Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot.

Not bad thoughts, more positivity has been making an appearance recently and I’m all for it.

Since having more time to myself I’ve had more time to think, not that’s a bad thing it’s not a bad thing at all, but it’s made me realise a lot.

I realise I take life for granted sometimes and I really shouldn’t. I’ve realised that there’s more to life than worrying about not having enough time in the day to get your chores done or not having enough change to grab your fave ever Starbucks (although yes, that is a real bummer at times).

I’ve been realising how important time is since having a bit more of it on my hands. Seems little but it really is a big thing and having time for the right things in life can make the world of difference.

Tell me if I’m talking utter rubbish here or you don’t agree, but I feel in the world of social media and the online sphere we’re way more consumed in our phones than we are real life matters.

We let the online world control our thoughts and ideas and make us feel a certain way, don’t we? As much as it can be toxic, it can be just as inspirational and motivating, hence why I’m still using Instagram and Twitter religiously. If you look for positivity online I feel it’s much easier to find it and dismiss all the bullsh*t.

It is actually these little positivity filled social media moments that made me realise there’s more to life than just accepting others negativity. It’s easy to come across something online and let it effect how you feel. Trust me, I’ve been there many many times. But since not letting those things impact me I’ve noticed such a difference in my mood, my motivation and my thoughts.

If you need to mute a particular word on Twitter then do it. If you need to follow new accounts for more inspiration and positivity on Instagram to make you motivated then do it. Filling your feeds with positive content rather than negative has done me the world of good and I now enjoy my time online.

It’s so easy to get caught in the comparison trap I’m sure many of you may have heard of experience yourself. But since dismissing the crap and filling my timelines with new people and ideas, I haven’t felt that cruel feeling in a good while, so it’s definitely working.

These new accounts, new ideas and new inspirations and allowed me to sit back and justify what really is important to me and what makes me happiest.

It’s amazing how something so small can have such a large impact eh?

So what are those little things in life?

For me, the truest moments of happiness is when I get to spend quality time with loved ones or spending some time doing the little things in life that I really enjoy. Alone time is so enjoyable and important when you’ve been on the go and not had time to zen out. And, it’s also means a little pamper time is on the cards and who doesn’t love that?!

Balance. I won’t lie, I was a bit of a stress head at times when I was at uni. Everyday I’d commute to London, go about my day at uni, works my lil socks off and come home and go to work. It was nonstop, a vicious cycle but I did it and I did have the time of my life. Now since being a bit more free I’ve come to the conclusion that I need some balance in my life. I don’t have to rush around and please everyone and everything, it’s okay to do things at my own pace. It’s just taken some time off to realise that and that’s okay, right?

What little things in life make you happy?

Megan ♥


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