Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are in the world. I’m currently sat at my desk writing up this post whilst the weather is quite miserable outside but today I’m reflecting on a very sunny day in Brighton (which quite honestly, I’d much rather be at right now).

Although I’m getting right in the autumnal mood now, I can’t stop reminiscing on those warm summers day. Anyone else?

Well, today I’m going to chat you through my favourite things to do whilst in the gorgeous place that is, Brighton. I’ve been there both in on the chillier days and the warm sunny ones, so you can do these things whatever the weather.

First stop… Brunch.

What is a day out without brunch, eh? A brunch stop off is always necessary when you go out for the day. I kinda wish I could brunch everyday and it is after all the best meal ever.

If you’re a brunch lover like myself, then I’ve got something for you. As soon as we arrived in Brighton after an hour and a half drive, we were of course starving and craving coffee like never before. I found a tonne of recommendations for the Kooks Restaurant, a boho bistro in the pretty North Laine area.

This cute little place serves up all sorts from the popular avo on toast to full breakfasts (they have a gorgeous looking veggie option) and sweet treats. They’ve really got a bit of everything going on. As it was late morning I stuck to the sweeter option and chose the apricot, coconut, seed and nuts yoghurt and granola mix with berry compote and an iced soy latte. It was the perfect morning pick me up and I left feeling so satisfied, which isn’t always the case when going with the granola and yoghurt option. Ollie chose his fave, eggs royale on sourdough toast which he was enjoying so much I hardly got a word out of him. But to be honest, I was the same. That is the sign of good food right?

After feeling pretty damn full and high on the caffeine (joking, but it was seriously yum) we headed around the North Laines for a little shopping. Although I’d been to Brighton before, I hadn’t explored much of the North Laines so we spent a lot of our time here. We found so many new places to wander round and I love walking through the alleyways and coming across quirky little shops and market stalls.

My favourite find was actually a vintage clothing store across from Kooks that had an upstairs dedicated to houseplants. If you’re a houseplant fan then you’ve got to visit. The little boutique is called Spiderplant and is a green space I instantly fell in love with.

We explored the lanes for a good hour or two before heading down to the beachfront and the pier. Whatever the weather, its always so nice to head down to the Brighton beachfront for a lil fresh air and maybe even a cheeky little ice cream.

Depending on the mood you’re in, you can head into the arcades or sit on the pier and watch the world go by.

After the pier we headed back up to Duke’s Lane, the most popular lane located just a few minutes walk from the beachfront. This is where you want to go head if you’re into all the high street shops with a mixture of cute little boutiques and sidewalk cafes. You seriously do get lost in the lanes and the time flies by. It’s easy to get lost in all the smaller shops looking through all the quirky bits and bobs. The home ware stores always get me and Brighton Homesense is just a dream!

If you’re one to enjoy a sit down and a drink in the afternoon (I always am at the weekend for a lil unwind), we loved both Maggie Maes and Bohemia. They both serve amazing G&T’s, but if you’re looking for something a little more chilled out then I’d say Maggie Maes. This is located quite close to the seafront and overlooks the streets whilst you can sit and chill out on their sofas. However, if you’re looking for something a bit snazzy and located in the lanes then Bohemia is my recommendation. It’s full of life, an amazing drinks menu and the quirkiest interior yet.

I could’ve honestly spent the rest of the afternoon in a bar somewhere or sit on the beach. There’s some kind of atmosphere in Brighton that makes you feel so chilled out. Not only is there so much quirkiness to take in and get lost in, there’s just so much you can do. I would’ve happily sat on the bar terrace overlooking Brighton for the rest of the afternoon but my stomach started to growl and I knew it was time for dinner.

We were actually going to head to the i360 but we decided to save that for next time. Honestly, I’m happy we did that so there’s even more reason to go back.

For dinner we were kindly invited to try the menu at Six Brighton, which is located on the border of Brighton and Hove and was a nice 30-min wander from the hustle and bustle of the lanes. Of course, if it was raining we would’ve taken the car but when the weathers nice enough it’s such a nice walk.

By this point we were absolutely starving and I’m so thankful Six had a huge menu to choose from. To start I went for the calamari & zucchini and Ollie had the organic chicken satay, both so scrummy but the crispy calamari was my favourite. It came with a divine Japanese style mayo that I’m drooling over as I type this. For mains I went with their organic chicken dish, the Le Milanese, a breaded tender breast on top of a fresh radish, cherry tomato and balsamic salad. I was over the moon that the portion sizes were big to, but so much so we couldn’t attempt dessert.

Ollie’s dinner choice was a typical of his, the Organic Chicken Burger that comes in an artisan brioche bun and served with fries and a side salad. He couldn’t resist but say yes to the complimentary cheddar and bacon, which I think was the very good choice. It looked divine.

The glass of rose went down a real treat to by the end of the day!

Although the restaurant was a little out of the city centre, it offers a bit more peace and quiet than those located in the lanes and the décor is stunning. With plush velvet chairs and dark wood furnishings, I couldn’t help but take some photos to add to this diary.

Six offer the freshest and locally sourced organic ingredients, which really translates in their dishes. I’m all for fresh local goods so I was into their ethos. The restaurant gives that fine dining luxe feel but with really amazing prices!

Thank you to Six Brighton for having us for dinner, it was delicious!

And that my friends was the end to our day in Brighton. Once again, a day of good food that I could devour right about now that I’m looking back at these photos. Oh how I wish I were back – I’m hungry!

Do you have any recommendations for a day in Brighton?

Megan ♥


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* This post contains a paid for meal by Six Brighton *

Although fragrance is a very personal thing for people, I’m pretty sure this lineup is one you all may love.

I’m not the pickiest of fragrance people, but I do know when I do and don’t like a scent. I wouldn’t go for something I didn’t think would suit me for instance, but I’m one that loves quite a few different types of scents, depending on my mood.

For the evenings I love something a little musky, sexy but fierce.

Then, for the daytime I switch between fruity or floral. It just depends what I’m feeling. Typically, my favourite scent is a sweet(ish) floral. Something quite feminine and classic with a sophisticated twist, you know?

*Enters the range with a little something for everybody*

Ted Baker are a brand largely known to be an iconic fashion brand. A brand with a lot of class, flare and fun, which I think is an exact representation of their newest fragrance launch.

Welcome the re-launch of their Sweet Treats collection.

I was introduced to the new collection at the end of last week after being very kindly invited with the Ted Baker team to an Afternoon Tea inspired by the Sweet Treats collection. The tea was held in the Dandelyan Bar in the Mondrian, which in my opinion couldn’t have been more perfect. With its pink plush sofas and golden minimalistic accents overlooking the River Thames on the Southbank, I couldn’t have felt more Ted Baker if I tried!

As well as the dreamy interior, the food and drinks lived up to those standards. We were treated to a whole mix of sandwiches and sweet treats (including my fave, macaroons) and classic cocktails and prosecco. I couldn’t help but have a cheeky G&T to!

The new line is full of its original class, femininity and modern sense of purpose but with more glamour than before. Not only have the fragrances made a comeback with a bang, the new packaging is just to die for! The fragrance is now packed away in nude, pink and black luxurious bottles with the classic Ted rose gold accents.

As the range says, generic accutane pharmacy each scent is made with a personality behind it. My favourite being Mia, a gorgeous soft floral rose fragrance bursting with sophistication and warmth. Its other floral note is freesias and it’s blended with fruits such as raspberries and blackcurrants, which makes the perfect soft but seductive cocktail.

Then enters Poppy, the sweetest of them all with her fruity girlish charm. The top notes of mandarin, berries and peach and beautifully blended with the likes of jasmine, honeysuckle and peony to add a bit of extra fruity romance. I love how the fragrance is blended with vanilla to as it gives it that soft but super sweet finish. This is one I’d wear in the daytime for that really girly feel. It’s not sickly sweet either, there’s the right balance of fruits and floral undertones to give it a bit of that youthful but charming girl-next-door vibe.

If you’re into muskier more classic scents, then Ella is your girl. This one, last but not least, is the classiest most sophisticated scent of them all. Ella is a real cocktail infusion as she’s mixed with bergamot and cassis with notes of orange blossom, jasmine and rose. This scent is so enticing, seductive and perfect for the evening. Dinners and nights out will certainly see this one coming with me. Ella is very fierce but still feminine with top notes of patchouli, amber, sandalwood and vanilla. So sexy and rich!

The Afternoon Tea at the Dandelyan Bar was the most perfect afternoon and I can’t feel more grateful and thank the Ted Baker team enough!

The fragrances come in a handbag friendly size of 30ml, retailing at £18 or a very generous 100ml for £30.

You can shop the range online and in-store at Boots and Ted Baker at the end of September (I will keep you updated with the exact date). Ted Baker have also got a range of Christmas gifts inspired by the fragrances to, so keep your eyes peeled!

What Ted personality are you?

Megan ?

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Brunch is the best meal of the day. No doubt about it.

Who agrees? (I assume many of foodies, like myself, are nodding your heads right now!). I don’t blame you, brunch is just so scrummy.

I love food, who doesn’t? But if I had to pick my favourite meal it would have to be brunch. I just love all breakfasty foods, cereals, porridge, eggs and avocado, so being able to eat a huge version of breakfast is my idea of heaven.

Another amazing thing about brunch is, there are so many more places making brunch menu and I simply love trying new ones out.

Not so long ago I visited Espresso Library in Cambridge for brunch. Loved their food so much I put a picture up on Instagram and they asked if I’d like to go back again and try more. So of course, I said yes. Being able to work with brands and people you love is one of those things in absolutely adore about blogging.

Espresso Library is just one of those places I will go back to again and again as it’s a great location in the centre of Cambridge, does incredible, mouth-watering food and has the cutest interior. A cute interior is a must for me, does anyone else feel like that? I love sitting in pretty places!

The venues theme has a rustic vibe with the true Cambridge reflected through its interior. Bicycles hang from the ceilings and the wooden decked walls give a real ‘LA feel’ to the place – super relaxed and inviting.

For brunch, if its early-ish morning I like to go for something sweet over savoury. So, I went for the Power Granola, which hands down was one of the yummiest granolas I’ve tried. You can tell it’s all freshly made with the best ingredients and inside is organic nuts and coconut buy cheap ventolin inhalers flakes, served with your choice of Greek or dairy-free yoghurt (I went dairy-free) with a freshly made berry compote. Honestly, if I could eat a breakfast for the rest of my life I think this may be it.

90% of the time I always choose a sweet breakfast food as this granola is so at the top of my list for sweet breakfast faves. I need the recipe because I just wanna eat it everyday now.

Also, coconut flakes are my jam now and I so this is a mental reminder for me to get some and recommend you to all try them.

All of their food is so vibrant and I love that. Ollie’s food was a little more vibrant than mine as he went for the Avocado & Eggs on toast with crispy bacon. As you can see, the colours are just beautiful and it proved him very difficult to keep his hands off so I could take photos! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

The avocado sourdough toast comes with the option to have eggs however you like them and also a huge selection of toppings. They have a bit of everything from smoky chickpeas and tomatoes to salmon and prosciutto. Next time I go I am so getting the avo toast.

Of course I had a bite of Ollie’s (who could resist that!) and it was so so yummy. Fresh avocado with a runny yolk is just a little bite of heaven isn’t it?

With our brunch I went for a soy latte and Ollie went for an iced coffee. I always rate a place from its coffee and this is a real gem. Espresso Library use their own unique coffee blend from an individual coffee roaster near Cambridge called The Coffee Officiana and its seriously yum! It had super tasty foam to, just how I like it.

As well as the super chilled interior, the staff are also super friendly and helpful. When I stood there gawping at the smoothie menu for a few minutes straight, the staff were so happy to help me choose one and asked exactly what kind of taste I like. I went with Candy, a beautiful mix of fresh mango, orange juice, bananas, raspberries and raw vanilla powder. It was a delight in my mouth I tell you that (I almost didn’t share any it was that good!).

After writing this, I am now absolutely starving… how did I know that would happen?!

You can find out more about Espresso Library, what they do and their menu here.

Thank you again to Espresso Library for having us, it was delicious!

What brunch spots do you love?

Megan ?


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Oh how fabulous is it that it’s the weekend?

After last weekend being a bank holiday I am now wanting every week to end with a 3 day break. If only life was that kind!

For the bank holiday weekend I spent my time in Brighton for the day on Saturday and then headed to London for a couple of days. It was amazing for the sunshine to be out and to spend the weekend away, but you know what makes the whole thing even better? Good food! You all know its true.

When I visit cities the first thing I do is look for good places to eat. More often than not I typically go for good-looking places with even better looking food on the menu.

Ahi Poke is a Hawaiian themed grab and go restaurant that serve the very best Poke bowls in London. You might be wondering, what on earth is this Poke Bowl you speak of? That’s exactly what I said when I heard the name. The Poke bowl concept was all new to me to a couple of weeks back but now, I’m all over it.

It’s not easy to find healthy and tasty on the go food whilst being in a city. More often than not it’s so easy to just grab and pick up whatever you see. But with the health kick trend being a big hit right now, this place has really got it right.

The grab and go restaurant serves fish and veggie bowls with all ingredients being sourced and grown sustainably. Since tasting the food, it’s clear to know that the team work closely with their sources to ensure they provide not only the tastiest but the freshest local ingredients for their customers.

My choice of dish was veggie as the fish is raw, something I kinda wish I liked but I just don’t. Depending what you prefer, you can either choose a bowl from the menu or make your own.

We decided to choose share a ‘make it your own’ bowl and a special of theirs. From their specials menu, we chose the Sweet Green bowl, which is a kale base bowl with mushroom, edamame (my fave), confit ginger, radish and carrot. This was absolutely delicious and I decided on soy sauce to add a bit of juice. If you’re buy isotretinoin online no prescription after a light lunch then I’d definitely suggest this bowl as its light on the stomach, super tasty and completely gluten free. For the ‘make it your own’ bowl we added brown rice as the base. The toppings included cashew nuts, avocado, mushroom, carrot, coriander, fried onions, red onion, coconut sweet potato and confit ginger (so pretty much the whole shabang). They were both absolutely divine and incredibly tasty. The ‘make it your own’ bowl is perfect for either lunch or dinner as you can add what you like to make it as filling as you’d like.

We enjoyed them so much we barely spoke whilst eating – I bet you all know that feeling, right?

If you can be a bit picky with your food (like me) and like to eat exactly the things you love, I would suggest creating your own bowl. This way, you can add anything you want and make it completely how you like it.

For dessert I went for the Date & Quinoa balls, as they’re a super healthy all natural sweet treat that I’ve always wanted to try. I must say, they were 100% drool-worthy. If you ever crave a sweet treat but don’t want it to feel naughty, then this is what you need. It gets rid of those cravings and are incredibly tasty. And, I knew this would happen, I’m now I’m wanting more whilst writing this. They were so tasty.

I am all about their Hawaiian laid back interior. All of the little details down to the palm tree print takeout menus and chopsticks make the restaurant so fresh and chilled throughout. It has real Cali vibes and I love it.

Although this is an on the go food bowl, the venue has a few super cute benches that you can sit at and enjoy the food.

Next time I’m in London and get hungry whilst on the go, I am so getting this. I think Poke bowls are my new thang.

Ahi Poke has two venues in London – Victoria and Fitzrovia.

Would you ever tried a Poke bowl?

Megan ?


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Happy Wednesday my loves.

Today’s post is getting me all excited for the weekend again as it’s about something I love doing at the weekends – eating lots and lots of good food.

Not so long ago I booked my and my best friend in for an Afternoon Tea at the Balthazar London in Covent Garden. I searched the Internet for hours and hours for afternoon teas with a bit of a twist. There were tonnes of Disney inspired ones, London themed but never before had I seen a beauty one, so of course I was all over it. I haven’t seen many (if any at all) afternoon teas themed around the beauty world. So, if like me you love all things beauty and everything food, you may be ready to book at the end of this. Get prepared for the drool worthy food.

What caught my eye was that it was Bobbi Brown inspired. With many afternoon teas in London being focused on a theme, I just had to book this one in and was the perfect celebration meal.

Bobbi Brown is a brand I grew up adoring and still love today and fortunately, the tea translated the brands elegance and class.

The venue was one I hadn’t been to before, and now know they are super popular in Covent Garden. The restaurant was quite busy as it was a sunny Saturday afternoon that we went, but we were sat towards the back in a quieter part of the restaurant at the back on the most gorgeous plush red leather sofas. From that moment, I knew the tea was going to be all class and sophistication, which is exactly what I’d hoped for seeing as it was a treat for a friend. Also, it’s good to be prim and proper every once in a while, eh?

I’d seen some pictures of the food on the tea menu before going (I’m one of those who can’t go anywhere without stalking the Instagram and the menu about 50 times beforehand), and it really lived up to what it showed online.

For those who suffer with any allergies such as dairy or gluten, there’s no need to have concerns about this afternoon tea. I know how much of a bummer it can be when they don’t offer free from foods! Balthazar understood my gluten sensitivity straight away and did everything they could to make sure I was happy. They made each of the cakes gluten free, the scones, the bread and also went to the length of giving me my own cream, jam and new cutlery for the scones so I didn’t doxycycline have to mix it with my friends.

Now, onto whats included because I know you’re all here to drool…

Each of the cakes were made to look like some of the most famous Bobbi Brown products. I know, incredible! They were almost too pretty to eat.

The cakes that were served on my plate were all gluten free and I had a mix of everything. My favourite was the Pecan & Jasmine ‘Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadow’ Macaroon – it was heaven in my mouth I tell you. The Blueberry & Lemon ‘Smokey Eye Mascara’ was a thin chocolate roll filled with the most delicious whipped cream. I devoured this in about three mouthfuls I’d say and could’ve happily ate 5 more.

Balthazar took into consideration my sensitivity and swapped the Rhubarb & Ginger ‘Shimmer Brick’ for a mouth-watering gluten free strawberry and cream tart. Whipped cream and fruit on a dessert is my go to, so I was so happy when they brought this little beauty out. Then there was a Coco-Citrus ‘Extra Rinse Balm’ Cheesecake with a gluten free shortbread base. Stupidly, I left this till last and couldn’t finish it but it was so good I took the rest home (naughty, but nice).

The rest of the Afternoon Tea included scones (mine being gluten-free and so tasty) with clotted cream and strawberry jam, followed by a selection of sandwiches, of which I chose the vegetarian option. They weren’t the plain old cucumber sandwiches either. Balthazar whipped up some chickpea and mint, egg and spicy mayo and sweet red pepper fillings. To die for I tell ya.

Of course, the food came with a choice of tea, mine being breakfast (my fave!).

With the deal I originally had planned to get a free complimentary Bobbi Brown lesson. Unfortunately this deal was no longer running by the time we got round to booking it, which was quite a few months later, but instead they gave us a complimentary glass of champagne that was the perfect touch. Again, quite amazing service!

I would totally recommend any food and beauty lovers to come and try this out. It really won’t disappoint. I’d eat it ten times over if I could!

If you’d like to have a look, the Balthazar x Bobbi Brown tea is available to book here. Quite a bargain for a themed London Afternoon Tea to!

Do you have any Afternoon Tea recommendations? I’m always on the hunt for new food spots in London!

Megan ?


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