Sorry, what? It’s September already?

It’s really not a lie when people say time gets faster the older you get. It feels like a minute since the start of summer and now its just a few short weeks until autumn is officially here. I mean

Anyhow, September for me is always the month that gives me that fresh start feel. It’s even more of a fresh start feel than New Years for me. That’s probably because its the beginning of a new academic year and my brain is just wired to think that way after however many years of school.

Not only is September an exciting time because autumn is approaching, I love feeling back on track after having summer breaks and pretty much relaxing more than I should.

After my holiday in late July I fell out of the daily blogging cycle and only posted very little for me. I blogged everyday for 7 months straight and I think my brain just shut down to tell me I needed a little break. But, I’m back and now September is here it’s even more of a reason to get back on top of things.

With the topic of getting back on track I’ve decided to give myself the challenge of writing up a list of monthly goals I hope to complete by the end of the month. Here goes…

1. Get back in the rhythm of daily blogging. I was at happiest when I was daily blogging I’d say. The past month has been a bit of a drag without it and I haven’t felt nowhere near as inspired as I did during those 7 months. I’m quite a practical and creative person who needs to always be doing something. Daily blogging was my creative outlet that inspired me to not only create and put out content that I loved everyday, but also feel good in myself, and it was something to be proud of.

2. Start yoga, start yoga, start yoga. I repeat this as it’s something I’ve wanted to get back into for months Every week I tell myself to get back into it, then something comes up whilst the class I want to go is on and I never get round to going. SO, this month it’s happening (yes Megan, it really is). Going to the gym regularly is something I do not only for fitness but also for myself. Fitness for me is de-stress and ‘me’ doxycycline 100mg online time so a yoga class added to that routine means even more me time, and I’m not complaining.

3. Make more time for outfit shoots as it’s something I really enjoy but never make time to do. It’s only ever if I go somewhere that I take a few outfits shots. Realistically, I’d love to team up with some fellow bloggers and go for cute days out and take each other pictures. Would be super cute right?

4. Take my skincare seriously again. After my holiday I really slipped up on my skincare and started using less and less. Surprisingly, my skin hasn’t really suffered at all yet but I want to get back into it and put the glow back into my face. I’m on the hunt for some new moisturisers and an eye cream, so any recommendations would be perfect. I’m not one to use a lot of skincare products as I find my skin works better with as little as possible. Overdoing it on the skincare sometimes irritates my skin and makes it breakout. So, I’m on the hunt for new products and finally get in the swing of a new routine.

5. Now that it’s September I think it’s about time I make my wardrobe a bit less summer. During the summer I literally live in my flip-flops and not much else. I love being able to throw on a dress and head out the door. But now I’m more into fashion than I’ve ever been, I’m so excited to revamp my wardrobe and add a few new staples. September is the perfect time for new things and a new wardrobe and a few new accessories is definitely on the cards. Really, this is on my goals list so I start looking around for bits now and give myself time to find some clothes I really fall in love with. Investment pieces are my new fave! This also pairs perfectly with wanting to go on more outfit shoots. New clothes means more to share, right?

What monthly goals are you setting yourself?

Megan ?


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