With a flawless base being a must in my makeup routine, the right products are essential. I used to be one for a full coverage base, but now I like to go as light as possible whilst being dewy, flawless and effortless. Minimal makeup is my favourite for the warmer weather, but having base products that can take you from minimal to max glam is always a win.

I’m quite enjoying wearing just concealer at the minute, and with Benefit recently re-designing their Boi-ing Concealer range*, I’ve now got everything I need for that love. The new products come in the prettiest packaging I’ve ever laid my eyes on. As soon as I saw it, I needed it. I’ve never tried their concealer before, so this post is a bit of a first impressions and insight into the newly designed concealers. Whether you prefer light minimal makeup or full glam, I’ve got something for you.

Benefit really do go all out on their packaging. I mean, just look… *tonnes of heart eye emoji’s).

Let’s start with where it all began, the orginal Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer. This is a product I’ve wanted to put to the test for the longest time, as so many beauty gurus rave about it. If you love a full coverage concealer that works its wonders are hiding even the heaviest duty dark circles and blemishes whilst being invisible to the eye, then you’ll love this. Not only is this formula unbelievably creamy and easy to blend, it stays put all day long without creasing – that’s a big thing for a full coverage concealer! I can really on this beauty if I’m heading out for a full day, as I know it’ll last and I don’t need to worry. I tend to use this under the eyes to hide my much loathed (and very) dark circles and also to spot conceal as it disappears and covers everything with a matte skin-like finish.

If you’re all about an airbrushed finish and only have a few imperfections you wish to hide, I highly recommend the Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer. This is lighter weight that the original and also gives a sheer to medium coverage, depending on how much you build it. I like this for makeup free or minimal days because of its soft-focus virtually undetectable finish. Although this has incredible staying power, I do pop this one in my handbag as its great for touch ups throughout the day if you need it. I think this one is my personal favourite, due to its super doxycycline 100mg buy lightweight feel and effortless airbrushed finish.

For those who like or only need a very light sheer coverage, the Boi-ing Hydrating Concealer (used to be known as Fakeup) is perfect for that. It works the same as any of the above products, as it conceals dark circles and even smooths fine lines, but its very light coverage. I don’t particularly think you can build this concealer like you can the others, but after all it is for a sheer coverage. Out of all the Boi-ing concealers, I find this the creamiest and most hydrating formula, and its infused with Vitamin E and apple seed extract that almost feels like a hydra-smoothing eye cream, but with coverage. It comes in a stick, with the concealer being in the middle and the hydrating formula encasing it. This really is so soothing to put on under the eyes.

Last but not least is the new Boi-ing Brightening Concealer, previously known as Erase Paste, another always spoken highly of in the beauty books. Similar to the Industrial Strength Concealer, this is quite full coverage but creamy, but this works more like a colour corrector. Whichever shade you are, this contains brightening melon undertones that work to correct under eye circles and also blemishes. If I’m really suffering with dark under eyes, I will choose this one. It works wonders for those sleepless nights and the melon/orange undertone leaves your face looking radiant. Seriously, you can say goodbye to those dark under eyes.

I sometimes use the Brightening Concealer over the top of the original Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer when I’m going for full glam, as the first conceals, then this conceals but brightens at the same time. They work really well together and don’t go cakey if you apply just a small amount, which is all you really need.

I’m in the shade No.2 and the range comes in many shades variants for all skin types. I really dig the diversity of these products and I get so much use out of each and every concealer.

To apply each of these concealers, I highly recommend a blending sponge. I’ve been using the mini Real Techniques blenders, with the narrow tip being perfect for the eye area and the larger end being great for blemishes and larger areas of the face.

These concealers are now available to buy in-store and online at Benefit counters and Boots.

What are your concealing desires? Which Boi-ing concealer pulls at your heartstrings?

Megan ?

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