I’ve been sitting around umming and ahhing the past few days contemplating whether or not my life is going the way I want it to. I’m sure you’ve all been there. You know those few days that come around every now and again where you feel different, maybe a bit confused or discombobulated.

I always blame it on the changing seasons when I feel like this and I still genuinely believe that’s what it is. The change fro autumn to winter gives me the same feeling spring to summer and winter to spring makes me feel – a bit dazed, unsure but ready for change.

It’s usually the beginning of a new season where I feel unmotivated and they seem to be coming around a lot quicker than they used to. But after a few weeks I always find my feet. Sometimes it can take a little longer than other times, especially with the shorter days.

Back in school when life was that bit easier, the days felt longer as did the weeks, months and seasons. But now I’m an adult it’s a much faster journey so when a new season rolls around so fast, its hard to be 100% ready.

What actually inspired this post was my hair change that temporarily happened the other day. I decided to straighten my hair after 4 years of not doing so. Yes, 4 years! I have naturally thick curly hair so when I got fed up of straightening it day in day out, I decided to wear it curly and it stuck. As much as I have grown to love my natural hair, the sudden change felt weird and quite scary (I know its only hair, but 4 years is a long long time) but most importantly it felt kinda good.

I’m not one to change up the way I do my hair and makeup every single day. As you can tell, I’ve worn my hair pretty much the same for years. So a little change here and there is something I’m going to stick to doing as it freshens things up a bit doesn’t it?

Anyway, enough about my hair and my waffling thoughts, let me tell you why I think change is good for you. Even if you are like me, and 90% of the time like to stick to your routine and go with what you know best.

Whether or not I’m ready for it, it’s taught me that change (in any part of life) is a good thing. And here’s why.

SPARKING A NEW TRAIN OF THOUGHT. I find that when I stop and make time to think and change or switch up my routine a little, that’s when I feel most inspired to try something new. It’s then when I do something new or different that I want to continue that cycle and try more and more things.

For example, when I changed my hairstyle, I then had new outfit ideas spring to mind and even new makeup looks I want to try out. It’s that little something different in your mind that can spark new ideas.

IT’S V GOOD FOR THE SOUL. As much as I do like some routine in my life and it’s not always easy to change things up, it is very good for the mind and soul. I find myself stuck in a rut sometimes and getting frustrated with the same old, same old. So when I do bring change into my life, or the new seasons give me a little push, I have such a clearer, more free and creative mind-set.

My head feels in a v good place when I bring change and do something a little out of the ordinary for me.

Anything from changing up my makeup look, my blog content or starting a new hobby, its all part of a life lesson and it really does something for the soul.

FINDING YOURSELF. If you often find yourself taking each day as the same cycle of events you may indeed get a little bored. You may find yourself losing motivation and all the things you need to help you flourish. I sure need change in my life to get my motivation back.

Trying out and doing new things helps you experience more, which then could lead to discovering hidden loves and talents. I started up yoga again not so long back and rediscovered why I loved it so much and how happy it can make me feel.

I find bringing change into my life has actually helped me say YES a heck of a lot easier. I used to be one of those people who were quite happy with saying no to trying new things. But the more and more I bring change, the more I’m learning to take on new experiences and not miss out on golden opportunities.

You never know until you try something, right?

Wow. It really is amazing how much a new season and hairstyle can make you think. I quite like being able to share my sudden thoughts with those who wish to read, and I really hope this advice helps you like it has me.

Do you bring change into your life often enough? If you hesitate or simply think no, then try it, change up your routine, try something new, see how it makes you feel.

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  • Lady Writes

    I love this and your hair looks gorgeous! You can really pull off both styles because I’ve seen your pics with straight hair and you look just as beaut! I totally agree that change can be such a good thing x

    • meganmccoig

      Ah thank you so much lovely!! It was so scary making it straight again but made me feel good after x

  • It’s great to try new things, not only does it open up opportunities for growth, it can also bring a new lust for life!

    • meganmccoig

      Yes it does indeed! A new lust for life just feels amazing doesn’t it!?

  • Issy Fox

    I’m the same, sometimes making the tiniest of changes can flick a switch and get you back into the swing of things x

    • meganmccoig

      Exactly! XX

  • BeautyAndTheBlouse

    Love this post – Change is so so important now & again but as humans we really are creatures of habit so it can be difficult to make change happen in our lives x

    • meganmccoig

      Second that! X

  • This is a fab post! I currently want to change a few things in my life to make everything slightly more positive, and i’m actually super excited about it. Your hair also looks gorgeous x

    Abi | abistreetx

    • meganmccoig

      You go girl! And ah thanks!! X

  • Your hair looks amazing my lovely, I think change can be a good things, it can just be so difficult to deal with. I always struggle with change to be fair!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    • meganmccoig

      Thank you so much gorgeous. I used to but bringing small changes every now and then does really help that fear x

  • Change used to scare the hell out of me and sometimes it still does, but good change is an amazing thing to be met with! It can bring forward really exciting moments x

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

    • meganmccoig

      It can bring the most exciting things ever! X

  • This is a great post Megan! Change can definitely be scary but it benefits us all in great ways, I’m so ready to change my routine so I can start feeling motivated again x

    • meganmccoig

      Yes to that babe!!! X

  • This is nice. I really love to change things up every once in awhile. It’s nice to give myself a fresh start. Thank you for sharing this.

    • meganmccoig

      No problem. I really hope this helps you!

  • I’m usually reluctant when it comes to change, but your post is so true! It really is a good thing 🙂

    xo, Elisabeth

    • meganmccoig

      Hope this helps you x

  • Emma Boatman

    Change can be great…it doesn’t have to be a huge change either, especially if you’re wary of changes in life. Your hair looks fab too!!!
    Em x

    • meganmccoig

      Exactly! Small changes can make the world of difference x

  • I can totally relate as so much has changed for me all of a sudden! It’s daunting, scary but sometimes it really is for the best! Gorgeous curls too xx

    • meganmccoig

      It’s definitely scary but so good for you isn’t it! You’re coping to well with it to Mumma Spake xx

  • I’m always up for doing something new and challenging myself but you know what, changing my hairstyle is something I don’t do too often. I’m the opposite to you – I always straighten my hair and am trying to embrace some waves! xx

    Beautylymin| L’OccitaneAdventCalendarGiveaway

    • meganmccoig

      It’s insane how much it’s made me think – just changing my hair! X

  • Erin Russell

    I spent 5 years thinking the exact same, but now I am finally on the right path, I can say I am happy with where my life is going at the moment – its exciting! It’s odd how small changes can make all the difference 🙂

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    • meganmccoig

      So happy to hear that!! xx

  • Mel

    I totally agree, change is so good for us. I’m a creature of habit so I find changes hard to make. It’s good to try and remember the points you’ve made to help encourage changes, even small ones.


    • meganmccoig

      Me to, but when you do make change you feel amazing for it!

  • fashion for lunch

    it’s so true! such a lovely post megan!


    • meganmccoig

      Thank you x

    • meganmccoig

      Thank you!

  • Change can be scary, but I totally agree, it can be good. Your hair looks gorgeous by the way!

    • meganmccoig

      Ah thank you so so much! X

    • meganmccoig

      Thank you very much x

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