A step in my skincare that I recently noticed I was lacking in was exfoliation. For some reason during the beginning few weeks of 2017, I was noticing some dryness on my face, probably due to the colder weather, so I stepped back from harsh exfoliators. I recently discovered the Benefit Refined Finish Facial Polish, and have fallen back in love with exfoliation again.

I typically have combination-oily skin, so dry patches really started to worry me, as skincare isn’t the easiest of things to tackle. However, after discovering this face polish my skin has gone back to what it was and I couldn’t be happier. As well as getting rid of the problem, it’s also benefited my skin in so many different ways. I sometimes suffer with random areas of texture and blemishes, which has now cleared up and after using this my skin feels super smooth and healthy.

The formula is super refined to give a gentle cheap doxycycline no script exfoliation and polish to reveal the skins natural radiant complexion. I’ve never used an exfoliator quite to gentle, and I really love to use this in the morning, as it doesn’t make your face red like some scrubs can. This also gives the perfect base before makeup, as your skin is clear of any excess oils and baby bum smooth. It contains natural clay and seaweed extract rich in minerals, nutrients and sugars that are known to purify the skin and diminish any dullness and ‘annoying bits’. As the formula is so gentle, you can use this daily, as I said I tend to use it in a morning and this product has really helped me get back into exfoliation again. The scrubs with intense exfoliation really put me off, but this is the complete opposite.

Have you tried any bits from Benefit’s skincare range that you would recommend?

Megan ?

  • Lydia ?

    I love this stuff! I think Benefit’s skin care range is so under rated, I love their moisturiser too! Xxx

  • Oh it’s Sare ♡

    Your skin type sounds so similar to mine Megan! I think I’ll have to try this out at my dry patches are honestly getting on my nerves! Great post lovely!

    Sare x

  • marclamberts

    I really love your photography Megan!


  • Georgia Knight

    Love the images! I’ve never tried benefit skincare and my skin is combination so will have to head to boots and give this a try! Xx

  • Amy Coles

    I love this exfoliator! So gentle on my sensitive skin xx

  • Benefits skin care is amazing,definitely worth purchasing! This posts shows that ☺️ Xx

  • Caroline Malone

    I have quite sensitive skin and sometimes if I over exfoliate it makes it worse but this sounds like a dream, especially if it is so fine! will have to take a look, I don’t think a lot of hype really occurred around benefits skincare line! xx

  • I definitely need to look after my skin a lot more. I recently bought a Simple skin care range so I’m hoping that’ll clear my blemishes up!

  • Frances Hemmant

    I had no idea that benefit did this!! Does it foam? I find foaming exfoliators/cleansers way too harsh and drying on my skin 🙁 So glad it has worked so well for you, love finding products that really do the job! xxx

  • I have never tried benefit skincare, I kinda always gravitated more towards their makeup, but after reading your post I am definitely going to see if I can try a few products soon!

  • This sounds amazing! Unfortunately we don’t have Benefit in Finland so I probably won’t get the chance to try this anytime soon. I’m loving the Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream though! It’s really gentle but makes my skin feel great :). I used to use the Body Shop Aloe face exfoliator but unfortunately it was discontinued. Xx

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