Since posting my last ‘6 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately’ I had a great response and it’s encouraged me to do a series of 6 things I’ve been loving within the past month. Essentially, it’s quite like a favourites post but including a mixture of things from events, food, beauty, and all sorts. Its not every month that I buy new things but there are always new hobbies or ideas that I come up with that make me super happy. So, lets go!

First up has to be interior design. I never thought I’d be a sucker for pretty interiors; well not until I had my own place. However, I recently re-designed my room and it’s got me obsessed with Pinterest boards and shopping for cute bits. My favourite places to shop have been H&M Home, Matalan and Zara Home as they always have little unique finds. I’ve loved designing and planning out what will go where, now I just need my own house so I can do it to every room! There’s something quite rewarding about looking at something and thinking ‘I did that’.

Also, having re-designed my room I’ve been loving having my own clear space. There’s nothing better than having a space where you love to work and feel motivated to be creative and tick off your ‘to-do list’. This month I’ve been all about creating my own little workspace to be in my own bubble and GET THINGS DONE. That’s what the next few months is all about as I’m mid dissertation, so having found a new space has given me more encouragement and motivation than ever.

Lighter evenings. When it gets to 4pm and its still light outside I get an excited feel in my stomach, knowing that Summer is just around the corner. I’ve never been one to prefer to season to the others, as I love all temperatures and the feel that different seasons bring. However, there is something about 2017 that has got me craving lighter evenings and a bit of warmth. Maybe cheap doxycycline malaria tablets because it’s been super chilly and my body needs some sun. Not too much to ask for, right?

An obvious favourite this month is New York. I visited at the beginning of the month and it was my first time, and it was pretty much a trip of dreams. New York was everything I’d ever dreamt of and more; it was honestly like being in a movie set. Travel is something that inspires me a lot, and getting older there are more and more places I wish to visit. I have a whole post dedicated to my highlights of the trip and there are more posts in the pipeline that will be coming soon. I’ve documented a fair few photos over on my Instagram to.

I couldn’t write this post without talking about a new beauty favourite. When shopping in Sephora this month there was one item in particular I needed to buy and that was the Tarte Pro Glow Palette, which has fulfilled and exceeded my expectations. Since using it for the first time a few weeks back I haven’t used much else. The shades are so flattering and the highlight shades are so pigmented and give the most amazing sheen of glowy goodness. I picked up a few more bits from Tarte that I’ll be sharing soon, as I love everything!

This one is a bit of a funny favourite, purely because it’s so random, but I’ve been loving Soya milk. The past few weeks I’ve realised that whenever I drink normal milk it can affect my stomach, so I tried this in my drinks and with my cereals and I love it. It tastes so yummy. I did say these posts will involve anything and everything, and I’m sure some of you guys might agree that when you find something new in your diet it can make you feel a whole lot better, or just me? P.S. this tastes incredible in a latte!

What things have you loved this past month?

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