Turning a new chapter in your own ‘story book’ is never an easy transition. As I sit here writing this I’m sitting in an empty coffee shop in London debating what’s next. Today is the day I hand in my dissertation at University and today is the day where a new chapter in my life begins.

Personally, I think change is a wonderful thing. It inspires you to move forward, onto new and better things, but it’s not always simple. Now I’ve finished University, the question is when and where I’ll be working or whether travelling is my next step. The world of work scares me a lot, but it also excites me. New opportunities always come when you least expect it, so now I guess I just wait my turn.

This post is just to talk to you guys about finding your feet and starting fresh. As humans I think we’re so accustomed to sticking to a routine, whether that be in school, work or everyday life. I am one for a routine, I like to do specific at specific times but I like to try new things quite often. Even if it means once a week I go to the gym at 8am instead of sitting doing work, change is good. Breaking that routine is difficult, but with time it does get easier and better.

Another tip I’m giving anyone who reads this and myself is to believe in yourself more. I never order accutane online even thought I’d go to University, let alone make it through 3 years of intense studying and writing a 12,000 word dissertation. Yet here I am, 3 years later writing this post, feeling proud and accomplished that I went out of my comfort zone and got myself a degree. Apart from the studying, I’ve learnt a lot of things on my journey. I’ve learnt to be more confident, more creative and more relentless. Life can throw anything your way, whenever it wants to, you’ve just got to be prepared to find your feet and take that step forward. Who knows what could happen?

Creating this blog was a huge step for me, as it is for anyone, but from all the amazing opportunities I’ve had and connections I’ve made, it’s made me make feel incredible for doing it. It’s also helped me acknowledge that I’m a keen writer and creator, which I would’ve probably never found if I didn’t start. I wouldn’t be here writing this now if I didn’t push myself. You just have to make that first step, believe me.

My message to you is to take yourself out of your comfort zone every once in a while. Even if it means creating that next chapter in your book, just for go for it.

Now it’s time for me to find my feet, and who knows where my story will take me.

What has been your most recent big life change?

Megan ?



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