Urban Decay have gone and done it again, with another must-have gorgeous palette fit for everyone. This Junkie Vice Lipstick Palette* is one half of their Urban Decay, there’s no more need to feel guilty in bringing multiple lipsticks in your handbag either as you can bring them all in one compact case. And with 12 stunning shades, this palette will fill all of your desires.


It is now so easy to switch up your lipstick on the go, from neutrals to reds and even forest greens and funky purples, this palette has it all going on. The UD Vice lipsticks have the most incredible formula, and I got hooked when Gwen Stefani dropped her range with them. I mean they’re the creamiest I’ve ever used, and never ever budge so you don’t have to constantly keep reapplying. They don’t bleed or transfer either, they will be your best friend for life.



I absoltely adore the mirrored packaging with the slogan ‘lipstick is my vice’ engarved onto a lid before the beautiful array of lipsticks. Also, it comes with it’s own respectable lip brush, which actually does a really good job in comparison to most.

To give diversity and for the palette to suit all, the lipsticks come in an array of finishes including Mega Matte, Comfort Matte, Cream, Metallized, Sheer and Sheer Shimmer. Even the mattes are super order accutane cheap moisturising, and all of them swipe across your lips like silk.


Top Row L-R


Bottom Row L-R

  • Disturbed – deep brick red – comfort matte
  • 714 – bright red – mega matte
  • Carnal – medium warm nude – comfort matte
  • Safe Word – neutral nude-pink – comfort matte
  • Studded – metallic gray-brown – metallized
  • Whip – soft pink with gold iridescent shimmer – sheer shimmer
  • Wraith – metallic red – metallized
  • Big Bang – bright pink sparkle – metallized
  • Firebird – deep fuchsia – cream
  • Vanity Kills – lavender – mega matte
  • Speedball – deep vibrant purple – cream
  • Junkie – metallic green shimer with gold micro-sparkle – metallized

A lipstick palette is something I’d reach for to take on travels with me or on the go, as it’s so simple to touch up or change your lip colour. However, if I’m stuck on one particular shade or just don’t want to carry something quite big with me then I stick to the single bullet. But, I am totally loving this right now.

If you want to get your hands on this you’ll need to be quick as it’s a holiday limited edition product to House of Fraser and UD Boutiques in the UK. It retails for £31.50.

What would be your favourite shade from the Junkie palette?

Megan ??

14 comments so far.
  • Allison Lancaster

    I love these! Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands and this palette is amazing. I may add this to my wish list for Christmas. 😉

  • I’m not a huge makeup person, but these look like fun colors. I know that my 17 year old daughter would love it!

  • Karen Yannacio Morse

    A few things really make me want to buy this palette – the colors and the staying power! I love how you mentioned that they dont budge! Sold me!

  • The colors are gorgeous. It is amazing how alive and bright they look on your skin vs. the palette. Thanks for showing us.

  • redheadbabymama

    What a fun stocking stuffer! Plenty of different looks for something adeventurous.

  • I’ve never tried a lipstick palette. That green is so interesting!

  • Reesa Lewandowski

    Wow I never would think this would be lipstick! I love Urban Decay’s products, they’re beautiful!

  • Debra Hawkins

    What a pretty pallet although I have never used purple but whose to say I can’t start!

  • Jalisa Marie

    The top row is all me. I’m a red girl all the way. All great colors especially for the holidays.

  • It is actually a lot cheaper than I thought, I would love to try the more unusual colours like green. It would be out of my comfort zone but I like that.

  • That is so beautiful! And actually pretty well priced considering how much product you get! I definitely have a few friends who would like this for their Christmas present! x


  • Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com

    Wow what gorgeous colours. I’m not really a make up fan but I LOVE seeing the photos and peoples favourites. It’s so fun.

  • Chelsea Damon

    Urban decay is one of my favorite makeup brands. I especially love their Perversion mascara. These colors are great for a pop in winter!

  • This really is such a fun color palette! So festive for the holidays, too!

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