become instantly interested!

  • I was like that not long ago – now I only post if I'm truly happy with it. I don't want people reading my posts that aren't something I've enjoyed or spent good time doing!

  • Yes definetely!! Thank you 🙂

  • I completely agree!

  • I definetely think so to – readers become much more engaged when hearing personal stories and experiences. Gets them to know the real you 🙂

  • I only post when I'm happy and passionate about what I've done now – readers are so much more into it and I want them to enjoy it as much as me 🙂

  • Great tips…I had a habit as a blogger (that was hard to break) where I just used the name of a product when I wrote a review – made no attempt whatsoever to come up with a nice title. Now, I learned that it not only attracts the eye, but gives you a chance to squeeze in a few valuable keywords. And I agree, pictures are a powerful part of a blog post.

  • I think unique content and an authentic voice keep readers coming back for more. It's so important to be engaging to your readers.

  • Good titles definetely draw in more readers, especially if they're catchy 🙂

  • Thanks Ellen! X

  • Very important! It's best to feel at a more personal level with them to know them through the screen!

  • Shelise Saddul

    I would def agree with an engaging post title and not posting just to post – I always have to think of something I’m either passionate about or know exactly what I want to say to make a post


  • Great post, titles and image are big things for me. I always try to make sure my posts look visually nice.


  • Thank you for sharing these tips! Coming up with engaging titles is sometimes hard but play on word ones are always my favourite from other bloggers! x

  • Lea H

    I totally agree with the points you made. Especially about the photos I think everybody has their own style and I just like seeing so many different styles and not the same pictures over and over again.
    Lea, xx