Oh hello there, we meet again. I am back with another post *mini squeal* as I finally feel like I’m getting my mojo back.

Getting my laptop out of its case no longer feels like an effort as many ideas are whizzing around in my head. A feeling I haven’t had in a while and if I’m honest, I’ve really missed it.

Writing is my creative outlet and not being very inspired lately has really had a strain on my mood. I feel I need to write and create more often than not to feel myself and I’m starting to gain that feeling back so hurrah, yay, let’s go!

Today’s post is a fashion one, a personal one and one I’ve had in mind for a while.

Let’s begin with saying that I’m no fashion guru. I would never see myself as a style inspiration (as much as I’d love to be) but I have recently come to the realisation that I *think* I’ve finally found my style.

Before starting a blog as well as during the first year of Life With MCM, I thought beauty talk was all I could manage. Buying and trying new makeup and skincare on a regular basis was my thing and I love sharing my ideas and thoughts on products, the latest trends and all that beauty goodness. However, a little while ago I decided to kick-start the ‘fashion’ section on my blog hoping to find my style. I had the idea that writing about fashion would make me fall more in love with it and also help me experiment more, and it’s done exactly that.

When I say ‘I’ve found my style’ I don’t only mean one look, one impression, I mean I’ve found out what suits me, what I want to experiment with and also what pieces I want in my wardrobe.

I’ve mentioned before about being stuck in a rut with the same cycle of clothes. I never used to try new things and would always find myself buying the same old tops and jeans from the same old stores and nothing else. In the end it got really boring and I never thought I could be into fashion as much as I’d always wanted to be.

So, when I started this new section on my blog it meant I needed inspiration. Of course, I headed straight for Instagram and Pinterest and questioned why others would look so damn great in their clothes and had such confidence when wearing them. One day it dawned upon me that these people wear what the heck they want. They wear their clothes with confidence and passion, and that’s because they think about their style and what they want their style to be. It was clear that in order to find your style, it was important to have a bit of trial and error in your life.

For years I thought the only way to put an outfit together was to copy others and just buy the most basic things on the rails. I’d never dare myself to try something new, that idea was just horrifying to me.

Since I’ve experimented more, tried things I’d never think to in a million years and listened to my own style thoughts, I’ve started to feel happier in my clothes. I now know what I want and how I want to style it, instead of just copying what I see online and what I think is ‘right’.

More recently it dawned on me that various fashion brands have subconsciously spoke to me and told me to go out of my comfort zone. I found myself going into different shops, seeing new items and putting potential outfits together in my head.

After visiting the Nasty Gal Pop Up on Carnaby Street and was surrounded by clothes I envied but never thought I could pull off, I had a sudden realisation that I can wear those things if I really want to. It’s not a crime to wear what we want, and whatever you feel great in is what you should be wearing – even if it is a little different than what you’re used to or feel accustomed to wear.

I think online platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest, can make us think we have to dress a certain way, dress like others and copy others style, when in fact these platforms are there to inspire – if you let them.

Now, when I go online I never think ‘I want to be that person, I need to wear what they are’. I go online, search for fashion inspiration in order to inspire my own wardrobe. Not to copy, to inspire.

Seriously, try that wacky jumper, those unusual trousers or those cute shoes – if it makes you feel good, feel confident, feel you then you’ve found your style.

The only person that can wear your style is you, right?

Megan ♥


Sharing my daily style was something I never thought I’d be doing. Sad to think that now that I’m doing it more often than not.

1) I never thought I’d feel stylish enough to want to upload fashion content to my blog and write about my fave pieces and 2) I never thought in a million years I’d have the confidence to even take the photo. 2017 arrived and lil old Megan has definitely changed her tune.

Growing up I was never a very ‘fashion forward’ kinda girl. Don’t get me wrong, I would always indulge in the fashion pages of magazines and want to dress in all these nice pieces, but I just never found the confidence.

I would wear minimal colours as much as I could and would never experiment with nothing other than the Topshop 2 for £10 crop tops and a pair of black skinnies. Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, I still rock that when I feel like it, but lately fashion has changed for me as soon as I told myself I need to be my own person and wear what the heck I want.




Basic clothing would make me feel confident yes, but in the end I just got fed up of pulling the same old clothes out of my wardrobe. I’d have the odd jumper or top that would be slightly different from the rest, but it wasn’t long before I was stuck in a cycle of wearing and shopping for the same clothes, just because I never thought I’d feel comfortable in wearing something a bit different.

I added a bit of colour to my wardrobe throughout the summer and that has followed into the A/W season. I even changed up from just wearing jeans, jeans, jeans last year to now wearing a dress with over the knee boots to funky cropped and flared trousers, both outfits I never would’ve even dreamed to try out before.

Before, I was just a girl who told herself no other clothes would suit me. I’d tell myself to just go for the same fit or style as before as otherwise I wouldn’t feel comfortable, but actually making an effort to try new things has taught me otherwise.

I have now fallen in love with fashion, and not in love with it in a way I used to just flick through magazines lusting over other girls style. I now love to piece together my own and individual outfits, and I’m so glad I have this space on the Internet to share my new found love.

Each time I look for a new piece for my wardrobe I tell myself to think outside the box, go for something I wouldn’t normally go for and just try it out. It wasn’t long until I started feeling comfortable in new things and since I haven’t gone back to buying the same thing over and over again.


I started with buying staple pieces that would go with many colours and styles, and from there I’ve gradually bought quirky bits, like these mustard trousers, to jazz up an outfit. And, by doing this, I think I’ve found my confidence in fashion (*does a little cheer*). Honestly, that feels really good to say that.

The point of this post and my thoughts whilst writing it is to tell you to just for go it. Wear what you want and how you want to wear it. Try new pieces you think “I love that but can I really pull that off?!” and see how it makes you feel.

Of course, I’ve tried so many bits that I loved on the hanger and just looked awful when it’s on. But that’s why everyone has their own style, and finding yours can only be done but trying new things and wearing what you want to wear.

It’s amazing how just a few new pieces in my wardrobe and going out of my comfort zone (just a teeny tiny bit) has made such a difference.

What new styles have you been loving lately?

Megan ♥


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Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are in the world. I’m currently sat at my desk writing up this post whilst the weather is quite miserable outside but today I’m reflecting on a very sunny day in Brighton (which quite honestly, I’d much rather be at right now).

Although I’m getting right in the autumnal mood now, I can’t stop reminiscing on those warm summers day. Anyone else?

Well, today I’m going to chat you through my favourite things to do whilst in the gorgeous place that is, Brighton. I’ve been there both in on the chillier days and the warm sunny ones, so you can do these things whatever the weather.

First stop… Brunch.

What is a day out without brunch, eh? A brunch stop off is always necessary when you go out for the day. I kinda wish I could brunch everyday and it is after all the best meal ever.

If you’re a brunch lover like myself, then I’ve got something for you. As soon as we arrived in Brighton after an hour and a half drive, we were of course starving and craving coffee like never before. I found a tonne of recommendations for the Kooks Restaurant, a boho bistro in the pretty North Laine area.

This cute little place serves up all sorts from the popular avo on toast to full breakfasts (they have a gorgeous looking veggie option) and sweet treats. They’ve really got a bit of everything going on. As it was late morning I stuck to the sweeter option and chose the apricot, coconut, seed and nuts yoghurt and granola mix with berry compote and an iced soy latte. It was the perfect morning pick me up and I left feeling so satisfied, which isn’t always the case when going with the granola and yoghurt option. Ollie chose his fave, eggs royale on sourdough toast which he was enjoying so much I hardly got a word out of him. But to be honest, I was the same. That is the sign of good food right?

After feeling pretty damn full and high on the caffeine (joking, but it was seriously yum) we headed around the North Laines for a little shopping. Although I’d been to Brighton before, I hadn’t explored much of the North Laines so we spent a lot of our time here. We found so many new places to wander round and I love walking through the alleyways and coming across quirky little shops and market stalls.

My favourite find was actually a vintage clothing store across from Kooks that had an upstairs dedicated to houseplants. If you’re a houseplant fan then you’ve got to visit. The little boutique is called Spiderplant and is a green space I instantly fell in love with.

We explored the lanes for a good hour or two before heading down to the beachfront and the pier. Whatever the weather, its always so nice to head down to the Brighton beachfront for a lil fresh air and maybe even a cheeky little ice cream.

Depending on the mood you’re in, you can head into the arcades or sit on the pier and watch the world go by.

After the pier we headed back up to Duke’s Lane, the most popular lane located just a few minutes walk from the beachfront. This is where you want to go head if you’re into all the high street shops with a mixture of cute little boutiques and sidewalk cafes. You seriously do get lost in the lanes and the time flies by. It’s easy to get lost in all the smaller shops looking through all the quirky bits and bobs. The home ware stores always get me and Brighton Homesense is just a dream!

If you’re one to enjoy a sit down and a drink in the afternoon (I always am at the weekend for a lil unwind), we loved both Maggie Maes and Bohemia. They both serve amazing G&T’s, but if you’re looking for something a little more chilled out then I’d say Maggie Maes. This is located quite close to the seafront and overlooks the streets whilst you can sit and chill out on their sofas. However, if you’re looking for something a bit snazzy and located in the lanes then Bohemia is my recommendation. It’s full of life, an amazing drinks menu and the quirkiest interior yet.

I could’ve honestly spent the rest of the afternoon in a bar somewhere or sit on the beach. There’s some kind of atmosphere in Brighton that makes you feel so chilled out. Not only is there so much quirkiness to take in and get lost in, there’s just so much you can do. I would’ve happily sat on the bar terrace overlooking Brighton for the rest of the afternoon but my stomach started to growl and I knew it was time for dinner.

We were actually going to head to the i360 but we decided to save that for next time. Honestly, I’m happy we did that so there’s even more reason to go back.

For dinner we were kindly invited to try the menu at Six Brighton, which is located on the border of Brighton and Hove and was a nice 30-min wander from the hustle and bustle of the lanes. Of course, if it was raining we would’ve taken the car but when the weathers nice enough it’s such a nice walk.

By this point we were absolutely starving and I’m so thankful Six had a huge menu to choose from. To start I went for the calamari & zucchini and Ollie had the organic chicken satay, both so scrummy but the crispy calamari was my favourite. It came with a divine Japanese style mayo that I’m drooling over as I type this. For mains I went with their organic chicken dish, the Le Milanese, a breaded tender breast on top of a fresh radish, cherry tomato and balsamic salad. I was over the moon that the portion sizes were big to, but so much so we couldn’t attempt dessert.

Ollie’s dinner choice was a typical of his, the Organic Chicken Burger that comes in an artisan brioche bun and served with fries and a side salad. He couldn’t resist but say yes to the complimentary cheddar and bacon, which I think was the very good choice. It looked divine.

The glass of rose went down a real treat to by the end of the day!

Although the restaurant was a little out of the city centre, it offers a bit more peace and quiet than those located in the lanes and the décor is stunning. With plush velvet chairs and dark wood furnishings, I couldn’t help but take some photos to add to this diary.

Six offer the freshest and locally sourced organic ingredients, which really translates in their dishes. I’m all for fresh local goods so I was into their ethos. The restaurant gives that fine dining luxe feel but with really amazing prices!

Thank you to Six Brighton for having us for dinner, it was delicious!

And that my friends was the end to our day in Brighton. Once again, a day of good food that I could devour right about now that I’m looking back at these photos. Oh how I wish I were back – I’m hungry!

Do you have any recommendations for a day in Brighton?

Megan ♥


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* This post contains a paid for meal by Six Brighton *

Its October, can you believe it? Where on earth did September go?

Autumn is here. The leaves have turned orange, there’s a slight crispness to the mornings that I’ve very much missed and I’m already obsessed with all the cosy nights in.

Although September flashed by in what seemed like a round about 0.5 seconds (slight exaggeration but I bet you feel me), there were a lot of new things that I discovered which are now some of my new in favourites that I can’t seem to get enough of. I always know when something is going to be a long term favourite when I use it every single day without fail, and feel like I have failed if I haven’t used it. You get me?

I’m still going minimal on the makeup, I’m just finding it easier to do so, but there’s been a few new in skincare bits as well as many autumnal things so let’s jump in.

I can’t really start off the list without mentioning my new love, my new companion that I can’t go a day without. The (soy) Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks, where have I been? Why have I not tried this before? This little cup of heaven is literally me in a drink, it couldn’t be anymore spot on if it tried. Its blend of milk with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and all that autumnal goodness is what I call perfection.

Really, I wish this last years September favourite or even the year before that (if they’ve been going that long) because I wish it had been in my life for longer. Ever since I tried one couple of weeks back, I can’t go into Starbucks without getting one. Yes, I may have wept a little when the barista told me the other day that they had run out of try. Honestly, its true love.

Now that October is here and the summers sunshine has said goodbye until next year, I can’t help but do everything humanely possible to keep my tan. Sad, I know. But there’s nothing I love more than feeling glowy without having to apply much makeup. After my trip to the Dominican Republic I immediately got my last years fave moisturiser out the cupboard, the Vaseline Cocoa Butter Spray Moisturiser. Whether you want to keep your glow or simply love easy to use skincare, then this is a go to.

Not only is this formula super fast drying, it literally dries in under 30 seconds, its incredibly hydrating and smells like a dream. For some reason, this stuff works better at keeping a tan than after sun does and it doesn’t break the bank so I’m all about it. I like to use this everyday after showering to at least attempt to keep a glow alive.

How can one transition into autumn and not mention candles? Because I can’t.

The past few weeks I have admittedly been hunting down all the autumnal candles and I’ve found a good few bargains in Sainsburys and TK Maxx. I must say, Sainsburys have good the warming scents down to a T, my favourite being the Spiced Pumpkin & Chestnut one. I’m one of those who attempt to restrain from lighting a candle as I hate ruining its pristine flat surface and clean wick, but I couldn’t hold back from this. I got it straight home and filled my house with the scent and now I’m probably going to head out later today and get some more. I’m in love and its also really getting me in the autumnal mood.

Of course now that its time to change up your autumn wardrobe I’ve been all over purchasing some new bits. There are so many high street stores with beautiful autumnal clothes in at the minute and I’ve been obsessing over jumper dresses and over the knee boots to go with it. Jumper dresses are so snuggly and warm whilst looking chic and well put together at the same time. You can read my post here all about how I wear them, why I love them and how I like to style them.

I have to admit, the boot obsession may be becoming an issue. I lived in flip flops throughout the summer so now that I can wear boots I just want to treat myself to some nice new shoes. I don’t have the biggest wardrobe space either so if I continue to buy new shoes, no more are gonna fit so it’s been a task trying to find staple boots to fit with many different outfits.

I excuse my obsession with the fact that a good pair of shoes can jazz up any outfit. A pair of over the knee boots can be worn with a jumper dress, a skirt, jeans or whatever you fancy, so that’s my reason (excuse) to treat myself to them.

What did you love in September?

Megan ♥


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Double Denim. A trend I never in a million years I thought I’d feel comfortable in. It’s a trend I used to see other people wearing and always questioned how they pulled it off so effortlessly.

So I went out, bought myself a new denim jacket and wore it with my black denim skirt and I really loved it.

It might seem like a small deal to some, trying out a trend, but this is one I’ve wanted to wear for years. Double denim isn’t really everyone’s cuppa T, but I just love the way it looks. I find more and more 90’s fashion trends are coming back lately and double denim is one of them. For now I’m all about black double denim, I find it looks so chic and is an outfit so easy to put together. But, when I find the perfect blue denim items, I’ll be trying that to.

Now that the autumn is heading straight at us (too quickly for my liking) it is usually time to put away the skirts and dresses, but this year I’m keeping buy amoxil uk them out am ready to start styling them up instead of just throwing on some jeans. I haven’t worn a pair of jeans in months and I’m not yet prepared to give in. Once I put them on, it’s so easy to live in them. But this year I’m challenging myself to try out new styles.

My new in black denim jacket is from Urban Outfitters by BDG. I’ve been looking for the perfect cropped denim jacket and after spotting this in the sale, it had to be mine.

This is perfect to whack on over a t-shirt or a jumper as its’ quite a loose fit and is surprisingly quite warm.

For now I’m wearing it with a black denim skirt, but I may even team this with black jeans when the time is right. As I say, I’m not giving in just yet.

What trend are you all over lately?

Megan ?


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Don’t get me wrong, many of my days are spent (when possible) in my comfy clothes or my PJ’s – because who doesn’t love wearing their PJ’s? But when I make the effort and pick out an outfit, there is a particular style I’ve been all for lately.

With the British summer being very unpredictable, it can be quite hard to plan your outfits out so I like to play it safe when it comes to trousers. I’ve been all about looser fit trousers this season, so anything from culottes to flares have been my go to. You can’t really go wrong with loose fit trousers can you?

For this particular day, I couldn’t have planned my outfit better. The morning started over a slightly warm, overcast and not really much hope for sunshine but by lunchtime the sunshine made an appearance and stayed out for the rest of the day – I just love it when that happens! With this kind of weather being a common thing, I’m so happy I put this outfit together to wear again.

These khaki pants are a purchase I never thought I’d get much use out of. How very wrong I was. Since buying them, I’ve managed to style them in so many buy generic accutane 10mg different ways. From wearing them with heels for a bit of laid back sophistication to flip flops for a chilled day out. They’re incredibly versatile and to one of those items of clothing that make you feel so sassy. My favourite way to style them is like I have here, with a cropped off the shoulder tee and relaxed mules. As these khaki pants give off relaxed ‘boyish’ vibes, I like to sass them up. I do love a bit of sass.

Although wearing relaxed heels isn’t everyone’s cuppa tea, I really recommend mules if you’re looking for comfort whilst also looking chic and stylish for a day out. I adore mules at the minute and with these trousers I find they add an effortless touch to the look.

My everyday outfits have been focused on stylish comfort lately and I really can’t fault these pants. They’ve quickly become a favourite staple in my wardrobe and I love finding new items to pair with them.

What I’m Wearing:

Top – Asos

Khaki pants – Topshop

Shoes – Primark

Bag – Zara

Earrings – H&M

Rings – Pandora

What staple piece in your wardrobe do you love to style?

Megan ?

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Well, the month of June was almost non-existent wasn’t it? I feel like many of my monthly favourites post have started this way, me saying how fast the months are whizzing by and in actual fact half of 2017 has disappeared in a flash. It’s quite frightening how fast this year is going, can it really get any quicker? Anyway, enough about that, let me share with you the things I loved throughout the month of June.

Pixi’s Glow Mist

As much as I love going all out with my makeup for days or evenings out, it’s also been so nice to have many makeup free days. Most of June consisted of me being bare faced, which has actually led me to feel more confident without makeup. The skincare product that’s convinced me to enjoy being bare faced is the Pixi Glow Mist, which I’m sure many of you have heard of. It’s my number one quick fix when it comes to skincare.

Spending quality time with loved ones

This June has been the first month in a very very long time where I had the whole month off from education and deadlines, which meant I had more time to focus on spending time with people. There was nothing worse that meeting up with a friend or heading out for the day with family and having work at the back of your mind. It’s been so calming knowing I can head out somewhere and not have a timeframe of when to be back. Being able to spend quality time with loved ones is something I’m so grateful for and it’s been a real order ventolin online pick me up moment.

Jazzing up my wardrobe

The past few weeks have seen many shopping trips, but I’m blaming that on having some time off. I’m not one to sit in on my days off so what better to do than go for a little shop? As there are many of the same shops round me, there is a constant cycle of the same clothes in the shops so I’ve been eyeing (and maybe buying) up so many new accessories. There are so many cute bags and jewellery in places like Zara, H&M, Primark and Mango at the minute and with so many styles to choose from and so much out there that I love, it’s hard to resist. You can see my Simple Summer Accessories post here.

Urban Decay’s Rehab Lip Love

Whether I’m wearing makeup or not, I do love to keep my lips hydrated. The past few weeks I’ve been obsessed with nothing but the Urban Decay Lip Love from their Rehab Collection. This stuff is seriously a little bit of heaven in a tube. It smells and taste likes coconut and the shea butter is whipped into the formula to make it incredibly hydrating and juicy. Sometimes if I’m wearing a lipstick I take it off purposefully so I can use this stuff. It makes your lips appear more plump to so it’s very pretty with a full face as well as without.

What did you love during June?

Megan ?

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Hello world and welcome back to a new fashion post. When I began my fashion section here on Life With MCM, I never really knew just how much I’d fall in love with it. Not only that, I’ve fallen in love with finding my style and also filling my wardrobe with some new pieces that I actually really adore. I typically love wearing quite a minimalistic colour palette and then jazz it up with a pop of colour here and there.

When I say a minimalistic colour palette, I generally wear black, greys, khakis and nudes/blush pinks – anything that’s easy to mix and match for different outfits and styles. Don’t get me wrong, I do switch is up sometimes with say a bright red top or an orange skirt, but I really do love a minimalistic wardrobe. For summer I do tend to stick with the lighter end of those shades and anything white always catches my eye. This adorable little white frill top is from Zara was one of those purchases that I just had to have. I knew I could wear it with so many outfits from trousers to skirts, which you can also mix with different textures from denim to cottons and silk.

With a monochrome style there is always room for some bright accessories, so for this look I chose this gorgeous red bag from Zara. Red is such a classic colour when wearing black and white and quite frankly, I want to wear this colour palette more and more. Red has always been a shade I’m drawn to when I comes to brighter colours (as well as mustard yellow as I’m all about that right now) and this is such a staple bag for my wardrobe now. It’s slouchy faux leather material means you can fit a lot inside and looks effortless with any outfit. The silver metallic detailing on the handles makes the bag feel sophisticated and luxe.

Zara really are doing it for me at the minute, especially with their bags and shoes. There’s a particular pair of mustard yellow heels from there that I’ve had my eye on for sometime, I think it’s about time I got them. As I’m one for a monochrome outfit, it’s so refreshing to see bright and easy to wear accessories hit the high street shops. I think I’ll be having many more monochrome moments this year so I can add a pop of colour here and there as I love shopping for accessories.

What colour palette is your go to at the minute?

Shop this post:

Top – Zara (sold out – similar here)

Trousers – Pretty Little Thing

Bag – Zara

Megan ?

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When it comes to clothes, I love staple pieces that can be worn down and up. I think flares are perfect for that. I’ve only started feeling comfortable in flares the past few months and I know they’ve been on the scene for a while now and I adored the way they looked on others. My first pair, which I’m wearing here, are from Zara. I must say, when it comes to a high street store I’m loving right now, Zara has to be top of the list. Most of my new in wardrobe is from there and I’m loving so many more things. I doubted myself before trying these flares on but instantly fell in love.

Another reason I love flares and am so happy they’ve made a comeback is because they’re so fun. You can wear them with flats, trainers and heels. Versatile trousers are my kind of thing as I like to be able to change from day to night within the matter of seconds, buying accutane just by changing your shoes or top. For me, outfits work around the bottom half and I style from there. I’m usually quite the skinny jean girl, but flares are just working there with in to be my favourite type of bottoms.

As well as trousers they’re also making a huge hit with me with my jumpers and jackets, as you can see from my outfit here. I love a cropped jumper and there are so many on the market right now with flared sleeves and I’m all for them. They just add a nice twist to any simple outfit and make it look like you’ve put that bit more effort in.

I’ve worn this outfit many times now and these particular pair I’m wearing here come in white, which I must pick up for my holidays!

The outfit details:

Jumper | Zara
Trousers | Zara
Trainers | COS (last season)

Do you have any flared trouser recommendations? I’m on the hunt for more!

Megan ?


Being in my early 20’s has been different in many ways than I thought. Your teenage years bring about a lot of unneeded stress, which you can look back on now and just laugh about. How did I stress about the littlest things? Nobody knows. The second decade of your life is quite scary for many reasons and life starts to speed up more than you expect it to. So guess what? I’ve decided to make some life changes that I’m willing to stick to.

I’m no longer willing to let life pile on top of me or feel tired and down when I don’t need to. Being mature enough to make your own life changes really feels quite precious, as you’ve got no voices in your ear holes trying to change your life for you. For once I feel like I got me, I got this.

So here are the life changes I’m making and sticking to…


In my teenage years I wasn’t exactly depended on in any way, I just always felt I had to please everyone else around me before focusing on myself first. Now I’m like no, no, no, why on earth did I do that? I’m not saying I’m putting myself first, but when it comes to things I want to do, I’m not willing to let anyone get in the way of it and change my mind. If I wanna do it, I’m gonna do it.

Your 20’s does indeed come with a lot of maturity, if you’re willing to mature that is, and taking responsibility for yourself is number one on my list. I mean, I am the only person who needs to worry what I’m doing, right? We all need to make our own choices and make ourselves happy and content.


A few years back when I was finishing my A-Levels I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. At that point I didn’t even know if I wanted to go to University, and oh my am I glad I made the right choice. I’m now at the end of finishing a Bachelor’s degree and University in a subject I love and adore and I couldn’t be happier.

15 year old me was told she could do great things but never believed in herself, so now I’m making up for that. I still don’t have the slightest idea what future career I see myself settling into, but all that counts right now whilst still being young is that I’m ambitious. I need to set myself goals that I used to think buy accutane 20mg were impossible and believe in myself until I get there.

Take blogging for example, never in a million years did I think I’d still be doing it now and working with amazing people. Believing in yourself is key at any age, so I say start now.


I don’t really believe in diets and I never have. I’ve never really been a really bad eater as such, and I’m not saying it’s bad to be, but I’ve just changed into someone who wants to eat cleaner than she did before. I never really fussed about what was in food and I’m not now, but I’m interested in trying out new foods, natural foods and more and to understand what it takes to make decent, healthy and fun meals.

I still love snacking and I still love my bad foods, but I’ve had a lot of inspiration and motivation the past few months to go out of my comfort zone and try cleaner eating and I’ve enjoyed it. I no longer feel down on my energy levels or feel sluggish, so I take it this is what’s best for me! Trying new foods has made me into wanting to cook and experiment more to, which is more fun than I imagined. More frequent exercise has helped me along the way as well into getting the body I want, and the gym for me now is enjoyable. You just gotta push yourself!

P.S. junk food is still allowed when I want it! Crisps and pizza calms the soul.


Growing up and especially during your ‘stroppy teenage’ years, life and everything around you gets seen through some ‘negative nelly spectacles’. I scrapped this attitude as soon as I realised it just isn’t fun. Seeing everything as a negative can actually be quite tiring and just make you miserable.

Now I’ve matured and have my many responsibilities, I see life in a whole new way. I’ve been told my attitude has changed towards life in quite the most positive way possible and I’m sticking to it. When something sticky happens just think of the positive ways out and resolve them the best you can. There’s no need to faff around and make life harder for myself, it’s just not worth it. Every now and then I just step back and take a breather, it makes this whole Positive Polly thing a whole lot easier.


Jacket | Topshop

Tee | Primark

Glasses | Quay Australia

Jeans | Missguided

Shoes | COS

Bag | La Moda

Have you decided to make any life changes at a certain age?

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Jumper: Zara, Trousers: Zara, Shoes: COS

Earlier this week I visited Norwich to see a friend and it’s just one of those places I absolutely adore. I’ve been there a few times before, but haven’t explored it as much as I have this time. Like Brighton and London, there are so many quirky and quaint places unlike any other and Norwich’s favourite spot of mine was Urban Jungle, located a short drive away from the town centre. As you can see from the photo, I’m in my element.

Urban Jungle is a tucked away little gem that’s full of life and uniqueness. We went to explore and to have tea, but they serve all sorts of goodness there and the entire menu is gluten free – winner!

It was one of those places where you turn up and have to question whether you’re in the right location. Once you turn in, you drive order priligy usa down a little narrow road through the jungle pretty much. The entire space is filled with nature and it’s just so pretty. I was so so happy to see how ‘Instagrammable’ it was, as you can imagine.

The seats and tables are decorated with cute cactuses and intricate bits, every bloggers dream! And when you sit down you are surrounded by gorgeous plants and leaves – it’s honestly like heaven and feels like your on a vacay. As I said we just had tea, and to be honest we were so in love with the decor and taking photos, we almost forgot to even have that. There was even a compost loo outside, which made it quite an experience and added to that ‘jungle vibe’ feel.

Honestly, if you go to Norwich, you have to give this place a try, it won’t disappoint!

Have you got any quirky places to recommend?

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Style is a very personal thing. But girls, when it comes to handbags I’m sure we can all agree that there are a good few we lust over all the time. It’s a habit of mine to scroll Instagram and Pinterest to look for new accessories, and bags are my favourite to look for. Personally, I’ve not yet purchased a luxury handbag before, not one of insane expense. However, I would really like to so I’m looking around the market non stop, as you can imagine.

This style of post is so new to me and I think handbags are the best place to start. I haven’t yet covered fashion on my blog, but I have been experimenting on my Instagram and so far I’ve been really enjoying myself with it. As I said, fashion is a personal thing and I love looking and getting tips from others personal styles. My blog is a personal platform so I thought why the heck not add a fashion category as it’s something I’ve been really into lately and I think it could push my confidence and content a bit more! So, welcome to my fashion category where you’ll be seeing more posts from me and also on my Instagram. On to the bags!

There are so so many cheap accutane 30mg inexpensive bags on the market at the minute, my favourite being Zara and Mango bags. However, there’s something quite different and special about a luxury handbag isn’t there? So I’ve created my ultimate wishlist of my designer handbag favourites for Spring/Summer.

A lot of my wishlist includes smaller everyday bags, as personally I find them more useable and I like it to act as an accessory. Larger bags I’ve chosen fit so well with this coming season, especially Summer. For example, the Marc Jacobs ‘West End’ Tote is the perfect size and colour for a sunny vacation, it’s so chic and would add an amazing pop of colour to a darker outfit. I noticed after spying on a few, a lot of my favourites came from Dolce & Gabbana’s line of smaller shoulder bags. To me, these are the perfect size, so well made and super luxurious. My style is more on the minimalistic side with pops of colour here and there, so these are so me. I love colour blocking on other people and would love to try it myself. Colour can be quite daunting to experiment with but I’m getting there, as you’ll be seeing!

What’s pushing me more and more to make the splurge soon and really treat myself is the fact that each of these bags are brand new and discounted. LoveTheSales sells not only luxury goods, but high street to from fashion to beauty and electronics, but their bag range is my absolute favourite. You can shop the hangbag goodness right here. You can shop each bag from my wishlist under the picture above.

What luxury hangbag do you have your eye on?

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* via LoveTheSales *