Its October, can you believe it? Where on earth did September go?

Autumn is here. The leaves have turned orange, there’s a slight crispness to the mornings that I’ve very much missed and I’m already obsessed with all the cosy nights in.

Although September flashed by in what seemed like a round about 0.5 seconds (slight exaggeration but I bet you feel me), there were a lot of new things that I discovered which are now some of my new in favourites that I can’t seem to get enough of. I always know when something is going to be a long term favourite when I use it every single day without fail, and feel like I have failed if I haven’t used it. You get me?

I’m still going minimal on the makeup, I’m just finding it easier to do so, but there’s been a few new in skincare bits as well as many autumnal things so let’s jump in.

I can’t really start off the list without mentioning my new love, my new companion that I can’t go a day without. The (soy) Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks, where have I been? Why have I not tried this before? This little cup of heaven is literally me in a drink, it couldn’t be anymore spot on if it tried. Its blend of milk with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and all that autumnal goodness is what I call perfection.

Really, I wish this last years September favourite or even the year before that (if they’ve been going that long) because I wish it had been in my life for longer. Ever since I tried one couple of weeks back, I can’t go into Starbucks without getting one. Yes, I may have wept a little when the barista told me the other day that they had run out of try. Honestly, its true love.

Now that October is here and the summers sunshine has said goodbye until next year, I can’t help but do everything humanely possible to keep my tan. Sad, I know. But there’s nothing I love more than feeling glowy without having to apply much makeup. After my trip to the Dominican Republic I immediately got my last years fave moisturiser out the cupboard, the Vaseline Cocoa Butter Spray Moisturiser. Whether you want to keep your glow or simply love easy to use skincare, then this is a go to.

Not only is this formula super fast drying, it literally dries in under 30 seconds, its incredibly hydrating and smells like a dream. For some reason, this stuff works better at keeping a tan than after sun does and it doesn’t break the bank so I’m all about it. I like to use this everyday after showering to at least attempt to keep a glow alive.

How can one transition into autumn and not mention candles? Because I can’t.

The past few weeks I have admittedly been hunting down all the autumnal candles and I’ve found a good few bargains in Sainsburys and TK Maxx. I must say, Sainsburys have good the warming scents down to a T, my favourite being the Spiced Pumpkin & Chestnut one. I’m one of those who attempt to restrain from lighting a candle as I hate ruining its pristine flat surface and clean wick, but I couldn’t hold back from this. I got it straight home and filled my house with the scent and now I’m probably going to head out later today and get some more. I’m in love and its also really getting me in the autumnal mood.

Of course now that its time to change up your autumn wardrobe I’ve been all over purchasing some new bits. There are so many high street stores with beautiful autumnal clothes in at the minute and I’ve been obsessing over jumper dresses and over the knee boots to go with it. Jumper dresses are so snuggly and warm whilst looking chic and well put together at the same time. You can read my post here all about how I wear them, why I love them and how I like to style them.

I have to admit, the boot obsession may be becoming an issue. I lived in flip flops throughout the summer so now that I can wear boots I just want to treat myself to some nice new shoes. I don’t have the biggest wardrobe space either so if I continue to buy new shoes, no more are gonna fit so it’s been a task trying to find staple boots to fit with many different outfits.

I excuse my obsession with the fact that a good pair of shoes can jazz up any outfit. A pair of over the knee boots can be worn with a jumper dress, a skirt, jeans or whatever you fancy, so that’s my reason (excuse) to treat myself to them.

What did you love in September?

Megan ♥


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A good brow day is a good day overall right?

I find filling in your brows quite a big deal when you’re going out somewhere and want to get them right, or if you’re just a perfectionist. I bet you feel my pain when they just wont go the way you want them to and have to leave the house with half done brows, one sticking one way, one shorter than the other. We’ve all been there.

A good few years ago now I grew out my brows for ages and finally got them to the shape I wanted it. It was a real pain in the backside and it was hideous growing them out for months and months, but I did it. I got there.

Now, when filling out my brows I am quite particular in products I use and how I do them. I like a natural looking brow with gradient so they look fluffier and less harsh at the front. I think brows really do shape your face, so to me they’re quite an importance in my beauty routine.

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to visit the all new brow bar in Selfridges, London, to get my brows done and try out the brow products. Being the brow lover I am, I said hell yeah of course.

I get my eyebrows tamed as it is which is so nice not having to do them yourself. So, getting someone to fill them in for me to was even more of a dream.

The Brow Gal are an LA based brand created by the brow queen Tonya Crooks who recently launched their stand in London and I am so pleased its here. I’m quite a wuss when it comes to trusting people with my eyebrows so it was kinda a big thing for me going to get the Brow Gal experience. But, after all the worrying, I wish I could now get it done everyday of my life by the lovely brow expert on the stand, Danielle. She did such an amazing job, just look!

For my brows Danielle used the Soft Black shades of the pencil and powder, and the nude brow bone highlighter to suit my skin tone. Never before have I used black brow products so it was a bit tedious but I actually love how they turned out. The soft black reminded me a lot of Megan Fox’s brows, which is actually one of Tonya’s clients. They came out super soft and more defined.

The girls at the stand were so friendly and welcoming so it’s definitely somewhere I’d go back to. It was bliss doing my makeup that morning knowing my brows were going to be done for me.

I’m currently testing the brow products out for myself, and getting the hang of them. I’m now converting back to using a brow powder to fill in the arch and end of my brow, which I never thought I’d say again. Their brow powder is so finely milled and natural on the brow and can be transformed into a pomade when you spritz water onto the brush before dipping into the powder. Magic!

Stay tuned if you want to hear my thoughts and pictures of using The Brow Gal products on myself.

You can find the range in-store at Selfridges located in The Beauty Workshop.

What type of brow product is your favourite?

Megan ♥


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Although fragrance is a very personal thing for people, I’m pretty sure this lineup is one you all may love.

I’m not the pickiest of fragrance people, but I do know when I do and don’t like a scent. I wouldn’t go for something I didn’t think would suit me for instance, but I’m one that loves quite a few different types of scents, depending on my mood.

For the evenings I love something a little musky, sexy but fierce.

Then, for the daytime I switch between fruity or floral. It just depends what I’m feeling. Typically, my favourite scent is a sweet(ish) floral. Something quite feminine and classic with a sophisticated twist, you know?

*Enters the range with a little something for everybody*

Ted Baker are a brand largely known to be an iconic fashion brand. A brand with a lot of class, flare and fun, which I think is an exact representation of their newest fragrance launch.

Welcome the re-launch of their Sweet Treats collection.

I was introduced to the new collection at the end of last week after being very kindly invited with the Ted Baker team to an Afternoon Tea inspired by the Sweet Treats collection. The tea was held in the Dandelyan Bar in the Mondrian, which in my opinion couldn’t have been more perfect. With its pink plush sofas and golden minimalistic accents overlooking the River Thames on the Southbank, I couldn’t have felt more Ted Baker if I tried!

As well as the dreamy interior, the food and drinks lived up to those standards. We were treated to a whole mix of sandwiches and sweet treats (including my fave, macaroons) and classic cocktails and prosecco. I couldn’t help but have a cheeky G&T to!

The new line is full of its original class, femininity and modern sense of purpose but with more glamour than before. Not only have the fragrances made a comeback with a bang, the new packaging is just to die for! The fragrance is now packed away in nude, pink and black luxurious bottles with the classic Ted rose gold accents.

As the range says, generic accutane pharmacy each scent is made with a personality behind it. My favourite being Mia, a gorgeous soft floral rose fragrance bursting with sophistication and warmth. Its other floral note is freesias and it’s blended with fruits such as raspberries and blackcurrants, which makes the perfect soft but seductive cocktail.

Then enters Poppy, the sweetest of them all with her fruity girlish charm. The top notes of mandarin, berries and peach and beautifully blended with the likes of jasmine, honeysuckle and peony to add a bit of extra fruity romance. I love how the fragrance is blended with vanilla to as it gives it that soft but super sweet finish. This is one I’d wear in the daytime for that really girly feel. It’s not sickly sweet either, there’s the right balance of fruits and floral undertones to give it a bit of that youthful but charming girl-next-door vibe.

If you’re into muskier more classic scents, then Ella is your girl. This one, last but not least, is the classiest most sophisticated scent of them all. Ella is a real cocktail infusion as she’s mixed with bergamot and cassis with notes of orange blossom, jasmine and rose. This scent is so enticing, seductive and perfect for the evening. Dinners and nights out will certainly see this one coming with me. Ella is very fierce but still feminine with top notes of patchouli, amber, sandalwood and vanilla. So sexy and rich!

The Afternoon Tea at the Dandelyan Bar was the most perfect afternoon and I can’t feel more grateful and thank the Ted Baker team enough!

The fragrances come in a handbag friendly size of 30ml, retailing at £18 or a very generous 100ml for £30.

You can shop the range online and in-store at Boots and Ted Baker at the end of September (I will keep you updated with the exact date). Ted Baker have also got a range of Christmas gifts inspired by the fragrances to, so keep your eyes peeled!

What Ted personality are you?

Megan ?

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* This post contains gifted products *

Are you with me when I say it can’t be a good day without good brows?

Whether I’m wearing makeup or not, I like to tame my brows and make a bit of effort with them. Even if it’s a tiny bit of pencil or brow gel I think looking after your brows is super important. They do shape your face after all.

A good brow day is such a good feeling and I like to make them happen as often as possible. You feel me?

Filling in your brows doesn’t have to be a difficult job either. I used to take ages trying to get the right shape and colour but with the right products it only needs to take minutes, if that.

My obsession for quite over a year now has been the Benefit Brow range. They came out with a whole new line of products last summer and I’ve been using nothing much but them since. I’ve swapped and changed amongst the different bits they have and to be honest, it’s proven difficult to pick a favourite.

If you’re already a fan of the range and want to know all about Benefit’s brand new brow product then keep reading… it’s coming and oh-so exciting!

For a quick and easy effortless fill I love the Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow Pencil. This ultra-thin brow pencil comes in 6 different shades to suit all and in my opinion, does the best job at giving natural full looking brows. With its fine twist up non-sharpen tip you simply draw and mimic brow hairs in small strokes until you feel they’re full enough. It comes with a built-in spoolie attached to one end that I like to use to tame them before and brush through after for an even more natural finish.

If I’m looking to get a more defined and fuller brow (more for those full face makeup days) I like to use a mix of the ka-BROW! Eyebrow Cream-Gel Colour and the 3D BROWtones Eyebrow Enhancer. The ka-BROW! is a product I know many love but I was always a bit terrified of it as I’m a brow pencil/powder kinda gal. However, after the first use I was so impressed I’ve stuck to it. It’s a lot lighter weight than I expected and you can achieve really natural brows if you use it with a light hand. If you like a fuller brow then you can easily build this product up. It comes with its own built in brow buy ventolin no rx brush that is so handy for travelling with and the brush is small and slanted so its super easy to sculpt out defined brows. I tend to apply the product from the middle to end of my brow and disperse the leftover in the front to leave them more natural. This is long lasting and doesn’t budge all day long! Again this comes in 6 shades.

The 3D BROWtones Eyebrow Enhancer is a subtle brow highlighter, not for the brow bone though, this one is for the hairs. This brush on gel subtly highlights the brow hairs, to make the brows appear softer and fuller. Like their other products, this is waterproof so it’s gon’ last you all day. Don’t worry, this doesn’t leave you with shimmery eyebrows, it gives them a lift and adds more dimension. This product comes in 2 shades for light-medium or medium-deep brows.

*Drum roll please*. Introducing the brand new Benefit Brow product… the Foolproof Brow Powder. If you’re the kinda person to love full and fluffy but natural brows like me, then you’re going to love this.

Not only does the all-new Foolproof Brow Powder make filling your brows in, well, foolproof, it really does transform your brows.

This clever little powder gives you two shades in one kit to help you achieve the light to dark brow look, which mimics the natural gradient your natural brows have. You apply the lightest shade to the front and gradually get darker towards the end with the deeper shade.

I find the product feels velvety smooth and glides onto the brows so easily. If you have any gaps or sparse brows this powder fills it in with no fuss. This lives up to the rest of the ranges longevity expectation as I find this lasts all day and doesn’t budge with the trusty Gimme Brow on top.

The kit comes with its own brow sponge and spoolie, however I also like to use my own slanted brow brush. The sponge makes filling in super quick and easy but a thin slanted brush helps you achieve more definition, and I also use this to fill in the front to get that natural fluffy brow.

You can shop these Benefit Brow products with the rest of the range in-store or online (here) at Debenhams.

What brow is your kinda brow?

Megan ?


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* This post contains PR samples *

There’s nothing that excites a beauty lover more than a new range releasing that looks incredible, right?

The past few months there hadn’t been that many new releases that excited me, I’m not going to lie. A few products here and there caught my eye and gave me that warm feeling inside, but I hadn’t had that excitement in a long time… until Rihanna announced the Fenty Beauty range.

A few weeks back the Fenty Beauty site launched with just a black loading screen and from there the date, 9th September 2017 was set to be the launch of her beauty range. Of course, I couldn’t contain my excitement and counted down the days until its release.

At the end of last week there was only a short time to go until the release of the Fenty range at Harvey Nichols across the UK, in-store and online. It was finally only a short countdown until I could see the products in all their glory and then an unexpected (and very exciting) turn of events happened.

I was invited to the Fenty Beauty preview launch at Harvey Nichols!

On Friday morning I arrived in the Knightsbridge store for 7am to preview the range and try out some bits. A very early start I know, but for a beauty range like this, it had to be done.

Rihanna announced this and for the beautysphere, it was one of the biggest launches in a long time. She created the makeup range “so that women everywhere would be included”, and she sure sticks by that word as she has delivered 40 foundation shades that are universal.

The foundation comes in 4 shade categories, light, medium, tan and dark so there is something for everyone. Its formula claims to give a soft-matte finish that has easy to build coverage.

If its anything like the soft-matte primer on the skin, it will be soft and also hydrating, which I didn’t expect from a mattifying formula.

Like the foundation, the Match Stix Matte Skinsticks come in an amazing array of shades, with 20 to choose from. These are more for contouring, concealing, highlighting and correcting. Again these come in 4 shade categories for light, medium, tan and dark skin tones. Instead of the typical cream stick formula, these are more of a balmy texture and this makes them super easy to blend. These are £21.00.

Then, buy ventolin inhaler uk there are shimmer versions of the Skinsticks, also retailing for £21.00, and are designed for highlighting or adding some colour into your cheeks. Like the Matte Skinsticks, these are balmy in texture and easy to blend. The highlighting shades had me drooling straight away, and there’s everything from light opal shades to golden hues. The blush shades had me a little distant at first with all of the bright shades, but after swatching and blending out I’m in love. Even the bright orange hues blend out seamlessly and I love the finish of these.

My most favourite face product probably has to be the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo’s. With these there are 6 compacts, 4 duos and 2 singles, all of which are just so unique and beautiful.

Image with Frances Hemmant

Quite simply, I’ve never tried a formula quite like these. From the lightest swatch with a finger, you pick up so much product and it blends out like a dream. These are so pigmented but are so finely milled they almost feel quite creamy and they leave the most gorgeous glowing finish.

These highlighters cater for light to dark skin tones, my favourite and most suited duo being Mean Money/Hustla Baby – two champagne gold tones. With or without foundation on, this highlight is popping.

Everyone is going mad for Trophy Wife, the shimmering gold shade that I must try as soon as poss.

Alongside that, there has been many other gorgeous products released including blotting and brush tools and the most insane lipgloss ever. I mean it, I can’t get enough of it already.

The tools include face brushes and a nude beauty sponge, which are so soft they feel like little clouds. As well as regular brushes, the range has brought out portable brushes that you can wind up and down for hygiene and are the perfect size to pop into your handbag. The tools retail from £13.00.

I got to try a few bits, which I will be reviewing very soon so stay tuned!

You can shop it here for the UK, and here for the US.

Have you seen any bits you love in the Fenty Beauty range?

Megan ?


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September is here, autumn is coming but first, we need to talk about the latest Glossybox.

Now I’m no longer a student, September isn’t a time where I have to play around with my new stationary bits (although I do miss that). September is a time where I rejig my makeup bag and update my skincare routine ready for the autumn that will soon be here.

The September edition of the Glossybox* has brought me many new brands and beauty products I’ve never before tried, so it’s all pretty exciting.

First up, let’s talk about the latest and greatest beauty trend making its way through the beauty gurus of the Internet, the silicone blender. Glossybox have gifted each of their subscribers a Siligel Blender by STYLondon and I’ve been waiting ages to try this out for myself.

These have become popular in the beauty market for their hygienic promises. This is because the blender requires less foundation as it doesn’t absorb product like sponges do. You can use it to apply either cream or liquid products and whichever you decide to use you only need half the amount as usual.

From first impressions the blender is actually a lot softer that I thought it would be. It works the same as other beauty blenders do, in that you use the wide side for the larger areas of the face and the smaller edges for smaller areas. I applied a BB cream with this and I found it left a smooth and even finish, which to be honest I didn’t expect. As it said I only needed half the amount of product and I am so impressed with the finish. It does just feel a bit weird on the skin as opposed to a normal beauty sponge.

Now to discover the other four products in this months Glossybox…

When I opened up the box and saw Pixi by Petra inside, I was so happy. I hadn’t yet tried anything from the makeup so the Brow Tamer was my first insight into the range. I am obsessed.

Their Brow Tamer is transparent and is perfect for when I fill my brows in and don’t want to add any more colour. The gel formula is incredible at holding down those unruly hairs and they stay in place all day. It doesn’t dry hard like some do either as it leaves them feeling natural. Love!

For those who love an easy to follow skincare routine, Glossybox have got you covered with the Cetaphil Mini Skincare Trio. I had never heard of this brand and when I did a bit of research I found out they use this backstage at catwalks shows! Good enough for models, then certainly good enough for me.

This kit comes with three mini-sized products to help you with cleansing and moisturising in three easy steps. The cleanser offers gentle cleansing by removing all the nastiness buy amoxil cheap from your skin without stripping away the skins protective oils. Its quite cooling on the skin so I find it really refreshing at the end of a long day, and you can use this on your hands, face and body. Step 2 is a Moisturising Cream is a face cream designed for normal to problematic skin. The formula is non greasy and quick to dry so I’d use this of a morning under my makeup. Then, step 3 is a Moisturising Lotion, which is designed for all skin types (even sensitive and dry) and is to be used on the body. Again, it’s fast drying and soothing on the skin to help with hydration levels.

Glossybox really are serious with helping you get all the skincare you need for the coming months. Another skincare product in the box is a beautiful facial oil from Monu Skincare. Monu Skincare is a UK based natural skincare brand who offer all sorts of beauty products from skincare to makeup. This facial oil contains plant oils that work their magic to protect, nourish and protect your skin. Its blend of Bois de Rose and Patchouli oils make the oil smell so calming and do in fact contain calming properties.

Monu recommend using this of in the evening so that you can wake up to refreshed and brighter skin. If you have drier skin then this could work in the mornings to as its lightweight and sinks into the skin fairly quick. I like to massage this into my skin in upwards-circular motions. After using this just a few times I already know it’s gonna be a winner for autumn!

Last but not least is a natural whitening toothpaste by Taylor’s 32. I don’t usually agree with whitening toothpastes, as a lot of them are either gritty or taste very strange. But this one feels, smells and tastes like regular toothpaste (with a little fruity grapefruit twist) and does an amazing job at cleaning your teeth and gums. From what I’ve tried so far, it does make your teeth appear pearly and white but this doesn’t seem to be a permanent whitening product. I think I’m really going to like this for making my teeth look and feel super clean on a daily basis.

The lovely team at Glossybox popped in a little sweet treat this month, which of course I had to eat straight after photographing it. My old favourite, a velvety smooth Kinder Bueno was sat at the top of the box when I opened it. Yum!

Want to get your hands on a Glossybox for yourself? You can shop the box here.

What skincare bits do you love for autumn?

Megan ?


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As much as I love to create and publish daily content, I also love to read content on daily basis to. I read all types of blogs as it isn’t just the topics that I blog about that interest me. Anything from food and fitness to beauty and travel – pretty much anything that catches my eye.

With being on social media a lot I come across new blogs and reads all the time so today I’m sharing with you my current blog crushes.

Love finding new blogs to read and lust over? Let’s go.

Stacey Louise White

Photography on point? Check. Fab writing style? Check. Gorgeous Instagram feed? Check. Stacey, you got it all going on girl. Stacey’s blog is one I read every time a post goes live, it’s one I have on my bookmarks and I really love reading her variety of posts.

Stacey’s recent post on How To Actually Achieve Your Blog Goals is actually a factor of what kick started me back into daily blogging. It’s posts like these that get me inspired and want to get my motivation back, and it was this post in particular that caught my eye at the end of August. So Stacey, I thank you for that much needed kick up the backside.

Kate La Vie

Love interiors? Then you’ll love Kate. I’m sure many of will have already drooled on her Instagram feed and blog, because I sure have many times. Kate’s photographs and interior taste literally has me wanting to move out and design my own place right now.

Not only does Kate cover the lushest interiors, she covers beauty and lifestyle to. Her posts always cover something quite different and unique. It’s not all the time that I’ll be lusting over her interior posts. Quite buy doxycycline 100mg online often I go back to her blog and use many of her yummy recipes (the Banana Bread with Cinnamon Butter one really got me good) and love to see what’s new in her beauty cupboard.

Kate is someone I get a lot of inspiration from and one day when I get my own place, her interior tips will be the first I will head for.

Seriously, just take a look at her Instagram feed.

Chelcie Nicole M

My absolute blog and fashion crush this month has to be Chelcie from Chelcie Nicole M. If I could have a sneak peek into anyone’s wardrobe it would be hers hands down.

I love that her fashion posts on her blog aren’t just photos either. There is always writing on how and why she wore the outfit. The mix of both always gets me going back.

Chelcie also covers lifestyle topics on her blog and my favourite post has to be on her trip to Amsterdam. The photos are just so beautiful and, of course, have made me want to visit ASAP!

Over on Chelcie’s Instagram I always see a strong theme going, something I adore about her as it’s what I find so hard to master. Her colour palette along with each and every outfit she posts I’m all for, they’re just lush! She has not only a unique style, but every piece from her wardrobe I just want. It’s bad for my bank account but who cares when you get all the pretty clothes, right?!

I wish I’d found Chelcie sooner because girl, I’m loving what you’re doing. Keep those fashion posts coming my way, I’m living for them!

Who are your current blog crushes?

Megan ?


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If like me you’re sad to say goodbye to summer and not you’re ready to leave the glow behind, I’ve got your back. Well, Iconic London have got your back.

Fresh summer makeup is for sure one of my favourite things. Some days I’d simply wear highlighter and mascara and leave it at that. Of all the base products I’d have to say that highlighting is my favourite part and is one of the steps I could never miss out.

Liquid highlighter drops used to terrify me, I have to admit. The beauty gurus of YouTube and Instagram made them look so easy and effortless to use and I never thought I’d get the same finish. But, I was so wrong.

Iconic London’s Limited Edition Illuminator Drops* have been my saviour this summer and will sure be staying right by my side throughout the colder months to.

On a regular basis throughout the summer, I’d just pop these drops on top of a primer across the high points of my face and that would be my face makeup done. My favourite places to use these are my cheekbones, brow bone and cupids bow. I sometimes use them on my collarbones if I’m going full glam because quite frankly, why the heck not!

Full glam or minimal, highlighter always makes an appearance.

Whether you’re using the drops with minimal makeup or not, you only need just a few drops to get that highly pigmented popping glow. A little really goes a long way with these. It would be easy to get carried purchase accutane online away but you could turn into a beaming sunshine (not that I’d complain).

Not only can you use this on its own to get a super highlighted glow, you can use this in your foundation, primer and moisturiser. I love the glowiest of all glows so I tend to use this by itself. My favourite way to apply it is straight from the pipet applicator to the high points on my face. Then, I blend the product in a little with my fingertip before blending in smoothly with my Beautyblender.

The pipet applicator is actually one of the things about the product that I love. It makes application so quick and easy, and it also helps control the amount you apply. It feels a bit scary at first putting it up to your face but when you’ve done it once, its so simple and really makes highlighting a breeze.

I’m so glad this little gem has made its way into my life so I don’t have to wave goodbye to the summer glow too soon, if ever.

Iconic London have 3 shades of the illuminator, mine is in original, which is a champagne toned golden shine. The other two shades are for either lighter or deep skin tones. You can shop the range here.

What is your favourite illuminator for a glow?

Megan ?


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If like me you’re new to Japanese skincare, then I think this is something you’re going to love.

The Asian skincare market is for sure taking the lead in innovative and new products. I’m seeing more and more brands come through on Instagram and of course being a skincare lover, I couldn’t wait to trial it.

I was introduced to the Asian skincare trend by DHC, a leading cosmetics company in the Japanese skincare industry. DHC UK is a subsidiary brand of the original DHC Corportation and are known to be Japan’s number one skincare brand, which in my opinion is the best way to trial the market.

To be quite honest, I’ve never really thought about trialling skincare products from a whole other market. I’ve always stuck to what I know as that’s what I’ve felt comfortable doing. Picking out skincare products is a very personal thing as everyone’s skin is different and we all have our own preferences don’t we?

But after trialling out DHC I’m now questioning why I haven’t branched out into other industries sooner.

The DHC Deep Cleaning Oil* is one of their bestsellers and is now a must-have in my skincare routine. I fall in and out of love quickly with cleansing oils I must admit. After a few goes if I don’t like it, I push it to the back of my wardrobe. However, with this one, it has stayed at the front for sometime now.

What’s different about this one you might ask? Well, let me tell you.

DHC have enriched this formula with antioxidant rich Spanish olive oil, sounds a bit crazy right? But it really works.

The olive oil instantly dissolves all makeup, priligy online uk even waterproof, and leaves your skin cleansed, soft and hydrated within no time at all. I usually get in such a mess with cleansing face oils but with this one I don’t.

I dispense around 3 pumps in my fingertips before massaging it onto my skin and then rinse away with a warm flannel or cloth (they both work just as well). It also removes just the same with your hands to, but I feel a cloth gives a little exfoliation and really scrubs every single trace away. Once you add water to the formula, the oil transforms into a rich milky lather and feels incredible on the skin.

I don’t usually use oils for my eye makeup but this one works a treat and means I can remove my face makeup all at once. Works for me, as I hate faffing around taking my makeup off after a long day.

The difference with this oil and the others I’ve previously tried is that this one leaves my skin feeling hydrated. Some I’ve tried in the past have left me going to bed with a dry feeling on my skin and then the next morning, I wake up my dehydrated dull skin. Also, the magic about this cleansing oil is that it doesn’t leave behind any traces of oil or grease, so after using it you can go straight on with the rest of your skincare.

Want to introduce yourself to Japanese skincare? Check the range here.

Have you tried Japanese skincare before?

Megan ?


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Testing out new beauty brands and products isn’t the easiest thing to do when you’ve have to splash the cash and sometimes it’s a risk I hate to take. It’s quite often I’ll go into a store, pick up a few new products I like the look of and after 5 minutes of thinking about them I put them back.

A year or so ago I used to have no worries buying new makeup all the time until I realised it was really draining my bank account and I decided that I didn’t need new makeup every week. I bet some of you have felt the same in the past. It’s quite often I’d even not get round to using all the new products I’ve bought. It was a whole waste of money. Now, with beauty box subscriptions on the rise you don’t have to have that worry.

I find beauty boxes a great way to discover many new brands at once, and with boxes like Latest In Beauty, you even get to choose the products you want to try. This one is my first ever Latest In Beauty box, so not only will I cover everything I chose and why, I’ll tell you exactly what I think to the service!

I’ve had a bit of an issue with some beauty boxes in the past where I wasn’t satisfied with certain products in the box each month. Some were products I’d never even think to use and some just didn’t work for me, but with this I knew I’d be satisfied as I got to chose the goodies.

I started off my search on their website with products that had the best reviews and also brands I’ve always wanted to try. This included Philosophy, Oskia, Mitchell and Peach and Omorovicza.

I’m not going to lie, it took me a good old while choosing the products as there were so many good ones to choose from. I whittled it down after half hour (maybe a hour of browsing, oops) and here is what I went for:


Carmex Peach & Mango Moisturising Lip Balm

Philosophy Amazing Grace Shower Gel

Philosophy Purity 3-in-1 Cleanser for the Face and Eyes

Mitchell and Peach Fine Radiance Face Oil

Omorovicza Rejuvenating Night Cream

Bio Cellulose Facial Mask Treatment

Oskia Renaissance Mask


MUA Twelfth Night Palette

A few ‘me time’ treats

Kneipp Back Comfort Herbal Bath Oil

OPI Nail Varnish Mini in Love Applause

Philosophy Amazing Grace Scent

I definitely fell head over heels after researching into Philosophy, as you can tell I picked a lot of products from their range. My most favourite product from them has to be the Amazing Grace Shower Gel, not only does it smell incredible it leaves your skin lingering with the scent for ages. I do love a good indulgent shower gel.

The Carmex Lip Balm smells so good you could eat it and the OPI Nail Varnish was a product I used as soon as getting it out of the box – cute colour right?

For those pamper nights we all adore, I highly recommend the Kneipp Back Comfort Oil to put into a warm bath followed my the Bio Cellulose sheet mask to soak up all your worries. Kneipp is a brand I hadn’t heard of at all before and now I’ve been introduced to this product I don’t think I’ll be going back. I sometimes suffer with an aching back and this seems to sort me out after every time I use it!

Also, an eye shadow palette in a beauty box? How darn generous! This MUA Twelfth Night Palette is certainly one I’ll be using throughout the fall. The metallic shades are actually so much creamier and pigmented than I expected. Again, a brand I’ve used bits of but never a shadow palette. I just love being introduced to new beauty bits.

Out of the 11 products I got to choose 9. The Philosophy Fragrance and Purity 3-in-1 Cleanser was very kindly sent complimentary and added such a nice touch when I opened and saw what was inside. They also included a post card with ‘Beauty Is My Duty’ on the front, one I’ll definitely be using in my pictures!

Take a look at the Latest In Beauty box deals they offer here. There’s a few deals to choose from depending how many new products you’d love to try – no fixed price is a great way for you to either get a taste of their service or the full shabang!

This box deal with 9 products inside costs £18.00 per month, with free delivery.

Honestly, I think this box could become a new obsession!

What brands would you love to try?

Megan ?


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Trying new beauty brands is one of my favourite things to do. Not only do I love it if the products work wonders for my face, I love writing up reviews to tell you all about them.

There’s nothing I love more than recommending a product to a reader, a friend, my mum even, and hearing back that they’ve tried it and loved it to.

One thing for sure is that super affordable but amazing quality skincare products are sometimes quite hard to come by. Many times in the past, I’ve tried a new product for a couple of pounds and it just hasn’t done much at all for my skin. As much as I love mid to high end beauty products, it’s a bummer when you’ve got to splash out the cash and repurchase. If you can spend a tiny amount for the same if not better results, then why not?

*Enters The Ordinary*…

The Ordinary are a vegan beauty brand from DECIEM, who offer a whole range of beauty brands that focus on advanced functional beauty. The team bring together chemistry and biochemistry to create innovative skincare to the market. The Ordinary were the brand I was looking to introduce myself to first as I’ve heard incredible things. And after having a talk with one of the beauty specialists in their Spitalfields store, I think it’s the best choice for my skin.

As well as skincare, The Ordinary sell a range of sun protection and foundations to. I went with skincare as I had to find out what all the hype was about.

From first impressions I was so shocked at how affordable the products were. When the specialist told me each of my chosen products were under £6, I think my jaw may have hit the floor. I’d heard how impressed others were and how beautifully minimalistic and expensive looking the packaging was, I didn’t expect it at all.

Anyway, enough faffing, you want to hear about what’s inside right?

First up is the product that caught my eye first, the Hyaluronic Acid 2% +B5. This little gem is an extremely lightweight easily absorbed serum that works on the skin to rehydrate and heal dry or damaged skin. My skin type is combination and it loves it. I do sometimes suffer with the odd dry patch, which this product sort out right away.

The serum combines three types of hyaluronic acid with vitamin B5, which power together to offer long lasting hydration for the face. As well as hydrating the skin it also gives a plumping effect that I find makes my face look and feel brighter and more awake. I find products that can make your skin look instantly awake hard to come by, so this is a saviour on sleepy order cheap amoxil online mornings (so, pretty much every morning, I won’t lie to you).

Hyaluronic Acid  works to increase and lock in moisture and vitamin B5 has healing properties that stabilises the skins barrier function to promote the growth of stronger tissue, giving your face that plumped effect.

I use the Hyaluronic Acid every morning and for the evening I have another acid of The Ordinary’s that I’m gonna tell you all about.

Every other evening I’ve been using the Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2%. The specialist recommended me this after I told her I can sometimes be quite lazy with my evening routine. You know how it is, getting in from a long day and you just want to dive straight into your bed. So, this was recommended as it works as an exfoliator and a serum in one, and I do love a multitasking product. 

This product is ideally best to use in the evenings because its formula uses exfoliation mixed with lactic acid to stimulate cell regeneration that in turn reduces pigmentation, acne scars and age spots. You can use this in the mornings but as it’s ‘stripping’ the skin through exfoliation I like to pop it on before bed so my skin can heal throughout my sleep. A bit of a pamper during your sleep is a necessity to, right?

For those who suffer with inflammation the formula combines lactic acid with Tasmanian pepperberry, an extract known to work magic on inflamed problem areas.

I would recommend anyone to use this acid every other evening, as the formula can be too harsh if you use it everyday. The formula continues to work for sometime and it also means the product will last that bit longer. If products like this are sometimes to strong for your skin, you can dilute this formula down with any other product to reduce the strength. I find this works really well mixed in with my moisturiser before bedtime.

Both products come with the pipet applicator that makes it so easy to dispense the perfect amount of product. I tend to use around 3 pumps of each.

I’m really, kinda, definitely loving The Ordinary skincare right now and if you’ve tried it and have any recommendations, please drop them in the comments. I need to try more!

You can order this online range online at Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty, alternatively they have beautiful stores in London, which is where I like to shop the DECIEM products.

Megan ?

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For me, the summer months are all about minimal effort. By that I mean in the skincare, makeup and hair department. I still like to make an effort, but I like a quicker routine and that means products that can give maximum results with minimal effort.

The August Edition* of the Glossybox speaks to me on so many levels. As soon as I saw the front of the box had ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Sun’ written across the front, I knew I was going to love what was inside. Fun in the sun? Count me in.

With this months box being all about girls wanting to have fun in the sun, I’ve certainly found some new summertime beauty favourites. Warmer weather means easy effortless looks are out in full force and that is so easy to achieve with the goodies inside the August edit. This months box includes 6 treats that focus on maintaining fresh hair, a summer glow and effortless makeup. Let’s dive in.

First things first, if you like a refreshing skin treat then I need to tell you about the Sport FX Time Out Face Mist + Fix. Whether I’m makeup free or have a full face on, this little gem has been coming everywhere with me. This soothing face mist can be a replacement for your primer, worn over the top of your makeup to control oil levels or worn on bare skin for a quick refresh. I find this perfect to pop into my bag as its the perfect travel size bottle. Sometimes I even bring this to the gym with me so my face can withstand the heat, and its so lightweight and quick to dry so perfect to cool you down in seconds. The formula contains a menthol essence, which has a cooling effect and is now a must-have when working out. It’s also vegan friendly!

Next is a product I can never have too many of in my beauty collection. It’s a dry shampoo. Yes I can be lazy with washing my hair, but who isn’t? Especially during the summer months.

This is the Batiste 2-in-1 Invisible Dry Shampoo & Conditioner, a favourite of mine for a long time and I’m so glad I’ve now got it in a travel size. Batiste have gone to the next level with this formula, making it not only a god send for giving your hair a refresh like a shampoo does, but now also conditions your hair and targets dryness. This one doesn’t leave that white/grey residue like some others can AND it smells like luscious vanilla and passionflower – yum! I spray this all over the hair, not too much on the roots and then massage and work through. After just 10 seconds or so, I’m good to go. No washing and faffing needed (just how I like it).

If you love a good in-bath hair treat then the Valquer Ice Hair Mask may tickle your fancy. This hair mask is like no other I’ve used before as its an energising mask for the hair generic amoxil that has a ‘cooling effect’, which claims to power up the macadamia oil, which then makes it better at hydrating your hair. It does indeed have a cooling sensation on the scalp that I find really calming if I pop it on whilst in the bath. You apply this to damp hair (not soaking wet), so I let mine dry for a good 15 to 20 minutes before applying and leave it to be absorbed for 3 to 5 minutes to work its magic.

A little added extra in this months box is a ‘no-dent’ hairband from Purelei, a brand I’ve never heard of but so glad I’ve got my hands on one of these. It’s blue and gold design with ‘Aloha’ written across the band is so summery and it’s doing well at keeping my hair out of my face, that’s for sure! The beautiful thing about these are that when you put your hair down it doesn’t leave that huge kink that us girls dread.

Now onto makeup (always my favourite part)…

Glossybox are always introducing me to either new brands or new products from brands I already love. This month they have introduced me to ModelLauncher and their Safari Sun Bronzer. I find that summer makeup is all about bronzy skin, so this is the perfect product to get your hands on. This is a talc-free, mineral-enriched formula that is so natural and lightweight on the skin. I find it works best to mix all of the shades together and buff it all over the areas the sun would naturally hit (the cheek bones, bridge of the nose, forehead and chin). It contains shimmer throughout so if you prefer a matte bronzer, this may not be your cup of tea. However, I’m all about glowing skin and this is perfect to dust over the top of makeup or bare skin to give you that natural sun kissed look.

This bronzer works a treat for minimal makeup to if you like a bit of a glow without too much product.

Last but not least, a product I’ve been introduced to is the Suede Lips by Rodial. I’m already a huge fan of Rodial makeup so I was excited to try a lip product of theirs. Suede Lips is an intense matte lip crayon that is so easy for on the go. Although it’s a matte finish, its creamy and enriched with vitamin E so it hydrates the lips whilst you wear it. Its pointed tip gives you a precise application for the lip line, then I fill the rest of the lips in with the flatter edge. Mine is in the shade Big Apple, a really gorgeous deep dusky mauve pink.

You can take a sneak peek into what Glossybox do and sign up for your own box subscription here.

What product would you like to try out?’

Megan ?


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