The cold mornings are here and there’s no stopping them.

As cosy as they can be at the weekends, they’re really not a lot of fun when you have to get out of bed are they?

Those few moments where you say 3…2…1… and prepare yourself to get that first leg out from under the covers is one I don’t look forward to, I have to be honest. I bet a lot of you understand where I’m coming from.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love the cold mornings because it means Christmas is coming and I’m a Christmas obsessed kinda girl. But when it means I’ve got to get up and ready for the day with a chill wrapped around my body, I do sometimes wonder if it’s best to just go into hibernation.

I wouldn’t say no to staying in a warm cosy bed for weeks on end I have to say.

With the colder mornings comes a much-needed quicker routine, purely due to the fact the fact that I don’t want to stand around freezing to death getting too cold before the day begins.

Typically, after I do just go for it and slump my warm body out of bed into the cold air I pop on my fluffy dressing gown and slippers straight away (probably within about 0.25 seconds), which are always ready for me as I get out of bed. Yes, I am one of those people that makes sure they’re in position the night before. I just can’t risk having to rush downstairs for them and get even colder! I always do this after my evening bath so its pretty much a habit now.

To wake myself up for the day ahead I always splash my face with cold water before I do anything else. This not only freshens up my skin and wakes me the heck up (this is one of my fave ever holy grail skincare tips), I like to get this out of the way so I don’t have to build myself up for it later on in the morning.

Then before anything else, coffee is on the agenda. Too right to ay?

I used only ever drink decaf coffee, so the morning coffee would usually just be replaced with a tea or water because effectively, decaf just doesn’t do much to wake you up. I just preferred the taste over the ‘buzz’. But now I’ve gone back to caffeinated coffees, I’ve gone a little bit mad for them. My usual morning coffee at the minute is an Americano or a soya latte made from my Nespresso machine. Now I’m back on the coffee grind, I kinda can’t have a morning without coffee, oops.

Surprisingly, I’m not actually of those people who scroll through social media first thing in the morning whilst lying in bed. I like to leave that for when I have my breakfast and am up out of bed. I sometimes do it at the weekends and find myself lying there for a good hour or so, and that just wouldn’t be ideal if I wanted to get up on during the week. P.S. my morning breakfast is always cereal because I’m just obsessed. I branch out a bit further at the weekends, especially when it’s brunch because brunch is just my favourite meal ever.

Once I’m sat down with my cereal and coffee, that’s when I open my laptop and see what’s going on with the world.

I usually either scroll Twitter or catch up with YouTube whilst scrolling Instagram on my phone. The latter option is my favourite way to get some morning motivation in for some reason. Scrolling through others feeds really gets me inspired, anyone else? On that note, I have a post coming very soon on all of my favourite accounts so far. So stay tuned cos I’ve got some real gooduns.

If I’m feeling it, I’ll start writing a post straight away. For some reason I work better first thing in the morning and that motivation lasts most of the day if I just get to it right away. It’s most probably the coffee sitting by my side to blame for my morning motivation, lets be honest, but lets just pretend it’s my brain functioning by itself shall we?

Writing a post first thing is actually one of my favourite ways to start my day. Getting things done in the morning usually means I’ll stay motivated for the rest of the day and I love to sleep at night knowing I’ve got a lot done.

A productive morning always needs a tea or coffee (or many), so this cold morning routine is essential if I want it to happen.

If it’s the weekend or I don’t need to head out the door right away I try and stay makeup free for as long as possible. A naked face means I can sit in a slump if I need to, especially when I’m brain storming with my head in my hands. Or it means I will get the gym out of the way instead of putting it off all day and then end up not going.

But, if the day entails an event for makeup my current makeup routine is usually a tonne of moisturiser, some primer, mascara, brow gel, bronzer and some good old highlighter. Oh yeah, and my can’t live without setting spray to freshen up my face after staring at a screen for god knows how long before the day has even begun. You can read all about that here.

And that my friends is my cold mornings routine I stick to if I want to get sh*t done. It works a treat, especially when coffee is involved (and all the comfy clothes at the weekends).

What do you do to have a productive morning?

Megan ♥



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