A girl can never have too many lipsticks, that’s for sure. Well, that’s what I tell myself. Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying so many different lipsticks and these Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection Liquid Lipsticks have really stood out to me. These lipsticks were released as part of Kylie’s 2016 Limited Edition Holiday Collection, so sadly isn’t available anymore unless from re-sellers. However, most of the shades are sold separately so you aren’t missing out!

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while, you would have seen a Kylie Lip Kit Collection post before, which you can find here, but since trying these my opinion of them is better. I feel like since my last Kylie lipstick order the formula has changed quite a lot, but in a good way. The formula seems so be a lot creamier, in that the formula isn’t drying at all. It used to sometimes crack when my lips were extremely dry but I haven’t had that problem at all when using these. They are probably the most long lasting liquid lipstick I own, which is saying something. I get about 8+ hours wear out of these (I do tend to lick my lips a lot, so for those who don’t they will last even longer).

Of course, these are all matte lip shades, which is typical buy priligy australia from a liquid lip, but they are quite velvety so they are comfortable on the lips. When I know I’m going to wear one I apply a lip balm before, either Clarins Instant Light Lip Oil or any lip balm I can grab to ensure I don’t get any dryness after removing them.

Shades (L-R):

Moon – a cool-toned grey/brown

Ginger – a terracotta brown

Kristen – a warm brown berry

Angel – warm pinky nude

Love Bite – rich plum brown

Vixen – blackened vampy plum

As this kit is a collection of mini lipsticks the tubes are quite a lot smaller, but a little goes a long way with these are they are very highly pigmented. You get about a third or maybe a bit more of the product. But, this isn’t a negative as they were very fairly priced for 6 lip shades, and are also perfect for popping into your handbag and for travelling (especially if you’re like me and take a ridiculous amount of lipsticks with you).

One reason I absolutely love this product is because of how beautiful the packaging in. The box itself stunned me, but the individual lip tubes are so gorgeously designed. The silver details are a part of the limited edition design, which makes it that extra bit special. These made the perfect Christmas gift!

Have you tried any Kylie Cosmetics products?

Megan ??

  • These are gorgeous shades, I especially love Angel!

    Alice x

  • Robin Rue

    Those are all really great lip colors. I love all of them. What a nice set this is 🙂

  • TheNewClassy

    My daughter loves these colors for her lips. She would love these lipsticks. I will tell her about them.

  • I haven’t tried these and I am totally kicking myself for not buying it over the holidays!!!! These colors look great! I’ve just been getting into lipstick, wish I had years ago! It takes your makeup to the top level and finishes an outfit. I guess I will be buying these individually next paycheck (: lol

  • Karen Yannacio Morse

    I am a total lipstick (and lipgloss) junkie! I never tried the Kylie products, but have seen them all over the place! Cant believe they last for 8 hours! I need.

  • MarineCorpsNomads

    I admit that I’m not a lipstick gal, but these colors are beautiful. I only wear lipstick a few times a year, so I love the idea of a smaller product.

  • Catherine M.

    I’m not really a big lipstick girl but I’m trying new products this year. I love the Angel for “everyday”. It looks like a great pinky nude for my skin tone. For a hot date night, I might have to give Vixen a try!

  • I can’t believe I still haven’t tried any of the Kylie lip collections. These holiday colors are gorgeous!

  • I haven’t tried these yet, but they are on my list. I have to use up some of the ones I have purchased before. I have tons right now!

  • I am completely obsessed with these lip shades! They are perfect for the winter months!

  • I love the colors. Such a great variety while still having a similar theme. I like the Angel best.

  • People are raving over the Kylie lip kits. Sorry I am not a supporter of the Kardashian/Jenner clan but it does seem like she has some good pigments.

  • Omg these are beautiful! Everything from the packaging to the colors. I’m glad you were able to get your hands on them!

  • Cynthia @craftoflaughter

    OHH i am loving those colors! So perfect for winter and bringing some color to the snowy days!

  • Marisa Hernandez

    I love all of Kyle’s line. She has such good products & color selection. I haven’t tried these yetbut it’s on my list.

  • Debra Hawkins

    What great colors, I have never heard of her line but want to check it out now. This is really great!

  • Jeanine @

    These look like some gorgeous colours. I’ve heard lots about her lip kits and line but never tried any of it!

  • Rachel Catherine

    These are really great colors! I’m looking for a nice new red, but I want something that’s not to heavy.

  • These look lovely, I love the colours. It so pretty and i will take a look next time I go shopping.

  • Terri Cairns

    I haven’t tried any of the kylie lip kits yet, they always sell out so fast, would love to try some of these colours

  • Reesa Lewandowski

    I love collections like these! The colors are so pretty too! I have never heard of this brand!

  • Brittany Muddamalle

    I’ve been seeing her lip kit all over social media lately and I’ve wanted to try it so bad! I can’t wait to pick up my own to see what I think!

  • Jazzmine Woodard

    I haven’t tried any Kylie products but I love liquid lipsticks for when I’ll be eating and drinking or just won’t want to reapply.

  • TheLocdBella

    I’ve never used Kylies products before nor liquid lipsticks for that matter. However, I love the colors of your kit and definitely something I can try.

  • I’ve heard so many raving reviews about Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks, but I never had a chance to check them out. However, I feel that it will gonna happen very soon! The color “Kristen” seems like a perfect match for me!

  • I haven’t tried Kylie Cosmetics yet, but I love how deeply rich the color pigments are and the variety of colors available. I’ll definitely have to check out this line sometime! – HilLesha

  • Adaleta Avdic

    The pigment is INSANE, and the color range is so beautiful. I really need these, and I keep giving them away in giveaways, but never keeping them for myself! xx

  • happy organized home

    I have never tried Kylie products but those lipsticks are gorgeous might need to pick some up.