Quite honestly, anything rose gold is a winner in my books. And when I laid my eyes on the Crown Brusk UK Rose Gold Oval Brushes* I fell head over heels. Not only are these brushes bang on trend right now, the colour and design of them just excited me… a lot. Not only are these beautiful, this Full Face Contour Set is all you need to complete a whole face of makeup. Want to see how?


At first I was a bit sceptical to how these would apply product, and whether the handles and hairbrush style head would make it harder. Crown Brush UK proved me wrong, as they actually make it easier and a heck of a lot quicker. Also, the super soft and luxurious bristles make every application smooth and seamless, perfect for an even coverage.

With the smallest brush I tend to use it for under eye concealer/highlighting and applying contour products. But of course, in between these steps it’s important to clean off your brush. I find this the perfect size to get into those hard to reach areas, and also blends out under eye concealer so easily. For cream/powder blush and bronzer application I use the medium priligy online size brush. I find this just the right size to apply product super fast and is an essential for when you don’t have a lot of time. For the days when I have a bit less time, I also use this brush to apply or blend out my contour products, as again it makes the process a lot quicker. The brush for full-face foundation application is of course, the biggest brush. This is by far my favourite, and has converted me back to believing in face brushes as I’ve been using a Beauty Blender for years now. It blends foundation within seconds, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a thicker coverage, it just makes the whole process fuss-free.


Unlike other oval paddle brushes on the market, these are designed to twist and withstand pressure, so those of us with heavier hands this is a real dream. I’ve seen in the past other oval brushes snapping in half, but with these you don’t have to worry.

Another plus is that they are 100% synthetic and vegan friendly!

This set retails for £29.99. To shop these brushes and the other amazing and affordable products Crown Brush UK have, click here.

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A mermaid-esque purple makeup brush set? Every girls dream right? Crown Brush UK has that covered with their Purple 523 HD Brush Set*, which has everything going for it. Not only are the brushes simply stunning, the bristles give the most flawless application.

I am a lover of brushes I must admit; especially those that can both look pretty and apply any product well. These HD brush tips are made of high quality dense Nylon bristles that ensures a precise application, with any cream, liquid and powder products. As they are perfectly adapted to any form of product, whether runny or a bit heavier, these are quickly becoming popular for professional use. This being said, it’s quite clear why, as I have got an even coverage and amazing application with every brush.

I tend to use the eye brushes with just powder shadows, and I’ve noticed that the brushes pick up only a small amount of product, but this is what you want for flawless blending. The Crease Blender brush is an absolute dream, it makes blending crease shadows so so easy, just as well as my MAC 217 and Morphe brushes. I use the Chisel Shadow brush for packing product on my lid or inner corner highlight, and this buying priligy online picks up product easier than the crease brush, which is ideal!

For liquid and cream face products, the Pro Powder brush works like a dream. I find it hard to find face brushes that can apply any foundation or powder well, but this really does the trick. For cheek products whether they are cream or powder, the Tapered Blush brush works extremely well with both. I find it picks up a bit more powder product than the eye brushes do, so you only need a small amount of product. And for the perfect contour, I use the Contour Deluxe brush to apply my contour into the hollows of my cheeks, then blend with either the powder or blush brush.

This adorable set comes in a cute purple patent case, with a pair of tweezers and medium size mirror. I’ve travelled with this already and it makes the whole ‘makeup packing’ thing a whole lot easier. The set includes:

·      1X Pro Powder

·      1X Tapered Blush

·      1X Deluxe Contour

·      1X Chisel Shadow

·      1X Crease Blender

·      1X Detail Liner

·      1X Mirror

·      1X Pair of Purple tweezers

·      1X Purple Patent

Check out Crown Brush and this gorgeous set here. This retails for £29.99.

Who could resist these, really?!

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