As much as I love a huge skincare pamper, I’m also all about a quick fix. Something that can lift my skin within seconds and doesn’t require a lot of effort is what I need more often than not. At times I do love to lather on many products and give my skin a real treat, but when you’re in a rush or simply don’t have much energy, there’s nothing better than a product that does the trick in an instant.

During the summer months, and especially for the mornings, I love using just one or two products. I feel using a tonne of products when it’s hot just makes my skin sticky and results in spots and all the rest of it. Lately I’ve been relying on lightweight goodies and a new favourite is the L’Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water. I’m all for a water based product, as it means it will sink into my skin within a few seconds before giving an intense boost of hydration, which this one does.

I’ve not used many products from the L’Oreal skincare range so I was intrigued and excited to try this. At first I didn’t think it would improve my skin in any way, I doubted it for being a ‘water’ that will just disappear into my skin and not deliver results. How very wrong I was. From the first use I saw more life and luminosity in my face. I’m not saying that this will improve blemishes by any means, but it does hydrate, nourish and soothe your skin. Every so often I’ll use heavier products in the morning when I feel I need it, but for a quick fix, this stuff is brilliant.

Instead of being a super runny water formula, which I expected, buy ventolin usa it’s more like a very fine and lightweight gel. I tend to use this alone or for before my Nip and Fab Dragon’s Blood serum that I spoke about not so long ago. These together give an ultimate boost of hydration, but on its own the L’Oreal Hydra Genius is enough of my skin is feeling tired and dull. It’s a real ‘lift me up’ product and the Aloe Vera in the formula cools your skin to, which is the best feeling on a tired face.

The formula is super lightweight, as you may imagine, and it absorbs into the skin as soon as you apply it for a fast rejuvenating feel. Although this claims to lock in moisture for 72 hours, I tend to use this every or every other morning, as I feel my skin is at its thirstiest when I wake up. I prefer to use this in the morning as it gives you the same feeling as when you splash cold water on your face. It really wakes your skin up and replenishes for a hydrated glow.

This is formulated for normal to dry skin, however it works for me and I have combination/oily skin with some dry patches every so often. I’m actually so impressed with this product as is now something I use over my other morning products right now as it’s quick, easy and effective. The packaging is super sleek and minimalistic to as it comes in a clear glass bottle with blue metallic detailing – so pretty!

It’s available to purchase online and in-store at Boots. It goes on offer quite often as I’ve seen so far so be sure to grab one quick when you see it!

Have you tried the L’Oreal Hydra Genius?

Megan ?



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