This post has been one that has been in the making for a little while I must say.

I sat and thought good and hard about what beauty habits I will honestly take into the New Year with me, as it’s quite easy to say you’ll do these things but forget about them, right?

But, now that these habits have been with me a little while now and are my new found loves, I am 99.9999999% certain and I am very willing to stick to them.

First is very important as I put it right here at the top so I cannot forget about it.

Plaits (usually French braids), aka something I need more of in my life. It’s very rare I do anything different to my hair. You know when you get too comfortable with a style and cba to wear anything else, yep that’s me.

So, next year I’m bringing more plaits into my beauty routine. This means I may finally have to learn for myself, because my best friend can’t be on call everyday – or can she?). Anyone with any tips for how to do them yourself and not feel like your arms are going to fall off then please hit me up. I think they’re too cute and anyone can pull them off. I must try out some more variations and actually make an effort with my hair more often.

Fresher makeup. I started this year being the girl who would either go all out with makeup or nothing at all. Its taken me 21 years but I’ve finally got there. I now understand the love for fresher faced makeup.

I brought the love for ‘ heavy evening makeup during the daytime’ into 2017 with me and I’m for sure leaving it behind.

Everyday makeup is finally something I now experiment with – when I can be bothered to do a full face though may I add. I used to think if I was doing my makeup I had to do a smoky eye, winged liner, full contour – you get the idea, the whole works. It got tiring and I fell in love with fresher more minimal makeup.

I’ve found that less base products suits my face better than a full face and wearing less has made me feel more me. Honestly, that is something I never thought I’d say. A few years back I’d feel odd with just a bit of mascara on and would cringe at the fact of doing my makeup without applying foundation. Oh how that’s changed.

Wearing more minimal makeup is actually a blessing in disguise at the end of a long day to as it’s much quicker to remove. It has many benefits I have to admit.

You can see my current makeup routine here in my Winter Makeup Edit.

With fresher makeup I go onto the topic of skincare. I hope that a few skincare newbies and some I’m trying out this month will bring a new and better skincare routine. I came into 2017 with a lazy attitude towards my skincare and it didn’t exactly pay off. I thought I could get away with being quite laid back with it but it resulted in my skin feeling dull, blemish prone and also quite dry sometimes.

Next year I’m aiming to get together my holy grail line up of skincare products for morning and evening and stick to it! Ok, you read it here so it has to happen.

I’ve already found a few new favourites that I’ll be taking into the New Year with me. You can read about one of them here. I don’t go by the ‘New Year, New Me’ rule, I never have. So for now its new year, new skin and I like the sound of that. Brighter skin come at me.

Changing up my scents. Like my skincare routine, I got a bit lazy with my perfumes. As much as I love them, I’d stick to the same one day in day out and when your favourite runs out it’s not fun is it?

This isn’t the real reason I’m changing up my scents (because I’m scared of running out) I just feel a change of scent can really differ your mood for the occasion.

This is one I’ve only been doing for a few weeks now, but I found myself always spraying on the same perfume. Whether it was for an evening out, to pop to town and even for work I’d always grab the same one. I feel that changing up my scent is such a small thing and not necessarily a must people might want to read about but I’m sure theres a few of you out there guilty of the same thing.

Changing up my perfumes will differ my mood and using one a little bit more special for special occasions is what they’re for. I have gathered quite the collection from using the same one to it’s best I start opening them up.

Lastly is one I’ve spoken about before on here but it’s one I never thought I’d want to stick to. However, I am quite addicted to it.

Moisturising my entire body on a daily basis. As simple as this might be to those that have always done it, I know, I’m a bit late to the bandwagon. And for those who think wtf, can I really be bothered? Yes you can.

If it weren’t for my newfound gem I probably wouldn’t have stuck to it for so long. I use the Vaseline Spray & Go Cocoa Radiant Moisturiser. Yes you read that right, a spray on moisturiser. It’s a dream come true.

This spray and go phenomenon is new to me this year it has made its way to being my favourite of all time very quickly. I spray what I need to over my entire body after a bath and rub it all in and its dry within 30-45 seconds, no longer. A miracle I tell ya.

I used to despise the waiting around for it to dry and putting on my clothes to soon and being all sticky. Thankfully, I’ve never had that problem with this. This one for sure is coming into 2018 with me (I’m never letting it go!).

What beauty habits do you see yourself taking into 2018 with you?


Its October, can you believe it? Where on earth did September go?

Autumn is here. The leaves have turned orange, there’s a slight crispness to the mornings that I’ve very much missed and I’m already obsessed with all the cosy nights in.

Although September flashed by in what seemed like a round about 0.5 seconds (slight exaggeration but I bet you feel me), there were a lot of new things that I discovered which are now some of my new in favourites that I can’t seem to get enough of. I always know when something is going to be a long term favourite when I use it every single day without fail, and feel like I have failed if I haven’t used it. You get me?

I’m still going minimal on the makeup, I’m just finding it easier to do so, but there’s been a few new in skincare bits as well as many autumnal things so let’s jump in.

I can’t really start off the list without mentioning my new love, my new companion that I can’t go a day without. The (soy) Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks, where have I been? Why have I not tried this before? This little cup of heaven is literally me in a drink, it couldn’t be anymore spot on if it tried. Its blend of milk with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and all that autumnal goodness is what I call perfection.

Really, I wish this last years September favourite or even the year before that (if they’ve been going that long) because I wish it had been in my life for longer. Ever since I tried one couple of weeks back, I can’t go into Starbucks without getting one. Yes, I may have wept a little when the barista told me the other day that they had run out of try. Honestly, its true love.

Now that October is here and the summers sunshine has said goodbye until next year, I can’t help but do everything humanely possible to keep my tan. Sad, I know. But there’s nothing I love more than feeling glowy without having to apply much makeup. After my trip to the Dominican Republic I immediately got my last years fave moisturiser out the cupboard, the Vaseline Cocoa Butter Spray Moisturiser. Whether you want to keep your glow or simply love easy to use skincare, then this is a go to.

Not only is this formula super fast drying, it literally dries in under 30 seconds, its incredibly hydrating and smells like a dream. For some reason, this stuff works better at keeping a tan than after sun does and it doesn’t break the bank so I’m all about it. I like to use this everyday after showering to at least attempt to keep a glow alive.

How can one transition into autumn and not mention candles? Because I can’t.

The past few weeks I have admittedly been hunting down all the autumnal candles and I’ve found a good few bargains in Sainsburys and TK Maxx. I must say, Sainsburys have good the warming scents down to a T, my favourite being the Spiced Pumpkin & Chestnut one. I’m one of those who attempt to restrain from lighting a candle as I hate ruining its pristine flat surface and clean wick, but I couldn’t hold back from this. I got it straight home and filled my house with the scent and now I’m probably going to head out later today and get some more. I’m in love and its also really getting me in the autumnal mood.

Of course now that its time to change up your autumn wardrobe I’ve been all over purchasing some new bits. There are so many high street stores with beautiful autumnal clothes in at the minute and I’ve been obsessing over jumper dresses and over the knee boots to go with it. Jumper dresses are so snuggly and warm whilst looking chic and well put together at the same time. You can read my post here all about how I wear them, why I love them and how I like to style them.

I have to admit, the boot obsession may be becoming an issue. I lived in flip flops throughout the summer so now that I can wear boots I just want to treat myself to some nice new shoes. I don’t have the biggest wardrobe space either so if I continue to buy new shoes, no more are gonna fit so it’s been a task trying to find staple boots to fit with many different outfits.

I excuse my obsession with the fact that a good pair of shoes can jazz up any outfit. A pair of over the knee boots can be worn with a jumper dress, a skirt, jeans or whatever you fancy, so that’s my reason (excuse) to treat myself to them.

What did you love in September?

Megan ♥


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Well, the month of June was almost non-existent wasn’t it? I feel like many of my monthly favourites post have started this way, me saying how fast the months are whizzing by and in actual fact half of 2017 has disappeared in a flash. It’s quite frightening how fast this year is going, can it really get any quicker? Anyway, enough about that, let me share with you the things I loved throughout the month of June.

Pixi’s Glow Mist

As much as I love going all out with my makeup for days or evenings out, it’s also been so nice to have many makeup free days. Most of June consisted of me being bare faced, which has actually led me to feel more confident without makeup. The skincare product that’s convinced me to enjoy being bare faced is the Pixi Glow Mist, which I’m sure many of you have heard of. It’s my number one quick fix when it comes to skincare.

Spending quality time with loved ones

This June has been the first month in a very very long time where I had the whole month off from education and deadlines, which meant I had more time to focus on spending time with people. There was nothing worse that meeting up with a friend or heading out for the day with family and having work at the back of your mind. It’s been so calming knowing I can head out somewhere and not have a timeframe of when to be back. Being able to spend quality time with loved ones is something I’m so grateful for and it’s been a real order ventolin online pick me up moment.

Jazzing up my wardrobe

The past few weeks have seen many shopping trips, but I’m blaming that on having some time off. I’m not one to sit in on my days off so what better to do than go for a little shop? As there are many of the same shops round me, there is a constant cycle of the same clothes in the shops so I’ve been eyeing (and maybe buying) up so many new accessories. There are so many cute bags and jewellery in places like Zara, H&M, Primark and Mango at the minute and with so many styles to choose from and so much out there that I love, it’s hard to resist. You can see my Simple Summer Accessories post here.

Urban Decay’s Rehab Lip Love

Whether I’m wearing makeup or not, I do love to keep my lips hydrated. The past few weeks I’ve been obsessed with nothing but the Urban Decay Lip Love from their Rehab Collection. This stuff is seriously a little bit of heaven in a tube. It smells and taste likes coconut and the shea butter is whipped into the formula to make it incredibly hydrating and juicy. Sometimes if I’m wearing a lipstick I take it off purposefully so I can use this stuff. It makes your lips appear more plump to so it’s very pretty with a full face as well as without.

What did you love during June?

Megan ?

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With the warmer weather and (very hit and miss) sunshine comes quite sticky and humid days. I’m one that adores the heat but humidity is a no no. It’s not everyday that the heat hits us here in the UK, but it’s always best to be prepared, right? There’s nothing like being sticky when you’ve got a full day ahead of you.

I’m the kinda girl that cannot leave the house unless she feels fresh. As much as I have to have my morning wash, skincare routine and fragrance spritz, the two things I could never miss (if I did I’d go home to do them, no matter where I was heading) is brushing my teeth and spraying my deodorant. Making sure my anti-perspirant is on is something I’m quite religious about and there are only certain ones that work for me.

Dove have recently launched a new range* that focuses on looking after your skin on your underarms as much as you do the skin on your face, which I’m all for. Each of their new products have been carefully reformulated with ¼ moisturising cream to boast the superior care that their anti-perspirants can offer.

This new range has been in the pipeline and on-going for the past 4 years to make sure it’s the most caring and gentle it could possibly be. I’ve always buy priligy online usa stuck to certain deodorants depending on what works for me but I’ve never felt something so soothing as these. My favourite has to be the Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea range as I’m a sucker for anything that smells fresh. The scent is perfect for a morning pick me up, as the scent is so light and clean, as is the formula. It leaves your skin so soft, nourished and smelling good all day.

The big test for me was in the gym as there aren’t many anti-perspirants that can last throughout a gym session. I found the roll on kept my underarms hydrated but didn’t last as well as the sprays. The sprays for me are a godsend as once you’ve sprayed them on, it doesn’t rub off or oil off like roll ons do on me.

The new Dove anti-perspirant range is available in 8 variants, including products for extra sensitive to normal skin from invisible dry products to freshening and soft feel sprays and roll ons. As well as the full size cans, they have mini’s and roll ons that are perfect to pop into your bag for on the go.

Dove’s new collection and all its 8 variants are available in-store and online at Boots.

What range is your summer day saviour?

Megan ?

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My, my, has this past month flown past (well, the first half of the year has flown past should I say). Although it’s gone by in a flash, I’ve been spending a lot of my time on social media and by that I mean scrolling through pretty Instagram accounts. I would say it’s one of my must do things every day now as I find it my little space of inspiration and a space I like to get creative as well as my blog. So, let me tell you all about the feeds that have been inspiring me this month.

Katy from LexiLife

You know those Instagram feeds that you could scroll through for ages? Yep, that’s how I feel with Katy’s. Each and every image is so well photographed and the pictures she posts are always consistent. I absolutely adore the new side to Katy’s theme to, with so many more outfit shots that have me feeling envious every time because she’s so damn beaut! Seriously, if you need some inspo and love to scroll through a gorgeous feed like I do, then I’d head on over right now.

Josie from JosieLdn

I’m a huge travel junkie and sucker for travel posts. With the summer being a bit hit and miss here in England, there’s nothing I love more than visually transporting myself to somewhere pretty and sunny. That is exactly what I do with Josie’s feed. With the endless consistent beautiful and crisp travel shots, it’s quite easy to spend a long time admiring her feed. Josie gives me serious Instagram feed envy, I’m always taking tips!

Liv Blankson

When I say I’ve got serious wardrobe envy, it really is serious. Liv’s feed is fairly new to me although I know amoxil no prescription that she’s being slaying the game for a while now, and I just can’t get enough of her style. I would say my style crush of the moment is definitely Liv, as everything she wears I want to purchase (I feel kind of sorry for my bank account, but I can tell you that my wardrobe isn’t complaining!). With Liv’s style and feed being so effortless it really inspires me to be more confident with my own style.

Leanne from LPage Beauty

If you’ve got a makeup addiction, you’ll either need to look away now and save your bank account or dive straight in (like I do) to all the beauty goodness on Leanne’s feed. Not only does Leanne have an insanely beautiful makeup collection, her flatlays are always so well put together and she has me drooling over every single post. There’s a bit of something for everyone to, whether you love skincare or makeup, and whether you like high end or high street, Leanne has got your back.

Chloe from LadyWritesBlog

I have a bit of a thing for a mixture of beauty and lifestyle pictures on a feed. Chloe’s feed screams hard work to me, as each and every photo says something different and I never know what to expect next. I love the mix of beauty product shots alongside other things she currently loves. I’m not going to lie, I’d love a little sneak peak into her beauty wardrobe, especially her eyeshadow palettes – oh my, does her collection look dreamy. I always head to Chloe’s Instagram for a bit of photography inspiration.

Who’s Instagram feeds are you admiring at the minute?

Megan ?

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Us fragrance lovers just know when a smell is for us. I have a fair few fragrances, all which are quite meaningful to me, as I only tend to choose and use scents that fit my personality. I think a fragrance can really say something about someone. My favourite scent is a fusion of flowers with a sweet but musky hint. One I’ve eyed forever and ever is the signature Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb original fragrance and I’ve wanted it since I can remember. But, they recently launched a new edition to the line called Flowerbomb Bloom* and it’s everything I could ever wish for.

This new scent is not as heavy as the original, I find it really light and feathery, but still bursts with fruity and floral flavours just the same. It’s a true spring fragrance that is fresh and sparkling with delicate fruity tones. This Eau de Toilette is laced with delicate pomegranate accord, bergamot and mandarin oils, which gives that real holiday feel. I can just imagine this on a summery trip away, you know that special scent that sits so well on sunkissed skin – god, I’m dreaming all right! Its scent is also intertwined with addictive musks like vanilla and patchouli, and the fruits, florals and musks all combined buy amoxil generic together make such a delicious combination.

The brand boasts how this scent has “evocative notes of a floral bouquet awaken your senses and transport you into Viktor & Rolf’s magical universe”, and quite frankly, it does. Also, with such a mix of bursting flavours I definitely see this fragrance taking me through to summertime. I just love how fresh and lightweight on the skin it is, which is perfect as always reach for airy scents during the summer months.

The iconic bottle is quite a precious object representing a diamond grenade; a luxurious weapon of glamour some might say. The bottle is very slim line and feminine, more slender than the original, and is one of those standout fragrances on anyone’s dresser. I adore the black wax Viktor & Rolf seal with the iconic ribbon attached laced with silver; it makes the fragrance feel so special. I am actually so over the moon I finally have a part of the Flowerbomb range in my collection and its already becoming a signature scent of mine, its just too hard to resist.

The perfume launched nationwide on the 1st March, and can be bought online here or in store at Debenhams, John Lewis, The Fragrance Shop and Boots.

Have you ever tried the Viktor & Rolf signature Flowerbomb range?

Megan ?


I’m a bit of a sucker for rose and golden hues right now, and when I’ve been craving a really girly look the GWA Enchanting Palette* has been my go to. Ive never tried a shadow palette of theirs before, I was so intrigued to see what they’re like as I love the pigmentation and formula of their beautiful range of highlighters. Want to know my thoughts? Let’s go!

First up, if you like anything pretty and girly in terms of makeup then you’ll love this. The packaging is absolutely stunning as it’s encased in a pink chrome with its own mirror and applicator, which makes it super easy to pop into a handbag or travel bag.

Inside the Enchanting Palette is an array of 12 gorgeous colours, from rose pinks to gold, cranberries and cocoas. There’s so much versatility with this to, my favourite looks to create with it is a rose buy amoxil online cheap golden warm smoky eye or a deep cocoa brown glam eye. Each individual shadow is so beautifully crafted, as they’re silky smooth and highly pigmented (the shimmers are just so satisfying). I don’t get any fall out with these either, which surprised me as there is a little kickback with the shades as they are so creamy, but no fall out is a huge plus. The velvety smooth finish means they are super easy to blend with not much effort at all. To make sure they last all day my favourite base is either a concealer set with a translucent loose powder or any primer, they don’t crease with these either.

GWA is a cruelty free brand that stocks so many more gorgeous palettes, brush sets and more. I’ve got my eye on the Marble brush set, they’re makeup packaging is just utter perfection!

Have you tried anything from GWA?

Megan ?


When you find great quality drugstore brushes I get really happy. I think good makeup tools are essential for creating your desired look, whether it’s your foundation, bronzer or eyeshadow, the tools are super important. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Real Techniques brushes ever since I first started out with makeup, and their new Multi Tech Collection* is perfection.

The Multi Tech range boasts brand new brushes that mean you can play any way you want to. All of the brushes and tools encourage you to unleash your beauty creativeness to create unlimited beauty looks. The way the brushes are designed with tapered ends, means you can use them for many different things and in so many ways. With the tapered ends you can really add definition and detail to your look, whilst the flatter sides are great for picking up, packing on and blending the product. Their are 8 new beauty tools from point size XXXS to XXXL and a new sponge, so you can create any look you want!

First up, my favourite from the collection, the eye brush set, which comes with 4 brushes and a makeup brush stand, super compact and handy for when you’re on the go/travelling. They are pretty much all of the small brushes you’d need and more, and the set is affordable and incredible quality. Each brush is so soft and so good at picking up product. The set includes:

Point S – for all over shadow, concealer, defined contour and highlight

Point XS – for colour correcting, concealer and crease shadow

Point XXS – for detailed highlighting, detailed shadow, lip blending and more

Point XXXS – for brow filling, smoky liner, smudged liner, lip detailing and more

There are three large face brushes, which are point L for adding contour, highlight and blush detail whilst point XL is for foundation ventolin application as well as bronzers and tinted moisturisers, then XXXL for all over body and face buffing.

The large brush (L) has soft fibres that allows any type of application, even BB & CC creams and ensure the perfect buff that leaves no streaks. The XL is best to use for foundation and larger powder applications. I love this one to buff out foundation, as the head is so large it makes the process super quick and fuss fee.

I then have point XXXL (pictured first), which is so perfect for all over bronzer on your face and body. If you want to try out body contouring then this is your guy, its pointed tip means you can accentuate all the parts you wish to and the soft bristles ensure no harsh lines!

The sponge is totally new to me as I’ve never used a Real Techniques one before, so it was nice to see what they’re like. The 360 point makeup sponge is perfect for blending finer detail products such as cream or liquid contour and highlight. Then the rounded base is for full face foundation and I prefer to buff in liquid with this as it blends so quick and flawlessly. I also recommend using this damp as it expands a bit in size and makes the application quicker. Just simply pop it under running water for a few seconds and squeeze out the excess. The sponge also comes with a stand, which it so handy to you can leave it to dry and have somewhere to store it that is easy to access.

The design of these is so fun and dimensional, with smooth elegant handles and two toned bristles. The makeup brush stand and sponge stand also add a nice extra touch.

Have you tried anything from the new range?

Megan ?


There’s nothing I love more than coming across new lipsticks that I love, as I’m quite the lipstick hoarder. I do have one too many, but who doesn’t love a great lipstick? L’Oreal recently launched their line of Color Riche Matte Lipsticks and I am in awe of them. They’re their boldest matte lipsticks yet with amazing pigmentation and comfortability. With 15 trend shades to choose from, I was in the shop a long while but finally managed to choose three I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of.

In terms of the formula, they’re super comfortable as they’re enriched with camellia oil and glide on like a dream. The matte finish as I said is really comfortable and I find they dry enough to not budge or transfer. I find them so easy to apply with their pointed tip, so it’s quick to define without getting it everywhere. The packaging is super luxurious for a drugstore lipstick to. It’s in a matte buy ventolin inhaler black finish case with gold touches.

L-R: 346, 633, 640

My favourite shade from the three I picked up is 640 (right), as it’s the perfect deep pink with a slight nude/brown feel to it. I find it so wearable and goes so well with gold eye makeup, which I usually wear quite often. I love to pair this with MAC’s Soar Liner as its the perfect match. The shade 346 (left) is a gorgeous true red that pairs so well with any deep red liner. This shade is so fit for spring and summer, and I can’t wait to wear this one on holiday. The last shade I picked up is 633 (centre), which is a really pretty dusky light pink that’s really flattering on so many skin tones. Now I’ve got three I want the whole collection – I knew this would happen!

Have you tried any of these new L’Oréal lipsticks?

Megan ?


Welcome back to my monthly blog favourites. March has been a month where I’ve discovered so many new blogs and Instagram’s, it’s been quite productive! I never stick to one category, as there are so many different blogs out there with so many new ideas. Reading blogs frequently is where I get a lot of my inspiration from, and as I’m a person on social media quite often it’s more often than not that I come across new ones, as well as catch up with others.

The Southampton Girl

I’m all about a constant mix of categories and amazing photography on a blog, and Ellisha-Jade has exactly that. I find her blog so refreshing as each and every post is so different, from restaurant reviews, skincare stories, blogging tips and so much more. I never know what’s coming next and it’s always something so interesting to read. I find Ellisha’s style of writing so therapeutic to read to, it’s so good to catch up on my mornings commutes. This is a favourite post of mine right now, click here.

Cocoa May

If you’re a beauty junkie, then you need to head over to Catherine’s blog and socials, especially her Instagram. On her blog there is a mix of beauty posts, from product reviews to experiences and tutorials, of which her tutorials I just die for. Catherine’s looks are always inspiring me to play with colour and experiment more. I always head over to her Instagram when I’m looking for some makeup inspiration. Each and every look is so thought out and so well done, and her face is literally goals. Please come and teach me all of your makeup tips!

Stacey Louise White

Stacey’s blog is one I’m always catching up with, as soon as I see a new post I’m reading it. I’ve buying doxycycline always been a follower of Stacey and her work, but the post that caught my eye and was so heart felt to me was her post at the end of February, here. Her blog photography is up there in my top favourites, there’s something so unique and different about it – I’m always taking tips! As well as her blog, I am completely obsessed with Stacey’s Instagram – its full of beautiful clothes, makeup, selfies and lifestyle shots. I’d love to see her photo set up because girl, it gives me serious envy.

Bang On Style Blog

When I started my blog I never thought I’d be confident enough to even think about posting fashion photos, let alone actually doing it. It’s blogs like Debs that have inspired me and given me that push. Her blog and socials is full of fashion inspiration and lifestyle photography, which is my favourite mix right now. I’d love to take a little sneak peek into her wardrobe, especially her bag collection – it’s to die for. If you’re into bags then this post will certainly have you lusting over a few.

Jodie Melissa

As I’m an avid beauty lover myself, I love reading blogs regularly with the same interest. Jodie blog is so me. I absolutely love every one of her beauty reviews and always has me online looking for new bits to buy. What I love is that her posts range from beauty to lifestyle, with reviews as well as life tips and more. My favourite post that I’m sure you’ll add want to read is ‘Blogging on a Budget’, linked here. Jodie’s posts are always so useful! And girl, you photography is so fresh!

What blogs have you been loving this month?

Megan ?


On the 1st January of this year I became a ‘daily blogger’. I never ever thought for a second that I’d keep it up as I’m third year at University with deadlines up to my eyeballs and I didn’t think I’d possibly have that many ideas to write about. However, I’ve done it and it hasn’t been what I thought it would be.

At first, I thought daily bloggers could only be those who are full time bloggers. I thought someone like me wouldn’t have enough to write about, but on the first day of this year I just bit the bullet and decided to do it. So far, I’ve absolutely loved it. It’s nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be, as I genuinely have a passion for creating my own content. It’s not like other work where it has to be checked and given critical feedback for, its totally free and you can create what you want, when you want. Writing is what I enjoy the most, when I’m sat at my laptop and I’m able to write I just type, type, type. Blogging is my creative outlet and although daily blogging isn’t for everyone, this post is for everyone, whether you’re looking for inspiration, have a creative block or are interested in finding out what I think to daily blogging, then read on.

I’m not always up to date with blogging, that’s just life. It’s not always planned weeks in advance; sometimes I just type up a post on the day if I feel I need to talk about something. As I say, blogging is so free. People think daily blogging means you have to be like a month ahead of yourself, it’s not that at all. Everybody works at different paces; whether you’re one to write weeks in advance or type up and publish, you do you.

Don’t feel you need to work the way others do, you’re blog is what you want it to be so work at your own pace and you should cheap ventolin online never feel pressured. If there was a day I didn’t have any ideas or something to publish, I’d never push it just to upload, it just so happens I’ve managed to create content everyday for almost 3 months. Take today for example, I’ve had the afternoon to myself so I’ve got photos and posts done whereas yesterday I didn’t do anything – its never the same, which I really enjoy.

I tend to take my photos in bulk, which is a tip I’ve got from fellow bloggers and is a really good one that works. For those that have limited daylight, like myself, if you find a good bright day with some time on your hands, I’d give that time to blog photos. I usually aim to take about 5-10 posts worth of photos depending on how many products or things I’m photographing. I would hate to leave the photos till very last minute and them not be what I want, as I feel photographs are what make people want to click and read your post, as well as an intriguing title.

If daily blogging isn’t for you, as it once wasn’t for me, I think trying to stick to a post schedule really works. Before I switched to daily blogging I stuck to three times a week, but started to switch up the days, as I never knew which days were best to post. I’d never push blogging and force content out, I’ve just got a lot of inspiration from reading other blogs, which is mainly how I generate my own ideas. If you ever get stuck for ideas, I’d go onto Bloglovin or Pinterest and find some inspiration there, it always helps me. If you’re inspired to daily blog for any reason, give it a go, I’ve loved everyday of it!

What do you enjoy about blogging?

Megan ?


Since posting my last ‘6 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately’ I had a great response and it’s encouraged me to do a series of 6 things I’ve been loving within the past month. Essentially, it’s quite like a favourites post but including a mixture of things from events, food, beauty, and all sorts. Its not every month that I buy new things but there are always new hobbies or ideas that I come up with that make me super happy. So, lets go!

First up has to be interior design. I never thought I’d be a sucker for pretty interiors; well not until I had my own place. However, I recently re-designed my room and it’s got me obsessed with Pinterest boards and shopping for cute bits. My favourite places to shop have been H&M Home, Matalan and Zara Home as they always have little unique finds. I’ve loved designing and planning out what will go where, now I just need my own house so I can do it to every room! There’s something quite rewarding about looking at something and thinking ‘I did that’.

Also, having re-designed my room I’ve been loving having my own clear space. There’s nothing better than having a space where you love to work and feel motivated to be creative and tick off your ‘to-do list’. This month I’ve been all about creating my own little workspace to be in my own bubble and GET THINGS DONE. That’s what the next few months is all about as I’m mid dissertation, so having found a new space has given me more encouragement and motivation than ever.

Lighter evenings. When it gets to 4pm and its still light outside I get an excited feel in my stomach, knowing that Summer is just around the corner. I’ve never been one to prefer to season to the others, as I love all temperatures and the feel that different seasons bring. However, there is something about 2017 that has got me craving lighter evenings and a bit of warmth. Maybe cheap doxycycline malaria tablets because it’s been super chilly and my body needs some sun. Not too much to ask for, right?

An obvious favourite this month is New York. I visited at the beginning of the month and it was my first time, and it was pretty much a trip of dreams. New York was everything I’d ever dreamt of and more; it was honestly like being in a movie set. Travel is something that inspires me a lot, and getting older there are more and more places I wish to visit. I have a whole post dedicated to my highlights of the trip and there are more posts in the pipeline that will be coming soon. I’ve documented a fair few photos over on my Instagram to.

I couldn’t write this post without talking about a new beauty favourite. When shopping in Sephora this month there was one item in particular I needed to buy and that was the Tarte Pro Glow Palette, which has fulfilled and exceeded my expectations. Since using it for the first time a few weeks back I haven’t used much else. The shades are so flattering and the highlight shades are so pigmented and give the most amazing sheen of glowy goodness. I picked up a few more bits from Tarte that I’ll be sharing soon, as I love everything!

This one is a bit of a funny favourite, purely because it’s so random, but I’ve been loving Soya milk. The past few weeks I’ve realised that whenever I drink normal milk it can affect my stomach, so I tried this in my drinks and with my cereals and I love it. It tastes so yummy. I did say these posts will involve anything and everything, and I’m sure some of you guys might agree that when you find something new in your diet it can make you feel a whole lot better, or just me? P.S. this tastes incredible in a latte!

What things have you loved this past month?

Megan ?