The thing I most love about summer is getting my tan on. I never used to be one to dream about soaking up the sun, but now it’s all I ever think about. I do indeed love a bronze glow and I’m so excited for a bit of tanning help this year with Zhuzh!

Zhuzh! are a tanning brand that create all things to give you a sunkissed glow. As much as I’m for sun protection, I really love applying products that can accelerate my tan. *drumroll please*, please let me introduce you to their awarding winner Tan Accelerator*. You may have already heard about this product before, you may have not, but I need to talk about it.

Last year I used tanning oils properly for the first time, as much as they did the trick they also felt sticky, drying and I always got in such a mess with them. The Tan Accelerator from Zhuzh! is a product that works to boost your skins natural pigment in order to deliver a quicker and longer lasting tan. As it boosts the process, it also means you don’t need to spend so long in the sun. I’ve used this in the garden quite a few times already this year and have seen such fast results.

Another bonus of this? You don’t get in a mess. This product works from a spray, so you spray it onto the desired area and you’re good to go. The spray gives such a fine mist that is so lightweight on the skin, you can’t even notice it’s on. It’s unique blend of ingredients also works to hydrate and nourish cheap doxycycline online your skin, as opposed to tanning accelerators that dry your skin into a shrivelled state.

Whilst sitting in the sun I always make sure to give my skin a little drink and Zhuzh! have their very own cooling mist, called the Cool Zhuzh Spritz*. This little guy is one I’ll be relying on to cool me down in the heat, and it’s formulated with aloe Vera and shea butter that soothe and calm the skin in the sun. This stuff instantly cools you down and sinks in within just a few seconds. It smells quite spa like to, so it feels like a little luxury every time you spritz it onto your body and face.

If you like to maintain your tan for as long as possible then I’ve got something you’ll love. Zhuzh! also have a Tan Lock & Saver* that will be my saviour to prolong my tan. I always get so sad to see if fade when I arrive back home from a trip, anyone else?! This is a super lightweight non-sticky oil that will be your skins secret for a longer lasting glow. You just spray it on after a day in the sun and it sinks in within just a few minutes and leaves you with a soft sensual sheen.

A huge and important tip is to always apply an SPF with wearing this as I can’t stress how necessary it is to protect your skin from the sun. An SPF won’t slow down the results of this product!

Do you like to use tanning accelerators to speed up your tan?

MeganĀ ?