February is the month where I feel that I can properly begin my New Year. By this I mean, throughout January I still binge eat, feel a little grumpy and spend endless amounts of time splurging online. I don’t believe anyone can change their ways as soon as it hits January 1st, as nobody is really fully ready to be committed.  Commitment takes time as well as a lot of planning. It’s not going to benefit you if you jump straight into something without giving it thought and preparation. This can be literally anything, from a new job, getting more exercise, saving money and even a small part time hobby like reading or writing. I know the feeling when you’ve pushed yourself into something, without thinking at all, and it going the complete opposite to what you’d hoped and then giving up. So this year, along with setting myself goals, I’ve decided to be more committed and here’s how I’m going to do it.
It can be pretty tough trying to do things right and stick to it when there’s negativity surrounding you. Negative people and things can massively impact your will to stay committed, so blocking those things will massively help you move onto new and better things. If you’re stuck in a rut and finding it incredibly difficult to block out the negativity then go and find the positivity. Support systems are something that’ll want to make you succeed and become dedicated, just like how friends encouraged me to stay committed to blogging, which leads to the next step.
What’s the point in looking back if there’s something there to make you unhappy? Anything in our past can be sprung upon us to make us feel the need to not move on. But, taking priligy online pharmacy small steps and looking ahead can really help in terms of commitment. I always think about this step when it comes to work commitments. If you’re looking way ahead into the future and aspiring to do great things, then the best way to get there is to work back and look at what you need to do to get there. Taking tiny steps to a future reward will get you there if you stay committed.
How many times have you been focused on a task and then out of nowhere you’re doing something else and you’ve forgotten all about it? I bet many. If there’s something you’re doing that’s important toward an end goal, then stay as focused as possible and not let anything distract you. I can be very guilty of writing a blog post, an essay or creating media content and then end up scrolling Instagram for hours, and I’ve really regretted it when I’ve thought about what I could’ve got done in that time. So, staying focused and paying close attention will keep you in the right mind-set to be committed and want to succeed in what is it you’re focused on.
If you find it hard to stay committed or even focused on one task due to stress, then I have a post just for that linked here. Commitment is extremely important for success, so I hope these tips will help you as much as they’ll help me. I also find it very therapeutic to write down notes when trying to stay focused – I write steps, plans, lists and so much more to take it all off my mind. The Happy Notes pads are great for that, you can get yours here
What do you do to stayfocused and committed?
Thanks for reading,

Megan ?
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  • Your tips are great and they truly work! I'd like to share one trick that also helps me. When someone is acting negatively to me, I visualize all the energy this person is spending to reach me. Energy is not positive or negative, it is just energy, so I use it )))
    Have a great day, Megan!

  • I am guilty of only half listening most of the time. I end up missing a lot LOL.

  • Great tips! I've been working hard to stay committed to the goals I've set for myself this year. I think it's good to make small goals to lead up to the bigger ones and write them all down – it feels amazing to be able to check them off the list one-by-one!

    Liyana | Rouge & Ruche

  • I tend to multitask and sometimes to works to my advantage but for the most part I fail miserably! This year I am making things simple.
    Smaller lists, smaller goals so they are easier to achieve and be successful at!

  • Thank you Veronica!! That's such a great tip, i try that out 🙂

  • Haha oh no! I used to be like that but these tips helped me

  • It definetely does feel amazing to tick off what you've done off of a todo list. Feels like a huge wait off of your shoulders!

  • Yes smaller goals are definetely much easier to achieve – it's the best way!

  • These are all so vital, but I especially love the part about taking small steps forward. Sometimes dreams and goals can seem so massive, and so far away that we don't know where to start! I think at times we underestimate how far those small steps can/will take us. Lovely post, Megan!

  • Block negativity is always an issue for me. It can be very difficult to ignore some of the nonsense that I see and hear but I always try to block and keep going.

  • Small steps are something I've been doing for a long time now and I've got so much more done – no longer a quitter!

  • Well done, that's the best thing. Block it out and move forward!

  • It is so easy to get side tracked. Especially when you're on the computer all day long. I just have to force myself to power through and ignore everything else.

  • I definitely hear you on blocking the negativity. I am getting a lot of that at the moment and while it sucks I have to try and develop a thick skin and move past it.

  • Yes definetely! When I'm on my computer all day long it used to be super easy to start something else – it just takes some will power!

  • Well done – I love to hear that!!!

  • Wonderful tips! They can be applied in every aspect of life. I really need to work on paying close attention. Sometimes I find myself thinking about how I'm going to respond rather than really retaining what someone is saying to me at the moment.

  • I LOVE this attitude! I agree that January is all about the prep work for the rest of the year – heck I'm still getting warmed up but almost there myself 😉 lol

  • I absolutely love this post. I feel that way too, nobody is ready for Christmas spending to be over in January. 😉

  • You've got this covered. Being present and positive can be a life changer. I know this to be true on a personal level.

  • This is helpful. I always try to think positive and it helps me

  • To stay focus and committed…just go back to the reason why you're doing what you're doing at the moment. It helps me to gain my confidence again to stay focus and committed. All the points you mentioned above are so true. Great post!

  • Thank you Elizabeth, glad you agree. I used to find I was like that. I was more worried how to respond so I just wouldn't take everything it – but paying close attention just gets you so much further as you really get to take in everything, not just parts

  • Glad you agree 🙂 January is just the month to get everything prepared!!

  • I definetely wasn't ready, just getting myself out of spending habits now – there's no way it's possible to start just after Christmas!!

  • Thank you Jill 🙂

  • Yeah thinking positive definetely helps to create a more happy and committed mindset

  • Commitment has definetely built up my confidence, mainly when doing work as it pushes me through and I get a better out Coke! Thank you 🙂

  • It's easy for people to be critical and not realise the effect it can have on people. Blocking the negativity is the only way around it without getting into a war of words. good on you.

  • Blocking negativity is one of the hardest and most important stepts. Thanks for the tips!

  • I've learnt to block it out instead of work with it or say something, it's just the best way!

  • It really is, but feels so good once you do it! 🙂

  • Great tips. I have to say I probably multi-task to the extreme to the point where I can be unfocused. It's a good thing to work on.

  • I actually find it very hard to stay committed. I usually need to put my phone away and that truly keeps me focused.

  • Thankyou!! I set monthly goals for my blog and for my personal life as well – as well as writing about 50 million spreadsheets! x
    Katherine Rosie | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • Love your tips! I write everything down…repeatedly. That helps me stay motivated. I just love lists and checking things off!

  • Thanks for your tips!! I have a vision board where I have all my goals on there for the year.

  • Love these tips! You can definitely use negative energy to your advantage too! Prove the haters wrong!

  • I used to be a victim of that – have many things going at once but it just makes you exhausted and fed up in the end so it's definetely good to take small things at a time!

  • Really good tip for those addicted to being on their phones 🙂

  • Such a good idea and way of getting things done! Ah spreadsheets suck 🙁 X

  • It's extremely satisfying to see the entire list ticked off isn't it!!

  • No problem, glad you liked it Nikka 🙂

  • Yeah of course, just send it back their way haha!

  • Blocking the negativity is what I struggle with the most. That NEEDS to change!!!

  • Oh I am definitely the same, I am a little better in January, but Feb is when my new plans start really kicking in! Love these little tips, so practical!

  • I love these tips! Looking forward and paying attention are very important!

  • It is hard but once you've done it, it makes everything better!

  • Me to – January just isn't the month to be starting new!

  • Glad you liked them 🙂

  • Love these tips! Thank you so much for sharing!

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