Being a student and working from home a lot means I have to get up and going and also stay motivated, which can be hard at times, as I love routine. Working from home means I have a different day everyday, which I’ve never been used to and means I need to always stay on my toes and make sure I get stuff done. It can be easy to fall behind, but if I start the day productive it usually means I go to sleep at time feeling like I’ve accomplished a lot. I also commute quite regularly into London, usually in the mornings so I have a mixture of what I do to start the days off right, no matter if I’m going to be working from home or commuting. So here are my tips to have a productive morning.


Alarms are one of the things I reckon most people hate in life, but they have to be done right? I used to be one of those to leave just enough time in the morning to get ready quick and grab my things. However, I’ve now changed my tune. I like to set an earlier alarm, even by 20 or so minutes to get myself together a bit more and grab a bite to eat. It means I don’t have to rush, get stressed and forget things either. I don’t really like to snooze my alarm either as it makes me feel like I never want to get up.


I am a sucker for a list. I love writing them and I get so much satisfaction ticking everything off by the end of the day. Whether you need to pop into town to run a million errands or get something work specific done, I feel writing it down and being able to tick it off makes sure I get the task complete. The notes section on my phone is always ventolin online getting full up with to do lists.


As I said before, I like to make sure I grab a bite to eat or have a coffee in the morning now. It gives me energy and means I won’t be groggy by lunchtime. A light bite such as fruit or yoghurt is usually my go to when I’m commuting, or porridge and a tea for the days at home. If you have a busy morning ahead or need brain food, breakfast is a must.


I love a good diary, just as much as I love lists. I enjoy seeing what I’ve got planned for the day and is also a place I like to revisit at night to add to for the next day. Having a planned out day gives me a clear mindset, and checking it first thing gets my brain ready for whatever the day is to bring. I have an ‘at home’ diary, which is bigger for uni and blogging and a smaller one for my handbag in case I need some to jot stuff down.


This sounds like a very obvious one, but it’s not quite what you think. Getting ready can be quite boring, especially for a girl if you apply makeup every single day – it can sometimes feel like a chore. But giving yourself enough time to have a nice shower, feel clean and scrubbed before getting ready makes me feel fresh all day. Also, taking my time to get ready properly makes me feel like I can conquer the day better than giving myself only ten minutes before having to dash out of the door. Even if I’m working from home I make sure I have a nice shower and cleanse my skin. I love to pop on a facial oil at home if I go makeup free.

What do you do to have a productive morning?

Megan ?