When it comes to clothes, I love staple pieces that can be worn down and up. I think flares are perfect for that. I’ve only started feeling comfortable in flares the past few months and I know they’ve been on the scene for a while now and I adored the way they looked on others. My first pair, which I’m wearing here, are from Zara. I must say, when it comes to a high street store I’m loving right now, Zara has to be top of the list. Most of my new in wardrobe is from there and I’m loving so many more things. I doubted myself before trying these flares on but instantly fell in love.

Another reason I love flares and am so happy they’ve made a comeback is because they’re so fun. You can wear them with flats, trainers and heels. Versatile trousers are my kind of thing as I like to be able to change from day to night within the matter of seconds, buying accutane just by changing your shoes or top. For me, outfits work around the bottom half and I style from there. I’m usually quite the skinny jean girl, but flares are just working there with in to be my favourite type of bottoms.

As well as trousers they’re also making a huge hit with me with my jumpers and jackets, as you can see from my outfit here. I love a cropped jumper and there are so many on the market right now with flared sleeves and I’m all for them. They just add a nice twist to any simple outfit and make it look like you’ve put that bit more effort in.

I’ve worn this outfit many times now and these particular pair I’m wearing here come in white, which I must pick up for my holidays!

The outfit details:

Jumper | Zara
Trousers | Zara
Trainers | COS (last season)

Do you have any flared trouser recommendations? I’m on the hunt for more!

Megan ?

  • marclamberts

    I had no idea what flare were haha! So thank you for clearing that up and I think your style is absolutely amazing!

  • Wow they look stunning on you ? I’d be so scared to try them but I love them! Your jumper is STUNNING aswell

  • You make them look so good!xx

    Lucy x |

  • Georgia Knight

    Those flares are gorgeous! I need to get me some for summer and I must also say your figure is amazing! Definite fitness inspo right there x

  • Amy Coles

    They look amazing on you! I love flares but I don’t think they’d work on me at all!

  • You really suit flares! I’ve seen a few pairs in the shops, and I really want to try them, but I’m so used to my skinny jeans that I’m not sure how I’d feel with this shape on me ha

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  • You look amazing in this, I love the top you paired the trousers with too!
    Grace xx

  • Lucy

    This is such a lovely outfit – you look amazing!


  • Frances Hemmant

    Such a gorgeous outfit!! Zara is amazing at the minute!

  • you are so flipping gorgeous babe!
    Love the outfit too, I don’t often wear pants (hahaha, here’s a random fact about me) but those look absolutely beautiful!

  • I wish flares would like right on me – i’ve never tried them but i just know! Haha. You look great girl!


  • Lydia ?

    Gorgeous outfit beaut! Loving the flares and the colour of that top looks great on you! xxx