Year in, year out, I always manage to create a list of things I wish to do. You know, it’s just the general stuff like starting a new hobby, healthy eating or self-improvement. It dawned on me over the Christmas period that I’m happy with what I had achieved over the year and I completely dismissed my ‘New Years Resolution List’. Focusing on the current rather than trying to better yourself ahead of the game has made me a lot happier throughout 2016, and I want the same for 2017.

New Years Resolutions are more often than not quite unachievable. There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of a year and not having achieved a few goals you set yourself. You beat yourself up about it and go into the New Year feeling a bit miserable and unmotivated, which is one of the main reasons that this year I’m not setting myself any annual goals. If I’m going to set myself any goals, it will be for the month and ill set them small, so that there’s potential to exceed them. Then if I do exceed them I will be a lot happier and motivated.

To be honest, I don’t see why we set goals just because it’s a New Year. I think its best not to wait for the New Year to start, but when you think of something you want to achieve. “Begin your goals straight away” – that’s been my motto for the last few months and is something I’m carrying through with me into 2017. Why wait when you can kick start your dreams right now?

Enjoy the present and the rest will follow. I find that when you’re focusing on trying to achieve something its less likely to happen. If a goal is to achieve better grades, a promotion at work or working harder on your blog, then I say work a little harder all throughout the year and great things will come when you’re least expecting it. 2016 gave me so many amazing opportunities and achievements, and they were ones I didn’t even know were coming.

So, 2017 will be the year of smaller and achievable monthly goals. I’ll be working towards smaller things that could possibly grow into something bigger, because that sounds much more fun, right? There’s no list being made this year and I’m so happy about that. So many times myself and friends have made a resolution in the past, and when January 1st comes around we say “ah I’ll start next week”, so I’m scraping that and starting goals the day I think of them, I don’t want to regret it!

I wish you all a Happy and healthy New Year! What are your thoughts on annual resolutions?

Megan ??

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  • Frances Hemmant

    Totally agree!!! I’m not making any either, I always feel like if I don’t stick to them it gets me down, when actually I’ve done so many other fab things which I haven’t focussed on! Have a fab year beaut xxx

    • Megan McCoig

      Exactly right! I hope you have a fab year to gorgeous xxx

  • Sophie Louise

    I 100% agree with this post, I fail miserably each year. I’ve been scouring through your blog all morning! Your photography is beautiful! X

    • Megan McCoig

      I prefer small monthly goals, and they are much easier to focus on! Aw thank you so much 🙂 xx

  • completely agree, when I do set goals, I normally set small daily goals, that way I actually feel like I can achieve them.


    • Megan McCoig

      Me to. And, I love making lists and ticking them off each day!

  • Amy

    I’m doing the exact same this year! I let big goals take over the little things last year and put a huge amount of pressure on myself to succeed. I’m excited to let 2017 run its course. Great post – Happy New Year!

    Amy | http://www.whatamydid.com

    • Megan McCoig

      I did to last year and so happy i’ve made this choice – hate beating myself up about New Years Resolutions that I don’t achieve. you to!

  • I agree! Just keep up with your current goals and take it day by day to see progress over time. Stressing about the end game in a year is not a great use of time (:

    • Megan McCoig

      Exactly my motto!

  • Theresa

    I agree that focusing on daily goals is very useful. Today, I started thinking big picture, and I liked imagining how far I could go, but then I thought about how disappointed I would be if I didn’t reach major, lofty goals. Month by month, you can better see how things are going and adjust the goal as needed.

    • Megan McCoig

      I totally agree – smaller goals can lead to bigger things to! Loading yourself with impossible goals is just unrealistic!

  • Allison Lancaster

    I love this! I don’t plan to make resolutions either because I never follow them. I just want to keep making positive changes in my life daily

    • Megan McCoig

      Daily goals are a definite this year for me x

  • hzajac13

    I don’t really do resolutions either. I am a huge planner and I love to make goals all the time. I make monthly goals and other long term goals. I don’t believe in waiting to the New Year to start working on things but I understand the tradition.

    • Megan McCoig

      I love planning and organising so i’m totally on your level!

  • I am not making any resolutions either. Instead I choose one word as a guide throughout the year ahead. It’s something I’ve done for 10 years now and love the process. Some years are good, some excellent and others I lose sight of the word.

    • Megan McCoig

      That’s a really great idea 🙂 must think about doing the same!

  • I agree you shouldn’t wait to set goals. I love to live seasonally, and reflecting on my progress that way. But, I do also love turning the page on a brand new year 🙂

    • Megan McCoig

      Ooh that’s a good way to think of it, change up with the seasons!

  • Becky Hughff

    I definitely felt a sense of guilt when I didn’t achieve last years resolutions. This year, rather than resolutions I’ve made a list of goals/achievements that I would like to try and reach this year. Still some pressure I guess but I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t quite reach them. x


    • Megan McCoig

      Goals are much more realistic than resolutions I find, you can make them smaller rather than have to stick to one thing x

  • There’s definitely a risk of getting too hung up on resolutions and forgetting to enjoy life! I have set myself some goals for the year but I always break them down into monthly goals 🙂 Happy new year, have a lovely 2017! ♥

    • Megan McCoig

      Happy New Year to you to! x

  • Jean Standley

    Every year I tend to make new years resolutions that I’ve often forgotten about by the end of January. This year, I’ve written a blog post about where I would like to be in a years time and I hope to improve in many aspects by this time next year. I definitely think its a good ideas creating monthly goals 🙂

    • Megan McCoig

      I’m the same. Or, i read back on them and then beat myself up about it!

  • I couldn’t agree more a new year gives us opportunities to move forward and try something new. Happy New Year?

    • Megan McCoig

      Happy New Year! xxx

  • Great post Megan! Couldn’t agree with you more xxx

    • Megan McCoig

      Thank you gorg xxxx

  • I don’t do resolutions either, I just set some general goals that I am looking forward to achieve throughout the year. But there are a lo of people who do them, so I usually write about them around this time of the year.

    Cristina | *janded

    • Megan McCoig

      Yeah if i set myself goals, it’s not a resolution but something i aim todo within a shorter amount of time!

  • Samantha Lee

    I agree with you that working to achieve your goals shouldn’t have to wait for the New Year. We should be setting goals and working toward achieving them year round.

    • Megan McCoig

      Exactly! Love the attitude 🙂

  • I’ve never been a big fan of making New Year’s resolutions myself. I like to live in the moment and enjoy every day for what it offers.

    • Megan McCoig

      Me to Maria!

  • Such a fab post lovely! I try to set goals all year round and not put so much pressure on just one time a year! x


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