Luxurious bath products are something I don’t use very often. As much as I’d love to use them every single day, I like to keep them to pamper myself. I don’t know about you but I just love a good pamper in the bath, as it allows me to get some down time and is the perfect excuse to zone out. I typically do this once a week or so depending on how I feel and let me tell you about some products I’ve been using lately.

Ted Baker recently launched their Porcelain Rose Collection*, a beautiful array of bath and body care products that scream summer to me. There are 3 different and new pretty ranges to choose from, Pretty Pearl, Opulent Petal and Blush Pink, and with this there is a fragrance to suit every one – cute right? I’ve been lusting over the Blush Pink range* that boasts beautiful bath and body care products.

This particular fragrance is full of floral notes and is also entwined with subtle notes of cassis with sparkling grapefruit, mandarin and mango. It honestly smells like a summer holiday cocktail, so much so that is has me dreaming of a sunny holiday every time I use it. It also has musky undertones of patchouli, neroli and jasmine, which adds sophistication to the scent.

The Blush Pink products are available individually or in a gift set. Here, I have the gift set that contains 3 out of the 7 beautiful Blush Pink products. First up is my absolute buy amoxicillin without rx favourite product, the Body Wash. I do love a good luxurious body wash and this one not only smells amazing, it leaves your skin incredibly soft and hydrated. After the bath I lather on the Body Soufflé, a whipped and lightweight body moisturiser that locks in hydration from the Body Wash and leaves your skin silky smooth. This combination is heaven after you’ve shaved your legs to! Once I’m all cosy in my PJ’s I spritz the Body Spray on me. This is so fine it’s almost like a body mist and leaves your skin lingering with the most gorgeous floral cocktail scent. I always feel so glamorous after using this, and I also use this throughout the day sometimes to for a freshen up.

What’s even better about this range is that its super luxurious yet affordable. The rose gold detailing on the products gives the range that luxurious feel even though it’s such a reasonable price. Prices range from £3-9 for single products up to £25 for gorgeous gift sets.

This gift set also comes with the most beautiful travel size beauty bag. I’ve been after a sturdy beauty bag for sometime so that I can transport all my goodies and this is the perfect size. It’s coated with a silky fabric that adds such class to the bag and its design is stunning.

You can purchase this along with the other ranges online and in-store at Boots.

What luxury bath products do you use for a pamper session?

Megan ?


Right now and more than ever, I’ve probably been the busiest I’ve been for a while. Being mid-dissertation, daily blogging and always having plans, it’s not often that I get a lot of ‘me time’, but when I do, its real good. I like to do various things when I have my own free time, such as chill and watch videos, take a walk or my favourite, have a good old pamper. A nice long indulgent bath and a facemask does me good, and here’s exactly how and why I like to do it.

I usually get ‘me time’ after a long week more than any other time, usually a weekend evening, which I personally think is the best time to zone out. So, a hot long bath sounds like perfection right? Well it is that indeed. I always have to do a facemask, no matter which it is, it has to be done. For some reason, having a facemask on for 15 minutes with your eyes closed is one of the most relaxing feelings in the world. I suppose it’s like a spa-like experience but in the comfort of your own home. My favourites would have to be Sephora Sheet Masks, Origins Drink Up Intensive or a few of the Lush ones. I like to have these on whilst in the bath, and always takes me forever to choose but when I do it’s time for the really good bit a long warm soak. I’m more of a shower girl during the week, so having a long old soak purchase ventolin really does it for me and here’s my recipe for the perfect bath.

Light some candles and place them around the bathroom then simply run your bath. I like to add a few bubbles and the best bit is the Joan Collins I Am Woman Indulgent Bath Salts*. I hadn’t used bath salts in the longest time and I really forgot how good they are. With these you pop one or two large tablespoons of the salts under warm running water and let them do their thing. After a few minutes of them dissolving and creating their relaxing goodness, hop in for as long as you want. The beautiful salts are enriched with Grapeseed and Rosehip Oils to calm your senses and your entire body. I’ve fallen asleep in this before that’s how relaxing they are. They also fill your bathroom with a gorgeous aroma and leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

For after the bath I love to indulge my skin in moisturiser and have candles lit around my room until I’m ready to come back into reality. It’s just the best.

After having ‘me time’ this way I feel replenished and able to think straight again. If you don’t take time out on a regular basis, you feel yourself feeling tensed and stressed. Even having half hour for a bath, walk or read soothes the mind and revitalises your system. Don’t forget to do it, as often as you like – believe me, it’s good for you!

What do you like to do when you have ‘me time’?

Megan ?