Makeup applicators are one of the most important tools in a beauty kit. Personally, I think having the right tools can lead you to having more flawless, longer lasting and perfected makeup. There are many times where I’ve tried new tools from brushes to applicators and have had far from standard results. Some beauty tools are bad, some are good but those that are amazing stand out a mile.

If you know me, you’ll know my Beautyblender is my holy grail face applicator. I use it to blend my foundations, concealers, cream contour and sometimes even bake my face with powder. There isn’t much this sponge can’t do when you’re talking base makeup, so putting another version to the test was serious.

The past few weeks, maybe more, I’ve been trialling the Eco Tools Ecofoam Makeup Sponge Duo*. Like many other brands, these mimic the shape of the original Beautyblender so I was intrigued if they have the same performance skills. Wanna know my thoughts?

Firstly, this pack comes with two sponges, one a little larger than the other with the largest being the same size as the original Beautyblender when it’s damp and dry. This was a huge plus for me as I’ve tested many that won’t increase in size as much as the original, but luckily this one does. The second sponge is a little smaller and is what I’ve been using to blend cream contour when I use it, as it’s made for firmer more precise makeup application. I don’t always use both as I don’t want to mix various shades and tones on the same applicator. However, they do both perform exactly the same.

Like the Beautyblender, the larger Eco Tools Sponge works to flawlessly blend makeup to help create that camera ready look. It’s large surface means you can apply base makeup quickly and its softness encourages create light, buildable makeup application. I’d say the Eco Tools version is as ‘fluffy’ as the Beautyblender (both wet and dry it’s a little stiffer) but it performs pretty much the same. The only difference is that it doesn’t feel as lightweight and as I say ‘fluffy’ on the face, but it still feels nice and bouncy.

I love that the Eco Tools sponges comes with flat edges at the top, which makes concealer application and precision baking (with powder) incredibly quick and easy. The flatness helps the product blend a bit quicker in my opinion. The larger end of the sponges replicate the Beautyblender and with the bigger one, I use it to blend foundation and harsh lines. The two different ends means you don’t ever have to mix your foundation and concealer as it’s easy to keep them separate.

I’d say although these are a bit firmer, they are an incredible dupe of the original Beautyblender. They blend seamlessly and don’t leave any streaky or harsh lines. I always use these damp as not only is it quicker and easier when they’re bigger, the dampness really melts the product into your skin and leaves you with an oh so flawless finish.

The big test of washing them came and I was a little nervous. They don’t need washing AS often as the Beautyblender, purely for the fact that the two different ends means you don’t mix product all. I washed these the same as I do my Beautyblender, with warm water and soap, as they come out as good as new. With time and age they started to get harder to clean everything out, but that happens with the original to.

So, I’d give these a strong 9/10 for performance and I have to say it, these sponges are the best dupe I’ve tried for the original Beautyblender!

These are of super popular demand at the minute with them being so affordable and amazing dupes of the original. And don’t forget, you get two for the price of one with the Eco Tools duo. You can purchase them in-store and online at Boots and Superdrug for under £10!

Have you tried the Eco Tools Ecofoam sponges?

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Summer makeup for me really is all about that glow, that dewy sunkissed skin. To be honest though, I love a glow all year round, but summer time is when I feel I can go all out with the highlight products. The glowy (verging on oily) look can be blamed on the sunshine and the heat, right?


This year I have being seeing a lot of peachy vibes in the makeup scene. The peachy glow is a big hit for many and it certainly is for me. I’ve been using a lot of peach toned blushers, shadows and lip products but please welcome my new peachy glow obsession *mic drop*. It’s the Kiko Milano Highlighting Drops* from their Summer 2.0 in Plushy Rose, a stunning peachy pink liquid glow. I do love a good multi-tasking, and this is one of them. You can use this alone on the usual high points of the face (the cheekbones, cupids bow, nose, forehead) or mix it in with your primer or even your foundation.

Typically, glow drops are a golden/bronze shade so seeing them in such a pretty peach shade really got me excited. I may have let out a little squeal…

The formula of this is like none I’ve used before, as it’s a very fine fluid and is quite runny, but blends out with not much effort at all. Don’t let the fine liquid formula put you off, as you only need the tiniest amount of this and you’ll be super glowy. It blends great with the fingers or a sponge on its own, but if mixed in with another product I always use a sponge for a streak-free flawless base. You only need one to two drops of this with a foundation or primer, and the pipet applicator lets you accurately dispense the product without getting it everywhere.

You may already know this about me, but I’m all for glossy lips at the minute to. I need all the glow I can get in the warmer weather, I’m serious. The Summer 2.0 collection boasts a range of summer themed lip products, ones that can make your sun kissed look appear really glowy. I’ve been testing out the PH Lip Enhancer* in Rossetto to see what it can do for my small not-so-plump lips. All I can say is I needed this in my life a long doxycycline buy online time ago. I don’t usually like lipstick like balms but this is beautifully formulated. I use this alone as a balm or even over top a lip liner. It hydrates your lips whilst adding a slight tint and makes them feel and appear so juicy. It even makes my lips look plumper and that’s hard to come by. A serious must-have for holidays!


Now, here comes the most effortless highlighting range I’ve come across. I’m usually one for all the glow, but one those minimal makeup days I’ve finally found a highlighter I can use without it looking false. The Kiko Tropic Heat Dewy Stick* is the answer to a wet-look natural looking glow that I’ve been on the hunt for for a long time. As soon as I used this I feel in love. It almost feels and looks like a lip balm, but it’s a creamy clear dew stick for the face.

You can also use the Dewy Stick as a base for powder highlighters to make them pop and adhere better to the face.

I’m not usually one for a liquid glow pot, I don’t know why but they don’t sit right on my skin. However, I can seem to make the Kiko Illuminante Viso Face Highlighter* work. Don’t get me wrong, this is a beautiful formula, it reminds me a little of the Topshop Glow Pots but is more lightweight. This is a similar formula to the Highlighting Drops as its quite runny but this is a little less fluid. Again, you can blend this with your fingers or a sponge. This is in the shade 01, a very pale pearl highlight, which is a little light for my skin but I’ve used this as a base for my highlight. I would love to try this in a darker shade as I usually go for bronze toned highlighters as I have a slight warm yellow undertone.

The Kiko Milano summer beauty products are seriously giving me sun kissed glowy skin vibes – I’m in awe of it! If you desire a true summer glow, you may want a little look at the other bits in the range to. You can shop it here.

What kind of glow do you love?

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