Well, the month of June was almost non-existent wasn’t it? I feel like many of my monthly favourites post have started this way, me saying how fast the months are whizzing by and in actual fact half of 2017 has disappeared in a flash. It’s quite frightening how fast this year is going, can it really get any quicker? Anyway, enough about that, let me share with you the things I loved throughout the month of June.

Pixi’s Glow Mist

As much as I love going all out with my makeup for days or evenings out, it’s also been so nice to have many makeup free days. Most of June consisted of me being bare faced, which has actually led me to feel more confident without makeup. The skincare product that’s convinced me to enjoy being bare faced is the Pixi Glow Mist, which I’m sure many of you have heard of. It’s my number one quick fix when it comes to skincare.

Spending quality time with loved ones

This June has been the first month in a very very long time where I had the whole month off from education and deadlines, which meant I had more time to focus on spending time with people. There was nothing worse that meeting up with a friend or heading out for the day with family and having work at the back of your mind. It’s been so calming knowing I can head out somewhere and not have a timeframe of when to be back. Being able to spend quality time with loved ones is something I’m so grateful for and it’s been a real order ventolin online pick me up moment.

Jazzing up my wardrobe

The past few weeks have seen many shopping trips, but I’m blaming that on having some time off. I’m not one to sit in on my days off so what better to do than go for a little shop? As there are many of the same shops round me, there is a constant cycle of the same clothes in the shops so I’ve been eyeing (and maybe buying) up so many new accessories. There are so many cute bags and jewellery in places like Zara, H&M, Primark and Mango at the minute and with so many styles to choose from and so much out there that I love, it’s hard to resist. You can see my Simple Summer Accessories post here.

Urban Decay’s Rehab Lip Love

Whether I’m wearing makeup or not, I do love to keep my lips hydrated. The past few weeks I’ve been obsessed with nothing but the Urban Decay Lip Love from their Rehab Collection. This stuff is seriously a little bit of heaven in a tube. It smells and taste likes coconut and the shea butter is whipped into the formula to make it incredibly hydrating and juicy. Sometimes if I’m wearing a lipstick I take it off purposefully so I can use this stuff. It makes your lips appear more plump to so it’s very pretty with a full face as well as without.

What did you love during June?

Megan ?

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