I’m a bit obsessed with quick fix beauty products. I mean, why spend hours when you can get the same results in a few minutes? Lately, I’ve been loving face masks as I have oily skin that really does get a bit problematic in the warmer weather. There’s nothing worse than your skin feeling clogged up and icky during the summer and using a mask once or twice a week is doing the trick.

If like me you suffer with blackheads, blemishes and blocked pores then I recommend using an exfoliating mask once a week. No matter how my skin feels, after using a mask that scrubs away the dirt always makes my skin feel good after. The one I recommend to any skin type that suffers with clogged pores and blackheads is the Quick Fix Facials Exfoliating Scrub Mask. Not only is this a drugstore facemask, its one of the best exfoliating masks in my collection and I have a fair few.

Some exfoliating facemasks that I’ve used in the past have left me with either sore or dry skin. However, this one has teeny tiny beads that are so gentle on the skin. They’re just big enough to feel them when washing off the mask and they give a really soft scrubbing sensation that I quite enjoy.

The mask is formulated with pink rose clay, something I’ve never used before which could be the answer to why I love it so much. This particular clay helps cleanse and decongest buy generic amoxil price your clogged pores within the 5-10 minutes its on your face. When washing the mask off with warm water you can really feel this gently scrubbing away all of those bits that feel problematic. By no means does this get rid of blackheads for good, but it clears them as well as diminishing excess oil and leaves you with fresh clean skin.

Its formula also contains Glycolic Acid, which is a holy grail product in my skincare as it works wonders at evening out your skin tone. Some skin products contain a bit too much of this stuff, which can leave my skin a little sore, but this mask contains just the right amount for my skin not to feel it. Along with this there is Pomegranate Extract packed into the mask due to its incredible antioxidant properties that encourages radiant skin. I love to use this mask most in the morning as it gets my skin feeling clear, glowing and ready for the day.

Quick Fix Facials have a whole range of masks depending on what problems you’d like to diminish. I’ve also tried the Mega Moisture mask that is ideal for a quick hydration boost. You can shop the rest of the range, including everything from charcoal to brightening, in-store or online at Boots. These are always on offer and are a total bargain!

Have you tried any Quick Fix Facials masks?

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