When it comes to fashion, I wouldn’t say I know much but this year I have definitely found my style. Two years ago I’d throw anything together and never look twice at accessories to style up an outfit. Even the smallest accessories can make the world of difference to any outfit, and for summer there are a few I think have added something to my looks.


Go back a year or so ago and all I would wear throughout the summer would be standard flip-flops and maybe a pair of pumps/trainers. Little did I realise shoes finish off an outfit and say something about your style. This year I’ve added a few new pairs to my collection and a particular style I’ve been loving are mules. Heeled mules, wedged mules, flat mules – I love them! Not only do they come in so many styles and colours, they are so easy to wear and let your feet breathe whilst looking fabulous at the same time. You can wear them with jeans, dresses, shorts and skirts, and I just love how versatile they are. These are a must have in my wardrobe this summer.


Like shoes, I never used to switch up my handbag very often. I used to have a couple in my wardrobe that I’d use in rotation depending how much I needed to carry around. I’ve found some real beauts this year on the high street. As much as I’d love to treat myself to a luxury bag, I think there are so many amazing alternatives and dupes for less. The bag pictured here has been my favourite so far this summer. It’s a small cross body bag from Mango in white that I find goes with so many outfits. Its small gold circle handle is there for you to use or leave as it comes with a longer strap, but holding it adds a classy touch and is like nothing I’ve seen before. This particular great is also a great dupe for the Chloe priligy 30mg Nile Leather Bag. Whether the bags you choose are large or small, try something a bit different and see how you can style it up. That’s what I’ve made me challenge this year. My favourite shops for bags this summer are Mango and Zara, they are incredible quality, affordable are so many I have waiting on my wishlist!


I’ve only become a real jewellery lover the past few months. I never thought it suited me so I just never shopped around for small accessories like earrings or rings. However, come summer and whatever shop I go in I always head to the jewellery stand. My style is quite minimalistic so I opt for dainty earrings and rings over anything else. I adore all the drop earrings this year with fabric frills, and for rings I love gold intricate designs, many from Accessorize I have my eye on. I find even a snazzy pair of earrings or a statement necklace can take any outfit from quite simple to stylish.


There are so many killer sunglasses out at the minute. With so many styles to choose from, I find sunglass shopping quite hard but it’s definitely worth having a look around for the right few pairs. If like me, you love a no makeup day but want to hide your face a little when you head out for the day, I find oversized sunnies work a treat. For the days I’ve made more of an effort with my makeup I usually opt for more minimalistic sunglasses like this from Pretty Little Thing. If you’re looking for variety and great quality, my favourite go to brand is Quay Australia.

I think it’s so easy to forget to style up an outfit. But even adding a different bag or a pair of oversized sunnies can jazz up any look in no time. I’ve made it my challenge this year to add something to each outfit and see what new styles work for me.

What are your favourite Summer style accessories?

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Summertime is probably one of my favourite times of the year. As much as I am a Winter baby, the sunshine and travels are what really excite me and what I always have on countdown. Summer is the season of happiness, where everything and everyone seems to be full of life and relaxation – I just love it. It makes me feel a little tingly inside. 2017 is the year of so many new and exciting things, and I’m so ready for this summer.


Every year since I can remember I’ve attended a music festival of some kind and this year (like last) I’m heading to Wireless again. I’m not one of those 5-day-festival kinda girls, so a day festival like this is perfect for me. It’s a London based festival with all kinds of acts, generally pop to hip-hop artists, and this year headliners include The Weeknd, Bryson Tiller and Skepta. This year I’m heading there on the Sunday, the day before I go on holiday so it’s all super exciting! I also love finding festival outfits and makeup looks, so if you know any good ones then give me a shout, I’m on a hunt.


As much as I like to be super busy with a million things on my to-do list (I know, mad aren’t I), it’s so nice to know I am done with education. This Summer I’m looking forward to doing things for me and the things on my to-do list will be things I want to achieve instead of completing essays and work, which is so refreshing. This freedom won’t last long before I look for a full-time career, but I’m going to suck up every moment of freedom I can.


I am a huge travel junkie, and when I have the time and money to go on a trip I always try to. I’m on of those who would purchase doxycycline 100mg rather save and spend my earnings on travelling rather than buying bits for myself, as after all it is those memories you will hold on to. This Summer I am heading to the Dominican Republic and with it being my first ever time to the Caribbean, you can just imagine how much I want to get there already. I can’t wait to take some chill time after the last stressful but fun three years at University, and also soak up some sun. I’m sure it’ll be over my Instagram and blog, so stay tuned!


Yes, you may have already figured out that I finished my degree this year, which means I’ll be graduating! I completed a BA (Hons) in Media and Cultural Studies and quite honestly, I enjoyed every single minute of it. I love to learn and I loved finding my confidence throughout University. It’s quite scary the thought of graduating but it’s a day to showcase and be proud of my achievements!


As a treat to myself for finishing my degree, I purchased the Olympus Pen EPL-8 in white and all of my dreams have come true. I’ve been a Canon DSLR girl for a couple of years now, but since having this it mean I can always take a quality camera on the go with me. Days out in London and wherever I venture to will be documented more, and with my new 45mm lens* it means I can finally get all those drool-worthy Instagram shots. I’m hoping this will make me more confident and motivated with my Instagram, so watch this space!

What are you looking forward to this Summer?

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I’m not really one to have a seasonal preference, I enjoy them all pretty much the same. Although I do love the sun, it’s more of a love for holidays and beachwear. Seasonal clothing is something I get really into, so it was amazing to be invited along to the Boohoo AW 17 press day. Seeing all of the new trends way before the season even hits is really quite exciting, and all of the beautiful pieces have me looking forward to having them in my wardrobe months in advance. The day showcased women and men’s collection as well as children’s, but of course I delved into all the women’s clothes and I just couldn’t resist all the faux leathers, suede’s and florals.

Upon arrival we were served a drinks, and I had a delicious sparkling rose wine from Live For Wines. We were also spoilt with some gorgeous goodies from the Meringue Girls and my meringue of choice was Unicorn Fart, doesn’t sound appealing but it was like magic in my mouth. Then was straight onto the clothes. The foreground of the show presented an array of gorgeous day and evening wear, from sparkling dresses, to beautiful jackets and intricately detailed accessories. There were pretty embellishments and pieces everywhere, I couldn’t help myself but to dive in.

The rails of clothes had me dreaming of that being my wardrobe. I never really go to floral clothes, just because I feel it doesn’t suit me the best, however Boohoo have changed my mind. There were endless pieces based around floral designs and embroidery, from tops to skirts and shoes. Every order doxycycline no prescription item said something different and I am so looking forward to the floral designs coming our way.

Another star of the show were pearls that were intertwined with so many different pieces and my favourites were the slip on black pearl flats and floral and pearl red heels. There are pieces in this collection for everyone, but the shoes are on a whole other level. From flats to heels, trainers and boots, each pair are oh-so-dreamy. I can definitely see myself getting into the shoes from this collection, as each pair would add an amazing touch to any outfit. This new range is just far from plain and boring!

Boohoo have added edge to every single piece within the AW collection, all of which I’m looking forward. However, The faux suede and leather jackets and skirts are probably the pieces I am looking forward to the most. I’ve never seen anything quite like the quality and colours of the new pieces to come, and for the price I just have to snap them up.

The pieces don’t stop just at shoes and clothes either. Boohoo has a whole line-up of female intimates and jewellery that I never knew could be so pretty. This section of the AW range in particular revolves around femininity and class, with each of the pieces being so delicately made.

Boohoo have really pulled it out of the bag with this AW 17 line-up and I’m so excited for it to launch so I can get my hands on it.

Do you see any pieces or trends that you’re looking forward to?

Megan ?


When it comes to clothes, I love staple pieces that can be worn down and up. I think flares are perfect for that. I’ve only started feeling comfortable in flares the past few months and I know they’ve been on the scene for a while now and I adored the way they looked on others. My first pair, which I’m wearing here, are from Zara. I must say, when it comes to a high street store I’m loving right now, Zara has to be top of the list. Most of my new in wardrobe is from there and I’m loving so many more things. I doubted myself before trying these flares on but instantly fell in love.

Another reason I love flares and am so happy they’ve made a comeback is because they’re so fun. You can wear them with flats, trainers and heels. Versatile trousers are my kind of thing as I like to be able to change from day to night within the matter of seconds, buying accutane just by changing your shoes or top. For me, outfits work around the bottom half and I style from there. I’m usually quite the skinny jean girl, but flares are just working there with in to be my favourite type of bottoms.

As well as trousers they’re also making a huge hit with me with my jumpers and jackets, as you can see from my outfit here. I love a cropped jumper and there are so many on the market right now with flared sleeves and I’m all for them. They just add a nice twist to any simple outfit and make it look like you’ve put that bit more effort in.

I’ve worn this outfit many times now and these particular pair I’m wearing here come in white, which I must pick up for my holidays!

The outfit details:

Jumper | Zara
Trousers | Zara
Trainers | COS (last season)

Do you have any flared trouser recommendations? I’m on the hunt for more!

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Being in my early 20’s has been different in many ways than I thought. Your teenage years bring about a lot of unneeded stress, which you can look back on now and just laugh about. How did I stress about the littlest things? Nobody knows. The second decade of your life is quite scary for many reasons and life starts to speed up more than you expect it to. So guess what? I’ve decided to make some life changes that I’m willing to stick to.

I’m no longer willing to let life pile on top of me or feel tired and down when I don’t need to. Being mature enough to make your own life changes really feels quite precious, as you’ve got no voices in your ear holes trying to change your life for you. For once I feel like I got me, I got this.

So here are the life changes I’m making and sticking to…


In my teenage years I wasn’t exactly depended on in any way, I just always felt I had to please everyone else around me before focusing on myself first. Now I’m like no, no, no, why on earth did I do that? I’m not saying I’m putting myself first, but when it comes to things I want to do, I’m not willing to let anyone get in the way of it and change my mind. If I wanna do it, I’m gonna do it.

Your 20’s does indeed come with a lot of maturity, if you’re willing to mature that is, and taking responsibility for yourself is number one on my list. I mean, I am the only person who needs to worry what I’m doing, right? We all need to make our own choices and make ourselves happy and content.


A few years back when I was finishing my A-Levels I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. At that point I didn’t even know if I wanted to go to University, and oh my am I glad I made the right choice. I’m now at the end of finishing a Bachelor’s degree and University in a subject I love and adore and I couldn’t be happier.

15 year old me was told she could do great things but never believed in herself, so now I’m making up for that. I still don’t have the slightest idea what future career I see myself settling into, but all that counts right now whilst still being young is that I’m ambitious. I need to set myself goals that I used to think buy accutane 20mg were impossible and believe in myself until I get there.

Take blogging for example, never in a million years did I think I’d still be doing it now and working with amazing people. Believing in yourself is key at any age, so I say start now.


I don’t really believe in diets and I never have. I’ve never really been a really bad eater as such, and I’m not saying it’s bad to be, but I’ve just changed into someone who wants to eat cleaner than she did before. I never really fussed about what was in food and I’m not now, but I’m interested in trying out new foods, natural foods and more and to understand what it takes to make decent, healthy and fun meals.

I still love snacking and I still love my bad foods, but I’ve had a lot of inspiration and motivation the past few months to go out of my comfort zone and try cleaner eating and I’ve enjoyed it. I no longer feel down on my energy levels or feel sluggish, so I take it this is what’s best for me! Trying new foods has made me into wanting to cook and experiment more to, which is more fun than I imagined. More frequent exercise has helped me along the way as well into getting the body I want, and the gym for me now is enjoyable. You just gotta push yourself!

P.S. junk food is still allowed when I want it! Crisps and pizza calms the soul.


Growing up and especially during your ‘stroppy teenage’ years, life and everything around you gets seen through some ‘negative nelly spectacles’. I scrapped this attitude as soon as I realised it just isn’t fun. Seeing everything as a negative can actually be quite tiring and just make you miserable.

Now I’ve matured and have my many responsibilities, I see life in a whole new way. I’ve been told my attitude has changed towards life in quite the most positive way possible and I’m sticking to it. When something sticky happens just think of the positive ways out and resolve them the best you can. There’s no need to faff around and make life harder for myself, it’s just not worth it. Every now and then I just step back and take a breather, it makes this whole Positive Polly thing a whole lot easier.


Jacket | Topshop

Tee | Primark

Glasses | Quay Australia

Jeans | Missguided

Shoes | COS

Bag | La Moda

Have you decided to make any life changes at a certain age?

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Jumper: Zara, Trousers: Zara, Shoes: COS

Earlier this week I visited Norwich to see a friend and it’s just one of those places I absolutely adore. I’ve been there a few times before, but haven’t explored it as much as I have this time. Like Brighton and London, there are so many quirky and quaint places unlike any other and Norwich’s favourite spot of mine was Urban Jungle, located a short drive away from the town centre. As you can see from the photo, I’m in my element.

Urban Jungle is a tucked away little gem that’s full of life and uniqueness. We went to explore and to have tea, but they serve all sorts of goodness there and the entire menu is gluten free – winner!

It was one of those places where you turn up and have to question whether you’re in the right location. Once you turn in, you drive order priligy usa down a little narrow road through the jungle pretty much. The entire space is filled with nature and it’s just so pretty. I was so so happy to see how ‘Instagrammable’ it was, as you can imagine.

The seats and tables are decorated with cute cactuses and intricate bits, every bloggers dream! And when you sit down you are surrounded by gorgeous plants and leaves – it’s honestly like heaven and feels like your on a vacay. As I said we just had tea, and to be honest we were so in love with the decor and taking photos, we almost forgot to even have that. There was even a compost loo outside, which made it quite an experience and added to that ‘jungle vibe’ feel.

Honestly, if you go to Norwich, you have to give this place a try, it won’t disappoint!

Have you got any quirky places to recommend?

Megan ?


Style is a very personal thing. But girls, when it comes to handbags I’m sure we can all agree that there are a good few we lust over all the time. It’s a habit of mine to scroll Instagram and Pinterest to look for new accessories, and bags are my favourite to look for. Personally, I’ve not yet purchased a luxury handbag before, not one of insane expense. However, I would really like to so I’m looking around the market non stop, as you can imagine.

This style of post is so new to me and I think handbags are the best place to start. I haven’t yet covered fashion on my blog, but I have been experimenting on my Instagram and so far I’ve been really enjoying myself with it. As I said, fashion is a personal thing and I love looking and getting tips from others personal styles. My blog is a personal platform so I thought why the heck not add a fashion category as it’s something I’ve been really into lately and I think it could push my confidence and content a bit more! So, welcome to my fashion category where you’ll be seeing more posts from me and also on my Instagram. On to the bags!

There are so so many cheap accutane 30mg inexpensive bags on the market at the minute, my favourite being Zara and Mango bags. However, there’s something quite different and special about a luxury handbag isn’t there? So I’ve created my ultimate wishlist of my designer handbag favourites for Spring/Summer.

A lot of my wishlist includes smaller everyday bags, as personally I find them more useable and I like it to act as an accessory. Larger bags I’ve chosen fit so well with this coming season, especially Summer. For example, the Marc Jacobs ‘West End’ Tote is the perfect size and colour for a sunny vacation, it’s so chic and would add an amazing pop of colour to a darker outfit. I noticed after spying on a few, a lot of my favourites came from Dolce & Gabbana’s line of smaller shoulder bags. To me, these are the perfect size, so well made and super luxurious. My style is more on the minimalistic side with pops of colour here and there, so these are so me. I love colour blocking on other people and would love to try it myself. Colour can be quite daunting to experiment with but I’m getting there, as you’ll be seeing!

What’s pushing me more and more to make the splurge soon and really treat myself is the fact that each of these bags are brand new and discounted. LoveTheSales sells not only luxury goods, but high street to from fashion to beauty and electronics, but their bag range is my absolute favourite. You can shop the hangbag goodness right here. You can shop each bag from my wishlist under the picture above.

What luxury hangbag do you have your eye on?

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* via LoveTheSales *