Welcome, pretty ones, to a new series I hope to continue on here, all about brunches, yummy food and good coffee – 3 of my favourite things. I had to kick-start this with something quite fun and unexpected didn’t I? It’s the only way that seemed right. Brunch is fun and actually one of the things I look forward to most when it comes to the weekends, so this series had to start somewhat special. How you might ask? Read on.

My favourite meal of the day? Brunch. My name? Megan. Brunch at Megan’s Café? Never!

Yes its real, a café in London called Megan’s (aka. a really really great name) that serve all kinds of good food, including a dreamy brunch menu. Before I get onto the best part, of course I’m referring to the food, let me tell you a little bit about Megan’s.

Megan’s is one of the most romantic brunch spots I’ve ever been to. Who knew that brunch could be romantic? Well we do now. Megan’s has two restaurants, both in the heart of South West London. The Parsons Green restaurant has you sitting beneath a blossom of beautiful white flowers and fairylights, whilst the Kings Road location has al fresco dining all-year round. I can’t wait to see what the outside is like during the summer. I really am getting ahead of myself here thinking about summer nights already aren’t I.

The menu consists of brunch, all-day eats, evening grills and healthy salads all inspired by the Mediterranean. In the restaurant you are greeted with all kinds of good food on display, from small bites to cakes and more.

For our Sunday brunch we visited the by the Green restaurant (just outside Parsons Green underground) and straight away I could see it was a hot spot. Although the venue at brunch time was fairly busy, there is such a calming atmosphere and I reckon this is a spot I could chill in for hours and just keep trying new bits from the menu. There is a lot of good food to choose from so it’s quite tricky to choose what to have, I can tell you that for sure.

I went with their smashed avo on toast with omega seeds and chilli flakes and added on a poached egg. The typical ‘blogger brunch’ I know, I just couldn’t help myself. I’m one of those people that takes a look around at what others are eating before I make my choice and one girl across the room was served the avo on toast and I just had to order it.

We both ordered juices to go with our meal alongside a coffee, of course. Every morning is coffee time, especially Sundays. There is no exception. I opted for a coconut flat white (I’ll tell you more about that in a minute) and their Kale Greens Juice. When I choose a juice I typically go for sweet, but this time I thought I’d try something a little different and I loved it. Inside was a smooth blend of kale, lemon, cucumber, mint and apple. With veggie juices I can usually taste the bitterness but the lemon and apple in this gives it a sweet twist that was so tasty. It didn’t feel like you were drinking an uber healthy smoothie either as it was just the right sweetness to give you that little indulgence, without the regret.

Their restaurants cater for allergies and served me with gluten free bread, sweet treats and many dairy free options. As I mentioned, for coffee I tried out their coconut flat white and it was the best if actually ever tried. I’m not just saying that either. In other coffee houses before I’ve tried coconut coffees and they haven’t been my favourite. But, this was so good I ordered two and I never do that! Yes, when I left I was high on coffee, but it was all worth it.

Ollie went with Megan’s breakfast, which is a full English including eggs (of choice), sausage, bacon, shakshouka (this was so tasty), mushrooms and toast. I tried Ollie’s side of shakshouka, as that’s what I was going to order for mains and next time I am definitely getting it. It’s a peppery blend of tomatoes and all kinds of goodness that is the perfect Sunday savoury brunch if you love tomato based recipes like me.

Of course, we couldn’t leave without trying some more food so we got ourselves a little dessert each. I ordered the oat & raisin cookie along with the second coconut flat white as the coffee. Sunday fuel is always a necessity in my books. Ollie went with his fave, a pain au chocolat.

The two Megan’s cafes have slightly different vibes as well as menus, both of which you can check out here. Next up I have to get my hands on their pizzas, they look dreamy.

Thank you so much for Megan’s café for hosting us for the best meal of the day, it was incredibly yummy.

What’s your favourite London brunch spot?



* This post contains a gifted meal at Megan’s and all opinions are my own *



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