Covent Garden. Some would say a very busy, touristy and loud part of London. Although that is somewhat true, in the heart of Covent Garden are some real hidden gems. Some places just take you away from the hustle and bustle and reflect the calmer and romantic side of London.

Enters Le Garrick.

London is a place of great history and rich culture, but after spending so much time in the city, one of my favourite things to indulge in is the hot food it has to offer. Covent Garden is a borough of London many relate to the theatres, fancy bars and swarve restaurants and with that’s what I love. It’s a true city hotspot for all the good food, and a like Le Garrick reminds me of the good old fashion city romance.

Le Garrick is a French restaurant located in the heart of Covent Garden, just around the corner from the tube station but is far from all the noise and crowds, would you believe.

Its décor is true brasserie style – low-lit, low ceilings and intimate cove seating areas. What I’d call the perfect place to get away from the busy streets and indulge in good food and some you time. As the restaurants ambiance is very peaceful, I would definitely say this is a restaurant you can fully unwind in. The seating areas are spread around the restaurant, all hidden away from one another so you don’t feel like you’re sitting on top of people. I really can’t stand being squished on a table basically touching knees with other people, so this was a bit of me.

The atmosphere is definitely relaxed, somewhere you’d want to treat yourself to before the theatre or after a long day walking around London. Or, even a quiet evening to wine and dine, whatever takes your fancy.

I’ve never experienced French food quite like this. By that I mean, true French cuisine (in restaurants around me) is quite hard to come, especially from what I’ve tried before. Le Garrick is unmistakably French, from the ambiance, the décor, the waiters and of course, the menu.

As well as extensive wine list, many very sophisticated French names caught my eye, they have quite a large selection of dishes to choose from.

For starters, I went with the salade de chèvre chaud (a warm goats cheese salad), which was heaven in my mouth. The warm goats cheese lie on a bed of green leaves, rocket, tomatoes and walnuts all dressed with a gorgeous balsamic glaze. I’m not kidding when I say I fell in love. Why on earth haven’t I had warm goats cheese before? It was dreamy. You get 3 large pieces to, which of course I devoured very quickly. Ollie went with the pâté de campagne maison (a country terrine pate) that came with caramelised onions and small pickled gherkins. They served warm breads and toast with the starter to and by the silence on the table, it was quite obvious the starters went down a treat.

Onto the mains, which has to be my favourite part of the meal. I chose the filet de saumon et sa ratatouille, a beautifully grilled (and very large) fillet of salmon served with a gorgeous ratatouille in fresh tomato sauce. I wasn’t sure what portion size to expect but they are certainly very generous I have to say, as we both couldn’t quite finish.

Ollie went for the “Le Garrick” burger as I assumed he would, he loves to test out burgers and this was very different to the usual. He’d never had a French style burger before but he really did enjoy it. The burger was a spiced lamb and beef, served in a soft bun with cucumber and tomatoes that were so fresh like the salad starter. Again, a generous portion and served with skinny fries (our fave) and Ollie topped his burger with Emmental cheese, which he said was just incredible. French cheese is unbeatable, right?

As a side we went for the very traditional petit pois grand-mère as we both felt we hadn’t been quite ‘French’ enough. This is a portion of peas and was served with crispy bacon and onion and was like nothing I’d had before. How did they make peas taste so damn good?!

By this point I was pretty stuffed so I chose the trio of ice-creams for dessert (I chose 2 vanilla and 1 strawberry). I say I was stuffed but I managed to finish them, oops. Ollie got the fondant au chocolat, which was like a melting chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream. I had a little taste and my gosh, I wish I had ordered that. Warm chocolate cake, I’m craving you right now.

After a few yummy G&T’s later and very full stomachs we were two very very happy people.

Thank you so much to Le Garrick for having us, the meal was so delicious and it’s definitely a place I’d head back to again, maybe even for a pre-theatre meal and some wine. I’d say the food is very reasonably priced, especially for West End London and left us feeling FTB (full-to-the-brim).

Does French food tickle your fancy? You can find Le Garrick’s menu here and join them to celebrate their 30th Anniversary!

Megan ♥


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* This post contains a gifted meal*

Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are in the world. I’m currently sat at my desk writing up this post whilst the weather is quite miserable outside but today I’m reflecting on a very sunny day in Brighton (which quite honestly, I’d much rather be at right now).

Although I’m getting right in the autumnal mood now, I can’t stop reminiscing on those warm summers day. Anyone else?

Well, today I’m going to chat you through my favourite things to do whilst in the gorgeous place that is, Brighton. I’ve been there both in on the chillier days and the warm sunny ones, so you can do these things whatever the weather.

First stop… Brunch.

What is a day out without brunch, eh? A brunch stop off is always necessary when you go out for the day. I kinda wish I could brunch everyday and it is after all the best meal ever.

If you’re a brunch lover like myself, then I’ve got something for you. As soon as we arrived in Brighton after an hour and a half drive, we were of course starving and craving coffee like never before. I found a tonne of recommendations for the Kooks Restaurant, a boho bistro in the pretty North Laine area.

This cute little place serves up all sorts from the popular avo on toast to full breakfasts (they have a gorgeous looking veggie option) and sweet treats. They’ve really got a bit of everything going on. As it was late morning I stuck to the sweeter option and chose the apricot, coconut, seed and nuts yoghurt and granola mix with berry compote and an iced soy latte. It was the perfect morning pick me up and I left feeling so satisfied, which isn’t always the case when going with the granola and yoghurt option. Ollie chose his fave, eggs royale on sourdough toast which he was enjoying so much I hardly got a word out of him. But to be honest, I was the same. That is the sign of good food right?

After feeling pretty damn full and high on the caffeine (joking, but it was seriously yum) we headed around the North Laines for a little shopping. Although I’d been to Brighton before, I hadn’t explored much of the North Laines so we spent a lot of our time here. We found so many new places to wander round and I love walking through the alleyways and coming across quirky little shops and market stalls.

My favourite find was actually a vintage clothing store across from Kooks that had an upstairs dedicated to houseplants. If you’re a houseplant fan then you’ve got to visit. The little boutique is called Spiderplant and is a green space I instantly fell in love with.

We explored the lanes for a good hour or two before heading down to the beachfront and the pier. Whatever the weather, its always so nice to head down to the Brighton beachfront for a lil fresh air and maybe even a cheeky little ice cream.

Depending on the mood you’re in, you can head into the arcades or sit on the pier and watch the world go by.

After the pier we headed back up to Duke’s Lane, the most popular lane located just a few minutes walk from the beachfront. This is where you want to go head if you’re into all the high street shops with a mixture of cute little boutiques and sidewalk cafes. You seriously do get lost in the lanes and the time flies by. It’s easy to get lost in all the smaller shops looking through all the quirky bits and bobs. The home ware stores always get me and Brighton Homesense is just a dream!

If you’re one to enjoy a sit down and a drink in the afternoon (I always am at the weekend for a lil unwind), we loved both Maggie Maes and Bohemia. They both serve amazing G&T’s, but if you’re looking for something a little more chilled out then I’d say Maggie Maes. This is located quite close to the seafront and overlooks the streets whilst you can sit and chill out on their sofas. However, if you’re looking for something a bit snazzy and located in the lanes then Bohemia is my recommendation. It’s full of life, an amazing drinks menu and the quirkiest interior yet.

I could’ve honestly spent the rest of the afternoon in a bar somewhere or sit on the beach. There’s some kind of atmosphere in Brighton that makes you feel so chilled out. Not only is there so much quirkiness to take in and get lost in, there’s just so much you can do. I would’ve happily sat on the bar terrace overlooking Brighton for the rest of the afternoon but my stomach started to growl and I knew it was time for dinner.

We were actually going to head to the i360 but we decided to save that for next time. Honestly, I’m happy we did that so there’s even more reason to go back.

For dinner we were kindly invited to try the menu at Six Brighton, which is located on the border of Brighton and Hove and was a nice 30-min wander from the hustle and bustle of the lanes. Of course, if it was raining we would’ve taken the car but when the weathers nice enough it’s such a nice walk.

By this point we were absolutely starving and I’m so thankful Six had a huge menu to choose from. To start I went for the calamari & zucchini and Ollie had the organic chicken satay, both so scrummy but the crispy calamari was my favourite. It came with a divine Japanese style mayo that I’m drooling over as I type this. For mains I went with their organic chicken dish, the Le Milanese, a breaded tender breast on top of a fresh radish, cherry tomato and balsamic salad. I was over the moon that the portion sizes were big to, but so much so we couldn’t attempt dessert.

Ollie’s dinner choice was a typical of his, the Organic Chicken Burger that comes in an artisan brioche bun and served with fries and a side salad. He couldn’t resist but say yes to the complimentary cheddar and bacon, which I think was the very good choice. It looked divine.

The glass of rose went down a real treat to by the end of the day!

Although the restaurant was a little out of the city centre, it offers a bit more peace and quiet than those located in the lanes and the décor is stunning. With plush velvet chairs and dark wood furnishings, I couldn’t help but take some photos to add to this diary.

Six offer the freshest and locally sourced organic ingredients, which really translates in their dishes. I’m all for fresh local goods so I was into their ethos. The restaurant gives that fine dining luxe feel but with really amazing prices!

Thank you to Six Brighton for having us for dinner, it was delicious!

And that my friends was the end to our day in Brighton. Once again, a day of good food that I could devour right about now that I’m looking back at these photos. Oh how I wish I were back – I’m hungry!

Do you have any recommendations for a day in Brighton?

Megan ♥


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* This post contains a paid for meal by Six Brighton *

Brunch is the best meal of the day. No doubt about it.

Who agrees? (I assume many of foodies, like myself, are nodding your heads right now!). I don’t blame you, brunch is just so scrummy.

I love food, who doesn’t? But if I had to pick my favourite meal it would have to be brunch. I just love all breakfasty foods, cereals, porridge, eggs and avocado, so being able to eat a huge version of breakfast is my idea of heaven.

Another amazing thing about brunch is, there are so many more places making brunch menu and I simply love trying new ones out.

Not so long ago I visited Espresso Library in Cambridge for brunch. Loved their food so much I put a picture up on Instagram and they asked if I’d like to go back again and try more. So of course, I said yes. Being able to work with brands and people you love is one of those things in absolutely adore about blogging.

Espresso Library is just one of those places I will go back to again and again as it’s a great location in the centre of Cambridge, does incredible, mouth-watering food and has the cutest interior. A cute interior is a must for me, does anyone else feel like that? I love sitting in pretty places!

The venues theme has a rustic vibe with the true Cambridge reflected through its interior. Bicycles hang from the ceilings and the wooden decked walls give a real ‘LA feel’ to the place – super relaxed and inviting.

For brunch, if its early-ish morning I like to go for something sweet over savoury. So, I went for the Power Granola, which hands down was one of the yummiest granolas I’ve tried. You can tell it’s all freshly made with the best ingredients and inside is organic nuts and coconut buy cheap ventolin inhalers flakes, served with your choice of Greek or dairy-free yoghurt (I went dairy-free) with a freshly made berry compote. Honestly, if I could eat a breakfast for the rest of my life I think this may be it.

90% of the time I always choose a sweet breakfast food as this granola is so at the top of my list for sweet breakfast faves. I need the recipe because I just wanna eat it everyday now.

Also, coconut flakes are my jam now and I so this is a mental reminder for me to get some and recommend you to all try them.

All of their food is so vibrant and I love that. Ollie’s food was a little more vibrant than mine as he went for the Avocado & Eggs on toast with crispy bacon. As you can see, the colours are just beautiful and it proved him very difficult to keep his hands off so I could take photos! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

The avocado sourdough toast comes with the option to have eggs however you like them and also a huge selection of toppings. They have a bit of everything from smoky chickpeas and tomatoes to salmon and prosciutto. Next time I go I am so getting the avo toast.

Of course I had a bite of Ollie’s (who could resist that!) and it was so so yummy. Fresh avocado with a runny yolk is just a little bite of heaven isn’t it?

With our brunch I went for a soy latte and Ollie went for an iced coffee. I always rate a place from its coffee and this is a real gem. Espresso Library use their own unique coffee blend from an individual coffee roaster near Cambridge called The Coffee Officiana and its seriously yum! It had super tasty foam to, just how I like it.

As well as the super chilled interior, the staff are also super friendly and helpful. When I stood there gawping at the smoothie menu for a few minutes straight, the staff were so happy to help me choose one and asked exactly what kind of taste I like. I went with Candy, a beautiful mix of fresh mango, orange juice, bananas, raspberries and raw vanilla powder. It was a delight in my mouth I tell you that (I almost didn’t share any it was that good!).

After writing this, I am now absolutely starving… how did I know that would happen?!

You can find out more about Espresso Library, what they do and their menu here.

Thank you again to Espresso Library for having us, it was delicious!

What brunch spots do you love?

Megan ?


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* This post contains a gifted meal *




The past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind for me. The biggest thing that happened last month was handing in my dissertation and finishing University. It does terrify me thinking how fast 3 years have whizzed past, but since finishing I’ve finally been able to have some quality time for myself. You know what that means, there has been a fair few bits I’ve been loving, want to see?

First up has to be the sunshine. I know it comes and goes in this unpredictable English weather, but since the sun has been shining a bit more it makes me super excited for the summer months ahead. The sun just makes everything a bit more positive and makes me want to get out and be more active. It also inspires me to get more out of my day and with the longer daylight hours.

Summer fragrances. For the beauty section this month my most favourite has to be fragrances. I’m usually one for using the same perfume day in day out, but lately I’ve been switching it up almost everyday. I do have a larger collection than last year and it’s nice to pick and choose depending on my mood. A must have for the past few spring like weeks has to be the latest edition to Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb Range called Bloom*. This fragrance is so light, floral and feminine and sits so well with a fresh warm day. You can read more about it here. I just think summer perfumes are so fun and so many bring back summer holiday memories.

Speaking of light and fresh summer beauty products, I’ve been loving wearing more minimal makeup as well as being fresh faced. I am a sucker for dewy skin and for this I love the Nip + Fab Dragon’s Blood Range. For everyday I use the Fix Hyaluronic Shot, which is a super lightweight serum that boosts your skins hydration levels and leaves you with super soft and glowy skin. I also love to use their Serum and Cleansing Pads. I find this range is full of quick fix products that are also affordable and incredible quality.

This past month or so I’ve been really getting into my exercise and going to the gym regularly. For me, exercise is a way to unwind and de-stress and is the main buy amoxicillin online uk reason I go 5/6 times a week. It helps me focus and without it I can become quite uninspired, even going for a long walk helps me clear my head and gather my thoughts. Exercise doesn’t always have to be painful and vigorous either. I change my exercises up quite a bit and try different techniques from stretching and yoga to heavy weights. It’s good to change up your workout routine as 1) you won’t get bored and 2) you can find out what works best for you.

Journalling. I bought myself a gorgeous diary last month in the sale at Homesense, a bit late in the year I know, but it’s so pretty I couldn’t resist for just £5 when originally it was £40. It comes with separate notes sections as well as inspiring words and quotes, and it’s really helped me organise my blog schedule as well as write ideas down and journal my everyday thoughts. I always enjoy using pretty stationary to, so if you’re looking for one to I’d recommend heading to Homesense or TK Maxx.

Although I don’t dress up that often, I’ve really been obsessed with heeled mules. Over the past month or so I’ve actually bought quite a few and they just make me want to get dressed up and head out somewhere fancy for the day. What I love about heeled mules is that you can dress them up or down and they look so classic. There are so many variations out there at the minute, and I’m constantly searching ASOS for some new ones. I just can’t get enough.

In terms of food I’ve been loving, because how can I talk about my favourite things without mentioning food, are breakfast bowls. Now that the mornings are a lot lighter I’ve been enjoying making fresher and lighter breakfasts, such as fruit bowls and various granola combinations. I’m one of those that will go to bed at night dreaming of my breakfast and I get so happy when I can finally eat it. Changing up my breakfasts actually makes me enjoy eating early to, and I find breakfast the most important and enjoyable meal of the day now!

What have you been loving lately?

Megan ?


Since posting my last ‘6 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately’ I had a great response and it’s encouraged me to do a series of 6 things I’ve been loving within the past month. Essentially, it’s quite like a favourites post but including a mixture of things from events, food, beauty, and all sorts. Its not every month that I buy new things but there are always new hobbies or ideas that I come up with that make me super happy. So, lets go!

First up has to be interior design. I never thought I’d be a sucker for pretty interiors; well not until I had my own place. However, I recently re-designed my room and it’s got me obsessed with Pinterest boards and shopping for cute bits. My favourite places to shop have been H&M Home, Matalan and Zara Home as they always have little unique finds. I’ve loved designing and planning out what will go where, now I just need my own house so I can do it to every room! There’s something quite rewarding about looking at something and thinking ‘I did that’.

Also, having re-designed my room I’ve been loving having my own clear space. There’s nothing better than having a space where you love to work and feel motivated to be creative and tick off your ‘to-do list’. This month I’ve been all about creating my own little workspace to be in my own bubble and GET THINGS DONE. That’s what the next few months is all about as I’m mid dissertation, so having found a new space has given me more encouragement and motivation than ever.

Lighter evenings. When it gets to 4pm and its still light outside I get an excited feel in my stomach, knowing that Summer is just around the corner. I’ve never been one to prefer to season to the others, as I love all temperatures and the feel that different seasons bring. However, there is something about 2017 that has got me craving lighter evenings and a bit of warmth. Maybe cheap doxycycline malaria tablets because it’s been super chilly and my body needs some sun. Not too much to ask for, right?

An obvious favourite this month is New York. I visited at the beginning of the month and it was my first time, and it was pretty much a trip of dreams. New York was everything I’d ever dreamt of and more; it was honestly like being in a movie set. Travel is something that inspires me a lot, and getting older there are more and more places I wish to visit. I have a whole post dedicated to my highlights of the trip and there are more posts in the pipeline that will be coming soon. I’ve documented a fair few photos over on my Instagram to.

I couldn’t write this post without talking about a new beauty favourite. When shopping in Sephora this month there was one item in particular I needed to buy and that was the Tarte Pro Glow Palette, which has fulfilled and exceeded my expectations. Since using it for the first time a few weeks back I haven’t used much else. The shades are so flattering and the highlight shades are so pigmented and give the most amazing sheen of glowy goodness. I picked up a few more bits from Tarte that I’ll be sharing soon, as I love everything!

This one is a bit of a funny favourite, purely because it’s so random, but I’ve been loving Soya milk. The past few weeks I’ve realised that whenever I drink normal milk it can affect my stomach, so I tried this in my drinks and with my cereals and I love it. It tastes so yummy. I did say these posts will involve anything and everything, and I’m sure some of you guys might agree that when you find something new in your diet it can make you feel a whole lot better, or just me? P.S. this tastes incredible in a latte!

What things have you loved this past month?

Megan ?