I’ve been sitting around umming and ahhing the past few days contemplating whether or not my life is going the way I want it to. I’m sure you’ve all been there. You know those few days that come around every now and again where you feel different, maybe a bit confused or discombobulated.

I always blame it on the changing seasons when I feel like this and I still genuinely believe that’s what it is. The change fro autumn to winter gives me the same feeling spring to summer and winter to spring makes me feel – a bit dazed, unsure but ready for change.

It’s usually the beginning of a new season where I feel unmotivated and they seem to be coming around a lot quicker than they used to. But after a few weeks I always find my feet. Sometimes it can take a little longer than other times, especially with the shorter days.

Back in school when life was that bit easier, the days felt longer as did the weeks, months and seasons. But now I’m an adult it’s a much faster journey so when a new season rolls around so fast, its hard to be 100% ready.

What actually inspired this post was my hair change that temporarily happened the other day. I decided to straighten my hair after 4 years of not doing so. Yes, 4 years! I have naturally thick curly hair so when I got fed up of straightening it day in day out, I decided to wear it curly and it stuck. As much as I have grown to love my natural hair, the sudden change felt weird and quite scary (I know its only hair, but 4 years is a long long time) but most importantly it felt kinda good.

I’m not one to change up the way I do my hair and makeup every single day. As you can tell, I’ve worn my hair pretty much the same for years. So a little change here and there is something I’m going to stick to doing as it freshens things up a bit doesn’t it?

Anyway, enough about my hair and my waffling thoughts, let me tell you why I think change is good for you. Even if you are like me, and 90% of the time like to stick to your routine and go with what you know best.

Whether or not I’m ready for it, it’s taught me that change (in any part of life) is a good thing. And here’s why.

SPARKING A NEW TRAIN OF THOUGHT. I find that when I stop and make time to think and change or switch up my routine a little, that’s when I feel most inspired to try something new. It’s then when I do something new or different that I want to continue that cycle and try more and more things.

For example, when I changed my hairstyle, I then had new outfit ideas spring to mind and even new makeup looks I want to try out. It’s that little something different in your mind that can spark new ideas.

IT’S V GOOD FOR THE SOUL. As much as I do like some routine in my life and it’s not always easy to change things up, it is very good for the mind and soul. I find myself stuck in a rut sometimes and getting frustrated with the same old, same old. So when I do bring change into my life, or the new seasons give me a little push, I have such a clearer, more free and creative mind-set.

My head feels in a v good place when I bring change and do something a little out of the ordinary for me.

Anything from changing up my makeup look, my blog content or starting a new hobby, its all part of a life lesson and it really does something for the soul.

FINDING YOURSELF. If you often find yourself taking each day as the same cycle of events you may indeed get a little bored. You may find yourself losing motivation and all the things you need to help you flourish. I sure need change in my life to get my motivation back.

Trying out and doing new things helps you experience more, which then could lead to discovering hidden loves and talents. I started up yoga again not so long back and rediscovered why I loved it so much and how happy it can make me feel.

I find bringing change into my life has actually helped me say YES a heck of a lot easier. I used to be one of those people who were quite happy with saying no to trying new things. But the more and more I bring change, the more I’m learning to take on new experiences and not miss out on golden opportunities.

You never know until you try something, right?

Wow. It really is amazing how much a new season and hairstyle can make you think. I quite like being able to share my sudden thoughts with those who wish to read, and I really hope this advice helps you like it has me.

Do you bring change into your life often enough? If you hesitate or simply think no, then try it, change up your routine, try something new, see how it makes you feel.


I didn’t really know what to call this post. I sat at my laptop and stared at a blank screen for around 10 minutes just gathering my thoughts and thinking of exactly what to write. But, to be quite honest I’m not actually 100% sure on exactly what I’ll write today. In my head I want to give you all (and rectify with myself) a lil life update. Nothing serious. I’ve just transitioned into a ‘not so motivated because I want to embrace all the cosy, dark and blanketed nights in’ when a matter of fact is that I’ve hated not being at my laptop writing up content. As quite honestly, it’s one of my favourite things todo.

Whilst I was at uni I was on my laptop every single day without fail. I had to be. I had to be on the go commuting and that meant laptop time, as did whilst I was at uni and also at home. When my laptop is open my creativity just flows, and sometimes I can’t stop it for hours on end as I just get carried away. The problem is, now that I don’t have to be on my laptop pretty much most hours I’m awake, it’s hard to actually get it open.

Lately, I find myself sometimes catching my laptop out the corner of my eye and think ‘meh, I’ll get to it in 15 minutes’. You know the drill. 15 minutes pass and I forget all about that thought. Then, the following day comes around and the same things happen again. It’s a vicious cycle and one I’m slowly but surely climbing out of.

I think 3 continuous years of being online at uni made me want and need time off from it all. I feel like now that I’ve had that time its ready to get back on track. Well, at least I hope it is.

It really got me down when I thought about the time I used to daily blog. It seemed then that I was on top of things, a better blogger and more motivated. In reality, it’s not that way at all.

Daily blogging was fun and I do think I’ll go back to it. But there comes a time when it gets too much and a less busy schedule suited me better after 7/8 months of it. I’ve seen many bloggers, influencers and YouTubers around me lessen the amount of content they’re putting out and there is nothing wrong with that at all. It’s good to not be so hard on yourself and take sometime to think about when, what and why you want to create and upload. You need to make yourself happy, and that’s exactly what I told myself.

I’ve changed my schedule massively and I aim to get back into a more (but not too) strict routine. I want to upload on regular days, if I can, and get back into the swing of it. If there’s a day I don’t fancy taking some pictures or writing a post then so be it. After all, I’d only want to post content I’m happy with and hope my readers want to read until the end and actually enjoy.

I think sticking to a regular but less busy schedule will be better for me, for me. Who knows how it’ll change in the future?

I’m currently on the hunt for my dream job and enjoying my time being free with my blog, my daily life and myself. It feels good to be getting back on my feet.

Fingers crossed writing out all these emotions and having it feature on my blog will give me that lil kick up the backside that I’ve needed. Next time I look down at my laptop and have second thoughts, I will open it up and see where it takes me.

Wow that felt so good to write.

Anyone else had a slump and needed to get it out to get back on track?

Megan ♥


As easy as it is to lose motivation, your creative spark or energy, it’s super important to not let it be as easy to just give up.

I assume we’ve all been there. Experiencing that feeling of wanting to curl up in bed, switch on Netflix, light the candles and pretend we have nothing to do (especially with the colder days on their way). BUT it’s just not worth it.

At the beginning of August I hit rock bottom with my creativity flow. I pretty much hit a brick wall. I had the least amount of inspiration I’d had in a long long time and I found it so difficult to even take some photos. The inspiration just wasn’t there and I couldn’t force it, so I gave up daily blogging for a bit and almost felt ready to stop it all for good.

Luckily, I had brain wave, slapped the back of my hand and told myself to stop being so silly. It was just a creative block. It happens and its not forever. Right?

I took it upon myself to take a break, do things to cheer me up and hoped to get my mojo back. It took its sweet time but it came, it worked and I feel better for it.

Why is it so important to just keep going?

Giving up on your dreams sometimes feels a lot easy than keeping going through the tough times. No matter your dream there will be obstacles and those things in the way aren’t always easy to get over, but by keeping going you’ll end up smashing through those walls and getting to the other side. Isn’t it such a good feeling pushing through and getting to where you’d expected? This is exactly why I kept going.

Many times it crossed my mind to just start a new hobby but I just knew deep down that I wouldn’t love and feel more passionate about something else. If what generic amoxil india you’re working towards is something you’re passionate about, something you want to pursue and succeed in then my advice is just keep going.

As Billy Ocean sung, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” and that really is something you have to live by if wanna push through. My parents used to say that line to me and I never really quite understood what it meant. I used to just think it was one of those meaningless sayings. But growing up and thinking about it more, it does say a lot about topics like this.

Taking a break does you good.

I thought that taking breaks were a bad thing. Probably from all those years of watching Friends and Ross and Rachel arguing about “we were on a BREAK” (yes, I still binge watch Friends like I haven’t seen it before and live for that line).

But honestly, it does you the world of good if you’re on that breaking point.

If you’re close to giving up on something, whether it’s a piece of work or a passion, just have a little break, take some you time and switch off. Even if you need an hours breather or a week or two, see how it makes you feel and you may be grateful for that decision.

It did me the world of good and although I didn’t believe that taking some time off would help, I was so wrong.

Gosh, reading that back I feel like I was kinda preaching but it felt so good writing it. From someone that was close to giving up on a passion, a hobby and something I love, this advice is what I told myself, and it worked! Who knows where it might lead in the future but I’m so thankful I just pushed through.

Daily blogging is back and my mojo is in full swing.

Megan ?


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As much as I love to create and publish daily content, I also love to read content on daily basis to. I read all types of blogs as it isn’t just the topics that I blog about that interest me. Anything from food and fitness to beauty and travel – pretty much anything that catches my eye.

With being on social media a lot I come across new blogs and reads all the time so today I’m sharing with you my current blog crushes.

Love finding new blogs to read and lust over? Let’s go.

Stacey Louise White

Photography on point? Check. Fab writing style? Check. Gorgeous Instagram feed? Check. Stacey, you got it all going on girl. Stacey’s blog is one I read every time a post goes live, it’s one I have on my bookmarks and I really love reading her variety of posts.

Stacey’s recent post on How To Actually Achieve Your Blog Goals is actually a factor of what kick started me back into daily blogging. It’s posts like these that get me inspired and want to get my motivation back, and it was this post in particular that caught my eye at the end of August. So Stacey, I thank you for that much needed kick up the backside.

Kate La Vie

Love interiors? Then you’ll love Kate. I’m sure many of will have already drooled on her Instagram feed and blog, because I sure have many times. Kate’s photographs and interior taste literally has me wanting to move out and design my own place right now.

Not only does Kate cover the lushest interiors, she covers beauty and lifestyle to. Her posts always cover something quite different and unique. It’s not all the time that I’ll be lusting over her interior posts. Quite buy doxycycline 100mg online often I go back to her blog and use many of her yummy recipes (the Banana Bread with Cinnamon Butter one really got me good) and love to see what’s new in her beauty cupboard.

Kate is someone I get a lot of inspiration from and one day when I get my own place, her interior tips will be the first I will head for.

Seriously, just take a look at her Instagram feed.

Chelcie Nicole M

My absolute blog and fashion crush this month has to be Chelcie from Chelcie Nicole M. If I could have a sneak peek into anyone’s wardrobe it would be hers hands down.

I love that her fashion posts on her blog aren’t just photos either. There is always writing on how and why she wore the outfit. The mix of both always gets me going back.

Chelcie also covers lifestyle topics on her blog and my favourite post has to be on her trip to Amsterdam. The photos are just so beautiful and, of course, have made me want to visit ASAP!

Over on Chelcie’s Instagram I always see a strong theme going, something I adore about her as it’s what I find so hard to master. Her colour palette along with each and every outfit she posts I’m all for, they’re just lush! She has not only a unique style, but every piece from her wardrobe I just want. It’s bad for my bank account but who cares when you get all the pretty clothes, right?!

I wish I’d found Chelcie sooner because girl, I’m loving what you’re doing. Keep those fashion posts coming my way, I’m living for them!

Who are your current blog crushes?

Megan ?


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Oh how fabulous is it that it’s the weekend?

After last weekend being a bank holiday I am now wanting every week to end with a 3 day break. If only life was that kind!

For the bank holiday weekend I spent my time in Brighton for the day on Saturday and then headed to London for a couple of days. It was amazing for the sunshine to be out and to spend the weekend away, but you know what makes the whole thing even better? Good food! You all know its true.

When I visit cities the first thing I do is look for good places to eat. More often than not I typically go for good-looking places with even better looking food on the menu.

Ahi Poke is a Hawaiian themed grab and go restaurant that serve the very best Poke bowls in London. You might be wondering, what on earth is this Poke Bowl you speak of? That’s exactly what I said when I heard the name. The Poke bowl concept was all new to me to a couple of weeks back but now, I’m all over it.

It’s not easy to find healthy and tasty on the go food whilst being in a city. More often than not it’s so easy to just grab and pick up whatever you see. But with the health kick trend being a big hit right now, this place has really got it right.

The grab and go restaurant serves fish and veggie bowls with all ingredients being sourced and grown sustainably. Since tasting the food, it’s clear to know that the team work closely with their sources to ensure they provide not only the tastiest but the freshest local ingredients for their customers.

My choice of dish was veggie as the fish is raw, something I kinda wish I liked but I just don’t. Depending what you prefer, you can either choose a bowl from the menu or make your own.

We decided to choose share a ‘make it your own’ bowl and a special of theirs. From their specials menu, we chose the Sweet Green bowl, which is a kale base bowl with mushroom, edamame (my fave), confit ginger, radish and carrot. This was absolutely delicious and I decided on soy sauce to add a bit of juice. If you’re buy isotretinoin online no prescription after a light lunch then I’d definitely suggest this bowl as its light on the stomach, super tasty and completely gluten free. For the ‘make it your own’ bowl we added brown rice as the base. The toppings included cashew nuts, avocado, mushroom, carrot, coriander, fried onions, red onion, coconut sweet potato and confit ginger (so pretty much the whole shabang). They were both absolutely divine and incredibly tasty. The ‘make it your own’ bowl is perfect for either lunch or dinner as you can add what you like to make it as filling as you’d like.

We enjoyed them so much we barely spoke whilst eating – I bet you all know that feeling, right?

If you can be a bit picky with your food (like me) and like to eat exactly the things you love, I would suggest creating your own bowl. This way, you can add anything you want and make it completely how you like it.

For dessert I went for the Date & Quinoa balls, as they’re a super healthy all natural sweet treat that I’ve always wanted to try. I must say, they were 100% drool-worthy. If you ever crave a sweet treat but don’t want it to feel naughty, then this is what you need. It gets rid of those cravings and are incredibly tasty. And, I knew this would happen, I’m now I’m wanting more whilst writing this. They were so tasty.

I am all about their Hawaiian laid back interior. All of the little details down to the palm tree print takeout menus and chopsticks make the restaurant so fresh and chilled throughout. It has real Cali vibes and I love it.

Although this is an on the go food bowl, the venue has a few super cute benches that you can sit at and enjoy the food.

Next time I’m in London and get hungry whilst on the go, I am so getting this. I think Poke bowls are my new thang.

Ahi Poke has two venues in London – Victoria and Fitzrovia.

Would you ever tried a Poke bowl?

Megan ?


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* This post contains a gifted meal *

Something happened to me a few weeks ago that has never happened before.

It’s not that I got lazy, I just had a little brain fart and just needed some time away from it all. The online sphere just takes over sometimes and gets a bit too much, doesn’t it? It happens to us all and a few weeks ago it was my turn.

I had daily blogged every single day since the first day of 2017. Not only was I in the swing of it, I was really enjoying myself. Even at the time when I decided to take just a short step back and have some time off from it, I had posts ready to go and a huge list of content ideas. Its not that I didn’t feel inspired and I hadn’t run out of ideas, it just hit me that I needed a lil break. A little break to clear my mind.

It happened the day I got home from holiday. Before I went away I worked my socks off to get content prepped, ready and scheduled for the 2 weeks I was away. I was on a roll. But, when I got home time started whizzing by and before I knew it, I hadn’t blogged for over a week. Sounds little to some but I was so in the swing of doing it every single day, I felt really bad. But why? Why did I feel bad? Everyone needs a break once in a while. I’m just one of those people that feels they need a strict routine. And, in the short amount of time I had off I constantly asked myself these questions…

Why am I so strict on myself?

Is a strict schedule really necessary?

And – why did I not want to take a break sooner?

Those same questions were going round in my head time and time again and that’s when it hit me. I really need to be easier on myself.

When it dawned on me that as humans we are way too hard on ourselves, I decided to stop questioning myself and come to terms with the answers. If I don’t stick to something I feel like I’ve failed, and thats not a healthy outlook on life.

Stupid isn’t it?

If I didn’t meet my deadline or didn’t tick the last thing off my daily to do list, I’d tell myself I could’ve done better. I’d sit and think about it, sometimes keeping me up late at night. Thankfully, this little time off has given me enough headspace to give myself a much accutane needed kick up the butt to make me realise there’s more to life than a strict schedule.

Life started to get a little bit too repetitive and I really didn’t like it. It started to make me a little unhappy. I’d never felt that way before. Maybe I didn’t give myself time to feel that way before.

I felt this more than ever during the last few months at University, which is a time not much fun for anyone. I’d get up early and went to bed at ridiculous hours and never stopped all day long. I’d never give myself time to get in some me time. I’d say yes to every single plan I was offered, whilst knowing I had a tonne of work to get done for my dissertation and also wanting time to do things I love most, like blogging. Even reading a book was a no go. I literally got myself into a strict cycle and just kept going with it until it finally hit me in the face like a tonne of bricks.

I am so thankful for my holiday, I really am. It came just at the right time. As it gave me time to be offline and come to the realisation that I needed to slow down a little. I needed to give myself me time. I now know I need to stop when I want to stop. If that means changing up my routine, then so be it. Creating and experiencing a new looser routine has given me a clearer mind, which is what I’ve needed for a long time coming.

Don’t get me wrong, I will always be that organised person. Usually (not quite always) ready on time, never miss any plans and one to like getting sh*t done, but I’ve finally realised life shouldn’t get one big schedule. Nobody is perfect and sometimes we need to go off schedule to get back on again.

From now on I’m being more laid back with many things in life. My blog will be consistent still, but with a more sporadic blogging schedule as opposed to everyday. Some weeks may be everyday, some may be just a few posts. It feels good to be a little less strict on myself. Why didn’t I realise this before?!

Just know, it’s OK to take time off from your schedule. It’s OK to do things for you and it’s healthy to not be so strict on yourself. We’re all only human after all right?

Megan ?


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