I didn’t really know what to call this post. I sat at my laptop and stared at a blank screen for around 10 minutes just gathering my thoughts and thinking of exactly what to write. But, to be quite honest I’m not actually 100% sure on exactly what I’ll write today. In my head I want to give you all (and rectify with myself) a lil life update. Nothing serious. I’ve just transitioned into a ‘not so motivated because I want to embrace all the cosy, dark and blanketed nights in’ when a matter of fact is that I’ve hated not being at my laptop writing up content. As quite honestly, it’s one of my favourite things todo.

Whilst I was at uni I was on my laptop every single day without fail. I had to be. I had to be on the go commuting and that meant laptop time, as did whilst I was at uni and also at home. When my laptop is open my creativity just flows, and sometimes I can’t stop it for hours on end as I just get carried away. The problem is, now that I don’t have to be on my laptop pretty much most hours I’m awake, it’s hard to actually get it open.

Lately, I find myself sometimes catching my laptop out the corner of my eye and think ‘meh, I’ll get to it in 15 minutes’. You know the drill. 15 minutes pass and I forget all about that thought. Then, the following day comes around and the same things happen again. It’s a vicious cycle and one I’m slowly but surely climbing out of.

I think 3 continuous years of being online at uni made me want and need time off from it all. I feel like now that I’ve had that time its ready to get back on track. Well, at least I hope it is.

It really got me down when I thought about the time I used to daily blog. It seemed then that I was on top of things, a better blogger and more motivated. In reality, it’s not that way at all.

Daily blogging was fun and I do think I’ll go back to it. But there comes a time when it gets too much and a less busy schedule suited me better after 7/8 months of it. I’ve seen many bloggers, influencers and YouTubers around me lessen the amount of content they’re putting out and there is nothing wrong with that at all. It’s good to not be so hard on yourself and take sometime to think about when, what and why you want to create and upload. You need to make yourself happy, and that’s exactly what I told myself.

I’ve changed my schedule massively and I aim to get back into a more (but not too) strict routine. I want to upload on regular days, if I can, and get back into the swing of it. If there’s a day I don’t fancy taking some pictures or writing a post then so be it. After all, I’d only want to post content I’m happy with and hope my readers want to read until the end and actually enjoy.

I think sticking to a regular but less busy schedule will be better for me, for me. Who knows how it’ll change in the future?

I’m currently on the hunt for my dream job and enjoying my time being free with my blog, my daily life and myself. It feels good to be getting back on my feet.

Fingers crossed writing out all these emotions and having it feature on my blog will give me that lil kick up the backside that I’ve needed. Next time I look down at my laptop and have second thoughts, I will open it up and see where it takes me.

Wow that felt so good to write.

Anyone else had a slump and needed to get it out to get back on track?

Megan ♥


As easy as it is to lose motivation, your creative spark or energy, it’s super important to not let it be as easy to just give up.

I assume we’ve all been there. Experiencing that feeling of wanting to curl up in bed, switch on Netflix, light the candles and pretend we have nothing to do (especially with the colder days on their way). BUT it’s just not worth it.

At the beginning of August I hit rock bottom with my creativity flow. I pretty much hit a brick wall. I had the least amount of inspiration I’d had in a long long time and I found it so difficult to even take some photos. The inspiration just wasn’t there and I couldn’t force it, so I gave up daily blogging for a bit and almost felt ready to stop it all for good.

Luckily, I had brain wave, slapped the back of my hand and told myself to stop being so silly. It was just a creative block. It happens and its not forever. Right?

I took it upon myself to take a break, do things to cheer me up and hoped to get my mojo back. It took its sweet time but it came, it worked and I feel better for it.

Why is it so important to just keep going?

Giving up on your dreams sometimes feels a lot easy than keeping going through the tough times. No matter your dream there will be obstacles and those things in the way aren’t always easy to get over, but by keeping going you’ll end up smashing through those walls and getting to the other side. Isn’t it such a good feeling pushing through and getting to where you’d expected? This is exactly why I kept going.

Many times it crossed my mind to just start a new hobby but I just knew deep down that I wouldn’t love and feel more passionate about something else. If what generic amoxil india you’re working towards is something you’re passionate about, something you want to pursue and succeed in then my advice is just keep going.

As Billy Ocean sung, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” and that really is something you have to live by if wanna push through. My parents used to say that line to me and I never really quite understood what it meant. I used to just think it was one of those meaningless sayings. But growing up and thinking about it more, it does say a lot about topics like this.

Taking a break does you good.

I thought that taking breaks were a bad thing. Probably from all those years of watching Friends and Ross and Rachel arguing about “we were on a BREAK” (yes, I still binge watch Friends like I haven’t seen it before and live for that line).

But honestly, it does you the world of good if you’re on that breaking point.

If you’re close to giving up on something, whether it’s a piece of work or a passion, just have a little break, take some you time and switch off. Even if you need an hours breather or a week or two, see how it makes you feel and you may be grateful for that decision.

It did me the world of good and although I didn’t believe that taking some time off would help, I was so wrong.

Gosh, reading that back I feel like I was kinda preaching but it felt so good writing it. From someone that was close to giving up on a passion, a hobby and something I love, this advice is what I told myself, and it worked! Who knows where it might lead in the future but I’m so thankful I just pushed through.

Daily blogging is back and my mojo is in full swing.

Megan ?


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