I admit it; I am a true sun worshipper. When the sun comes out, I’m out, it makes me incredibly happy and I do love to soak it up. Although, it is important to keep in mind protecting your skin from the harsh rays. Whether I decided to spend all day in it on holiday, or just an hour or so at the weekend, I always ensure to think about protection. That said, I always make sure I apply the best tan protection I can, as it’s super important.

This year I completely changed up my sun protection. Now that I’m 21, an adult in right (although sometimes may not always act like one) it was time to take travelling pretty serious. I love adventuring and it is my passion to travel, visit new places and consume new exciting cultures. When I do so, I always ensure I have the necessities. The travel documents, my tech equipment to get all those shots and of course, my sun care. When I was younger I never really understood how important it was. My mum used to apply it for me and I never knew what brand did what. Now, I have a lot more understanding after talking to the team at Institut Esthederm.

A few months back I had the opportunity to attend their press day for their new sun care product releases. When I was their I got to talk to some lovely experts that informed me on how certain sun care is created for different skin types. I have fairly isotretinoin 10mg normal skin, sometimes on the dry or oily side and can catch the sun quite easily. I told them I prefer lightweight products, as I hate getting all sticky and ending up with sand in all kinds of crevices. So I was kindly gifted their Adaptasun Body Lotion* for strong sun.

As much as I love to tan, I do always make sure I have the right protection on. When I go away with the means to lie in the sun, I usually start off with an SPF 30. This product with its three sun symbols means that it protects your skin against normal to strong sun rays. With UV inCellium Technology, this lotion actually helps skin better defend itself in extreme sun.

With this I found I got a much deeper sunkissed tan and that’s because the formula contains Adaptasun, an ingredient that works to optimise tanning and as well protect you from the rays. This ingredient stimulates the production of melanin, which is a group of natural pigments in the skin that darken with the sun rays and result in a tan. Clever eh?

I honestly had such a good experience using this and this will be one I’ll be taking away with me on my sunny holidays in the future. You can purchase it here along with the rest of the range.

What SPF is your top choice?

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We all know that getting a new perfume is a very personal matter. When you already have a ‘signature’ scent it’s hard to let go and give your love to another one. The newest addition to Dior’s fragrance range is Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming, more commonly known as my books as my new favourite.

I received this beautiful bottle for my last birthday and I’m so surprised at my attachment to it. As for fragrance I’m quite often attached to more musky scents like My Burberry, I just felt they suited me more. However, times have indeed changed. This delicious new scent from Dior is a floral delight. It’s top notes of Red Berry are absolutely irresistible, always making me want to go back for more. With its Grasse Roses and Rosa Damascena graceful duo there’s no wonder its berry tones are blooming and present.

Sometimes I opt for a seasonal scent, but this is not one of them as I feel it fits to all. It has a base of White Musk, which makes it that bit more mature and sophisticated, and this is just what I look for at my age. It is a scent to suit all, as its overall aura is bright and colourful berry-goodness.

Can we just talk about the packaging for a minute to? Its design just perfectly matches the beauty and elegance of the fragrance. The light rose colour of fragrance itself represents the beautiful berries within, whilst the intricate lettering and lid of the product rectifies Dior’s timeless branding.

I’m in absolute awe of this fragrance as can see it sitting on my makeup table as my favourite for quite a long time. It will for sure carry me through to the springtime just effortlessly.

Do you have a favourite fragrance?

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Do you ever have those moments where your skin feels like it needs a pick me up but you don’t have the time and energy to do a million facemasks and treatments? I get like that a lot. Sometimes I get so tired after a long day that all I want to do is have a fast skincare routine and jump in bed. Lets face it… we all have those moments.

I was recently sent a Cleanse and Foam Wash* by the lovely team at Heaven Skincare, and I had to write a post and share this with you all. I’ve used Heaven Skincare products before, so I know that the range is really up their with impressive skincare. With this, I am so glad its part of my new ‘Skincare Sunday’ series!

With many foam cleansers it’s typical that afterwards your skin feels like it needs another clean, but with this it doesn’t. Although the formula is super lightweight, it really gets out any dirt and impurities you may have built up, it even breaks down makeup. I use two small pumps of the Cleanse and Foam Wash after buy isotretinoin us I’ve removed all of my makeup, and is a step I haven’t missed once since using it. After applying you simply rinse your face with water and you’re good to go.
I do only tend to use this once a day when my skin is going through a good stage, but if I wake up needing a little pick me up then I use this before applying my moisturiser and so on.

Its formula is made from natural and organic Neroli and
Mandarin, which is clear from its scent. I am a lover of any citrus scented products, so this is a real winner for me. It reminds me more of a spa scent, there’s something very natural and calming about its aroma.
I am a huge fan of the Heaven Skincare range, with two of the products being up there with my regular favourites. If you would like to shop the range, click here. This retails at £37.

Which skincare product are you trying out and loving?

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