I’m always very guilty of sticking to the same makeup brands, as I know the quality and consistency they can offer. But why, when I can branch out and try new things? I rediscovered Avon after seeing a bunch of YouTubers using their new Matte Lipstick range, which looked so stunning. So I thought why not test some products out for myself and share the ones I loved most with you all.
Of course, I had to order a few of the Avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks as they look amazing – which they are! My two favourites shades were Ruby Kiss and Wild Cherry. First things first, the formula and longevity of the lipsticks are incredible, they don’t budge or bleed, and they stay put all day. Ruby Kiss is a true red, very bright and perfect for spring. Wild Cherry is a berry wine shade that is very true to the vamp lip trend happening right now. These both have to be in my list of under-rated products! Along with the lipsticks I ordered their 3D Plumping Gloss, a neutral pink gloss.
L-R: 3D Plumping Gloss, Ruby Kiss, Wild Cherry
Two other favourites are the Super Extended Liquid Eye Liner, of which I ordered two shades because I simply couldn’t choose. I ordered Black and Plum, both buy accutane cheap very easy to apply with a pen-like tip and they also do not fade throughout the day like I find with other pen liquid liners. The shades are true to their name, the black is a true black and the plum is a dark purple, which I actually find really easy to wear. Again, don’t be afraid to test new beauty products!
Along with this I ordered an eye-shadow duo in the shade Warm Cashmere. The left side is a light golden brown, very similar to Bronze from Lorac. To pair with this and run through the crease is the other shade, a warm brown, very similar to Woodwinked by MAC.
To finish, I ordered some base products, and of which my favourite was the Ideal Luminous Blush in the shade Peach. It’s more of a neutral but warm peach, which is very flattering and natural for the daytime. The formula is very silky smooth to give your skin a fresh finish, and it lasted on me for around 6 hours.
I ordered my products from an Avon Representative, go ahead and check them out for yourself:
What brands do you want to try or rediscover?

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Megan ?
  • I am such a non-girl. I feel like a clown whenever I wear lipstick and I also feel like it gets EVERYWHERE!

  • I just recently saw an Avon catalog at my aunts house in London after not seeing one in years. I was surprised to read in it that their matte lipstick was "more matte than M.A.C". I'm going to have to try it because I love matte lipsticks.

  • I have always been a fan of Avon products. My mom used to sell them, so I always used Avon when I was younger.

  • Should try a liner with it. I found that at first but liner helps so much!

  • I know, I see them coming back more which is nice! The matte lipsticks are honestly so amazing!

  • I used to as well, so glad to rediscover it!

  • The colors are beautiful. I need to do a spring makeover of some of my beauty products.

  • Haven't heard any products of Avon in years until I read this. I wear Avon lipstick many years ago, and my choice always went to matte lipstick. The shades of lipstick you reviews here are lovely.

  • I hop around with makeup brands…and then hop to other brands…and back again! Dont use Avon but love your review. Especially the matte lipsticks. I totally need one that stays put (so frustrating when it blurs all around!) so I will check this out!
    Karen |

  • We LOVE these colors. You literally have a shade here for every look. We are so into 3D plumping lip glosses right now, Avon has such a cute line right now!

  • I haven't used avon for years. Maybe I should give them another chance. Those lipsticks sure look aamzing!

  • I'm loving the color of that lip gloss. I sold Avon for a little bit but found I am no salesperson.

  • I didn't realize that people still sold Avon! Or can it be bought in stores now. That is great. I am going to have to try the lipstick, I am trying to wear lipstick more recently.

  • I haven't use Avon makeup. My mom always gets me avon bath stuff for Christmas.

  • I grew up in Ukraine and at that period of time Avon was the only cosmetics brand available for us. I remember how me and my mom received all those catalogues, attended presentation, that was a really big thing for us! I have the best memories with this brand ))

  • I'm curious – were you happy with their staying power? I remember Avon used to be so popular!!!


  • do you know, I've never tried avon before. I'm a rimmel girl, or maybe a little Loreal. But these look fab so I might try them.

  • I personally dont wear makeup myself as I am allergic to 95% of the, however, I know a lot of people that swear by Avon makeup! I do love their nail polish!

  • I haven't seen Avon in years. I remember my mother ordering from the Avon book when I was younger. Maybe it's time I search it out.

  • Yes really happy – they really impressed me!

  • I'm like you, I'm not much of one to try new things. However, I DO have that Avon lip gloss you show in the photo and I love it!

  • My mom used to sell Avon, its been a while since I have tried their products. I would love some of the liquid eye liner.

  • I actually don't like Avon because of the harmful chemicals they use in their products. But I like discovering new brands and Sephora is definitely my friend.

  • Omg I haven't used any Avon products for the longest time, it used to be the hype! Everything you got looks and sounds amazing.. Those lipsticks are too pretty, loving the red and the vamp look!! Xxx
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

  • I definitely wouldn't mind trying Avon again it's been years I recently tried Mary k again and loved it.

  • Oh I see – that's fair enough! I love Sephora to:-)

  • I usually stick to the same makeup brands too. Avon happens to be one of my favorites, I love their glittering eyeliners and wear them on a daily basis.

  • I love the 3D Plumping Gloss color on the right. I used to buy Avon all the time.

  • I need to find some new powder, and would love to find something in a lower price point than the Bobbi Brown I bought for my wedding. It looks great, but it costs way too much!

  • I haven't ordered from Avon in forever, but I love using their eyeshadow quads. I still have some of mine and use them on the regular. I love those lip colors by the way!