Makeup applicators are one of the most important tools in a beauty kit. Personally, I think having the right tools can lead you to having more flawless, longer lasting and perfected makeup. There are many times where I’ve tried new tools from brushes to applicators and have had far from standard results. Some beauty tools are bad, some are good but those that are amazing stand out a mile.

If you know me, you’ll know my Beautyblender is my holy grail face applicator. I use it to blend my foundations, concealers, cream contour and sometimes even bake my face with powder. There isn’t much this sponge can’t do when you’re talking base makeup, so putting another version to the test was serious.

The past few weeks, maybe more, I’ve been trialling the Eco Tools Ecofoam Makeup Sponge Duo*. Like many other brands, these mimic the shape of the original Beautyblender so I was intrigued if they have the same performance skills. Wanna know my thoughts?

Firstly, this pack comes with two sponges, one a little larger than the other with the largest being the same size as the original Beautyblender when it’s damp and dry. This was a huge plus for me as I’ve tested many that won’t increase in size as much as the original, but luckily this one does. The second sponge is a little smaller and is what I’ve been using to blend cream contour when I use it, as it’s made for firmer more precise makeup application. I don’t always use both as I don’t want to mix various shades and tones on the same applicator. However, they do both perform exactly the same.

Like the Beautyblender, the larger Eco Tools Sponge works to flawlessly blend makeup to help create that camera ready look. It’s large surface means you can apply base makeup quickly and its softness encourages create light, buildable makeup application. I’d say the Eco Tools version is as ‘fluffy’ as the Beautyblender (both wet and dry it’s a little stiffer) but it performs pretty much the same. The only difference is that it doesn’t feel as lightweight and as I say ‘fluffy’ on the face, but it still feels nice and bouncy.

I love that the Eco Tools sponges comes with flat edges at the top, which makes concealer application and precision baking (with powder) incredibly quick and easy. The flatness helps the product blend a bit quicker in my opinion. The larger end of the sponges replicate the Beautyblender and with the bigger one, I use it to blend foundation and harsh lines. The two different ends means you don’t ever have to mix your foundation and concealer as it’s easy to keep them separate.

I’d say although these are a bit firmer, they are an incredible dupe of the original Beautyblender. They blend seamlessly and don’t leave any streaky or harsh lines. I always use these damp as not only is it quicker and easier when they’re bigger, the dampness really melts the product into your skin and leaves you with an oh so flawless finish.

The big test of washing them came and I was a little nervous. They don’t need washing AS often as the Beautyblender, purely for the fact that the two different ends means you don’t mix product all. I washed these the same as I do my Beautyblender, with warm water and soap, as they come out as good as new. With time and age they started to get harder to clean everything out, but that happens with the original to.

So, I’d give these a strong 9/10 for performance and I have to say it, these sponges are the best dupe I’ve tried for the original Beautyblender!

These are of super popular demand at the minute with them being so affordable and amazing dupes of the original. And don’t forget, you get two for the price of one with the Eco Tools duo. You can purchase them in-store and online at Boots and Superdrug for under £10!

Have you tried the Eco Tools Ecofoam sponges?

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I’m loving skincare so much at the minute that I just can’t keep it to just a weekly Sunday post. When there’s a product I love, I just need to talk about it and share it with you all. Today I’m telling you all about the Pixi Peel & Polish, a new skincare step in my routine that I’ve sure been missing. From the first time I used this product a few weeks back, I knew I needed to talk about it. First impressions were extremely good, but I had to trial it for a few weeks to get a real feel and see what results it gives. An honest skincare post comes from trialling a product on a regular basis for a while, right?

There’s only so much skincare you can use and with me being somewhat lazy with my skincare routine from time to time, I’ve not stopped using this so it must be working its magic!

The Pixi Peel & Polish is a multi-action product packed with all kinds of goodness, including sugar extracts and lactic acid. The ingredients loaded into the creamy formula work to gently dissolve dead skin cells to reveal a radiant complexion. It’s practically a quick, effective and comforting at-home facial that reveals a better complexion within just a few minutes.

You apply this like you would a normal facemask. Just squeeze out a small dollop into your hand and smooth all over the face. As it’s a peel off mask I do tend to use a medium layer, not too light so that I can peel it off all in one. After just a few minutes online pharmacy priligy it’ll eliminate the dullness in your skin and resurface its natural glow. I usually pop it on for around 4-7 minutes then its time for the BEST bit… to peel it off. Does anyone else find this extremely satisfying?

This is best to use around 2-3 times per week, I usually use it 3 times to maintain a radiant glow. You apply it to clean, dry skin, sit back and relax for a few minutes and let the goodness work its magic. When you remove the mask your skin will feel so clean and renewed whilst also feeling well nourished and hydrated. Although it’s a peel off mask you wouldn’t think it as it leaves your skin glowing. I typically use this in the evening after cleansing my skin and before applying my serums, oils etc.

I love that it comes in a beautiful pale pink tube, as I’m all for aesthetically pleasing packaging and Pixi really have this spot on. It’s just too pretty not to have on display and because it sits on my dressing table, I never forget to use it. This is a real bedroom/bathroom cabinet must-have.

Fortunately, I was very lucky to receive this from a very good friend of mine who won a competition and got two with one to give to someone else (thanks Frances Hemmant, you got my back girl!). But, when this stuff runs out I shall be repurchasing as I think its so worth the money. You can shop it here!

Have you ever tried Pixi Skincare?

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With the warmer weather and (very hit and miss) sunshine comes quite sticky and humid days. I’m one that adores the heat but humidity is a no no. It’s not everyday that the heat hits us here in the UK, but it’s always best to be prepared, right? There’s nothing like being sticky when you’ve got a full day ahead of you.

I’m the kinda girl that cannot leave the house unless she feels fresh. As much as I have to have my morning wash, skincare routine and fragrance spritz, the two things I could never miss (if I did I’d go home to do them, no matter where I was heading) is brushing my teeth and spraying my deodorant. Making sure my anti-perspirant is on is something I’m quite religious about and there are only certain ones that work for me.

Dove have recently launched a new range* that focuses on looking after your skin on your underarms as much as you do the skin on your face, which I’m all for. Each of their new products have been carefully reformulated with ¼ moisturising cream to boast the superior care that their anti-perspirants can offer.

This new range has been in the pipeline and on-going for the past 4 years to make sure it’s the most caring and gentle it could possibly be. I’ve always buy priligy online usa stuck to certain deodorants depending on what works for me but I’ve never felt something so soothing as these. My favourite has to be the Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea range as I’m a sucker for anything that smells fresh. The scent is perfect for a morning pick me up, as the scent is so light and clean, as is the formula. It leaves your skin so soft, nourished and smelling good all day.

The big test for me was in the gym as there aren’t many anti-perspirants that can last throughout a gym session. I found the roll on kept my underarms hydrated but didn’t last as well as the sprays. The sprays for me are a godsend as once you’ve sprayed them on, it doesn’t rub off or oil off like roll ons do on me.

The new Dove anti-perspirant range is available in 8 variants, including products for extra sensitive to normal skin from invisible dry products to freshening and soft feel sprays and roll ons. As well as the full size cans, they have mini’s and roll ons that are perfect to pop into your bag for on the go.

Dove’s new collection and all its 8 variants are available in-store and online at Boots.

What range is your summer day saviour?

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Does anyone else love to indulge themselves in a coat of fragrance every time they use it? Because I do. Sometimes I forget how expensive some fragrances are, and many squirts later I realise I’ve made a huge mistake. As much as I love to do this, it’s time for me (and maybe you to, if you’re guilty) to stop and realise there are other alternatives to using up your expensive fragrances every single day.

Recently, I discovered So…? released a range of Body Mists*, which are not only affordable but are enough to wear as your scent of the day. These new body mists are a perfect alternative to using up your much-loved luxury fragrances so fast, as they smell fabulous and linger on the skin just like a fragrance does. I remember using So…? body sprays back in secondary school and trying new things from the brand just takes me way back.

Each bottle claims to have 600 sprays in them, which I’m yet to find out but I’ve used one particular scent (White Petals) everyday for the past few weeks and have over two thirds of the bottle left. I find three to four pumps enough for the either the entire body as a light mist or on the points you’d typically spritz your perfume. I do think these are light enough to spray onto your clothes, but I usually do so at some distance.

Let me tell you a little bit about each scent to see which would be your pick…

Pink Grapefruit – a fruity cocktail of zesty citrus, mango and passion

Vanilla Milkshake – sweet vanilla notes with a mix of peach and plum

Musk – a sophisticated blend of bergamot, sandalwood and powdery musk

Iced Melon – a mixture of refreshing juicy melon and cooling cucumber

Floriental – a blend of mouth-watering pear, apple and mandarin mixed with a medley of freesia and violet

White Petals – delicate notes of bergamot with freesia and water lily

Each and every body mist name is true to its scent. What it says on the label is exactly what the mist purchase ventolin online smells like. If you prefer fresh scents with a fruity twist, I would suggest either Pink Grapefruit or Iced Melon out of the ones I’ve tried. These are both very refreshing scents and I imagine them being perfect for holiday as they smell like a tropical island.

My preference is sweet but sophisticated floral scents and my top picks would be Floriental and White Pearls, which both remind me of bright sunny days and I find these kind of scents sit best on my skin on warmer days. For a sweeter preference, I’d recommend Vanilla Milkshake that is the exact replication of the drink. It literally smells of a milkshake and is quite heavy for me, but for those who love a sickly sweet scent then this is the one. I’d say Musk is the only scent that is quite heavy and perfume like, and is the one I would recommend if you’re into heavier daytime scents. This one reminds me a lot of many of my perfumes mixed into one, and I think is the most expensive scent of them all.

These are ideal to pop into your handbag for an on-the-go fragrance refresh. I’ve never been one to want to carry a perfume bottle around, because of the expense and glass bottle. However, these are packaged in clear plastic bottles that you don’t need to worry about.

I wouldn’t say these are richly scented like perfumes are, but they do leave a gorgeous scent to your skin and come in so many varieties so there’s something to please everyone’s taste. These are just the perfect alternative to using up your fragrance every day, and for the price they are worth testing out if you’re new to them.

These are now available to purchase in-store and online at Boots and Superdrug. They retail at £3.99 but I find them on sale for half price quite often in-store, so don’t miss out on the offer!

Which So…? Body Mist would be your pick?

Megan ?

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These past few weeks I’ve been all about a peachy glow, from eyes to lips and even face products. I used to just be a bronzed bronzer and pink blush kinda girl, not no more. I’m all for that peachy skin look and with the Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette I can get just that all from one place.

I love multi-taking face palettes for one main reason, they’re so easy to take on the go with you or just quickly grab out of your makeup bag when you’re running out of time in the morning. I’ve loved many but this is my favourite right now. At the minute, much of the week consists of doing work from home and working out, which is usually barefaced, so when I do go anywhere quickly all I want is quick but effective makeup products. This peachy goodness filled palette from Too Faced always delivers me exactly what I need.

First up, the shades in this are too die for if you love the peach glow like me. All three shades are super easy to work with in terms of blendability and I think they would suit many skin tones. I find this perfect for more natural makeup looks as the product isn’t highly pigmented but gives a gorgeous flush of colour and is buildable.

The highlight is a gorgeous medium-light champagne shade infused with peachy hints. I love to apply this everywhere I can, so the cupid purchase amoxil online bow, above and under my brow, down my nose and of course the high points of my cheeks – its just so pretty. I prefer to apply this with a damp fan brush, just so it picks up more pigment and I tend to spritz it with MAC’s Fix + in Coconut, which gives a real fruity cocktail of scents. My favourite has to be the blush, a true peach shade with teeny tiny specks of shimmer. It looks so pretty when you have a slight tan to! The bronzer adds that perfect ‘beachy glow’ look as it’s crafted with peachy flecks and shimmers to, just like the highlighter. It adds just the right amount of colour and I tend to use this over the top of another bronzer or contour.

Each product is beautifully designed with the peach logo, which is so cute and makes the product that bit more special. The case is also engraved with the same logo and the packaging is of a peachy ombre colour, super chic and pretty. Its also tin, which makes it pretty hard to damage and I think protects the products inside a bit more.

Another thing I know you’ll love, it even smells like peaches. I’m not the biggest fan of heavily scented products, but this is too good to resist and isn’t sickly, just reminds me of sweet summer.

Have you tried any of the Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection yet?

Megan ?


Being a woman, it can be quite horrible to have unwanted hair on your body. There’s nothing at all wrong with having it, but when you want it all gone it can be quite an effort to get rid of it. I myself grow hair back very quickly. I can shave my legs and the next day they feel prickly again – it’s the worst. So, I’ve been testing out the Hair No More Spray* by Skin Doctors. It’s a true innovation in hair removal as I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this – I was very intrigued as you might be, so let me tell you more.

Essentially, this spray is created to discourage unwanted hair from growing back. If you have fine hair this stuff will work it’s wonders pretty quick, but I have coarse hairs so it has taken a bit of time but nonetheless, any results are better than none in just a few weeks. This spray claims to keep hair away for months if you continue to use it, which I am certainly going to do as I’ve isotretinoin 20mg seen results already. My hair is growing through finer and a little slower.

The spray is formulated with natural herb and plant extracts to nourish and calm the skin once you’re done with your hair removal. So practically, this stuff is a two in one. As it’s shown slower results for me, I definitely love this for calming my skin as I suffer with rashes sometimes on my thighs and underarms and it’s super cooling to. You simply spritz it onto the area and massage it.

As it’s quite a small compact bottle encased in frosted plastic, it means you can take this stuff on the go with you, so I’ll certainly be taking this away with me on my holidays.

If you’re a waxer, Skin Doctors say it works more effectively as it allows the product to be easily absorbed into the skin follicles. You can really use this after any method of hair removal, I love it for after shaving.

This is available at Amazon, Look Fantastic and Feel Unique.

Have you tried this or anything like it?

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