This post has been one that has been in the making for a little while I must say.

I sat and thought good and hard about what beauty habits I will honestly take into the New Year with me, as it’s quite easy to say you’ll do these things but forget about them, right?

But, now that these habits have been with me a little while now and are my new found loves, I am 99.9999999% certain and I am very willing to stick to them.

First is very important as I put it right here at the top so I cannot forget about it.

Plaits (usually French braids), aka something I need more of in my life. It’s very rare I do anything different to my hair. You know when you get too comfortable with a style and cba to wear anything else, yep that’s me.

So, next year I’m bringing more plaits into my beauty routine. This means I may finally have to learn for myself, because my best friend can’t be on call everyday – or can she?). Anyone with any tips for how to do them yourself and not feel like your arms are going to fall off then please hit me up. I think they’re too cute and anyone can pull them off. I must try out some more variations and actually make an effort with my hair more often.

Fresher makeup. I started this year being the girl who would either go all out with makeup or nothing at all. Its taken me 21 years but I’ve finally got there. I now understand the love for fresher faced makeup.

I brought the love for ‘ heavy evening makeup during the daytime’ into 2017 with me and I’m for sure leaving it behind.

Everyday makeup is finally something I now experiment with – when I can be bothered to do a full face though may I add. I used to think if I was doing my makeup I had to do a smoky eye, winged liner, full contour – you get the idea, the whole works. It got tiring and I fell in love with fresher more minimal makeup.

I’ve found that less base products suits my face better than a full face and wearing less has made me feel more me. Honestly, that is something I never thought I’d say. A few years back I’d feel odd with just a bit of mascara on and would cringe at the fact of doing my makeup without applying foundation. Oh how that’s changed.

Wearing more minimal makeup is actually a blessing in disguise at the end of a long day to as it’s much quicker to remove. It has many benefits I have to admit.

You can see my current makeup routine here in my Winter Makeup Edit.

With fresher makeup I go onto the topic of skincare. I hope that a few skincare newbies and some I’m trying out this month will bring a new and better skincare routine. I came into 2017 with a lazy attitude towards my skincare and it didn’t exactly pay off. I thought I could get away with being quite laid back with it but it resulted in my skin feeling dull, blemish prone and also quite dry sometimes.

Next year I’m aiming to get together my holy grail line up of skincare products for morning and evening and stick to it! Ok, you read it here so it has to happen.

I’ve already found a few new favourites that I’ll be taking into the New Year with me. You can read about one of them here. I don’t go by the ‘New Year, New Me’ rule, I never have. So for now its new year, new skin and I like the sound of that. Brighter skin come at me.

Changing up my scents. Like my skincare routine, I got a bit lazy with my perfumes. As much as I love them, I’d stick to the same one day in day out and when your favourite runs out it’s not fun is it?

This isn’t the real reason I’m changing up my scents (because I’m scared of running out) I just feel a change of scent can really differ your mood for the occasion.

This is one I’ve only been doing for a few weeks now, but I found myself always spraying on the same perfume. Whether it was for an evening out, to pop to town and even for work I’d always grab the same one. I feel that changing up my scent is such a small thing and not necessarily a must people might want to read about but I’m sure theres a few of you out there guilty of the same thing.

Changing up my perfumes will differ my mood and using one a little bit more special for special occasions is what they’re for. I have gathered quite the collection from using the same one to it’s best I start opening them up.

Lastly is one I’ve spoken about before on here but it’s one I never thought I’d want to stick to. However, I am quite addicted to it.

Moisturising my entire body on a daily basis. As simple as this might be to those that have always done it, I know, I’m a bit late to the bandwagon. And for those who think wtf, can I really be bothered? Yes you can.

If it weren’t for my newfound gem I probably wouldn’t have stuck to it for so long. I use the Vaseline Spray & Go Cocoa Radiant Moisturiser. Yes you read that right, a spray on moisturiser. It’s a dream come true.

This spray and go phenomenon is new to me this year it has made its way to being my favourite of all time very quickly. I spray what I need to over my entire body after a bath and rub it all in and its dry within 30-45 seconds, no longer. A miracle I tell ya.

I used to despise the waiting around for it to dry and putting on my clothes to soon and being all sticky. Thankfully, I’ve never had that problem with this. This one for sure is coming into 2018 with me (I’m never letting it go!).

What beauty habits do you see yourself taking into 2018 with you?


Fresh face beauty is something I’ve seriously grown to love.

Yes, minimal makeup is the ‘lazy route’ without a doubt but I also love the feel of it, the fresher more glowy skin and also finding new products for it.

I used to go all out or nothing everyday. I found it impossible to just pop on some concealer, a lick of mascara and lip balm and head out the door. Yep, every morning I’d do an entire full base, winged eyeliner and matte lipstick without fail. In the end I got really bored of it and found a more suitable makeup look that I feel good in and I’m carrying it through to winter with me to make sure I don’t fall back into my old habits.

If like me you would rather a quick and easy routine in the morning and to leave the house feeling fresher faced and ready for the day, I hope you can find some goodies to try out in my winter makeup routine.

I’ll now cut the waffling and get right into it shall I?

My new and updated routine contains very few products in comparison to what I was using, and here are my current favourites…

Make Up For Ever Step 1 Primer; This is an absolute must have for dehydrated winter skin. Not only does this primer prep your face for the entire day/night, it also blur blemishes and adds an instant surge of moisturise that lasts all day. A pea-sized amount of this is all you need and you’re good to go!

I skip the foundation part so feel free to add whichever is your preference. I feel primer and concealer is all anyone needs for a fresher face – and lets face it, the winter chill does wonders for your skin.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer; This lil gem is my go to for covering blemishes and hiding those god-awful panda eyes. I dab a small amount onto my ring fingers, warm it up by tapping them together a few times and dab onto the areas that need concealing. Quick, easy and effective so you can’t go wrong. This range of concealers from Urban Decay also comes in various shades for various issues such as redness and fatigue.

MAC Give Me Sun; A bronzer I use all year round to give me the sun kissed glow I desire. This warm toned bronzer is one I use all over the face, more so on the forehead and cheekbones to add some colour into my skin.

A big fluffy brush is most effective to apply this with!

Cover FX Enhancer Drops; These highlighting drops are something I can’t do my makeup without. As I like to use an equal mix of powder and liquid products I find a liquid highlighter sits so well with that glowing winter skin look. These drops are so pigmented you need to smallest amount possible and stay put whatever the weather.

Or, I either use Benefit’s GALifornia or Fenty Beauty Shimmer Skin Stix in Ridiic.

Benefit Brows; I like to mix up my brow routine so this isn’t the same everyday I have to admit. If my brows have been threaded and tinted I’ll stick to my trusty old Gimme Brow to keep them in place. Or, if they need some TLC I’ll use Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil to add some definition.

Urban Decay’s Naked Heat Palette; This warm toned palette is all I’ve been using for the past couple of months, I seriously can’t let it go. Its warm oranges and burnt shimmers are all I need to create all the warm looks I love. Can’t go wrong really!

I have a couple of mascara faves and most days I like to mix two…

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara; This is one I rely on for volume and length. This is a jet-black mascara to add the most amazing definition to your lashes.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara; Then, I go in with this. I usually use this as my last coat to add more length and also comes with a great wand for the bottom lashes. If I add to choose just one it would be this.

Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix; This setting spray is my new favourite and I simply can’t finish my makeup without it. I find it locks everything, hydrates my skin and is also one I use to refresh my skin if it needs it throughout the day. This is a very handbag friendly size to, which is a bonus.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb; I wear this gloss all day every day, I’m hooked. This is a gloss that doesn’t give you that icky sticky feeling and adds a stunning bronze effect to your lips, which I think is so perfect for the Christmas season.

There we have it, my winter makeup routine. It might seem a few fair products but it only takes 15 minutes max and leaves my skin still looking like skin and lasts me for the entire day, with the occasional lip gloss top up.

What are your winter beauty favourites?


If like me you’re new to Japanese skincare, then I think this is something you’re going to love.

The Asian skincare market is for sure taking the lead in innovative and new products. I’m seeing more and more brands come through on Instagram and of course being a skincare lover, I couldn’t wait to trial it.

I was introduced to the Asian skincare trend by DHC, a leading cosmetics company in the Japanese skincare industry. DHC UK is a subsidiary brand of the original DHC Corportation and are known to be Japan’s number one skincare brand, which in my opinion is the best way to trial the market.

To be quite honest, I’ve never really thought about trialling skincare products from a whole other market. I’ve always stuck to what I know as that’s what I’ve felt comfortable doing. Picking out skincare products is a very personal thing as everyone’s skin is different and we all have our own preferences don’t we?

But after trialling out DHC I’m now questioning why I haven’t branched out into other industries sooner.

The DHC Deep Cleaning Oil* is one of their bestsellers and is now a must-have in my skincare routine. I fall in and out of love quickly with cleansing oils I must admit. After a few goes if I don’t like it, I push it to the back of my wardrobe. However, with this one, it has stayed at the front for sometime now.

What’s different about this one you might ask? Well, let me tell you.

DHC have enriched this formula with antioxidant rich Spanish olive oil, sounds a bit crazy right? But it really works.

The olive oil instantly dissolves all makeup, priligy online uk even waterproof, and leaves your skin cleansed, soft and hydrated within no time at all. I usually get in such a mess with cleansing face oils but with this one I don’t.

I dispense around 3 pumps in my fingertips before massaging it onto my skin and then rinse away with a warm flannel or cloth (they both work just as well). It also removes just the same with your hands to, but I feel a cloth gives a little exfoliation and really scrubs every single trace away. Once you add water to the formula, the oil transforms into a rich milky lather and feels incredible on the skin.

I don’t usually use oils for my eye makeup but this one works a treat and means I can remove my face makeup all at once. Works for me, as I hate faffing around taking my makeup off after a long day.

The difference with this oil and the others I’ve previously tried is that this one leaves my skin feeling hydrated. Some I’ve tried in the past have left me going to bed with a dry feeling on my skin and then the next morning, I wake up my dehydrated dull skin. Also, the magic about this cleansing oil is that it doesn’t leave behind any traces of oil or grease, so after using it you can go straight on with the rest of your skincare.

Want to introduce yourself to Japanese skincare? Check the range here.

Have you tried Japanese skincare before?

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Hello lovely people of the Internet.

How are we all?

I’m currently sat here typing up this post in a coffee shop, not knowing exactly what the rest of day will bring, but one thing for certain is that I want it to be productive.

As we all may have noticed, productivity and motivation comes and it goes and sometimes it’s blimmin’ well hard to get back, right?

Finding your own motivation can prove to be so difficult when you’re really not in the mood, cant it? Trying to get things done when you feel a bit meh is never fun. But thankfully I’ve found a few ways to tackle that meh feeling right down to the ground and so far, a few simple steps work for me every time.

Over the weekend I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and decided to spend a whole day sleeping, eating, sleeping, drinking tea, eating – you get the idea. Those kinda days is what I live for when I’ve been SO busy I haven’t had a chance to stop. But if my week has been somewhat okay and not too demanding, then I like my days (whether or not its the weekend) to be fun-filled and productive.

I didn’t let this ‘feeling sorry for myself’ ride out for too long because do you know what I hate, an unproductive Monday that spirals into an unproductive week. So I decided to give myself a kick up the butt, down to town, grab some coffee and get some stuff done.

Since graduating from University and still working my part-time job, the day time always holds something different. Not much happens unless I make it basically. Don’t get me wrong, I love the time off and freedom I have BUT I’m not the sort of girl who will willingly laze around all day and not get anything done, I just can’t do it.

So, if you’re the same, I hope this post will give you a little push if you’re finding it hard to motivate yourself.

If my day holds 0 plans, I know that one thing I need to do is something productive. As I say, I’m not one to sit in all day on the sofa binge watching Netflix (I leave those things till the weekends). I’m the sort of person that needs to get into bed at night happy with everything I’ve managed to  get done.

Therefore, first up is a daily checklist. I recently bought myself a weekly planner from Sainsburys. No word of a lie, this little guy has saved me a lot. I sit it on my desk at home and it doesn’t move. This way it stares me straight in the face every time I sit at my desk and means I’m always reminded of what I need to do.

It breaks down the week by days and you tick off the list after every day you complete. I tell you, those little ticks are oh so satisfying.

Some generic doxycycline 100mg days it can be full with little errands that need to be done. Some days it’s taking blogging pictures and some taken up by other things. It’s my reminder to get stuff done.

Also, Sainsburys stationary are really killing it right now.

I’m being honest with you saying that not everyday is easily productive or practical. Some days I try not to even look at my list at all and try and hide away. Those days where I have no motivation to do much at all are those I find myself a new space. When boredom overwhelms me I get incredibly frustrated. I’m sure many of you understand.

Take today for example, I’ve found myself a coffee shop, drinking a coffee and nibbling away on some sweet treats – I hardly ever go to town to do just that. I usually sit at my desk at home to do work (sipping on coffee or tea there to). But for some reason I just couldn’t focus today, so I took myself down to town and set up my laptop there and IT WORKED. I’m definitely doing this more often.

I set up my new ‘office space’ at home to get a new work environment and it really does the trick when I need to focus. If you feel uninspired in your setting every so often, try going elsewhere and see how much more you focus.

No matter the season, us humans find some way to try and procrastinate. For me, the summer is a time where I lose a bit of ‘work life’ motivation but only when the sun is out – so not very often this year (not quite sure whether to see that as a negative or a positive, I’ll go with the latter).

To make the most of my productivity I follow what the weather is doing and work around it. I’m one of those people that HAS to be outside if the sunshine is out. Even to go for a walk or take my work outside, I love being outside when the weather is nice. You’ve gotta make the most of it haven’t you? So my tip is to make the most of the weather situation.

If you love the sunshine like me and find it hard to be inside then take your work outside. Sit in the garden and take your laptop, your books, whatever it is you need to be productive.

Alternatively, if it’s wet and miserable outside I’ll cosy up in some comfies (slippers and sweats all the way) and will set up my little desk space. As annoying at the British weather is, don’t let it get in your way!

There you have it, my tips that have really helped me along the way when I’m in a meh mood and struggling to find some motivation. A few simple things really make the world of difference I tell you!

What are your favourite ways to get yourself motivated?

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Today’s post is something a little bit different. Beauty related, but something I don’t really talk about much.

In this day and age, there are a lot of confidence concerns and problems that arise from being online. Girls especially look up to people on the Internet, people they may not know and aspire to appear like them. I used to be one of those girls but with the help of people around me I grew some confidence that I never thought I had in me.

When I was younger I used to hate many things about myself. But with time, I realised that it is normal and all a part of growing up. Since hitting my early 20’s I’ve learned to love those things I used to hate about myself and embrace them. After all, I’ve always been reminded of the phrase “imperfections are beauty” by my family, and now I finally believe it to be true. Now, I’d never dream of permanently changing anything about myself. I won’t lie, I used to think about it a lot growing up and I was always told by my parents that I’d be silly for doing so. A few years on and I am so happy I listened to them.

Personally, I’d never get surgical procedures done when I don’t need to. It can be hard to love bits about yourself that you previously hated, but once you get past caring you just don’t think about it anymore.

One thing I’ve always been iffy about is my lips. This hate got even harder with the age of social media and seeing girls with the most gorgeous plump lips all across my social platforms. Social media isn’t only to blame for that though, magazines were a big part of the comparison trap young people get into.

Then, one day it hit me that I’ve got what I’ve got and that’s it. I’m not going to change them and instead learn to love them. Makeup tricks and at home lip plumpers used to always be something I’d never think to try, especially with all those ‘gone wrong’ videos online. But I’ve tried something new and it’s changed my mind about the whole thing.

To be completely truthful, I was kindly gifted the PMD Kiss* to try for myself. I didn’t really believe much in these things but I thought why not just give it a go and see what all the fuss is about. Honestly, I wasn’t very hopeful for it at all. I never thought it would be a thing I’d actually love and I’d certainly never review a product if it didn’t work and if I did, it would be recommending for you not to try it. However, I’m actually so happy buy online accutane with the results. The device provides a safe, gentle lip suction device that naturally enhances the lips for a plumper pout.

As much as I love big lips, I would hate to have them myself. They just wouldn’t suit my face and I’d look completely stupid. So when something came into my life that could give my lips just a little juice, I am all for it.

Thankfully, this little device doesn’t give you those humungous lips that some surgeries can offer. Instead it enhances what you already have to make them look fuller, juicer and all around makes them feel even more gorgeous when I apply makeup. This doesn’t exactly make my lips extremely plump, thats not what this is about. It’s to emphasise them a little and it does indeed make them feel and look fuller in my eyes.



This isn’t a device that gives you permanent results, it lasts for a good few hours, sometimes longer depending how you use it.

These are the steps I took to get these results:

  1. Cleaned and dried my lips before applying the Kiss Smart Lip Plumping Serum
  2. Switched on the Kiss device and place firmly onto the lip – in each corner and the middle for 10-15 times each section (six sections all together, you can hear the pulses whilst it works its magic)
  3. Repeat on each section till each section is finished. It takes no longer than 2-3 minutes!

Quite frankly, I’m not looking to look like Kylie Jenner. I just like to have the option there for a bit more fullness when I want it. I will only continue to use this for those days I feel I need a little oomph or nights out. It’s not something I’d use all the time as really, who can be bothered with that? I’m happy with my natural lips but there’s no harm in enhancing them a little when I feel like it.

After with gloss:

I learned to like my lips even before this gadget, a feature I never thought I’d get on with. But since this, it have given me a little bit more confidence. It’s so nice to have found a temporary solution as I will certainly never go permanent. My motto is – we are who we are and honestly, self-love is too important to dismiss.

The Kiss PMD is available to purchase in the UK here.

What are your thoughts on self-love?

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I think its safe to say that the British summer is failing quite miserably this year isn’t it? We had a few very hot days and not much else since, apart from grey cloud, some rain and miserable ol’ wind. I must admit, I am quite the sun worshipper so when the sun disappears I get very sad and don’t want to face the colder weather. Trust me when I say if I could live in a hot climate all year round, I really would.

This year in particular I just seem to crave sun and the glow that comes with it all the time. As the British sun is hiding away, I’ve been having to make and fake that sun kissed glow myself and I’ve managed to pull through so far with a little help from some Too Faced goodies.

Too Faced really are a saving grace when it comes to feel good makeup. Many of my daily makeup picks are from Too Faced and I have indeed made a few new favourites over the past month or so. When the summer hit, (well, those very few days we did get treated to) I knew it wasn’t going to last forever, so I’ve added these products into my routine so I never have to let go of that summer makeup feel.

Admittedly, I am a bit of a bronzer fiend. I love tanned skin all throughout the year and the Too Faced Endless Summer 16 Hour Bronzer really ticks all of the boxes for my sun kissed cravings. This has the perfect warm bronze hue to it that I love to wear all over the face, sometimes even on my chest, which really makes you feel like you’ve been away somewhere hot. Its pigment is quite perfect and I like to apply it with a large fluffy brush to make it appear more natural, like I have a bronzed buy priligy generic flush. I’m also a huge fan of the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer when I like to add a bit of contour as that has slightly greyer undertones. The 16 Hour Long-Wear is a lot warmer toned, which gives me that glow that I crave.

Adding to the ‘not willing to let go of summer’ theme, one I’ve been obsessed with is the Waterproof Better Sex Mascara. I am a huge fan of the original Better Than Sex, so I was very intrigued by what this version could offer. To be quite honest, I don’t usually get on with waterproof mascaras as they can be so difficult to remove, but this one has worked a dream. It performs in the same way the original does (which is bloody brilliant in my books), in that it gives long fluffy full natural lashes AND its super easy to remove. The only difference is, the waterproof version obviously doesn’t budge when your lashes get wet (very suitable to this wet weather we’re having here in the UK). See what I mean? I just need products to let this summer even feel present!

For the summer, there’s nothing I love more than a juicy glossy lip and for that I’ve been using their Sweet Peach Creamy Lip Gloss Oil in Papa Don’t Peach. This is a medium copper toned peach gloss. If you love brown lips then I highly recommend this to you. These lip-gloss oils are so comfortable to wear, highly pigmented and incredibly long lasting. I love that these feel hydrating instead of sticky and irritating, especially for when the wind gets up!

Guys and girls, I’m really not willing to let go of summer, are you?!

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Hello lovelies and welcome back to a new post. Gosh it feels so weird having a little break from it all but it was much needed. After I came back from holiday I started job hunting and trying to get back on track, and with daily blogging straight for over 6 and a half months, I think I just needed a little time away. It’s helped me find my motivation and mojo again, so it was all worth it.

I’m back with a new travel/fashion post. Whilst I was away and during the past weeks off, I’ve thought a lot about switching up my content more and sharing more about me and what I love as well as beauty. Fashion and travel are becoming huge passions of mine to and I have so many ideas it’s quite motivating. Changing up my content is something I’ve been thinking about for a while and I hope you enjoy it. Now, let’s get into it.

A few weeks back I embarked on my first ever trip to the Caribbean. It’s a destination I always thought I was far off from being able to travel to, but when we found the perfect trip to the Dominican Republic it just had to be ours. We stayed at Excellence El Carmen in Punta Cana, a 5-star luxury resort that was far away from everything, which in my opinion is pure paradise. When I travel I like to get lost in myself and relax, explore and soak it all up. Since finishing University in May I’ve needed an escape from it all and this was my treat for surviving the past 3 years and coming out with a degree!

Our hotel was located right on a private beach, so to my liking much of the trip was spent relaxing by the ocean or the pool.

However, as I said I do love to explore. For a day trip we decided to head out and visit Samana, a mountainous buy cheap ventolin online terrain located on the northeastern Atlantic coast of the island. In this part of the island, we spent the morning travelling to Samana on a Catamaran, visiting a local plantation farm and trekking through the jungle on horseback to a beautiful waterfall – all of which I’ll be writing a separate post on as it was an experience I HAVE to share in great detail. It was just insane. I never thought i’d horseback in the Caribbean let alone through a jungle?!

From there on we headed to Bacardi Island, also known as Cayo Levantado, a teeny tiny remote island with stunning turquoise waters and white sand beaches. When we hopped off the Catamaran and stepped foot on the island I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. The island was so quiet and unpopulated it really was true paradise. After dipping into the blue waters and soaking up the sun we decided to fly the drone and take a look at the surroundings, which by the way totally blew my mind. Once the drone had flown up just a few seconds the entire island was in shot, putting into perspective how remote it really is.

I could honestly live on a remote island like Cayo Levantado as I was seriously in my element and didn’t want to leave. Fresh coconuts and constant sunshine? Yes please. Living in swimwear wouldn’t be too bad either, better than having to wear jumpers and sweats throughout our British summer ay?

This bikini I managed to get my hands on was a lifesaver for this trip. Not only was it a complete bargain, it felt so luxurious and complimenting. I’ve never felt so comfortable in swimwear as I have with this. You can find it (and similar pieces) below.

Want to see and hear more about my tropical vacation? Stay tuned!

What is paradise to you?

Megan ?

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With foundations being one of my favourite beauty products of the moment, I have so much time for testing out new ones and also trying combinations. Pairing foundations is something I’ve done for a long time and is something I now swear by. There are a lot of foundations that work by themselves, but each and every skin type loves something a bit different, which is why I love to mix foundations to get my desired coverage and finish.

It can be on a daily basis that I switch up my foundations desires. One day I’ll want light and dewy, the next I’ll want full coverage with a satin finish. So because of that, it’s good to have a line up of foundations that I know work to get whatever I desire for that day. I tend to mix foundations to get a different finish instead of shade and here are my favourite combinations.

If I’m fancying medium-full coverage, one wearable for the day and evening my favourite combo is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation with L’Oreal’s Nude Magique Cushion Foundation. Together, these two give me my favourite foundation yet. The MUFE foundation gives the perfect flawless coverage that lasts all day and night and it’s buildable depending on whether you want a medium or full coverage. Then I go over the top with the L’Oreal Cushion Foundation and apply this with my trusty Beautyblender, and this adds amazing dewiness. I put this foundation on top instead of mixing them together as the cushion foundation can only be applied on its own as its a cushion foundation that you pick up out of its packaging with a sponge. However, this means they can work their own magic and the L’Oreal foundation is so lightweight it sits so nicely on top.

For a heavier but and even buy doxycycline hyclate online more glowy base the perfect pair is the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation mixed with the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow. The All Nighter foundation is quite a full coverage base I must say, but when applied with a damp Beautyblender it sheers the coverage out just a little bit. I use this foundation as it gives a really nice dewy finish whilst making your skin flawless. The star of the show here is the Pro Glow foundation from L’Oreal as this is what gives the dewy effect. This foundation gives an all day glow and both foundations together have incredible staying power and look amazing for makeup photography.

The next two are foundations I don’t mix together, but use to mix with any other foundation of choice. The Tarte Forest of the Sea Foundation is perfect to add to a lightweight foundation if you want more coverage. I find this foundation great for building coverage and also adding luminosity to the skin. It has a satin finish but gives that ‘your skin but better finish’. This works wonders by itself, but is so nice mixed with lightweight foundations as it sheers out the formula a bit. Another I love to mix with any foundation of choice, from dewy to matte finishes, is the L’Oreal True Match. Although this gives a medium coverage by itself, the formula is quite runny so I use this one to make other foundations feel lighter. This gives a nice natural sheen to the skin, so if I want to make a full coverage matte foundation less thick and heavy, I always use this and mix 50/50.

As I say, everyone has different preferences but I highly recommend these foundation pairings! Do you mix any foundations together to get your perfect base?

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Living in different parts of the world means we have access to various beauty brands, and there are many we want but can’t have. I know the excitement of going to America and having access to so many brands that we don’t have available here in the UK. It’s an overwhelming experience to say the least, and my bank account hated my after, but oh my, was it an amazing feeling. It’s a whole other story when an American beauty brand comes to the UK, as it means we can have access to it as and when we wish – dangerous but fun!

E.L.F Cosmetics* is a brand I tested out quite a few years ago now and not used since as it was quite hard to get hold off. However, they have finally made their way to the UK. The beauty brand was established over 13 years ago, so it has been a long time coming, but is now available to buy online on the Superdrug site. The products will be released to Superdrug stores from June 1st.

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to go to the launch party, held in London, where the products were there for us to indulge in and drool over. Overal,l there is a huge selection of 123 products, a lot to take in, but there were so many that stood out to me. The range consists of everything you’d need from foundations to palettes and brushes. E.L.F are a brand that makes luxurious beauty products for such an affordable price, starting from just £3, for all women to play beautifully. Want to see more of the collection?

My absolute favourite product from the range is the Natural Glow Face Palette and I had my eye on this the entire time at the event. The beautiful silver mirrored packaging just caught my eye straight away, and the products inside are even more beautiful. It comes with one bronzer, one highlight and two blushes, all of which are so weightless and incredibly soft. They feel super luxurious when you apply them to your skin as well, and this retails for just £9. All 4 shades are quite buy priligy online generic neutral so they would be suitable for many skin tones and needs. Another product for the face that I’ve been testing out is their Baked Highlighter & Blush Duo, which I love to use now for ‘quick makeup’. It makes highlighter and blush application super easy as sometimes I just dip one brush in, apply and then I’m good to go. To apply the blush, bronzer and the duo, I used their Precise Powder Brush as it’s so large and fluffy and gets the job done so fast. Also a tip I use for contouring is to pinch the bristles together and you get a narrower head, perfect for chiselling the cheekbones.

They have a whole range of beautiful lip products, including prep products, tints and lipsticks. Their Lip Scrub Exfoliator in Sweet Cherry has been an essential for when I’m on the go and need to scrub off any dryness from a matte lipstick. It’s super handy to pop into your bag and use on the move. I always apply a balm after to rehydrate my lips. Another product at the event I had my eye on was their Lip Tints, the packaging is so sleek and colourful. Mine is in the shade Dewy Berry, a really pretty medium hot pink that brings life to the lips and makes them so juicy. This is really comfortable to wear if you’re not into lipsticks and glosses but crave a bit of colour.

Last but not least I finally got to try one of their Eye Shadow Palettes. I was literally drooling over some of the shades both online and at the event. They are so incredible for the price, as they retail at just £12.50 and all of the shades are so pigmented and creamy. The palette I have here is Nude Rose Gold, a beautiful array of 10 shades including both mattes and shimmers. I find this a great dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, with very similar pink and purple hues. It’s so pretty for the springtime!

You can shop the entire range here now, or in Superdrug stores from June 1st.

Have you tried any products from the range?

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Beauty boxes really excite me. The most exciting part is that you literally have no idea what goodies you are to expect. Usually, beauty boxes let me discover a whole bunch of beauty brands that I’m new to, and having select samples from various ranges means I can get an insight into so many brands at once. This Blogger Box from Ideal World* is full with brands I’m new to and some that I have never tried before, so who wants to see more?

First up, as soon as I opened the box I got a little giddy. The first product I picked out was makeup pouch by Skinn Cosmetics, which is something I’ve needed for ages as I’m always carrying around loose makeup in my bag. It’s the perfect size to pop into your handbag and fits a lot of stuff. It’s sassy little slogan is so me and the colours are just perfect. It’s actually big enough to fit everything from this box into it apart from the 3 biggest items, which means I get to take as much makeup with me as I’d need and more!

From Skinn Cosmetics, there were 5 products including the cosmetics bag, and I’d never heard of or tried this brand before so I was intrigued. First is their Ultra Luxe Mascara in Black, a volumising mascara that I think adds great length to. It comes with a plastic wand, which isn’t my favourite, but after a few attempts I really do like it. I like to use this on more natural makeup days, as it adds just enough length and volume to create natural fluffy lashes. Then onto their lip products, two of which I’ve already wrote a separate post on as I love them that much. The Luscious Lip Duo as I like to call them, consists of Skinn’s lip balm and scrub, which is the perfect pair for baby soft lips. You can read all about them here. For adding a bit of colour to the lips after the prep, there is the Skinn Lipstick in Chestnut, one of the most beautifully designed lipsticks I’ve seen in a while. The outer layer of the lipstick is a highly pigmented brown/pink shade and the inner layer is an Argan and Rosehip Oil infused balm that together give you a beautiful glossy finish. This product gives amazing colour pay off and lasts an incredible time, whilst also nourishing and hydrating your lips. Its super comfortable and I love that it’s a 2-in-1!

For a brand I’ve tried before and was so eager to try more of is Elizabeth Grant. In the past I tried one of their Beautiful Colours Lip Gloss, which I loved the finish of and I’m testing a new shade, Hollywood Red. This is a beautiful true red that leaves you with such shiny luscious lips and doesn’t leave you with that sticky feeling. To prime the lips and add hydration is their Lip Moisturizing Balm. At first I thought this was a lipstick because of its packaging and was amazed to find it was a balm. The packaging buy amoxicillin usa makes the product feel quite special and is the perfect balm to pop into your handbag.

In the box we have another 2-in-1 product, this time one for the face. Its Elizabeth Grant’s Collagen Re-inforce Cheeky Tint, which is essentially a blush but I use it on the lips to. For the cheeks it leaves a really pretty flush of pink, but I’m not a cheek tint kinda girl, so I use it on the lips as a tinted balm. It gives a really pretty rosy effect and just brings some life to the lips when you aren’t in the mood for lipstick or gloss.

Elizabeth Grant also had a range of body products to, which I’ve never tried before so their Graceful Angel Body Lotion was new to me. I prefer body lotions to butters at the minute, just because the weather is warming up and I find them less sticky. This one I find really lightweight and quick to sink in. It also smells of sweet vanilla, which I find so feminine on the skin.

A brand I was so impressed to see in the box is Estee Lauder, just because I’ve never had something so luxurious in a beauty box before. The product inside was their Gel Liner in Black. I don’t tend to do winged liner anymore, but this was so easy to apply to the lash line to add a little depth and I’m so impressed with its longevity. It doesn’t budge or transfer until you remove it. The narrow brush allows you to have a precise and controlled application and is definitely a liner I’ll continue to use. I just find it really easy and easy effortless.

As a girl who has been really into her skincare lately, especially products that make me glow, I was so excited to try the Crystal Clear 10 Minute Glow followed by the Zhuzh Tan Accelator Wipes. The 10 Minute Glow is essentially a 10 Minute wonder product. You apply it to fresh skin and within 10 minutes, you achieve a really radiant glow. It actually does work really well and I love to use this every other evening now so that I wake up with fresh glowing skin.

I haven’t applied a fake tan in the longest time, so I was a bit worried but the Zhuzh wipes really did surprise me. I’m a bit iffy with tanning wipes so I applied this with very gentle pressure just across my chest, arms and stomach to see what effect it wouldn’t give. It resulted in a really natural and subtle tan, like one you’d get from your first few days on holiday, and I really like that. It didn’t leave me patchy and streaky either like other tanning wipes I’ve used do.

I am so impressed with this box and I now love the brands it’s introduced me to that otherwise I’d never even heard of. Being in the beauty world means I’m always experimenting with new products, and beauty boxes are such a great way to try so many at once.

Have you tried any beauty boxes you love?

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A lipstick companion that a girl can confide in is pretty much like a best friend. You can rely on it and trust it just the same, right? Maybe I love lipsticks a little too much. Anyhow, I have a new lipstick ‘bestie’ and I really need to share it with you.

I am an avid nude lipstick wearer, and there have been many I have confided in but there’s a newbie in town. It’s the Tarte Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint, and my favourite shade is Bestie. I do actually have a few of these lipsticks, but this one for sure stands out from the rest. My nude lipstick preference is a deep nude, more on the brown side than anything else, which is exactly what Bestie is. On my skin tone it’s a medium brown nude with slight pinky undertones, which I find really flattering and feminine.

This shade would work well with many skin tones as it’s in the middle of the ‘nude’ shade spectrum. I also find that it compliments so many different makeup looks. I’ve worn it with golden eyes, purples, cranberries, and mattes, shimmers and metallics – I haven’t yet found a look it doesn’t go with! Here, I’m wearing it with the Tarte Pro Amazonian amoxil online order Clay Eye Palette on the eyes and Pro Glow Highlight & Contour Kit on the face. I’ve honeslty been so into Tarte lately, can you tell? I just find there products so easy to work with and so worth every penny.

The Matte Lip Paint come with a precision wand that helps you apply the product with ease and is quite fool proof. I use the tip of the wand to contour and line the lips, then use the wider part of the applicator to fill in the rest. I never go wrong with these lip paints, even with the brighter shades that I usually use a liner with. The quick dry formula adheres to the lips within seconds and stays put for a good 6-8 hours. Although it dries matte, I find it a really comfortable matte and even when it wears away I find it doesn’t crack or crumble, it fades away all together and doesn’t leave me looking like a hot mess.

You can purchase the Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paints on the Tarte and Sephora websites, and I hope one day they’ll come to QVC so they’re easily accessible to us here in the UK!

Do you have any new lipstick companions?

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Change is something we all go through, its something we all have to deal with and change is good. The lovely Lisa Riley, English television presenter, recently launched a fragrance that she wanted to reflect her “change” in life that she’s gone through. I think its quite special to put such personal touch into a fragrance and you can really tell a lot of thought has gone into what Lisa wants to reflect.

Something I always change up is my fragrance. I do have a lot of timeless fragrances but for me, with each new season comes new fragrances and this one in particular screams summer to me. Lisa has designed a true oriental scent, one that would be perfect to wear on holiday in the sun, as that is exactly what it reminds me of.

“Change”* is a super rich fragrance, quite sensual in fact, as its top notes are mandarin leaves and mulberry flowers. In the heart of the scent you can smell orange and vanilla, which is intertwined with hints of jasmine, sandalwood and patchouli. I actually buy doxycycline hyclate find the scent quite masculine in some ways, just because of its mature and musky vanilla notes, which I do really like. I’m usually more of a sweet and fresh fragrance lover but there’s just something about this that I can’t just enough of. When you spritz it onto the skin it smells more masculine but once its set it just reminds me of holiday, and that’s when the floral notes come out. I find this lasts on my skin all day long, just with two to three pumps on the neck.

Another thing, I’m absolutely obsessed with bright summery colours at the moment, and the orange outer packaging is just too good to get rid of. I keep this amongst my other fragrances and it makes my room feel super summery – I love it! The bottle itself is quite classic and very minimalistic, which is just my style.

This is available to purchase here, and if you love summery scents that remind you of a dreamy holiday, I totally recommend it.

What’s summer scents do you love?

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