Autumn is coming at us in full swing and so are ideas for my autumnal wardrobe.

Most other years I’ve tried to wear my summer clothes for as long as I possibly could, but this year I’ve changed my tune and I’m all for the new autumn wear coming into stores.

This year there seem to be so much gorgeous knitwear, from crop jumpers to oversized knits but my eye keeps heading towards the jumper dresses. I never thought I could quite pull off a jumper dress, but after buying this beaut from Topshop I’ve really changed my mind.

The thing with jumper dresses is that you can style them up in so many ways. You can wear them with boots – ankle boots, sock boots, over the knee boots. Or, you can pair them with a cute pair of pumps and even trainers.

With this length and style I love to wear it with either sock boots or even some over the knees. This is an outfit that can easily be worn in the daytime or the evening, especially when worn with a pair of boots.

The past few weeks I’ve really been thinking about having a wardrobe refresh and buying staple pieces like this makes me feel so much more content with my style. As I say, you can wear these in so many ways that it’s quite easy to wear this for various different events or occasions. I love a good staple piece you can rely on when you can’t put another good outfit together, don’t you?

I got this particular jumper dress in petite, just so that it’s the right length on me and doesn’t drown me. Topshop do this exact one and more in the regular sizing to, but was just a little long on me. Finding the right style is quite important for these but there are so many out there at the minute that are so gorgeous. Shops that do different lengths are perfect for jumper dresses as some can come up either a little short or long depending on your preference. This is the exact reason I headed straight to Topshop for my first one. Many of their clothes come in a variety of lengths and I’m so tempted to head back and pick up another colour.

I’m 100% certain my A/W wardrobe will be seeing more jumper dresses because I just love them. They’re also so cosy to, who doesn’t want to feel like they’re wearing pj’s when its cold outside?

What A/W wear are you loving?

Megan ♥


Photography by Sare Treacher

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