At secondary school I was a very naïve person and that’s quite hard to admit.

As a teenager I thought I was happy in myself, foresaw my future and everything that I wanted to do. I saw people in their 20’s as picture-perfect. I saw them as people who had their lives all figured out. Those people seemed to reflect how I saw my early 20’s being, with a place of my own, a full-time career on lock that I wanted to pursue and have my life all figured out. I’m just about to turn 22 and I am far from what I want for my life, and that’s ok.

Right now life is moving at a million miles per minute and as scary as that is, it’s a good thing for me. Living life in the fast lane is fun and although the pace of life is giving me anxiety beyond belief, it’s helping me try and figure things out.

I finished University earlier this year, mid summer, and I’m still living my life exactly how I was then – but with more hours at work and less time writing essays. Although it sounds like heaven, its quite a hard time when you’re stuck in a rut with what to do.

After the first month or so of being student free I had more worry in me than I do now and the reason for that is time. Time can only tell my future and give me what I want.

I’m one of those people who won’t take a job, pursue a hobby or change my life if I’m not sure its going to benefit me. This mind-set has come alive over the past year or so whilst in my final year at Uni, and I kinda wish I was that person back in school – a little too late but I’m finally there.

If you want to better yourself to be the best version of you I think it all comes down to patience.

For most, school is a time of confusion but also hope. It’s a time that allows you to grow into the person you want to be but sometimes it doesn’t always pan out the way you thought it would. For example, I left University totally unaware of the ‘real world’. I’ve been in education since the age of 3 and I never understood what it was living day-to-day life without it. I became reliant upon education and found it to be an outlet where I lost myself and never had time to think what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be.

This time off over the summer has really put things into perspective for me and here’s how…

Making my own decisions. This one is very simple in the grand scheme of things but in my world it was actually a very hard thing to do. I am a very very indecisive person and throughout much of my teens I always let others decide for me. 1) It was just me wanting to put others happiness before mine and 2) I never felt mature enough to make the final decisions in case it went wrong, a.k.a. I was terrified of failure.

Failure to me was a no go zone. I never wanted it to happen to me and when it did, I would have a meltdown. Little did I know that with failure can come great success and this is something I came away from University knowing and being forever grateful for. You have to have some trial and error in your life to see results and see if things work out. So finally being able to make my own decisions and say yes without hesitating was a big step for me.

A teeny tiny thing can make the world of difference.

Learning how to be patient. Having time off sounds fun but for someone who likes to be doing things pretty much every hour that I’m awake, it can be quite the opposite. Even though my job isn’t full-time, I use up my free hours with stuff that needs to be done. I can’t sit around on my butt all day and watch Netflix, not even at the weekends and I sometimes wish I could.

Having more free time on my hands meant I had time for a lot more uneasy foot tapping and thinking, and at first I let it get me down.

However, since realising that time is my virtue I’ve been a lot calmer about the whole idea of waiting. Waiting for the right thing to come at the right time. Thankfully, this waiting and getting on with my passions has led me to be a much more patient and relaxed person, which is something I’ve always wanted to be. With patient comes time, which really can bring great things after all.

Filling my time with more ‘me time’. As I say, for 18 years of my life I’ve been in education year in, year out and as much as I loved learning and educating myself on the world, I never educated myself on me. I never sat back at thought thoroughly about how I could realistically make my life what I want it to be.

Throughout school I was that naïve person who thought my career and my goals would be given to me on a plate, just like how we were fed information at school, I thought it would be the same on the outside world once education was finito. Of course, it doesn’t work that way. You have to work for it. You have to have a plan, an idea and an end goal that is realistically achievable.

I now have time to think about me and where I want my life to go. I find myself planning out the next couple of years with more attention to detail, which I hope will pay off in the long run. I’m now an adult, I’m now mature enough to be less naïve and ignorant to the real world and become a better version of myself, the person I really want to be.

As the hun, Lana Del Rey sings, “Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness.”



I’ve been sitting around umming and ahhing the past few days contemplating whether or not my life is going the way I want it to. I’m sure you’ve all been there. You know those few days that come around every now and again where you feel different, maybe a bit confused or discombobulated.

I always blame it on the changing seasons when I feel like this and I still genuinely believe that’s what it is. The change fro autumn to winter gives me the same feeling spring to summer and winter to spring makes me feel – a bit dazed, unsure but ready for change.

It’s usually the beginning of a new season where I feel unmotivated and they seem to be coming around a lot quicker than they used to. But after a few weeks I always find my feet. Sometimes it can take a little longer than other times, especially with the shorter days.

Back in school when life was that bit easier, the days felt longer as did the weeks, months and seasons. But now I’m an adult it’s a much faster journey so when a new season rolls around so fast, its hard to be 100% ready.

What actually inspired this post was my hair change that temporarily happened the other day. I decided to straighten my hair after 4 years of not doing so. Yes, 4 years! I have naturally thick curly hair so when I got fed up of straightening it day in day out, I decided to wear it curly and it stuck. As much as I have grown to love my natural hair, the sudden change felt weird and quite scary (I know its only hair, but 4 years is a long long time) but most importantly it felt kinda good.

I’m not one to change up the way I do my hair and makeup every single day. As you can tell, I’ve worn my hair pretty much the same for years. So a little change here and there is something I’m going to stick to doing as it freshens things up a bit doesn’t it?

Anyway, enough about my hair and my waffling thoughts, let me tell you why I think change is good for you. Even if you are like me, and 90% of the time like to stick to your routine and go with what you know best.

Whether or not I’m ready for it, it’s taught me that change (in any part of life) is a good thing. And here’s why.

SPARKING A NEW TRAIN OF THOUGHT. I find that when I stop and make time to think and change or switch up my routine a little, that’s when I feel most inspired to try something new. It’s then when I do something new or different that I want to continue that cycle and try more and more things.

For example, when I changed my hairstyle, I then had new outfit ideas spring to mind and even new makeup looks I want to try out. It’s that little something different in your mind that can spark new ideas.

IT’S V GOOD FOR THE SOUL. As much as I do like some routine in my life and it’s not always easy to change things up, it is very good for the mind and soul. I find myself stuck in a rut sometimes and getting frustrated with the same old, same old. So when I do bring change into my life, or the new seasons give me a little push, I have such a clearer, more free and creative mind-set.

My head feels in a v good place when I bring change and do something a little out of the ordinary for me.

Anything from changing up my makeup look, my blog content or starting a new hobby, its all part of a life lesson and it really does something for the soul.

FINDING YOURSELF. If you often find yourself taking each day as the same cycle of events you may indeed get a little bored. You may find yourself losing motivation and all the things you need to help you flourish. I sure need change in my life to get my motivation back.

Trying out and doing new things helps you experience more, which then could lead to discovering hidden loves and talents. I started up yoga again not so long back and rediscovered why I loved it so much and how happy it can make me feel.

I find bringing change into my life has actually helped me say YES a heck of a lot easier. I used to be one of those people who were quite happy with saying no to trying new things. But the more and more I bring change, the more I’m learning to take on new experiences and not miss out on golden opportunities.

You never know until you try something, right?

Wow. It really is amazing how much a new season and hairstyle can make you think. I quite like being able to share my sudden thoughts with those who wish to read, and I really hope this advice helps you like it has me.

Do you bring change into your life often enough? If you hesitate or simply think no, then try it, change up your routine, try something new, see how it makes you feel.


I didn’t really know what to call this post. I sat at my laptop and stared at a blank screen for around 10 minutes just gathering my thoughts and thinking of exactly what to write. But, to be quite honest I’m not actually 100% sure on exactly what I’ll write today. In my head I want to give you all (and rectify with myself) a lil life update. Nothing serious. I’ve just transitioned into a ‘not so motivated because I want to embrace all the cosy, dark and blanketed nights in’ when a matter of fact is that I’ve hated not being at my laptop writing up content. As quite honestly, it’s one of my favourite things todo.

Whilst I was at uni I was on my laptop every single day without fail. I had to be. I had to be on the go commuting and that meant laptop time, as did whilst I was at uni and also at home. When my laptop is open my creativity just flows, and sometimes I can’t stop it for hours on end as I just get carried away. The problem is, now that I don’t have to be on my laptop pretty much most hours I’m awake, it’s hard to actually get it open.

Lately, I find myself sometimes catching my laptop out the corner of my eye and think ‘meh, I’ll get to it in 15 minutes’. You know the drill. 15 minutes pass and I forget all about that thought. Then, the following day comes around and the same things happen again. It’s a vicious cycle and one I’m slowly but surely climbing out of.

I think 3 continuous years of being online at uni made me want and need time off from it all. I feel like now that I’ve had that time its ready to get back on track. Well, at least I hope it is.

It really got me down when I thought about the time I used to daily blog. It seemed then that I was on top of things, a better blogger and more motivated. In reality, it’s not that way at all.

Daily blogging was fun and I do think I’ll go back to it. But there comes a time when it gets too much and a less busy schedule suited me better after 7/8 months of it. I’ve seen many bloggers, influencers and YouTubers around me lessen the amount of content they’re putting out and there is nothing wrong with that at all. It’s good to not be so hard on yourself and take sometime to think about when, what and why you want to create and upload. You need to make yourself happy, and that’s exactly what I told myself.

I’ve changed my schedule massively and I aim to get back into a more (but not too) strict routine. I want to upload on regular days, if I can, and get back into the swing of it. If there’s a day I don’t fancy taking some pictures or writing a post then so be it. After all, I’d only want to post content I’m happy with and hope my readers want to read until the end and actually enjoy.

I think sticking to a regular but less busy schedule will be better for me, for me. Who knows how it’ll change in the future?

I’m currently on the hunt for my dream job and enjoying my time being free with my blog, my daily life and myself. It feels good to be getting back on my feet.

Fingers crossed writing out all these emotions and having it feature on my blog will give me that lil kick up the backside that I’ve needed. Next time I look down at my laptop and have second thoughts, I will open it up and see where it takes me.

Wow that felt so good to write.

Anyone else had a slump and needed to get it out to get back on track?

Megan ♥


Sharing my daily style was something I never thought I’d be doing. Sad to think that now that I’m doing it more often than not.

1) I never thought I’d feel stylish enough to want to upload fashion content to my blog and write about my fave pieces and 2) I never thought in a million years I’d have the confidence to even take the photo. 2017 arrived and lil old Megan has definitely changed her tune.

Growing up I was never a very ‘fashion forward’ kinda girl. Don’t get me wrong, I would always indulge in the fashion pages of magazines and want to dress in all these nice pieces, but I just never found the confidence.

I would wear minimal colours as much as I could and would never experiment with nothing other than the Topshop 2 for £10 crop tops and a pair of black skinnies. Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, I still rock that when I feel like it, but lately fashion has changed for me as soon as I told myself I need to be my own person and wear what the heck I want.




Basic clothing would make me feel confident yes, but in the end I just got fed up of pulling the same old clothes out of my wardrobe. I’d have the odd jumper or top that would be slightly different from the rest, but it wasn’t long before I was stuck in a cycle of wearing and shopping for the same clothes, just because I never thought I’d feel comfortable in wearing something a bit different.

I added a bit of colour to my wardrobe throughout the summer and that has followed into the A/W season. I even changed up from just wearing jeans, jeans, jeans last year to now wearing a dress with over the knee boots to funky cropped and flared trousers, both outfits I never would’ve even dreamed to try out before.

Before, I was just a girl who told herself no other clothes would suit me. I’d tell myself to just go for the same fit or style as before as otherwise I wouldn’t feel comfortable, but actually making an effort to try new things has taught me otherwise.

I have now fallen in love with fashion, and not in love with it in a way I used to just flick through magazines lusting over other girls style. I now love to piece together my own and individual outfits, and I’m so glad I have this space on the Internet to share my new found love.

Each time I look for a new piece for my wardrobe I tell myself to think outside the box, go for something I wouldn’t normally go for and just try it out. It wasn’t long until I started feeling comfortable in new things and since I haven’t gone back to buying the same thing over and over again.


I started with buying staple pieces that would go with many colours and styles, and from there I’ve gradually bought quirky bits, like these mustard trousers, to jazz up an outfit. And, by doing this, I think I’ve found my confidence in fashion (*does a little cheer*). Honestly, that feels really good to say that.

The point of this post and my thoughts whilst writing it is to tell you to just for go it. Wear what you want and how you want to wear it. Try new pieces you think “I love that but can I really pull that off?!” and see how it makes you feel.

Of course, I’ve tried so many bits that I loved on the hanger and just looked awful when it’s on. But that’s why everyone has their own style, and finding yours can only be done but trying new things and wearing what you want to wear.

It’s amazing how just a few new pieces in my wardrobe and going out of my comfort zone (just a teeny tiny bit) has made such a difference.

What new styles have you been loving lately?

Megan ♥


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As easy as it is to lose motivation, your creative spark or energy, it’s super important to not let it be as easy to just give up.

I assume we’ve all been there. Experiencing that feeling of wanting to curl up in bed, switch on Netflix, light the candles and pretend we have nothing to do (especially with the colder days on their way). BUT it’s just not worth it.

At the beginning of August I hit rock bottom with my creativity flow. I pretty much hit a brick wall. I had the least amount of inspiration I’d had in a long long time and I found it so difficult to even take some photos. The inspiration just wasn’t there and I couldn’t force it, so I gave up daily blogging for a bit and almost felt ready to stop it all for good.

Luckily, I had brain wave, slapped the back of my hand and told myself to stop being so silly. It was just a creative block. It happens and its not forever. Right?

I took it upon myself to take a break, do things to cheer me up and hoped to get my mojo back. It took its sweet time but it came, it worked and I feel better for it.

Why is it so important to just keep going?

Giving up on your dreams sometimes feels a lot easy than keeping going through the tough times. No matter your dream there will be obstacles and those things in the way aren’t always easy to get over, but by keeping going you’ll end up smashing through those walls and getting to the other side. Isn’t it such a good feeling pushing through and getting to where you’d expected? This is exactly why I kept going.

Many times it crossed my mind to just start a new hobby but I just knew deep down that I wouldn’t love and feel more passionate about something else. If what generic amoxil india you’re working towards is something you’re passionate about, something you want to pursue and succeed in then my advice is just keep going.

As Billy Ocean sung, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” and that really is something you have to live by if wanna push through. My parents used to say that line to me and I never really quite understood what it meant. I used to just think it was one of those meaningless sayings. But growing up and thinking about it more, it does say a lot about topics like this.

Taking a break does you good.

I thought that taking breaks were a bad thing. Probably from all those years of watching Friends and Ross and Rachel arguing about “we were on a BREAK” (yes, I still binge watch Friends like I haven’t seen it before and live for that line).

But honestly, it does you the world of good if you’re on that breaking point.

If you’re close to giving up on something, whether it’s a piece of work or a passion, just have a little break, take some you time and switch off. Even if you need an hours breather or a week or two, see how it makes you feel and you may be grateful for that decision.

It did me the world of good and although I didn’t believe that taking some time off would help, I was so wrong.

Gosh, reading that back I feel like I was kinda preaching but it felt so good writing it. From someone that was close to giving up on a passion, a hobby and something I love, this advice is what I told myself, and it worked! Who knows where it might lead in the future but I’m so thankful I just pushed through.

Daily blogging is back and my mojo is in full swing.

Megan ?


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With the weather constantly changing and the time of the year nearing autumn, my mood has been changing more than ever. Some days I’m all raring to go and get sh*t done. The next, I’m wanting to curl up in bed and drink tea all day. It really is a constant cycle, one that I was finding it hard to get out of.

On those days I just wanna curl up in bed I have to tell myself there’s more to life than letting your mood reflect the weather outside. I’ve actually made myself excited and prepared for the darker nights to come, the pumpkin spice lattes and cosy blankets.

I think at heart I am a summer girl. I love the sunshine, the mood it makes you in and being able to throw on a dress and flip flops and head straight out of the door. I used to feel confused by those who would say ‘ooh I can’t wait for autumn, all the darker, cosy nights in’. To be totally honest, I’d think they’re a bit confused and wonder why they would happily say goodbye to summer.

Now I’m finally starting to get it. With autumn almost here in just a few weeks I’ve decided this year I’m seeing the seasonal change as a positive and taking it in my stride.

Autumn is coming and, for once, I can’t wait!

So a few days ago I sat down and wrote a list of the things I can’t wait for this coming season and the for that is 1) to get me in the mood and 2) see that there’s joy in every season.

I want to make myself more of an autumn lover. I want to love wearing big cosy knits and colder weather. Bu,t one thing I will never love is being ice-cold weather whilst you’re stuck outside. I love to snuggle up under the covers when it gets to that time though, who doesn’t?

Here are the things I am going to enjoy more this autumn…

01. Sitting under the blankets instead of sitting out in the garden. I have to admit (you may have already gathered) that I absolutely love being warm. If it’s cold outside I don’t mind as long as I’m warm inside. Whether it’s sitting in the hot sunshine or sitting under the blankets watching films, my body just adores warmth. I’m going to embrace the colder weather coming and take full advantage of my new blankets, watch Netflix and drinks lots and lots and lots of tea.

02. One thing I’m going to try and make myself enjoy is being indoors more. Some must think I’m crazy when I say I love to be outside, doing things and getting buy doxycycline hyclate 100mg fresh air. Sometimes, if I have nothing to do I often walk to town even to get a coffee or just have a little look around. Many would think I’m mad and probably much prefer sitting on the sofa binge watching Netflix. Now the autumn is coming I’m going to have to get used to the colder, more miserable weather and enjoy being indoors and snuggling up on the sofa. After all, that’s what the autumnal change is for right?

03. I never used to feel comfortable wearing big knits. A year or so ago I’d be more than happy to wear thinner, tighter clothes and just try to layer them up. More often than not I’d be freezing cold once I was out and about and really regret my decision. Now, I’m all about styling up my wardrobe and I think chunky knitwear is going to be a thing for me this year. I’ve already filled my online shopping baskets up with gorgeous bits, and chunky jumpers/jumper dresses are right up there on my wish list. Get ready for all the autumnal dressing, I’m already working out my outfits.

04. The seasonal Starbucks menu – don’t even get me started. Yes, I am one of those girls who loves a Pumpkin Spice Latte. But seriously, how could you not? The autumn and winter Starbucks menus are my favourite of all and I cannot wait to start sipping on many PSL’s, all day every day if I could.

05. I find being productive a lot easier on those cooler, greyer days. When the sunshine makes an appearance I lose all motivation to do much else other than be outside. So, the autumn months will sure bring back 100% (maybe 90% with all the blanket snuggling and tea drinking) motivation. This is a huge YES for me now that I’m going back to daily blogging.

06. Every single year I buy more and more deep lipsticks and never get round to wearing them very often. This autumn, I want to embrace them. I’m all about fresher face makeup at the minute and I hope this love continues as its easier, quicker and I feel a lot better wearing less face makeup. So, a bold lip or a bold brow is what I want to make a thing this year. I’m going to make sure when I’m heading out I try and pick a different lipstick or gloss over the standard nude. It’s a challenge I’m giving myself and I hope I succeed.

What are you looking forward to this autumn?

Megan ?


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Hello lovely people of the Internet.

How are we all?

I’m currently sat here typing up this post in a coffee shop, not knowing exactly what the rest of day will bring, but one thing for certain is that I want it to be productive.

As we all may have noticed, productivity and motivation comes and it goes and sometimes it’s blimmin’ well hard to get back, right?

Finding your own motivation can prove to be so difficult when you’re really not in the mood, cant it? Trying to get things done when you feel a bit meh is never fun. But thankfully I’ve found a few ways to tackle that meh feeling right down to the ground and so far, a few simple steps work for me every time.

Over the weekend I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and decided to spend a whole day sleeping, eating, sleeping, drinking tea, eating – you get the idea. Those kinda days is what I live for when I’ve been SO busy I haven’t had a chance to stop. But if my week has been somewhat okay and not too demanding, then I like my days (whether or not its the weekend) to be fun-filled and productive.

I didn’t let this ‘feeling sorry for myself’ ride out for too long because do you know what I hate, an unproductive Monday that spirals into an unproductive week. So I decided to give myself a kick up the butt, down to town, grab some coffee and get some stuff done.

Since graduating from University and still working my part-time job, the day time always holds something different. Not much happens unless I make it basically. Don’t get me wrong, I love the time off and freedom I have BUT I’m not the sort of girl who will willingly laze around all day and not get anything done, I just can’t do it.

So, if you’re the same, I hope this post will give you a little push if you’re finding it hard to motivate yourself.

If my day holds 0 plans, I know that one thing I need to do is something productive. As I say, I’m not one to sit in all day on the sofa binge watching Netflix (I leave those things till the weekends). I’m the sort of person that needs to get into bed at night happy with everything I’ve managed to  get done.

Therefore, first up is a daily checklist. I recently bought myself a weekly planner from Sainsburys. No word of a lie, this little guy has saved me a lot. I sit it on my desk at home and it doesn’t move. This way it stares me straight in the face every time I sit at my desk and means I’m always reminded of what I need to do.

It breaks down the week by days and you tick off the list after every day you complete. I tell you, those little ticks are oh so satisfying.

Some generic doxycycline 100mg days it can be full with little errands that need to be done. Some days it’s taking blogging pictures and some taken up by other things. It’s my reminder to get stuff done.

Also, Sainsburys stationary are really killing it right now.

I’m being honest with you saying that not everyday is easily productive or practical. Some days I try not to even look at my list at all and try and hide away. Those days where I have no motivation to do much at all are those I find myself a new space. When boredom overwhelms me I get incredibly frustrated. I’m sure many of you understand.

Take today for example, I’ve found myself a coffee shop, drinking a coffee and nibbling away on some sweet treats – I hardly ever go to town to do just that. I usually sit at my desk at home to do work (sipping on coffee or tea there to). But for some reason I just couldn’t focus today, so I took myself down to town and set up my laptop there and IT WORKED. I’m definitely doing this more often.

I set up my new ‘office space’ at home to get a new work environment and it really does the trick when I need to focus. If you feel uninspired in your setting every so often, try going elsewhere and see how much more you focus.

No matter the season, us humans find some way to try and procrastinate. For me, the summer is a time where I lose a bit of ‘work life’ motivation but only when the sun is out – so not very often this year (not quite sure whether to see that as a negative or a positive, I’ll go with the latter).

To make the most of my productivity I follow what the weather is doing and work around it. I’m one of those people that HAS to be outside if the sunshine is out. Even to go for a walk or take my work outside, I love being outside when the weather is nice. You’ve gotta make the most of it haven’t you? So my tip is to make the most of the weather situation.

If you love the sunshine like me and find it hard to be inside then take your work outside. Sit in the garden and take your laptop, your books, whatever it is you need to be productive.

Alternatively, if it’s wet and miserable outside I’ll cosy up in some comfies (slippers and sweats all the way) and will set up my little desk space. As annoying at the British weather is, don’t let it get in your way!

There you have it, my tips that have really helped me along the way when I’m in a meh mood and struggling to find some motivation. A few simple things really make the world of difference I tell you!

What are your favourite ways to get yourself motivated?

Megan ?


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Something happened to me a few weeks ago that has never happened before.

It’s not that I got lazy, I just had a little brain fart and just needed some time away from it all. The online sphere just takes over sometimes and gets a bit too much, doesn’t it? It happens to us all and a few weeks ago it was my turn.

I had daily blogged every single day since the first day of 2017. Not only was I in the swing of it, I was really enjoying myself. Even at the time when I decided to take just a short step back and have some time off from it, I had posts ready to go and a huge list of content ideas. Its not that I didn’t feel inspired and I hadn’t run out of ideas, it just hit me that I needed a lil break. A little break to clear my mind.

It happened the day I got home from holiday. Before I went away I worked my socks off to get content prepped, ready and scheduled for the 2 weeks I was away. I was on a roll. But, when I got home time started whizzing by and before I knew it, I hadn’t blogged for over a week. Sounds little to some but I was so in the swing of doing it every single day, I felt really bad. But why? Why did I feel bad? Everyone needs a break once in a while. I’m just one of those people that feels they need a strict routine. And, in the short amount of time I had off I constantly asked myself these questions…

Why am I so strict on myself?

Is a strict schedule really necessary?

And – why did I not want to take a break sooner?

Those same questions were going round in my head time and time again and that’s when it hit me. I really need to be easier on myself.

When it dawned on me that as humans we are way too hard on ourselves, I decided to stop questioning myself and come to terms with the answers. If I don’t stick to something I feel like I’ve failed, and thats not a healthy outlook on life.

Stupid isn’t it?

If I didn’t meet my deadline or didn’t tick the last thing off my daily to do list, I’d tell myself I could’ve done better. I’d sit and think about it, sometimes keeping me up late at night. Thankfully, this little time off has given me enough headspace to give myself a much accutane needed kick up the butt to make me realise there’s more to life than a strict schedule.

Life started to get a little bit too repetitive and I really didn’t like it. It started to make me a little unhappy. I’d never felt that way before. Maybe I didn’t give myself time to feel that way before.

I felt this more than ever during the last few months at University, which is a time not much fun for anyone. I’d get up early and went to bed at ridiculous hours and never stopped all day long. I’d never give myself time to get in some me time. I’d say yes to every single plan I was offered, whilst knowing I had a tonne of work to get done for my dissertation and also wanting time to do things I love most, like blogging. Even reading a book was a no go. I literally got myself into a strict cycle and just kept going with it until it finally hit me in the face like a tonne of bricks.

I am so thankful for my holiday, I really am. It came just at the right time. As it gave me time to be offline and come to the realisation that I needed to slow down a little. I needed to give myself me time. I now know I need to stop when I want to stop. If that means changing up my routine, then so be it. Creating and experiencing a new looser routine has given me a clearer mind, which is what I’ve needed for a long time coming.

Don’t get me wrong, I will always be that organised person. Usually (not quite always) ready on time, never miss any plans and one to like getting sh*t done, but I’ve finally realised life shouldn’t get one big schedule. Nobody is perfect and sometimes we need to go off schedule to get back on again.

From now on I’m being more laid back with many things in life. My blog will be consistent still, but with a more sporadic blogging schedule as opposed to everyday. Some weeks may be everyday, some may be just a few posts. It feels good to be a little less strict on myself. Why didn’t I realise this before?!

Just know, it’s OK to take time off from your schedule. It’s OK to do things for you and it’s healthy to not be so strict on yourself. We’re all only human after all right?

Megan ?


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I can’t believe I’m finally able to say this but I’M A GRADUATE. Although the past three years at University have been stressful (let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be stressed doing a degree) I can honestly say I feel so accomplished, overwhelmed, proud – there’s too many words, I can’t think of just one. The three years pretty much flew by and it feels as if I only started last year. As much as I was stressed, it is true what they say – hard work really does pay off.

I went into uni with the mindset that I wouldn’t let it overwhelm me, but how very wrong I was. The experience was nothing like I imagined but was better in fact. Not only did I come out of this with a degree it’s taught me so much about myself. I was quite a reserved and confused student when I went in. I had no clue why I’d even picked Media and Cultural Studies, all I knew was that I loved to film, edit and write creatively. To be perfectly honest, I went started University so 50/50 about it, I didn’t even know if I wanted to be there. I guess that’s quite a normal feeling though when you start something new. All those nerves overwhelm you and you question whether you want to be in that particular place, but oh how I’m so glad I stuck to it.

In school I always pushed myself so I knew that when I went to University I needed to push myself even harder. I needed to push myself to understand what I wanted from my degree, to find my strengths and also my weaknesses.

The first year of University was definitely the most taunting. But please by no means, don’t let that scare you off. It was daunting in a positive way. My first year pushed my boundaries in so many different ways. For one, I hadn’t had to make new friends or be in a new educational environment for 7 years. So going into somewhere where I knew nobody was probably one of the scariest things I had to do. To be honest, that’s actually one of the things I was most afraid of as you may imagine. But those nerves die down after about 5 minutes of meeting everyone when you realise everyone else is in the same boat, nobody knows each other and it’s everyone’s first day. Once you get speaking to someone those nerves disappear straight away, trust me.

Secondly, the workload was a lot more independent than anything I’d done get doxycycline online before BUT this actually became one of the things I love. Being able to complete your own work without someone looking over your shoulder every five minutes meant you could create what you wished to. Of course, you needed professional guidance now and then, but having the freedom to create and develop your own ideas is such a life lesson. This freedom of creating my own work led me to starting a blog, as it gave me the confidence to know my work and creativity was something I’m passionate about. The practical side to my course – the filming, editing, photography, writing and so much more – inspired me to create my very own work on my very own topics and that has led me to where I am today with my blog, which I am so grateful for.

Went off on a bit of a blogging tangent there didn’t I, but University really has made an impact on who I am today. I wouldn’t say its changed who I am as a person, but it’s brought me out of my shell and taught me a lot about going the extra mile and wanting the best out of life. It’s pushed me a lot and that’s something I wouldn’t have achieved without it.

After the first year was up, that’s when my workload got a lot more serious and hands on. From the minute second year began I felt like I’ve been in a constant cycle of essays and practical creations.

Now that I’ve finished, I feel the need to keep creating and writing. Being non-stop with a workload is something I now enjoy as well as keeping a busy schedule everyday. After all, that’s what I’ve been used to the past three years. Late night laptop time feels normal to me now and having the summer off means I have the freedom to work at my own pace, which is something I’ve been craving for a long time.

Overall – the three years at University challenged me in so many ways, there were good and bad times but every single moment was a life lesson. As much as I learnt how to film, edit, write and all things media, it also taught me about myself and I think that’s just as important. Its crazy to think its all over now but I have to say, it was one of the biggest but greatest challenges I’ve ever put myself through.

What helps you get your creativity flowing?

Megan ?

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The time has come. Tiny waists and overnight success is now a trend? Yes it would be nice for this to happen, but lets be real, it just doesn’t happen without the work. Successful women, and men, are now in the spotlight for their body image and ‘Instagram perfect’ lives. An hourglass shape and a million dollars cannot happen without hard grafting, but these celebrities don’t show this do they?



Many of us understand this stomach wrenching feeling of comparing ourselves to others, especially when it comes down to body image and materialism. We’re more obsessed with others possessions than our own. If Kim Kardashian has just posted yet another unrealistic Instagram of her with a million pounds worth of clothes and jewellery on and perfect pearly whites, we instantly think her life is fabulous. Let’s not kid ourselves, that’s not really how it is.

Most of us are guilty of going that extra mile for a nice Instagram snap, so much so that we won’t starting drinking our coffees until we’ve got the perfect shot, and by that time its gone cold. Or, you won’t let your friends eat their lunch until you’ve taken over 100 photos of the food to then find only one half decent image that isn’t Insta-worthy and your friends are now not the slightest bit impressed.

You’re becoming a social media warrior that constantly feels they need to have their wits about them to influence and impress others. It’s all getting a bit too much. We’re obsessed with portraying the perfect self-image and its needs to stop, and this is how…

  1. Size isn’t everything. This includes waists, smiles, money and general stuff. If someone has a tiny waist and hips four times the size, I’m sure its unachievable because its simply not real. Comparing ourselves to unrealistic goals isn’t healthy, it isn’t cool and it isn’t fun. How you measure up with other people has no importance in your life. Whether that’s a bigger house, a larger paycheck or a gigantic wardrobe full with clothes, who cares? You’ve got what you’re happy with so don’t let others possessions make you feel lesser. Unfollow those that make you feel this way, it’s that simple.
  1. Stop making life a competition. You might not like to admit, but what we tweet, post, pin or share is always craving some attention. The more likes you get the cooler you are apparently. If the post doesn’t make it to double figures then you haven’t made it. Likes really shouldn’t be a concern, as long as you’re happy behind the camera. Use Social Media for a happy pursuit. I only use it when you want to look for inspiration.
  1. We always compare the wrong things. We look at someone and get an impression on how much they’re worth or how many Twitter followers they have. These numbers aren’t something to crave, as they don’t show self-worth. Having a smile on your buy ventolin albuterol salbutamol face and being happy is worth a million times more than money. Smiling behind your phone is more important than faking it in behind your keyboard.
  1. You don’t need to be a crowd follower. Even though we’re here to be individuals we don’t like being back of the pack and straying from the crowd. We are constantly hunting for what is right and wrong, like whether posting a picture of coffee without coffee art is edgy enough to pass the 10 likes mark. I give you a challenge, next time you post a photo don’t check it till the next day to see how many likes you’ve got. This way you won’t have to constantly be on edge. I mean, it’s only a like.
  1. Comparisons take away your joy. Comparing yourself to someone else, or something they have will only take away your joy on what you have. We waste our precious energy fantasising over other people, when that energy needs to be spent on yourself. Instead of spending hours on Social Media, use that time focusing on yourself and do something that’s actually fun.
  1. We are here to be different. We weren’t put on this earth to be the same, especially not to look to other people and wish to have what they do. It holds no importance and why let Beyoncé bring you down. Turn off your social media, look in the mirror, do a dance and be you.

I know we live in a society that forces perfection, just don’t let others people affect you. A snapshot of a perfect moment doesn’t tell us everything about that person. Just because they’re smiling for one second doesn’t mean the next they’re walking on the clouds. Stories are rarely shared about others failures and issues, just remember that. Nobody is perfect or can ever be perfect – that includes you and me.

Living life how you want to live it will make you a million times happier than watching someone else’s life and you sit miserably and ‘admire’ from afar. Comparing yourself is an unhealthy habit that all guilty need to get rid of right away. It can distinguish all joy and happiness in your life, and that’s not what life is about. So what if someone on your Instagram and just spent thousands on a luxurious holiday, and who cares if an old friend has just got a new job, let’s focus on you.

I’m not telling you to stay off Social Media, because we’ve been bought into this age where its more or less a hobby of ours. Just don’t let it be your only option when you’re bored, and certainly don’t let it ruin your mood when your precious time can be spent doing bigger and better things. I still use it but when I do I tell myself, “when enough is enough just put it down”.

Megan ??