Last week Urban Decay launched a beautiful new store in Brent Cross Shopping Centre, London. I was so delighted to be invited along to meet the team, test products, chat to and also meet other bloggers.  The store is so absolutely stunning with an elegant and glamorous vibe. Opposite the makeup stands are sequin cover walls with mirrored dressing tables, literally every makeup fanatics dream!

Urban Decay is a luxury brand, most well known across the world for its gorgeous array of palettes and collections. I’ve been a huge lover of their products way before I started blogging, and they are still one of my most loved brands now.
When we arrived the makeup artists from the store, as well as the PR team who had organised the event greeted us, which was lovely as I’d never been to an event alone before. The team were so lovely and got everyone chatting straight away. Whilst trying the products the team were there for us to ask questions, and ask expert tips if needed. It was so lovely to get the chance to meet more bloggers and also the PR team. I find blogger events one of the best ways to be able to connect with new people, and find out more about what blogging is all about.
To add to my love of the brand, the store made me want every single product. I could’ve honestly spent a very long time just admiring all of the products, especially the new Gwen Stefani collection. I was in awe of the Gwen Stefani products when seeing them online so it was so nice to take home the palettes and test out the lip products. We are all very lucky to be given a goody bag during the event, which contained some of my most loved products from Urban Decay – I’m still so grateful for it, they’re so gorgeous.
If you get the chance you should go and check out the store in Brent Cross Shopping Centre. You can find Urban Decay’s products linked here.
Tell me about any blogger events you’ve attended in the comments below!
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  • Oh wow so pleased there's a local store now!! Do you live local to Brent Cross? Would be great if you did and we could meet up for a coffee/chat some time? Super jealous you got invited lol!

    Love Hannah xx


  • What a cool event. I don't wear makeup, but I have heard great things about Urban Decay!

  • That sounds like fun! No Urban Decay stores here – and I'm a makeup minimalist so I have very little makeup knowledge. I've never been to a blogger event either. So much still to learn and do in the world of blogging!

  • M

    Lovely post! I'm new to blogging so I haven't been invited to any events. There's been a couple locally that have been open invite and plenty of people I interact with on Twitter were going, that I considered going to, I'm not sure I've the guts yet!

    xo Millie|www.modishrambling.com

  • that sequined wall looks amazing ! I would definitely like to try and convince the husband of that in our living room haha – great that you got the opportunity to attend, looks like a great event too!

  • Love Urban Decay. Kinda jealous of your event now. Haha!

  • It's so cool that you got to go to that event! Urban Decay is one of my favorite makeup brands, especially for eye shadow palettes!

  • I really want an Urban Decay Palette! You are so lucky to have been invited to the event, I live fairly near London x

  • Looks like fun! I don't wear much make-up but the store looks beautiful!

  • Oh, how fun! It would be so much fun to get to just play with all the makeup and learn some new things.

  • Wow how fun !!! Loving it and this would be amazing

  • What a gorgeous place! It looks like and incredible event to be invited too! Lucky you!

  • It looks like quite a fun event! It would be exciting to go to one, especially in London!

  • I would definitely like to attend an event like this! Their products are amazing

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  • that store looks amazing & I bet you are going to be loving it now. That is so cool you got invited as UD rocks 😉

  • How exciting! I've never been to a beauty event ( not really what I blog about), but this looks like fun. Glad you were able to experience this, and share it with your readers.

  • I love Urban Decay products. Love them. I am not a beauty blogger but I have a definite appreciation for the event.

  • No I don't, I live in Hertfordshire 🙂 yes definetely should – lets arrange it! X

  • It was very nice, I love the brand so much!

  • It was my second event and I must go to more. It's so fun!

  • You should try it out. I went to this one of my own and of course was nervous, but once you get chatting to people it gets so nice! X

  • Isn't it gorgeous – I was in awe haha!

  • Me to!!

  • Ooh me to – I'm a hoarder of them!! X

  • I live close to – was very happy that I got an invite! X

  • Even for people like yourself, the store is just so nice to go and have a look at!

  • It was! Loved trying the products I haven't got to yet and taking some home 🙂

  • It was so fun Laci!!

  • Thank you 🙂

  • I really enjoyed it. A lot of amazing bloggers there to because of the location!

  • Aren't they!! Was so great to go 🙂

  • I'm loving it even more after the event. I want all the products now! X

  • Thank you 🙂 it was really nice, had to do a write up to share with you all!

  • Fab to hear that! 🙂 UD are my favourite brand so was very lucky to go!

  • oh my god, so much makeup and beauty products, you must have had such fun. I'd love to get my hands on all of that.

  • I've never attend any blogger event, but that would've been wonderful. I've heard about Urban Decay, never used their products but they look faboulus!

  • I've been so fortunate to attend many blogging events and loved every experience. The real life stuff is one of my favorite things about blogging.

  • How gorgeous! It looks very glamorous and I'm jealous you got to be in London for this!

  • I did – tried almost every product hahaha!

  • They're so fun, if you get the chance then definetely attend one 🙂

  • That's really good, this is only my second so many more to come!

  • Isn't it, I was so in love with the store!

  • Love this post, gorgeous pictures! I think your blog is lovely, let me know if you would like to follow each other!


  • I love Urban Decay makeup. I've been meaning to add some of their products to my beauty kit. I love how vibrant all of their colors and shades are.

  • Looks like a great shop! When I get to London (someday) I will have to look it up!

  • Thank you 🙂 would love to! X

  • They're so gorgeous – have such a great range of colours from darks to brights! X

  • Ooh definetely do!

  • Omg what a fabulous event!!! I just LOVE urban Decay!!!!! If I could have one of everything in my makeup bag that would be pretty sweet 😉

  • Oh my goodness, I love the recent event posts! How stunning does urban decay's makeup look altogether in your photo! Always love your photography, Megan 🙂


  • i love that makeup!!!

  • Me to!! Ah how amazing would that be 🙂

  • Thank you so much! Had such a great time 🙂