Makeup applicators are one of the most important tools in a beauty kit. Personally, I think having the right tools can lead you to having more flawless, longer lasting and perfected makeup. There are many times where I’ve tried new tools from brushes to applicators and have had far from standard results. Some beauty tools are bad, some are good but those that are amazing stand out a mile.

If you know me, you’ll know my Beautyblender is my holy grail face applicator. I use it to blend my foundations, concealers, cream contour and sometimes even bake my face with powder. There isn’t much this sponge can’t do when you’re talking base makeup, so putting another version to the test was serious.

The past few weeks, maybe more, I’ve been trialling the Eco Tools Ecofoam Makeup Sponge Duo*. Like many other brands, these mimic the shape of the original Beautyblender so I was intrigued if they have the same performance skills. Wanna know my thoughts?

Firstly, this pack comes with two sponges, one a little larger than the other with the largest being the same size as the original Beautyblender when it’s damp and dry. This was a huge plus for me as I’ve tested many that won’t increase in size as much as the original, but luckily this one does. The second sponge is a little smaller and is what I’ve been using to blend cream contour when I use it, as it’s made for firmer more precise makeup application. I don’t always use both as I don’t want to mix various shades and tones on the same applicator. However, they do both perform exactly the same.

Like the Beautyblender, the larger Eco Tools Sponge works to flawlessly blend makeup to help create that camera ready look. It’s large surface means you can apply base makeup quickly and its softness encourages create light, buildable makeup application. I’d say the Eco Tools version is as ‘fluffy’ as the Beautyblender (both wet and dry it’s a little stiffer) but it performs pretty much the same. The only difference is that it doesn’t feel as lightweight and as I say ‘fluffy’ on the face, but it still feels nice and bouncy.

I love that the Eco Tools sponges comes with flat edges at the top, which makes concealer application and precision baking (with powder) incredibly quick and easy. The flatness helps the product blend a bit quicker in my opinion. The larger end of the sponges replicate the Beautyblender and with the bigger one, I use it to blend foundation and harsh lines. The two different ends means you don’t ever have to mix your foundation and concealer as it’s easy to keep them separate.

I’d say although these are a bit firmer, they are an incredible dupe of the original Beautyblender. They blend seamlessly and don’t leave any streaky or harsh lines. I always use these damp as not only is it quicker and easier when they’re bigger, the dampness really melts the product into your skin and leaves you with an oh so flawless finish.

The big test of washing them came and I was a little nervous. They don’t need washing AS often as the Beautyblender, purely for the fact that the two different ends means you don’t mix product all. I washed these the same as I do my Beautyblender, with warm water and soap, as they come out as good as new. With time and age they started to get harder to clean everything out, but that happens with the original to.

So, I’d give these a strong 9/10 for performance and I have to say it, these sponges are the best dupe I’ve tried for the original Beautyblender!

These are of super popular demand at the minute with them being so affordable and amazing dupes of the original. And don’t forget, you get two for the price of one with the Eco Tools duo. You can purchase them in-store and online at Boots and Superdrug for under £10!

Have you tried the Eco Tools Ecofoam sponges?

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Holiday hair and glowy makeup has to be my favourite look off all time. Not only is it effortless but if you put your mind to it, you can really achieve it anywhere if you want to, right?

Big and bouncy beach waves are easy to achieve with the right products and effort. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, it’s a lot easier, but you can even achieve the look if you don’t. Umberto Giannini caters for all whole variety of hair types, from sleek and straight to dry and curly, but my favourite range is their Curl Range*. This range boasts so many different products from serums to creams so there’s something for everyone’s preferences. I’m going to run through the products and what I love to use to achieve the look.

I have naturally wavy-curly thick hair, which can be a bit of pain but nonetheless; creating beach waves is super simple with these products. And trust me, it can be just as easy with any other hair type, even straight. This range is designed to lift even the most lifeless hair, which is mine a lot of the time. Although I have waves, the thickness of my hair makes it quite heavy and results in straighter locks as the days go on.

As a general rule of mine, I don’t use much product in my hair, certainly not every time I wash it. Everyone two or three washes I like to go the extra mile and use something that’ll put life back into my hair and right now it’s these. And quite honestly, I’m living for these beachy easy-to-achieve waves right now.


 If like me you are sometimes quite lazy with your haircare, the Umberto Gianinni 1 minute mask will be your saviour. I like a quick fix that I know I can rely on and this is exactly that. After shampooing your hair you simply pop this onto your wet hair, leave for one minute and then rinse. This is a once a week drench that ensures your locks stay hydrated and the curls in your hair stay silky and detangled. Having wavy hair, I get knots a heck of a lot and this helps smooth out my hair and condition it into staying tamed.

I adore the scent of this product as it’s infused with coconut oil and shea butter, which is probably my most loved duo ever. The coconut oil enriches and nourishes your hair and the shea butter makes your hair feel incredibly soft and luxurious.



For all of you naturally curly haired girls out there, the Control Cream is a wonder product for de-frizzing and moisturising the driest of locks.

This isn’t necessarily a product that’ll give you curls as it’s made for natural order cheap amoxil curls, but will help in the process if you want your beach waves to stay looked after. I’d recommend this more for natural curls though.

It has built in heat protection that works with naturally air-dried hair to those who prefer to heat style. I’ve used it with both and I must say it works a treat for a natural dry. I don’t tend to put heat on my hair with a dryer; so leaving this to sink in for a few hours whilst my hair dries feels like a right treat.

You apply this to towel dried hair and then do your thing. If you choose to air dry, I would recommend twirling your hands through your hair whilst applying it to cover all of your hair and massage remains into your roots, they’ll seriously thank you for it.


Now, if you’re looking to achieve those no frizz waves, which are quite hard to come by, I suggest the No More Frizz Serum. This stuff not only tames the frizz, it protects you from humidity.

I love that this no frizz formula comes in a serum as it feels so lightweight on the hair and also lasts an incredible amount of time. When applied correctly (through towel dried hair, after any other post-wash product) then this should last you until your next wash. I wash my hair once or twice a week and it always lasts me.

Also, as it’s a serum based product your hair will be left with an ultimate shine that locks hydration and leaves the hair feeling incredible.


The final product, last but by no means least, is the Finishing Cream. This is the ultimate product to keep your curls curled and your hair perfect all day long. Your curls will finally leave the bedroom with you and wont drop out before you leave the house – hurrah.

This product gives your hair the right amount of life, volume and hold you’ll need to either hold natural or heat-styled curls. I’ve used this on naturally dried hair and blow-dried and the formula works just the same. Its hold is so strong it almost feels like a hairspray but without the hardness and stickiness, as it leaves your hair super silky, shiny and conditioned.

You use this on towel dried hair and just run it through the ends first and disperse the rest evenly through the rest of your locks. This will ensure it doesn’t make your roots greasy and the ends will hold more curl for longer. For me, it is usually the ends of my hair that drop first so I focus more on this particular area. Its up to you where you’d like to disperse the majority of the product, after all you can use this range is whichever way you’d like to create the most perfect big and bouncy beach curls.

Like this look of this range? You can purchase it here.

How do you style your hair for the summer?

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Summer makeup for me really is all about that glow, that dewy sunkissed skin. To be honest though, I love a glow all year round, but summer time is when I feel I can go all out with the highlight products. The glowy (verging on oily) look can be blamed on the sunshine and the heat, right?


This year I have being seeing a lot of peachy vibes in the makeup scene. The peachy glow is a big hit for many and it certainly is for me. I’ve been using a lot of peach toned blushers, shadows and lip products but please welcome my new peachy glow obsession *mic drop*. It’s the Kiko Milano Highlighting Drops* from their Summer 2.0 in Plushy Rose, a stunning peachy pink liquid glow. I do love a good multi-tasking, and this is one of them. You can use this alone on the usual high points of the face (the cheekbones, cupids bow, nose, forehead) or mix it in with your primer or even your foundation.

Typically, glow drops are a golden/bronze shade so seeing them in such a pretty peach shade really got me excited. I may have let out a little squeal…

The formula of this is like none I’ve used before, as it’s a very fine fluid and is quite runny, but blends out with not much effort at all. Don’t let the fine liquid formula put you off, as you only need the tiniest amount of this and you’ll be super glowy. It blends great with the fingers or a sponge on its own, but if mixed in with another product I always use a sponge for a streak-free flawless base. You only need one to two drops of this with a foundation or primer, and the pipet applicator lets you accurately dispense the product without getting it everywhere.

You may already know this about me, but I’m all for glossy lips at the minute to. I need all the glow I can get in the warmer weather, I’m serious. The Summer 2.0 collection boasts a range of summer themed lip products, ones that can make your sun kissed look appear really glowy. I’ve been testing out the PH Lip Enhancer* in Rossetto to see what it can do for my small not-so-plump lips. All I can say is I needed this in my life a long doxycycline buy online time ago. I don’t usually like lipstick like balms but this is beautifully formulated. I use this alone as a balm or even over top a lip liner. It hydrates your lips whilst adding a slight tint and makes them feel and appear so juicy. It even makes my lips look plumper and that’s hard to come by. A serious must-have for holidays!


Now, here comes the most effortless highlighting range I’ve come across. I’m usually one for all the glow, but one those minimal makeup days I’ve finally found a highlighter I can use without it looking false. The Kiko Tropic Heat Dewy Stick* is the answer to a wet-look natural looking glow that I’ve been on the hunt for for a long time. As soon as I used this I feel in love. It almost feels and looks like a lip balm, but it’s a creamy clear dew stick for the face.

You can also use the Dewy Stick as a base for powder highlighters to make them pop and adhere better to the face.

I’m not usually one for a liquid glow pot, I don’t know why but they don’t sit right on my skin. However, I can seem to make the Kiko Illuminante Viso Face Highlighter* work. Don’t get me wrong, this is a beautiful formula, it reminds me a little of the Topshop Glow Pots but is more lightweight. This is a similar formula to the Highlighting Drops as its quite runny but this is a little less fluid. Again, you can blend this with your fingers or a sponge. This is in the shade 01, a very pale pearl highlight, which is a little light for my skin but I’ve used this as a base for my highlight. I would love to try this in a darker shade as I usually go for bronze toned highlighters as I have a slight warm yellow undertone.

The Kiko Milano summer beauty products are seriously giving me sun kissed glowy skin vibes – I’m in awe of it! If you desire a true summer glow, you may want a little look at the other bits in the range to. You can shop it here.

What kind of glow do you love?

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With the warmer weather and (very hit and miss) sunshine comes quite sticky and humid days. I’m one that adores the heat but humidity is a no no. It’s not everyday that the heat hits us here in the UK, but it’s always best to be prepared, right? There’s nothing like being sticky when you’ve got a full day ahead of you.

I’m the kinda girl that cannot leave the house unless she feels fresh. As much as I have to have my morning wash, skincare routine and fragrance spritz, the two things I could never miss (if I did I’d go home to do them, no matter where I was heading) is brushing my teeth and spraying my deodorant. Making sure my anti-perspirant is on is something I’m quite religious about and there are only certain ones that work for me.

Dove have recently launched a new range* that focuses on looking after your skin on your underarms as much as you do the skin on your face, which I’m all for. Each of their new products have been carefully reformulated with ¼ moisturising cream to boast the superior care that their anti-perspirants can offer.

This new range has been in the pipeline and on-going for the past 4 years to make sure it’s the most caring and gentle it could possibly be. I’ve always buy priligy online usa stuck to certain deodorants depending on what works for me but I’ve never felt something so soothing as these. My favourite has to be the Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea range as I’m a sucker for anything that smells fresh. The scent is perfect for a morning pick me up, as the scent is so light and clean, as is the formula. It leaves your skin so soft, nourished and smelling good all day.

The big test for me was in the gym as there aren’t many anti-perspirants that can last throughout a gym session. I found the roll on kept my underarms hydrated but didn’t last as well as the sprays. The sprays for me are a godsend as once you’ve sprayed them on, it doesn’t rub off or oil off like roll ons do on me.

The new Dove anti-perspirant range is available in 8 variants, including products for extra sensitive to normal skin from invisible dry products to freshening and soft feel sprays and roll ons. As well as the full size cans, they have mini’s and roll ons that are perfect to pop into your bag for on the go.

Dove’s new collection and all its 8 variants are available in-store and online at Boots.

What range is your summer day saviour?

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L’Oreal Paris have launched a tonne of new and exciting products this year, but this review is of something I should’ve tried a good year or so ago. It’s their Nude Magique Cushion Foundation, one I’ve wanted to try for a very long time and I can’t believe I’ve only just purchased it. For a drugstore foundation it is at the higher end of the budget, retailing for £15, but my favourite foundations all seem to be high to mid end, so I felt I can justify giving this a go as it is indeed cheaper than those.

I was on the hunt for a base product, ideally a foundation that can give me a fresh glowy ‘no makeup’ look without feeling like I need to apply more products on top. I wanted something quick and easy that adds a layer of radiance and can hide my blemishes at the same time, and this does exactly that. With other foundations I’ve tried to achieve this with, they’ve never seemed to give the right finish. They give that ‘blank canvas’ look and always needed a bit of bronzer, blush and highlight to make it look right. Whereas the Cushion Foundation gives a nice dewy coverage that makes it still look like your skin, without the added steps.


As I say, this foundation gives a really fresh and radiant finish and is super featherweight on the skin. Its quite a strange generic priligy dapoxetine concept this product, as it’s a soft cushion drenched in a liquid foundation, where you tap a sponge into it to pick up the product then apply. It comes with its own applicator, however I prefer to use my Beautyblender as its easier to control and clean. Applying it with a sponge allows you to build up your desired coverage, and if you dampen the sponge it gives an even more radiant glowing finish.

With lighter coverage foundations I usually find they don’t last a good amount of time, but this one has proved me wrong. If applied in the morning its always still in place and radiant by the end of the day. I prefer to apply two light layers of this to get a light to medium coverage, which I find covers blemishes and gives a gorgeous finish. Although I have combination/oily skin, I’ve applied this without powdering and it doesn’t budge. I am super impressed with this!

The packaging is something I’m a big fan of, as it comes in a cute small plastic pot instead of a glass bottle, which is super handy to pop in your bag and take on the go with you.

The only thing I would say is that there isn’t the biggest shade range; it caters for light to medium skin tones from the shades Porcelain to Beige and Golden Amber.

What’s your favourite natural base product?

Megan ?


Out of all the makeup I have, I really do think lashes can make the look. Ive been an avid lash wearer for quite a long time now, I do have quite long lashes but I do adore the false wispy effect. I usually wear more natural style lashes and do miss going all glam with them when I go a bit extra with my makeup. I’ve been testing out the new KISS faux mink lash couture lashes*, which are super glam and gorgeous. Oh my, have I missed going all out with my lashes.

These are the first natural faux mink lashes to the market, which I love as I personally would never use real mink lashes. All of which are soft, plush and really glamorous – it’s hard to pick what style are best as all three are so pretty and feminine. What I love about these is that they are knot free, which means you can get so much use out of them, up to at least 10 times. The band of the lash is thicker than normal which adjusts to your natural lash line and I find them so weightless and comfortable. I was a bit iffy at first as they seemed heavier than what I normally wear, but they feel like you have nothing on.


I have been wearing and testing two pairs out of the three new styles. I modelled buy accutane them here with no other eye makeup so you can see their true self. First up we have Gala, a more natural and lighter lash. This style appears more natural as the lashes aren’t as wispy and follow the natural lash height (they start small then grow longer in the middle). I find this style more suitable to my eye shape and easier to wear for everyday to evening.

If you’re more of an evening lash wearer, the second pair in the style Midnight will be your cup of tea. They are a super luxurious glam pair that looks incredible on an evening out. These are of the more wispy style that I adore and look so stunning alone or with glam eye makeup. Again, although these are a bit heavier they are so comfortable to wear. I love the softness and lustrous shine!

The lashes do not come with their own glue as it’s sold separately, however the times I’ve used them you can use any glue you like any they stay all day. When you first get them I recommend bending them a little so they curve and are easier to apply.

These brand new lashes are new to KISS and are sold at such an affordable price in Superdrug – very hard to resist!

Have you tried this new range from KISS?

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These past few weeks I’ve been all about a peachy glow, from eyes to lips and even face products. I used to just be a bronzed bronzer and pink blush kinda girl, not no more. I’m all for that peachy skin look and with the Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette I can get just that all from one place.

I love multi-taking face palettes for one main reason, they’re so easy to take on the go with you or just quickly grab out of your makeup bag when you’re running out of time in the morning. I’ve loved many but this is my favourite right now. At the minute, much of the week consists of doing work from home and working out, which is usually barefaced, so when I do go anywhere quickly all I want is quick but effective makeup products. This peachy goodness filled palette from Too Faced always delivers me exactly what I need.

First up, the shades in this are too die for if you love the peach glow like me. All three shades are super easy to work with in terms of blendability and I think they would suit many skin tones. I find this perfect for more natural makeup looks as the product isn’t highly pigmented but gives a gorgeous flush of colour and is buildable.

The highlight is a gorgeous medium-light champagne shade infused with peachy hints. I love to apply this everywhere I can, so the cupid purchase amoxil online bow, above and under my brow, down my nose and of course the high points of my cheeks – its just so pretty. I prefer to apply this with a damp fan brush, just so it picks up more pigment and I tend to spritz it with MAC’s Fix + in Coconut, which gives a real fruity cocktail of scents. My favourite has to be the blush, a true peach shade with teeny tiny specks of shimmer. It looks so pretty when you have a slight tan to! The bronzer adds that perfect ‘beachy glow’ look as it’s crafted with peachy flecks and shimmers to, just like the highlighter. It adds just the right amount of colour and I tend to use this over the top of another bronzer or contour.

Each product is beautifully designed with the peach logo, which is so cute and makes the product that bit more special. The case is also engraved with the same logo and the packaging is of a peachy ombre colour, super chic and pretty. Its also tin, which makes it pretty hard to damage and I think protects the products inside a bit more.

Another thing I know you’ll love, it even smells like peaches. I’m not the biggest fan of heavily scented products, but this is too good to resist and isn’t sickly, just reminds me of sweet summer.

Have you tried any of the Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection yet?

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Being a woman, it can be quite horrible to have unwanted hair on your body. There’s nothing at all wrong with having it, but when you want it all gone it can be quite an effort to get rid of it. I myself grow hair back very quickly. I can shave my legs and the next day they feel prickly again – it’s the worst. So, I’ve been testing out the Hair No More Spray* by Skin Doctors. It’s a true innovation in hair removal as I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this – I was very intrigued as you might be, so let me tell you more.

Essentially, this spray is created to discourage unwanted hair from growing back. If you have fine hair this stuff will work it’s wonders pretty quick, but I have coarse hairs so it has taken a bit of time but nonetheless, any results are better than none in just a few weeks. This spray claims to keep hair away for months if you continue to use it, which I am certainly going to do as I’ve isotretinoin 20mg seen results already. My hair is growing through finer and a little slower.

The spray is formulated with natural herb and plant extracts to nourish and calm the skin once you’re done with your hair removal. So practically, this stuff is a two in one. As it’s shown slower results for me, I definitely love this for calming my skin as I suffer with rashes sometimes on my thighs and underarms and it’s super cooling to. You simply spritz it onto the area and massage it.

As it’s quite a small compact bottle encased in frosted plastic, it means you can take this stuff on the go with you, so I’ll certainly be taking this away with me on my holidays.

If you’re a waxer, Skin Doctors say it works more effectively as it allows the product to be easily absorbed into the skin follicles. You can really use this after any method of hair removal, I love it for after shaving.

This is available at Amazon, Look Fantastic and Feel Unique.

Have you tried this or anything like it?

Megan ?



Makeup storage and sorting is definitely in my top things to do, I just love it. It’s so physically and mentally stimulating, I mean, everything is just so pretty and it means I get time to stare at it in all its glory. That may sound a little odd, but you get what I mean I’m sure. Items that I put on display, like lipsticks, brushes and liners are something I find easy to control, but when it comes to the little things, sometimes it’s much harder work than you thought. When I started hoarding single shadows I was a bit unsure where and how to store them, and I’ve finally found the perfect solution.

Make Up For Ever have a range of empty metal palettes, which you can customise to how you like with any product that has a magnetic base. The large palette* is what I currently have, and this stores around 32 standard single shadows (such as those from Morphe, Makeup Geek and ABH).


It’s case is ultra slim and elegant with an easy wipeable matte black finish. The palette is also super lightweight, even with shadows in and this makes it so easy to carry around with you. This is by far better buy priligy in usa than other customisable palettes I’ve used as the packaging really makes it that much better. Your shadows stay safe at all times, there’s no need to worry with these when travelling.


These palettes from MUFE are also great at storing extreme glitter shadows, like these two from Glitter Eyes*. The colours here have been my favourite recently in the shades Aurora (left) and Unicorn Wings (right), a bright hot pink and silver/purple with tonnes of multi-coloured reflects. You have to admit, these are perfect for the festive season ahead, they give the most amazing colour payoff and don’t budge all day and all night. They are great for this palette as it comes with a foam insert to place on top of the shadows, therefore you don’t get any fall out. This also means your shadows have extra protection whilst on the go. Both products are also super affordable to!


This palette is sold on the Make Up For Ever store, or if you’re in the UK they are sold by PAM London, and are available in four sizes from £3.95.

Now I’ve got so much space in the palette I’m so keen to fill it up, which shadows would you recommend?

Megan ??


It’s officially landed, the Kat Von D collection has finally hit the UK – *sighs with relief*. I’ve been debating for so long whether to go through with that Sephora order, but now I don’t have to. The minute the range launched on Debenhams online, I had to order a couple of things just to keep myself sane, I would be silly not to right?


Firstly we have the very famous Lolita Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. This is that perfect shade for Instagram pictures – that deep mauve nude that screams utter perfection. I’ve never tried Kat Von D products but by first impressions I am so happy with the quality. Liquid lipsticks can either be drying or perfect, and this one comes under the ‘perfect’ category.

From first impressions I noticed that the formula is extremely long lasting. By long lasting I mean it doesn’t budge. When I swatched it literally didn’t come off my hands with water, even by scrubbing it. Even on the lips it just stays put, and I love that. There’s nothing worse than a liquid lipstick so drying it crumbles off within an hour. Now I’ve got one I want more, so let the shopping commence!

This order wouldn’t be complete without ordering an eye palette, as I’ve heard amazing reviews everywhere, and now I know why. I purchased the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour buy cheap doxycycline online 100mg Palette just because it was totally necessary. I’ve never owned an eye palette like this where there are only matte shades, and I can already tell it’s going to be up there with my favourites. The shades range from light creams to a black, and anywhere in between is every shade of brown you need.


All of the shadows are extremely pigmented and creamy, which made them very easy to blend. The palette comes with 12 shades that are of neutral, cool and warm undertones that help you to capture the true hues of shade and light. The deeper tones are to add depth and the brighter shades are to accentuate the best angles. There’s so much to this palette and you can make so many looks from it, there’s something for everyone.

Top row L-R
Bottom row L-R

With my order I also received a deluxe sample size of the famous Tattoo Liner in Trooper, the most easy to use liquid liner you’ll ever see. It has an extremely thin tip that gives you a jet black thin liner, which stays put all day. It’s soon becoming a favourite of mine, especially for those days when winged liner is at its most difficult – many of us could use a little help, right?

Want to shop the Kat Von D range that has hit the UK? Click here.
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For months on end I’ve been looking for a way to treat my over tired eyes, without having to use makeup. My creams I use during my skincare routine do a wonderful job at firming, de-puffing and getting rid of dark circles around my eyes. But, sometimes that’s just not enough, don’t you agree?

I was thrilled when I was contacted and sent some eye care patches from Acropass, known as the Skinova Acropass Eye Patches*. I was so intrigued since the day they arrived, as I’d never tried something so advanced in the comfort of my own home. Acropass from Skinova is the world’s first at home Hyaluronic acid treatment that delivers immediate results without any side effects.

Until very recently Hyaluronic acid treatments were injected as fillers into the skin, which could cause bruising and soreness. With this
new technology from Acropass, it can now be pain free and deliver the same results. The eye patches contain tiny microstructures that act as miniature needles to penetrate the Epidermis and plump the skin. The hairs are one quarter of the thickness of a human hair, and you literally cannot feel them in your skin.

Each structure buy cheap amoxil online contains dissolvable hyaluronic acid and Epidermal Growth Factor which pass through the skin barrier and dissolve inside to provide
hydration, plumping and rejuvenation effects. You simply use the patches twice a week for four weeks, and once thereafter for maintenance. I find they work best when used overnight as it helps regenerate plumpness around the eyes in the morning. Alternatively, you can use them for two hours, which gives the microstructures time to fully absorb into the skin.

My eyes have never felt so de-puffed and full of life in the mornings; I will most certainly be getting another batch to stay topped up. I highly recommend this product to all of you, and you can shop it here.

I’ve teamed up with Acropass to give one of my lucky readers the chance to win an Eye Patch kit, all you have to do is enter below. It finishes on 24th June 2016 – so get entering now for your chance to win this amazing product!

What’s your favourite at home treatment?

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Skinova Acropass patch #4