Hello festive friends, I’m back.

I’m back with another festive post and I’m actually (consequently) writing this after consuming my festive favourite, ye olde mulled wine, and feeling the Christmas spirits in full swing. It’s a jolly good feeling I have to say.

Funnily enough I’m typing up this post as today all I can think about is the past week or so and how much festive fun I’ve been having at various Christmas places. Since, I’ve concluded that going to a Christmas market (or few), to consume all of the festive food and drinks is something all of you must tick off your list every December.

I came to this conclusion that festive markets are a ‘must do thing’ after visiting a few different places over the past 10 days or so and I really want to share them so you can visit to, or even something closer to home.

What I’m saying here is, get your butts down to a festive food market or some Christmas stalls ASAP. My plan is to tick off as many as I possibly can before the New Year rolls around, but so far here a few of my favourite festive visits.

Taste of London, Food Festival

A festival dedicated to food… I know what you’re thinking, the best invention ever to exist. Well, you’re right.

I’ve never been to anything other than a festival based on music or beauty, so a food festival was very new to me. I had no idea what to expect and I have to say, it exceeded my expectations by a million. It was everything I hoped for and a hell lot more.

The Taste of London food festival is in Tobacco Docks a few times of year I believe and the Christmas edition in late November is a must for anyone who loves Christmas, food, Christmas, food and oh yeah Christmas and food.

There are endless amount of ‘street but luxury’ food stalls that cover pretty much every cuisine. My favourite dish was the braised slow cooked beef with turmeric, my mouth is watering thinking about it now. Then, there are chocolate stalls, sweet stalls, crisps stalls, you name it, they’ve got it.

Of course, you would find me by the mulled drinks as they’re my absolute favourite. The mulled apple cider from Appletiser was the highlight of the day followed by many dark chocolate treats at Green and Blacks.

I recommend spending an entire day there as there’s so much to see, take it and do. As well as the food and drink stands, they have live music and of course, lots of Christmas lights. The whole venue is just lit up and was the perfect start to the festive season.

I’m already excited for next year, my tummy rumbles just thinking about it. 


I’ve visited Norwich a few times but never at Christmas. Since my visit on the first weekend of December, this time is now my favourite time to visit.

My best friend and I headed there for a spa day, an early Christmas present to each other, and little did I know how pretty the town would look this time of year. Why didn’t someone warn me? I was weak at the knees.

I’m a sucker for Christmas as it is but since visiting here during the festive season, I want to go back again already. A day simply wasn’t enough to take it all in.

Each and every shop window is full with gorgeous décor, as well as the streets and the famous Tunnel of Light in the centre of town.

After a much-needed spa day and a yummy brunch at No. 33 Café, we shopped around the shops and markets before sipping on some mulled cider in Playhouse.

Norwich is one of my favourite places to go back to as there are cute finds around every corner and I think they have the cutest tea rooms and cafes going. If you’re a brunch lover like me, head to No. 33 Café and order the eggs and avo on toast, it was a true delight to say the least.

A local garden centre (with a cute café of course)

This may seem like a bit of an odd recommendation if you don’t visit them often, but garden centres always do the best display of Christmas lights, trees and all the rest of it.

Any local garden centre with a café is my idea of the perfect Sunday afternoon. I always pick up so many unique little bits that make each Christmas that bit more special.

I like to visit ones with cute cafés inside. I mean, its not a festive visit without a hot chocolate or mulled drink is it?

Next on my list… Paris. But of course I’m going to save that for a whole separate post. I’ll have a lot to say I’m sure!

Where do you love to visit for all the festivities?


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