Yesterday, I attended the Glamour Beauty Festival in King’s Road at the Saatchi Gallery, London. Of course, the entire event was any beauty fanatics dream – I felt like I was in heaven the entire day! The whole event was absolutely incredible, from the beginning to end. There was everything from makeup, skincare and hair care to nails, fragrance and even the chance to be on a mock up cover shoot for Glamour magazine. I honestly want to relive the entire day again, lets hope they have one next year to!

The event was one where you choose which room you want to visit first, as and when you wish to. Beginning in the hair room, there were brands such OGX, Redken and GHD giving complimentary hairdos – anything from curling, straightening, updo’s and braids. I opted for the braids from the OGX stand, and also got the chance to take home some of the best products for my hair type.
From there it was onto browsing, lusting over and watching the makeup brands do what they do best. To name a few Benefit, Nars, Laura Mercier and Illamasqua were there, giving complimentary short makeovers, tips, tutorials and an overview of the products.
A talk was given during the day by the YouTube and beauty sensation, Tanya Burr in the Glamour Theatre, which was so amazing to get the chance to listen to and hear all about her journey, and how to get where she is. She gave an insight into what made her start YouTube, what incredible opportunitiesshe’s been given and what she see’s for her future. Tanya mentioned how our generation are the “generation of the slashee’s” – meaning there is no one-career field that is relevant to her, just like all of us aspiring bloggers!
Shortly after the talk we headed to the Chandon Champagne Barwhere we were given a complimentary glass of champagne – honestly so many free gifts! From there we went onto the skincareroom to see all the latest products and techniques from brands like Garnier, Elizabeth Arden, Balance Me, Liz Earle and Lancome. They were giving complimentary skin tests, hand massages, facials and products. The strangest experience ever was from Garnier – they had an oxygen barwhere you put small tubes into your nose and breath in fresh air. At first it makes you a little light headed but it felt so nice and refreshing, something I’d definitely love to do again!
The nail and fragrance room was the last stop as they were located on the top floor of the gallery. As my nails were already done I spent more time in the fragrance room, however there were stands to look around and stations to watch nail treatments being done by OPI, Sally Hansen and Rimmel London. The fragrance room was filled with new products being released by Jimmy Choo, Agent Provocateur and more. We got the opportunity to take a quiz and find our signature scent, which was nice! 
Before leaving you are given at goodie bag worth £160 (yes I was so over the moon with it!). There were products from Nars, Laura Mercier, Liz Earle, Lancome, Redken, Sally Hansen, Illamasqua, Garnier and so many more! I totally recommend an experience like this to everyone – there’s so much there that it caters for everyone. If it’s on again next year I will definitely be there, it was so so much fun!
Which brand from the event would be your favourite?

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  • What a great review. I ummed and arred about going to this and in the end decided not to but I really wish I had. It seems it was great value for money. Hopefully they will do this annually. X

  • The event looks so good! I would love to see Tanya Burr in person, she's such a wonderful person! Looks like you had fun! x


  • Thank you! I will definetely go again next year if it's on 🙂 X

  • It was really nice to hear all about her journey as I've been watching her for years! I did thank you 🙂 X

  • I love Argan Oil and I'm excited about how many haircare lines are including it in their products. It makes such a huge difference when it comes to frizz and shine.

  • Oh my! They really pampered you ladies to the nines! I am so envious! I wish Glamour Beauty Festival was also celebrated near me! I would love to attend to something like that. Looks like you had a fabulous goodie bag too! Thanks for sharing your awesome experience meeting Tanya Burr too!

  • wow – this looks like a heavenly event. what a fun way to spend the day and seeing all of these amazing products

  • Sounds like an all round great day! I would have loved going to that in my previous life as a makeup artist and hairdresser. I would have got some curls done! just for fun right? Great review too.

  • Well, that looks like everywhere girl's dream! I wear my hair like that, like every single day now. Thanks Kardashians.

  • This looks INCREDIBLE!!! Looks like an amazing day and I'm glad you got to enjoy it! All the brands and the products <3 Curious – what did you get as your signature perfume? 😛 P.S. Your hair looked incredible!


  • That sounds like an amazing event. Look at all the cool stuff you got to see there.

  • SO HAPPY you enjoyed it, thank you for such a lovely piece. We worked so hard on it, it was such a thrill to see people having a great time. Jo Elvin, Editor Glamour xx

  • The first poster is OGX shampoo and it is one of the best I have ever tried. Unfortunately they are not available in my area

  • This look like such an incredible beauty festival, you get to meet practically everyone haha and that goodie bag, damn its amazing ♥

  • Looks like loads of fun! Make up/beauty isn't really my thing but I love seeing photos and hearing about these types of things. Looks like a great event! – Jeanine

  • SoooOOoooOOoo jealous! It looks like an amazing time! I mean, the champagne and the free gifts and the makeup and the hair tutorials! Wish I was there too! Thanks for sharing this cool experience!
    Karen |

  • What an amazing event! I love the braids in your hair! They are so gorgeous. I wish I could braid my own hair!

  • So many freebies! I hope they have a similar event in NYC. How do you hear of them?

  • Holy cow a goodie bag over 160 pounds that is incredible and I bet that you were overjoyed. Those massages sound ideal!

  • What a fabulous event! Love the braids you chose and my favorite brand you listed would probably be ogx!

  • Oh my gosh — this looks like such a fun event! I recently went to something similar here in Hawaii and I loved it. Your braids are awesome!

  • This looks like such a fun event. I've attended very similar events except it's for fitness and I enjoyed them all.

  • What a great day of fun and pampering! I think I would have chosen the hair room first as I love getting new hair products.

  • Such a fabulous event. I would love to have tried items from Ilamasqua, Liz Earle and Laura Mercier. It seems like they really thought out this event, and it an engaging experience.

  • Rimmel would definitely be my favorite. It looks like an awesome event. Id love to go and hear about and try all of the new products

  • This event sounds like it was a blast! I wish they had similar events down here in Miami. They probably do have haha but I have not heard of any. Hopefully I get to attend one soon! 🙂

  • This sounds like so much fun! I didn't realise they had this sort of thing, loving the braids they are so neat – mine always look a mess!!

  • I never knew this existed, how very cool. So many great products and artists, it's wonderful.

  • Sounds like a fab festival. I would of loved being there having people do my hair and makeup. So fun!

  • Wow, what a fun event! I subscribe to Glamour and always read it cover to cover. I would have loved to attend!

  • Me to – it does such great things for me hair. They also sprayed some on before braiding and it kept it in such good condition!

  • They really did, was such a lovely day. Will definetely do it again next year 🙂 glad you liked it!

  • It was heavenly – was really brilliant!

  • That would've been great for you to attend – sadly it only started this year! Thanks 🙂

  • I really need to teach myself as I love how it looks. Super easy throughout the day to 🙂

  • It was, you would've absolutely loved it. You should go next year! I got the new Jimmy Choo scent coming soon called Explicit 🙂 it's divine! Thanks babe 🙂 X

  • Was really amazing!

  • Thank you so much 🙂 thanks for hosting such an amazing event!! X

  • I got a few products from there and can't wait to use them! Oh that's such a shame!

  • It so was! Totally fab day – got very spoilt! X

  • Glad you enjoyed it then 🙂 it was!

  • Definetely try it next year if you love the look of it, it's so worth it. Had such an incredible time 🙂 my pleasure!

  • Thank you 🙂 I wish I could to, very tempted to patiently teach myself!

  • Was such a great experience! Try it out next time 🙂 thank you!

  • I saw it In their magazine and got sent an email as I subscribe to newsletters 🙂

  • I know, so many amazing goodies!

  • Thank you! Can't wait to start using their products, they look amazing

  • Ooh which event did you go to? Would love to hear about it! Thank you 🙂

  • I love events like these, they're so fun aren't they! Glad to hear that 🙂

  • I never really do too much to my hair but I will now as I've got some new products to try!

  • They did. The whole day was fab!

  • I'm so gutted I already had my nails done, the designs all looked so good!

  • Have a look around as they're really worth it! 🙂

  • I wish I could do them like that myself! 🙂 I loved them!

  • I never did until a few weeks before the event – so glad I got tickets!

  • It was really good! 🙂

  • You should next year – was totally worth it as you get so spoilt!

  • This looks like an amazing event to attend! I love Illamasqua and OPI products.

    Southern Soul

  • Such an amazing event, very glad I went! Me to 🙂 want to try more from Illamasqua now!

  • Well this looks like an awesome event to go to! I wish that I could go! All sorts of pampering going on there 🙂

  • Oh my goodness! I would have died and gone to heaven if I was there!

  • Omg how fun was this?!?! I'm all about makeup so omg! Totally my kind of event!

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • That sounds like such a fun event. It looks incredible!

  • Beauty, champagne, and London! Sign me up! Really – I would love to be there.

  • Megan! This event looked amazing! So many great brands under one roof! I'm loving OPI right now so would have to be them! Great post 🙂

    Shannon ~

  • Oh wow this looks like such a fantastic even to attend and so many great products! I bet you had so much fun!

  • This looks like such an amazing event to attend. I could use a few hours there to get educated on makeup and hair.

  • Looks like you had a great time. Seems like that would be some valuable information regarding makeup and beauty.

  • OMGGGG I'm sooooo jealous looks like you had the best time! So lovely that you got complimentary gifts and things like your hair doing and omg I would have loved to go, and I love Tanya too that would have been amazing to listen to her! I'm laughing at the oxygen thing up your nose it sounds so intriguing and now I really wanna try it! Ps you look so gorg your hair is fab, I wish I could pull of braids xxxx
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

  • Pass me all that makeup! 😉 I am a big Rimmel fan actually and use their mascara and eyeshadow. That shampoo brand in the first photo is something I need to try.

  • My oldest sister and I would love to go to an event like this! We love beauty products. =)

  • I LOVE that french pig tails are big again, they are so chic and can go edgy or more feminine depending on the outfit. Thanks for sharing! Looks like a really fun event.

    Be the author of your own story,
    Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

  • It was really great, got so spoilt 🙂

  • I really felt like I did haha!

  • So so fun! You would've loved it 🙂

  • It was such a good event, a lovely day!

  • Haha tell me about it!

  • It was so good Shannon, I love them to! Thank you 🙂

  • I got to meet so many amazing people from behind the brands, so much fun!

  • They taught me a lot – you should go next time!

  • Yeah there was, I learnt a lot 🙂

  • I did, it was so good! You should definetely go next year, you would literally love it. Thank you so much lovely 🙂 xxx

  • I do to, love their products! Wish there was more there for Rimmel than just the nails!

  • You should go next year! It's so worth it X

  • Me to – love wearing them, so beautiful and practical! Thank you 🙂 X

  • Cannot wait to go again this year!! 🙂

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