I admit it; I am a true sun worshipper. When the sun comes out, I’m out, it makes me incredibly happy and I do love to soak it up. Although, it is important to keep in mind protecting your skin from the harsh rays. Whether I decided to spend all day in it on holiday, or just an hour or so at the weekend, I always ensure to think about protection. That said, I always make sure I apply the best tan protection I can, as it’s super important.

This year I completely changed up my sun protection. Now that I’m 21, an adult in right (although sometimes may not always act like one) it was time to take travelling pretty serious. I love adventuring and it is my passion to travel, visit new places and consume new exciting cultures. When I do so, I always ensure I have the necessities. The travel documents, my tech equipment to get all those shots and of course, my sun care. When I was younger I never really understood how important it was. My mum used to apply it for me and I never knew what brand did what. Now, I have a lot more understanding after talking to the team at Institut Esthederm.

A few months back I had the opportunity to attend their press day for their new sun care product releases. When I was their I got to talk to some lovely experts that informed me on how certain sun care is created for different skin types. I have fairly isotretinoin 10mg normal skin, sometimes on the dry or oily side and can catch the sun quite easily. I told them I prefer lightweight products, as I hate getting all sticky and ending up with sand in all kinds of crevices. So I was kindly gifted their Adaptasun Body Lotion* for strong sun.

As much as I love to tan, I do always make sure I have the right protection on. When I go away with the means to lie in the sun, I usually start off with an SPF 30. This product with its three sun symbols means that it protects your skin against normal to strong sun rays. With UV inCellium Technology, this lotion actually helps skin better defend itself in extreme sun.

With this I found I got a much deeper sunkissed tan and that’s because the formula contains Adaptasun, an ingredient that works to optimise tanning and as well protect you from the rays. This ingredient stimulates the production of melanin, which is a group of natural pigments in the skin that darken with the sun rays and result in a tan. Clever eh?

I honestly had such a good experience using this and this will be one I’ll be taking away with me on my sunny holidays in the future. You can purchase it here along with the rest of the range.

What SPF is your top choice?

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Many of us will know the struggle of wanting salon treatments but 1) they are very expensive and 2) you can get multiple uses from one product from the comfort of your own home. With young skin, it’s very common to not recognise that its important to nourish your skin as it will change overtime and with the right products, you can prolong youthful skin.

For the past month I’ve been testing the Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy Skin Resurfacing Cream* to the test. This skin treatment is for anyone of any age to discover the benefits of skin peels from their own home. Skin Resurfacing is primarily for anti-aging benefits, but is amazing for youthful skin to. Let me tell you why.

Skin peels sound a little odd but it’s just what your skin needs if you want a fresh radiant face. A build up of bacteria can cause the skin to breakout and suffer, and by using this cream it easily prevents this from happening. You only need a tiny amount of this for it to make a big difference, and after a couple of weeks (using this every other morning) skin appears more glowy and smooth. I’ve noticed an impressive difference as since the weather is a lot colder my skin has acted out a little. Mostly it lacked in radiance and since generic priligy india using this, alongside my regular skincare, it’s helped bring my skin back to life.


Its unique blend of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids (small molecular structures that penetrate the skin to smooth and demolish dead cells) helps the skin to resurface and breath. With regular use it also helps prevent dead cells and blemishes from coming back. Also, there’s no need to worry about skin irritation or peeling as there is a carefully balanced amount of acids that work slowly instead of being an intense treatment.

One thing to add, for older women this product is amazing for anti-aging benefits. As well as smoothing and firming your skin and reducing blackheads/blemishes, it helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines as the Lactic Acid in the formula help kick-start collagen to plump the skin.

To use you simply apply a thin layer to your face, neck, hands or anywhere you wish to improve the appearance of your skin. Then follow with your day or night moisturiser.

Want to try an at home beauty treatment for yourself? There is a whole range of products for cleansing, dermabrasion, exfoliation, veins and unwanted hairs. Shop here. This Skin Resurfacing Cream retails for £40.

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Skincare Solutions for dry skin

When we think of looking after our skin we instantly think to buy all the moisturisers, cleansers, toners and more. But it’s not always down to the skincare products. As well as water intake and regular exercise, there is Regime London’s capsules that increase the skins natural moisture.

Regime London is a premium range of nutricosmetics designed to provide everyone with a deeper level of beauty and skincare, essentially to bring out the ‘inner you’. There are 4 variations of the capsules, which effectively provide different skin benefits. The Coconut Quench* capsules are the ones I’ve been trying out, which are designed to deepen your skins
hydration levels.

Throughout summer I was quite often noticing some dry patches on my arms and face, my fault for not applying enough SPF. But I’ve now been taking the Coconut Quench Capsules for just over 2 weeks and have noticed a big improvement. The dry patches were often quite obvious but they’ve toned doxycycline online down and have almost disappeared.

These capsules are to be taken to increase the hydration levels in your skin. The tablets are a refreshing blend of coconut water extract and hyaluronic acid, which is the equivalent to a 4000mg serving of moisture for your skin. A daily intake of 240mg of hyaluronic acid has been shown to significantly increase both facial and body skin hydration – so the large dose is definitely noticeable after taking them for just a few days.

A question often asked about products like this is, are there any side effects? None whatsoever. These are 100% natural, simply made from coconut water extract and hyaluronic acid. You simply take 1 a day with a large glass of water. You can shop the full range of Regime London products here.

The Coconut Quench 30 day capsules retail for £19.99 online and in Superdrug.

What do you do (aside from skincare products) to look after your skin?

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