Happy Sunday everyone and welcome back to a new Sunday Skincare post. With beauty being huge passion of mine, I never thought skincare would be up there with makeup products. When I first started my blog all I ever wanted to talk about was makeup, my favourite products, how I wore it and some of my top tips. A year or so later and here I am wanting to talk about skincare in just the same volume, and today I’m sharing with you a dupe facial cleansing brush for all of those more pricey ones.

I have to admit, as much as I love beauty, I don’t like to spend ALL of my money on it. If a £3 eye cream is a good as a £30 one, I would choose the cheaper alternative as I’m not someone who would buy a product for its name. When the product inside performs just as the same as one with a high end price point, it’s just common sense to save some money. Lets face it, that money from saving can be spent on even more beauty products can’t it? Oops.

Anyhow, let me tell you all about the Kathleen Facial Sonic Cleansing Device. You may have seen many of these on the market such as Foreo, which I will be comparing this to today. If you’re all for a deep cleanse but want it to be quick, easy and effective then I’m pretty sure you will love little gadget.

Kathleen are a skincare brand that boast prestigious skincare products that are infused with natural, pure and organic ingredients that your skin will thank you for using. I’ve used many of their products over the past year or so, but this one today has to be my favourite. This device has been designed to become an essential daily step in your skincare routine. Whether I makeup or not, I cleanse my skin every single day, either morning or night, and before using this I don’t actually think I never got in deep enough to get rid of ALL the daily dirt.

This brush has been designed with small with deeper but gentler cleansing of the skin in mind. It combines sonic pulsations with small innovative silicone bristles to get into all those hard to get places. The pulsations with the silicone bristles work to remove blemish-causing impurities and dirt, which isotretinoin leaves the skin feeling and looking bright and well cleansed.

I find this a great alternative for those harsh abrasion devices as the bristles are so gentle but cleanse just as well. This also doesn’t leave your face red or sore like some cleansing devices can.

You can put it on different speed settings to which is quite fun, and I tend to use the faster setting for more problematic areas such as my chin and nose. It also comes with two different sides, of which one is for more intense vigorous cleansing whilst the other is for the everyday gentle cleanse. I use the deeper cleaning zone once a week when my skin feels oily and is in need of a good pamper.

Speaking of pampering, my favourite place to use this is in the bath. The device is fully waterproof so it doesn’t matter even if you drop it in water. Using it in the bath means I have more time and the whole experience feels that bit more indulgent, which I love.

As I mentioned, I’m comparing this to the Foreo Mini, which is a device I used before this but since using this I don’t think I’ll change back. The Mini is a super handy size to travel with, but this one by Kathleen is twice or maybe three times its size and makes the whole process A LOT quicker. I find it does exactly what a Foreo does but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative and quicker results then I’d choose the Kathleen Device.

The full size Foreo is more than double the price of the Kathleen one, with the Kathleen device retailing for just £49.00. Why I think it’s such a good price is because once you have one, you have it forever. It’s not a product that will run out and I get so much valuable use out of this, especially since it’s improving my cleansing routine, which my skin is thanking me for.

Inside the box comes an instruction leaflet that guides you through exactly how to use it depending on your preferences, and also a USB charging lead

You can purchase the Kathleen Facial Device here, along with the rest of the range.

Have you ever tried a facial cleansing device like this?

Megan ?

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Luxurious bath products are something I don’t use very often. As much as I’d love to use them every single day, I like to keep them to pamper myself. I don’t know about you but I just love a good pamper in the bath, as it allows me to get some down time and is the perfect excuse to zone out. I typically do this once a week or so depending on how I feel and let me tell you about some products I’ve been using lately.

Ted Baker recently launched their Porcelain Rose Collection*, a beautiful array of bath and body care products that scream summer to me. There are 3 different and new pretty ranges to choose from, Pretty Pearl, Opulent Petal and Blush Pink, and with this there is a fragrance to suit every one – cute right? I’ve been lusting over the Blush Pink range* that boasts beautiful bath and body care products.

This particular fragrance is full of floral notes and is also entwined with subtle notes of cassis with sparkling grapefruit, mandarin and mango. It honestly smells like a summer holiday cocktail, so much so that is has me dreaming of a sunny holiday every time I use it. It also has musky undertones of patchouli, neroli and jasmine, which adds sophistication to the scent.

The Blush Pink products are available individually or in a gift set. Here, I have the gift set that contains 3 out of the 7 beautiful Blush Pink products. First up is my absolute buy amoxicillin without rx favourite product, the Body Wash. I do love a good luxurious body wash and this one not only smells amazing, it leaves your skin incredibly soft and hydrated. After the bath I lather on the Body Soufflé, a whipped and lightweight body moisturiser that locks in hydration from the Body Wash and leaves your skin silky smooth. This combination is heaven after you’ve shaved your legs to! Once I’m all cosy in my PJ’s I spritz the Body Spray on me. This is so fine it’s almost like a body mist and leaves your skin lingering with the most gorgeous floral cocktail scent. I always feel so glamorous after using this, and I also use this throughout the day sometimes to for a freshen up.

What’s even better about this range is that its super luxurious yet affordable. The rose gold detailing on the products gives the range that luxurious feel even though it’s such a reasonable price. Prices range from £3-9 for single products up to £25 for gorgeous gift sets.

This gift set also comes with the most beautiful travel size beauty bag. I’ve been after a sturdy beauty bag for sometime so that I can transport all my goodies and this is the perfect size. It’s coated with a silky fabric that adds such class to the bag and its design is stunning.

You can purchase this along with the other ranges online and in-store at Boots.

What luxury bath products do you use for a pamper session?

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The past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind for me. The biggest thing that happened last month was handing in my dissertation and finishing University. It does terrify me thinking how fast 3 years have whizzed past, but since finishing I’ve finally been able to have some quality time for myself. You know what that means, there has been a fair few bits I’ve been loving, want to see?

First up has to be the sunshine. I know it comes and goes in this unpredictable English weather, but since the sun has been shining a bit more it makes me super excited for the summer months ahead. The sun just makes everything a bit more positive and makes me want to get out and be more active. It also inspires me to get more out of my day and with the longer daylight hours.

Summer fragrances. For the beauty section this month my most favourite has to be fragrances. I’m usually one for using the same perfume day in day out, but lately I’ve been switching it up almost everyday. I do have a larger collection than last year and it’s nice to pick and choose depending on my mood. A must have for the past few spring like weeks has to be the latest edition to Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb Range called Bloom*. This fragrance is so light, floral and feminine and sits so well with a fresh warm day. You can read more about it here. I just think summer perfumes are so fun and so many bring back summer holiday memories.

Speaking of light and fresh summer beauty products, I’ve been loving wearing more minimal makeup as well as being fresh faced. I am a sucker for dewy skin and for this I love the Nip + Fab Dragon’s Blood Range. For everyday I use the Fix Hyaluronic Shot, which is a super lightweight serum that boosts your skins hydration levels and leaves you with super soft and glowy skin. I also love to use their Serum and Cleansing Pads. I find this range is full of quick fix products that are also affordable and incredible quality.

This past month or so I’ve been really getting into my exercise and going to the gym regularly. For me, exercise is a way to unwind and de-stress and is the main buy amoxicillin online uk reason I go 5/6 times a week. It helps me focus and without it I can become quite uninspired, even going for a long walk helps me clear my head and gather my thoughts. Exercise doesn’t always have to be painful and vigorous either. I change my exercises up quite a bit and try different techniques from stretching and yoga to heavy weights. It’s good to change up your workout routine as 1) you won’t get bored and 2) you can find out what works best for you.

Journalling. I bought myself a gorgeous diary last month in the sale at Homesense, a bit late in the year I know, but it’s so pretty I couldn’t resist for just £5 when originally it was £40. It comes with separate notes sections as well as inspiring words and quotes, and it’s really helped me organise my blog schedule as well as write ideas down and journal my everyday thoughts. I always enjoy using pretty stationary to, so if you’re looking for one to I’d recommend heading to Homesense or TK Maxx.

Although I don’t dress up that often, I’ve really been obsessed with heeled mules. Over the past month or so I’ve actually bought quite a few and they just make me want to get dressed up and head out somewhere fancy for the day. What I love about heeled mules is that you can dress them up or down and they look so classic. There are so many variations out there at the minute, and I’m constantly searching ASOS for some new ones. I just can’t get enough.

In terms of food I’ve been loving, because how can I talk about my favourite things without mentioning food, are breakfast bowls. Now that the mornings are a lot lighter I’ve been enjoying making fresher and lighter breakfasts, such as fruit bowls and various granola combinations. I’m one of those that will go to bed at night dreaming of my breakfast and I get so happy when I can finally eat it. Changing up my breakfasts actually makes me enjoy eating early to, and I find breakfast the most important and enjoyable meal of the day now!

What have you been loving lately?

Megan ?


Glowy and dewy skin is just my thing. It just makes you feel that bit better and lit from within. No matter if you have oily skin either, as I do and these products work a treat for me. Here is my little guide of go-to’s for glowy skin.

I always always have to wear highlighter nowadays, I honestly can’t remember the last time I did my makeup without it. I reckon I’d feel quite naked. My favourite for a golden/bronze glow (my favourite type of glow) is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in That Glow, a collection of four metallic powder highlighters for intense luminosity. For a single products I adore the Jouer Powder Highlighter in Topaz, the most gorgeous champagne gold and its perfect for some added dewiness with its frosted finish. Or for full on gold I opt for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator in So Hollywood, you’ll sure be seen from space with this one.

If you want to give your highlighter a bit of oomph I love a little glow pot. This is cream highlighter that you blend onto your cheekbones before you add a highlight, or you can use these on their buy ventolin online uk own. I use either the Topshop Glow Pot in Glow, a more champagne frost gold, or Sleek’s Strobing Souffle in Smoky Quartz for some serious bronze glow.

A glowy primer is a must if you want a natural ‘lit-from-within’ glow, and my two favourites for this are the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur Primer or Becca Cosmetics Backlight Priming Filter. Neither are tinted but give you skin a subtle sparkle that lasts all day long.

To add some luminosity to your cheeks my favourite blush to pop on is MAC’s Powder Blush in Peachykeen. I’m all about that peachy look at the minute as this is perfect for that. Its formula has built in golden flecks that really make a difference and give your skin a rosy radiance.

Want to go all out and cover your face and body? This DiorSkin Nude Air Loose Powder offers a beautiful finish for delicate and subtle shimmer. You can pat this all over your face after foundation or after all of your makeup, or I like to dab this to my collarbones and shoulders for some fancy glam.

What are your glowy skin secrets?

Megan ??


What with it being the start of a new year, I thought to myself what better way than to kick it off with some gorgeous liquid lipsticks? Stila Cosmetics seriously won me over with these; with so many colour variations these really are a must-have beauty buy.

I very luckily one these in a Twitter giveaway, and my goodness was I excited. I’d had my eye on them on the Asos Christmas beauty gifts section for a very long time, so I may have let out a little scream when I knew they were going to be mine!

Go bright and bold with the berry beautiful Bright & Bold Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set. You get three gorgeous shades in one, including two limited edition shades. First we have Beso, a true red with warmer undertones than most bright red lipsticks. It’s quite a fiery red that suits so many skin tones, and also makes me feel super confident. The limited edition shades are Viola and Lume, which are two daring but oh so perfect shades. The first is a cool lavender shade and the last being a deep fuschia pink, two colours I don’t usually feel comfortable in but I adored them as soon as I put them on my lips. Let 2017 be the year I wear more bright and bold lips, because these are really quite stunning.

Bottom-Top: Beso, Viola and Lume

Light up your lips with Naturally Nude hues with this second set. No girl can have too many nude lipsticks, and all of these are actually cheap accutane pills very different to one another, so why the heck not treat yourself? The first shade is by far my favourite; it is Patina, a dusty rose nude that pairs so beautifully with a gold eye. Ugh, it’s perfection. Next is a limited shade, Perla, a light dusty pink. Although its quite pale for my skin tone, it works so well as a shade on top of another lipstick for an ombre effect. Last but by no means least we have Serenata, another limited edition shade and it’s a gorgeous cognac rose, which is almost a pink/brown. I absolutely love this for the days I’m wearing minimal makeup as it works so well as a statement lipstick.

Bottom-Top: Patina, Perla, Serenata

Now, for the formula… it’s super lightweight (but full-coverage) like a feather on the lips. Although they dry matte they stay soft and don’t crease or crack on the lips like some liquid lipsticks tend to do. It lasts a good 6 hours on me, with eating and drinking. They also don’t dry out your lips so it’s easy to top up without feeling like you need some balm.

The sets come with smaller liquid lipsticks than when you purchase them separately, but it’s a deluxe size with so much product in. I also adore the packaging, isn’t is so chic?

As the Christmas festivities are now over, they are no longer online on Asos, but you can still get them on the Stila site.

I’ve not tried much else from Stila, so what would you recommend for me to try?

Megan ??