As much as I love to create and publish daily content, I also love to read content on daily basis to. I read all types of blogs as it isn’t just the topics that I blog about that interest me. Anything from food and fitness to beauty and travel – pretty much anything that catches my eye.

With being on social media a lot I come across new blogs and reads all the time so today I’m sharing with you my current blog crushes.

Love finding new blogs to read and lust over? Let’s go.

Stacey Louise White

Photography on point? Check. Fab writing style? Check. Gorgeous Instagram feed? Check. Stacey, you got it all going on girl. Stacey’s blog is one I read every time a post goes live, it’s one I have on my bookmarks and I really love reading her variety of posts.

Stacey’s recent post on How To Actually Achieve Your Blog Goals is actually a factor of what kick started me back into daily blogging. It’s posts like these that get me inspired and want to get my motivation back, and it was this post in particular that caught my eye at the end of August. So Stacey, I thank you for that much needed kick up the backside.

Kate La Vie

Love interiors? Then you’ll love Kate. I’m sure many of will have already drooled on her Instagram feed and blog, because I sure have many times. Kate’s photographs and interior taste literally has me wanting to move out and design my own place right now.

Not only does Kate cover the lushest interiors, she covers beauty and lifestyle to. Her posts always cover something quite different and unique. It’s not all the time that I’ll be lusting over her interior posts. Quite buy doxycycline 100mg online often I go back to her blog and use many of her yummy recipes (the Banana Bread with Cinnamon Butter one really got me good) and love to see what’s new in her beauty cupboard.

Kate is someone I get a lot of inspiration from and one day when I get my own place, her interior tips will be the first I will head for.

Seriously, just take a look at her Instagram feed.

Chelcie Nicole M

My absolute blog and fashion crush this month has to be Chelcie from Chelcie Nicole M. If I could have a sneak peek into anyone’s wardrobe it would be hers hands down.

I love that her fashion posts on her blog aren’t just photos either. There is always writing on how and why she wore the outfit. The mix of both always gets me going back.

Chelcie also covers lifestyle topics on her blog and my favourite post has to be on her trip to Amsterdam. The photos are just so beautiful and, of course, have made me want to visit ASAP!

Over on Chelcie’s Instagram I always see a strong theme going, something I adore about her as it’s what I find so hard to master. Her colour palette along with each and every outfit she posts I’m all for, they’re just lush! She has not only a unique style, but every piece from her wardrobe I just want. It’s bad for my bank account but who cares when you get all the pretty clothes, right?!

I wish I’d found Chelcie sooner because girl, I’m loving what you’re doing. Keep those fashion posts coming my way, I’m living for them!

Who are your current blog crushes?

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