If you’re an interior love, I’m pretty certain you will love these. I recently re-designed my room, and pretty much everything is new. White spaces are just so clean and Pinterest-worthy, and that’s exactly what I based my new room around. With that, I wanted new touches such as makeup storage, bedding and best of all prints. These new prints are from Desenio, and now I’ve got a few I want a whole wall full of them.

Desenio is a Swedish based brand that offers a trendy array of posters, print and frames. Prints are by far my absolute favourite as they added character to a room and there are so many to choose from. Let alone, they look absolutely gorgeous anywhere you place them. The posters are printed on high quality med matte paper that feel and look so luxurious.

As my room has gold touches I opted for minimalistic gold buy isotretinoin online cheap frames and against white walls I think they look stunning. These frames were from Desenio, I was in between these and white, and they have so many more styles and colours. Currently, I have three Desenio prints, a pair of lashes, a dancer and a pale pink ‘simplicity’ one, of which I can’t decide my favourite – they’re all so gorgeous. There were hundreds of designs to choose from, so it was quite a hard decision, but they certainly have prints that cater for everyone’s interior needs. They cover everything from nature to fashion, beauty and travel.

Right now, they are placed up against my wall on a white floating shelf, which I really love but who knows, I must just get more and make some pretty wall art. I just love little intricate décor pieces that give the room a unique and personal twist.

What are your favourite décor touches?

Megan ?

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  • These are such pretty pieces! I need to check them out!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  • Love these so much – I love cute frames pottered around my room. I love a good cactus and some artificial flowers too!xx

    Lucy x |

  • Ohhh these are gorgeous! The colours go so well together. I’ve not heard of this shop but will have a little look now as I’m doing up my own room at the moment and looking for some more prints!

    Katie. xx

  • MichelleAndrea

    These are all such great prints individually, and combined they’re superb. My favorite decor touches in my place are limited edition prints by Paperfashion and minimalist planters with white phalaenopsis orchids in them.


  • I could loose hours on Pinterest, I am surprised I haven’t come across these prints before, they are stunning!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • Jessica Riley

    Pinterest is my life at the moment, but when i turn around and look at my own room, I’m always kinda gutted I haven’t magically transported into one of the photos.

    The Crown Wings

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