I don’t know about you, but my hair care changes depending on the season. As my hair is naturally curly I find it a lot harder to tame during the hotter and humid months. Although my hair type may be different to yours, I know many of us have to deal with unwanted flyaways, untamed manes, lack of shine and much more. Argan oil based products have quickly become my go to for any problem, and here’s why.

Argan Oil is often referred to as ‘liquid gold’, and that says it all really for how incredible the benefits can be. It’s an organic product extracted from an Argan tree, which is extremely rich in beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin E. My must haves are from got2b’s Oil-licious range*, as they are unique, affordable and work best for my hair.

Before washing my hair, I love to give my hair an added treat. Got2b’s Oil-licious Styling Oil helps to protect my hair, as well as maintain a sleek, glossy mane until the next wash. To everyone’s surprise, the formula is non-greasy and instantly absorbs into the hair. I use this before washing as it gives my hair an added boost of moisture and helps keep it manageable for the styling process. It’s important not to add too much product onto your buy priligy uk hair, as a little goes a long way. I usually add this to the tips before every wash. If I’m looking to style my hair I always make sure I add the Styling Oil before I start styling to, as this helps to lock in the moisture and also reduce any dryness.

If you wish to escape the frizz then the Dry Oil Mist is a must-have for your hair care routine. I’ve been using this a very long time and I swear by it! I have naturally curly hair so you can just imagine the frizz and flyaways I have to deal with day to day. After styling I spray this all over and leave to set, and as well as taming your hair, it gives it an extra shine. The mist can also be used on fine hair due to its super lightweight formula.

When using both products together, for pre and post hair care, I find my hair much more manageable and easier to work with until my next wash. It’s also incredible for soft, salon-shine hair that you can achieve from the comfort of your own home.

What’s your hair care essential?

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