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This beauty tag has been flying around a lot recently so I decided to join in and terrify myself with how much my everyday makeup costs me to do. As a makeup hoarder I’ve noticed that I’ve been adding more to my routine as time goes on. That does sound more time consuming but it takes me no more than 15-20 minutes to finish my makeup. I tag anyone reading this to try it out and see what yours totals to. Lets get into the products!

Nars Sheer Glow – £31.00
Soap and Glory Super Cat Eyeliner Pen – £6.00
Prep + Prime Fix + – £17.00
The grand total is £257.58
Mascara, Foundation, Nars
I didn’t realise how much it would be once you had put it all together! It could’ve been worse for an evening makeup routine though. I may do it again and compare a drugstore and high-end version, so stay tuned.
Let me know down in the comments how much yours totals to.
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